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Game total pnts rank Rank 112in 6,374 titlesTotal 79 / Deviation 73.53
Game avg pnts Rank 64in 947 titlesAvg 2.26=Very good/35 reviews
Game rank of 1991 Rank 4in 220 titles
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Game element2.00(Very good)2
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Information about this title

MASAYA Nippon Computer Systems Corp.
Taito Corporation
MEGA DRIVE Sega Saturn Playstation Dream Cast Super Nintendo Entertainment System Turbo Grafx 16 Application software
Satoshi Urushihara
Ryo Horikawa Akiko Hiramatsu Saeko Shimazu Ai Sato Kazuhiko Inoue Kaneto Shiozawa Shigezou Sasaoka Banjo Ginga Yuko Minaguchi Yumi Toma Aya Hisakawa TamioOoki Sinji Ogawa Hideo Ishikawa Aruno Takehara
Hisao Egawa Yasuhiko Kawazu Tomohisa Aso Takeshi Watabe
Takeshi Kusao Kappei Yamaguchi Mariko Kouda Chisa Yokoyama Shinichiro Miki Hideyuki Hori
Shibata Hidekatsu Tessho Genda Keiko Han Ryotaro Okiayu
Takeshi Aono Daisuke Gori Hiromi Tsuru Yoshiyuki Kono
Machiko Toyoshima Yusuke Numata Michie Tomizawa
Akira Kamiya Mika Kanai Konami Yoshida
Yuko Mizutani Hiroko Kasahara Hekiru Shiina Eiji Itou
Yasunori Matsumoto
Kousuke Okano
Akari Hibino
Kikuko Inoue
Nobuyuki Hiyama
ChaHuurinn Yuko Sumitomo Hiroshi Kamiya Houko Kuwashima
Junko Iwao Kunihiko Yasui Shogo Sakamoto Masaya Takatsuka Miho Aoyama Kenji Nojima Yoko Asada Masaharu Satou Ai Maeda
Kazuya Nakai
Yukiko Mannaka
Tetsu Inada
Takayuki Inoue Naoki Imamura Jin Domon
Hikaru Midorikawa Tomoko Kawakami
Tetsuya Iwanaga Taiki Matsuno Show Hayami
Yukimasa Kishino Yasunori Masutani
Japan Released:1991/04/26(Fri) MD
Japan Released:1993/08/06(Fri) PCE
Japan Released:1994/08/26(Fri) MD
Japan Released:1995/06/30(Fri) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1996/04/26(Fri) PCーFX
Japan Released:1996/10/18(Fri) Sega Saturn
Japan Released:1997/07/30(Wed) Playstation
Japan Released:1997/08/01(Fri) Sega Saturn
Japan Released:1998/06/18(Thu) Sega Saturn
Japan Released:1999/01/28(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:1998/12/23(Wed) Sega Saturn
Japan Released:1999/11/03(Wed) Dream Cast
Japan Released:2000/03/09(Thu)
Sites about how to play the game
1. http://www.ops.dti.ne.jp/~suito/kouryaku/lmlc/lmlc.html
2. http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Knight/6452/lang/lngtop.htm
Official sites
1. http://www.swan.channel.or.jp/swan/software/line_up/index_LNG01.html (Translation)
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2016/10/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4234 Host:4297 Browser: 5819
Mega Drive Edition 〓〓〓

Although deployment is a single road, because it became possible to train characters,
Together with the scenario select technique, the entrainment factor is very high.
Of course, tactics such as mercenary triads and commanders' compatibility are deep,
In addition to becoming to use the head considerably for the initial unit deployment,
There is a stage that can not be cleared if mistaking the commander 's training,
It would not have been as simple as raising up as a hidden class.
There are many attractive characters on the enemy camp, and in order for the empire to overcome the troops,
I think that he was effectively directing the existence of Egburdo, the expert witness.

One disappointment is that in the indoor and cave stages the moving force of the equestrian system was halved.
Whether it is difficult to use in important scenarios though it is a unit that emphasizes mobility.

