Other media: Anime:Ashita no Joe / Comics:Ashita no Joe / JP movie:Ashita no Joe 2011
Game total pnts rank Rank 2,767in 6,231 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 48.15
Game rank of 1990 Rank 79in 192 titles
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ASAO TAKAMORI Tetsuya Chiba Koudansha Weekly Shonen Magazine
Taito Corporation Arcade NEOGEO Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1990
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2015/04/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
Looking through the original.
This must be done before playing this work.

In this work, the same rule as the case game where the opponent is downed three times and the life gauge is made to 0 within the time limit is adopted.

The player manages Yabuki Joe and knocks down Jos莨〓Mendoza at last by killing Inagaki (Protest), Wolf Konso skewer, Toru Rikiishi, Tiger Ozaki, Carlos. Rivera, Dynasty Flying and Harimao in order.

When you look at the operation system, move with the four-way controller, jump or straight with the A button, guard with the B button, upper button at the upper right of the four-way controller +
A button + four-way key Hook at upper left, body A + button + body lower at lower right, A button + cross key at bottom left Body hook,
Cross counter with the A button (Triple Cross by pressing the A button twice) in good timing according to the opponent's punch, under the cross key press down + A button to match the punches of the opponent (game against Hari Mamo)
B button + cross key Ducking at the upper right, B button + cross key at the upper left Sway, B button + cross key 〓〓〓to face guard,
It is easier to remember by pressing the B button + cross key 〓〓〓with no guard (released with the B button), but the response of the button is slightly dull.

Actually playing, the first Inagaki and Wolf will be able to give a collective damage even with the jab, but because damage will be given only a little from the fight against the force,
You will have to hit a bang with an opponent's move.

In the CPU, Wolff is straight aimed at the double cross aim, Stone stone is a long upper upper, after two down, no guard,
Ozaki is going to attack Triple Cross or pounding into the bosom to pull out attacks such as repeatedly hitting a jab or a straight without making the body hit,
After avoiding the upper by sway, attacks, we have to deal with the guard by the guard until we stop the hit, we have to deal with body blow etc.,
When Tiger Ozaki's face is smashed, the degree of reproduction of the original is also high as vomiting on the ring makes it impossible to move.

After winning, we rarely eject Inagaki that fled outside the ring, the chin is broken with triple cross, the name scene after the power stone warfare, the fight against Carlos and fight kicking in the game,
Tighten with the original punch line up. (Except Jose Battle)

If the response of the button is not dull at this, it was evaluated more than "very good".

2008/02/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19676 Host:19692 Browser: 8090
[Total playing time] I think that it was about 1 week or 2 weeks ....

[good point]
Were eight in the competition? (I think Inagaki, Wolf, Stone Pipe, Tiger, Carlos, Gold, Harimao, Jose) ....

Simple and good with only major fighting

[Bad point]

There are two kinds of endings in Jose warfare, (Joe does not die as he / she loses judgment if it is out of time, winning), it is difficult to draw even if it is easy ......

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I thought that it was a PS 2 version and I rewrote the comment ... ... I was disappointed for those who viewed the first sentence ...

In any case, since I am engaged in "Tomorrow's Joe" game (PS2 animation, Joe 2 does not go out)

I think that I enjoyed it quite well.