Rating: highest

2013/01/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28277 Host:28304 Browser: 4925
[Total playing time]

[good point]
Game system

[Bad point]
I do not want to play anymore

[Comprehensive evaluation]
For the first time from Super Nintendo Dear Langriser I went to Saturn version 3.4.5, PS version 1 & 2 but I had all of them entertained

2012/01/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9163 Host:9042 Browser: 11787
It is a series. There is no mercy.
I also like fire emblems and tactics Ogres, but I also like this Lang quite a bit.

[good point]
It was polite and good SRPG.
Story event and battle, equipment, level up.Classchange, emphasis on heroine.
The mercenary system was epoch-making at the time, and enjoyment also increased with full voice.
Character is also good, I do not feel old smell very much. Rather it is fantasy and it has a good taste.
Besides the regular route, it was good that there was a dark side etc. I think that the completion rate was high.

[Bad point]
If the battle of 3 is not real it is no problem.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are a lot of things I want you to add more events now, I want CG,
I did not make it to be evaluated because it is cruel to ask for it at that time.
Many characters have spoken to themselves, evaluation is very good.
It is saved from the evaluation that the heroine nude can worship in the art book of Mr. Urashiro. It's great to put it in (laugh)

I. II is good. It is completed from the origin.
〓〓〓is very good. The heroine is cute and the scenario is dramatic. Every enemy and the main character have charisma.
〓〓〓is the best. Heroines are particularly cute.
V is the best. The battle was more refined and the scenario had a sense of transparency. Lambda is cute.

2007/07/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18376 Host:18275 Browser: 8090
I kinda like this series,
The impression that I am lacking in spirit is more than the reputation among me.

It's a bit lukewarm, compared to the original headquarters, fire emblem or something.
Also like Growlanser. I say that it is not even more to say, one more step.

I think that there is a flower in the Yurihara character ... ....
No, this artist may not be so private as to say in the public.
It is not bad, but it can not be ....

But I feel that many people like this artist are more than I thought.

2007/03/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34118 Browser: 4645(Mobile)
PS2 version Langrisser .... Evaluation of yours is quite low (-_-;) I thought I would definitely buy it, but I have trouble. I truly love Langrisser since long ago, so the damage when I disappoint you will be quite a thing. Even when "Sakura Taisen ~ To Hot Blood" ~ is too much damage, it is a dead end that I can not purchase V yet. If you really like the Langriser you should stop doing it ... (-_-;) As long as you see the comments of everyone who wrote it, apparently there seems to be no "face ceremony", so at that point the garbage factor decreases by half You are doing ~! <(`〓〓〓')> Then, Haribote or meteo eating is lost, etc (; o;) Fun to beat Alte Muller on one side, pleasure to beat the dark knight! Well then, what happens with the "hidden scenario"? What happens with "the strongest enemy"!? Oh ..., I will suffer more and more (-_-;) The talk changes, but when I first played 〓〓〓 I was made stuffed! (Lol) Because my sister and my father did not replace flare, D. Kerny was a friend! (* 〓〓〓m 〓〓〓*) (lol) Well, now it is definitely not possible . It is III and IV that are the most intriguing! As expected, I still love Langrisser (^ o ^)

2007/01/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 7395
> It was such a bad thing that the capture book of Gemest Mook was so bad ???? Was this work just omnipotent?
Well, although it was raining of misspellings or disappointment as much as being self-discouraged if you say the mest. There were lots of mistakes, such as photographs. Why, Juggler 's face graphic is a citizen (man)!

By the way, I was using items from Shogakukan.

In fact, the system of 〓〓〓would not have been for beginners. It was troublesome to use them, and the continuous magic was too strong to break the game balance.

PS2 version certainly deteriorated compared to the Saturn version. First the letters became small and it became difficult to read. The placement of enemies became unknown in the battle preparation screen, the cursor had to be adjusted to the predetermined position manually every time placing ally on the map, some sounds were cut, series traditional hidden The shop and face select are gone .... and, it is difficult to find a point that got better.

Again, it hurts to leave hands of the developer's career software. If they did a remake, that inconvenience would not have occurred.

Although III is not as good as 〓〓〓or 〓〓〓 it was quite likable because Mr. Akira Kamiya played the leading character Deharto.

It is a tough complaint because I like it, no, really. Although I'm dissatisfied with the remake version, there is no difference to say that I like the Langrisser series.

2007/01/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6119 Host:6185 Browser: 7142
PS 2 version Degradation Reproduction Lang III was played www

Although it seems to be a deterioration remake seemingly from the person who played 〓〓〓in the SS version, I was not very dissatisfied with w

Although the first impression is 〓〓〓 the system is different from!?!? Because what I said was that I could not order mercenaries individually, and along with that the ZOC did not exist in the mercenary unit It is thing.
This is a significant change. For anything, it is impossible to spread the mercenary sideways around the commander and make a wall on the front line ....

It also confuses the system where enemies and friends start moving together. When giving instructions to move near target enemies, Mr. Migu moved to another target, and it is often that you could not touch.
It is a system that does not matter if you get used to both, but the order in which you played the Langrisser series was confusing as a special one.

I think that it is meaningful at first that the class change is always available, but it is okay to omit the labor of changing jobs and training solely to learn magic.
For the time being, I made 15 consecutive level ups, I changed jobs to Gilbert and Pierre on something right after I upgraded to nature class, and I did not start battle as it was, I got it back and made me remember heel 1 ww

Regarding characters, I am satisfied with the everyday umami quality. I tried challenging Refanei at the first play, aiming at confession to Luna at the second time.

Also, before PS2 version rung 〓〓〓was released, I purchased the SS version of the capture book in the secondhand book, but this was gamest muck but it was a terrible content, regrettable that it was not useful at all in actual play did.
Taeka gamemest Mock's strategy book was such a bad product ???? Was this work just omnipotent?
Not all of the characters who become friends are introduced, and the item commentary is also a duplicate of commentary coming out during the game. How to get to the hidden stage is also "It's easy to search for yourself!" .... This is not a capture book Like it w

I was puzzled by the difference in the first system, but it was a work that I enjoyed enough when I got used to it.
After this, from Langrisser 4, was it unpopular to see the place that returned to the original system? W
But I think this is good for beginners. I do not need to instruct mercenaries up to it but I feel like a simple version Lang.
People who played the Sega Saturn version seemed better not to buy www

2006/12/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34057 Browser: 4654(Mobile)
The one I like is 〓〓〓The richness of the scenario is the series 1, and roughly divided into four routes of the lighting route, the empire route, the dark route, and the independent route Furthermore, which character is also fascinating This game is awesome It is an interesting part of this game that I think that it is a disgusting person when I meet as an enemy or when I am on the side as a friend and it is an interesting part of this game It is fascinating even without back technique but if you use back technique it gets fucked up It is a nice thing to be able to play

Have the evaluation put on the best I wonder if it will remake ...

2006/06/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
It is a feature of this game, but once you have withdrawn, the character will have a miserable end in the ending. However, although the end of Hayne is unscrupulous it was funny.
Because it fails in the summon magic experiment, it is dragged into the Makai by Demon Road !!! It is foolish ....
It is a translation that this event leads to the hidden surface of 〓〓〓"Super Remodeling Helen - Big brother. Do you remember?" Finally, hein who escaped the Makai world. However, it got lost in my older brotherhood, and moreover it was seen by my older brothers and made it impossible to escape.
Those who can not pay off to anything (bitter smile).

The peace route of the dramatic edition may have been added due to the dissatisfaction of the fans at the end of Dare who is not doing too much.
Actually Roiga, the last of Sonia's sister, or the tragic love of Leon and Lana, it's too inconvenient.
However, it is amazing to add up to the root of "solitude of the loneliness" thoroughly a result without salvation. A hero who is suffering from such terrible eyes is also unusual.

Goddess Lucilis is in a position to say non-interference on the ground unless it is basically summoned. First, for that reason I am sending an alter ego called Jessica as an agent.

However, depending on the route Elwin who sometimes turns his blade to the goddess. It is extremely ridiculous here. Moreover, with the independent route, I am striking the heavenly world.

2006/06/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20153 Host:20267 Browser: 6287
Peace route of the SS version ... It feels like a true good ending. It was good that Laird also participated as NPC and persuaded Leon and existence value. I was touched that Elwin and Rihanna desperately persuade Leon. The point to be missed is that Bernhard has died. I wanted to save this person.
In the ending, Haine (if active) received a recommendation to Egbelto as a court magazine, Larna (if active) married Leon, everyone is grabbing happiness. Well, withdrawing it will be a miserable ending, but ... to Lanna like thugs ....

But this peace route sometimes fails. Leon is dead and Egberto also self-destructs. The aftertaste is bad for the drift.
It is better than the SS version 'King of Solitude'. I can not see it anymore.
Lang 2 with many branches is the most interesting. That strange tension that unleash the brilliance, the empire, the army of the darkness to the enemy by the hero route is unbearable.
A toast to Elwin who gave ridicule a foolish turn that will turn God into enemies and beat that God!

By the way, in IV and V, Lucilis-sama did not appear. I wish I could have gone out to the end.

2006/06/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
Diggus is just a foolish thing that can not be salvaged, after having been unmoved by the Langrisser's seal of the evil family, put on the sweetheart of Nicolis under the dark Prince Bozzel.
It is rude to him to compare with Bernhard, who embraced the ambition of unification of the universe and decided to walk a spiritual spirit daringly dared.

In V, Lord Salnaulus who appeared to be the descendant of Scott of 〓〓〓 Who was a descendant of Leonard appeared. The armor you have worn is the same as that of Hawking I. That will be handed down to the owner of Salfras family for his ancestors.

For Lana who turned into a dark princess, the important thing is the Beauxel who is the head of a demon, and if he is asked to choose between him and Leon it will not hesitate and choose a bozzle. It is a very sad thing, that is to say that it is the work of the Beauzel, eventually the enormous magical power of the chaos king chaos.

Although it is Roga, Sonia brother and sister who achieved inoperative death on the Glorious Route, it is nice to be saved both by the new route added in the dramatic edition. At the same time Leon will be saved depending on the choice, so it is a must-see for those who mourn in tragedy with Lana.

As an aside, it is the late that played chaos.The veteran villain voice actors called Mr. Shisaku Sasaoka, Mr. Takeshi Watanabe, Mr. Shoji Sato, but I personally like the voice of Mr. Watanabe who was useful for Dos did.

2006/06/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20153 Host:20267 Browser: 6287
Emperor Bernhard in II, Armyrer Marshal in III, Mr. Gizarov in IV, Vain 's Rainfalls ... Everyone was a boss character who remained in impression, but the emperor of I - Digos ... This is a puppet of chaos and a beaux. The principal of himself was also killed by the ladines without noticing that it is manipulated. The vessel is too different from the same emperor Bernhard. Far from being manipulated, Bernhard was a brave and brutal warrior who treated the alleged hazard at will freely by taking a bezel. Diggs thought that it was a pathetic boss character not left in any impression.

Just to summarize a bit ... (For the time being, Space Detective Jean Gavin summarizes it.

Redin is the descendant of Ruin of III, an ancestor of Elwin of II. Chris who married Ledin also belongs to Elwin 's ancestors.
Nam is a descendant of Luna III, which is the ancestor of II Shelley and V Claret. Lance who married Nam also belongs to Sherry and Claret's ancestor.
Hawking is the ancestor of Lauren II. 〓〓〓I recently learned about this.
Dihalt is the ancestor of Leon of II.
Sophia is Lianna of II, an ancestor of Lana sisters.
And Sigma is the descendant of Artemler and Ferna.

Langrissers can be enjoyed purely if you start with 〓〓〓 I started off with 〓〓〓

Lana is in love with Leon even in the state of Dark Princess, but when you look at the place where you are a wife of Beauzel in the dark route, you will despise that the thought to Leon was such a small thing .

Lana, which is operated by a beauer and manipulated as a dark princess, is correctly a tragedy heroine, but Sonia who is persecuted by humans from an early age and lived with intense hatred is disastrous. I do not even know that my father was killed by the Beausel, I am longing for the Beausel. And that hatred is used as a beauer. In the Imperial Route it is done to be discarded. Even just watching Sonia 's happy appearance of the dark route and the royal route will bring nature and tears. The lines before Sonia and Beauzel's battle are must-see.
Sonia who realized that he would be persecuted from being betrayed by both humans and the evil tribe, loses his older brother's roger and is miserable ... (Alo Hazard I will go out in rude behavior calling chaos king with chaos and dying as it is .... Sonia was unraveled from the bezel's spell and was able to seize true happiness The royal route is still God Similarly est and ost are also victims like Mr. Lana who were masters of surprise but these two can also save like Sonia.In the ending movie of the royal route Sonia will join the game with Roga The figure fighting enemy soldiers was shining.
But in the darkness route it is evil itself. Sonia can not grasp true happiness here. It was frustrating that the boysel's laughter could not be said anything.

Is it possible for the last stupidity of Roga of the brilliant route to manage somehow? It is too handled. I will pass away without saying the name of Sonia. Roga ... is that okay?

2006/06/18 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
> 〓〓〓is also the only story of Gaiden and 〓〓〓is a story to say also as a prologue of Langrisser, not strictly a Gaideno, as it depicts a story about the birth of Langrisser and "Bosel leaping through series".
By the way, Dihehart of the main character is the ancestor of Leon of II, Ruin is the ancestor of Elinwin of I and Erwin of II, Luna is the Nam of I, Sherry of II, Scully of V. Claret's ancestor, Sophia is the ancestor of Lianna of II, It is the ancestor of Sigma 〓〓〓
As their descendants "descendants of light", they formed a story of Langriser that spans a thousand years.
To put it another way, the Prince of Darkness, a dark prince who dashed from 〓〓〓to 〓〓〓as the head of a demon, is also told that the former was a person named Paul Prince.

> It seems that it is developing with Growlanser now,

It is completely different thing from Langriser just by saying that the developer and character design are the same. However, if there is anything in common, love elements are inherited.

It was from Dear that hidden planes and scenario branches appeared. From this time on, super - older brothers have always come across the spacetime. Looking for the Queen of III, the brother Space-time escaping competition involving IV's hein, the karaoke battle of V, everything is must-see in various ways (bitter smile).

And with the equipment called the vaselin on the iron array, they can now summon them.

Better or bad, it is certain that the character drawn by Mr. Toshiji Urasuhara made this game impressive. However, although we ran into the design of Admiral Willer. That is Pakuri of Ya ... U 〓〓〓〓〓〓Lee ... (sweat).

2006/06/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12045 Host:12009 Browser: 7454
I think that the best barrier to playing this work will be enough to love the character.
Once you look at it and remember it, it is a character deza with an impressive habit that makes you understand who it drew.
Something else that sells female characters, something pretty rich in costumes and gestures.
I do not dislike it for some reason. Rather apparently I seemed to like w
But I like it but I'm stopped at this time Ikkihara painting. I liked the sense of the picture when Lang was out.

The main part is also a genre I like in SRPG and I could get in there around the area. Although it was a series work which had been continuing from 〓〓〓to 〓〓〓 the system was improved to delicately deliver the work, and I was looking forward to seeing how this time is also. That way of enjoying around here is like spar robo.
〓〓〓was also the only story of Gaiden and the battle system was innovative as it was finished in this different content.
Please leave it if it was good. I want to see it recently ported to PS2,
Personally disappointing because it was a work that can only taste the real pleasure that can only be played at SS. Even if I give it with that content, there is sense of feeling again.

Basically the medieval fantasy story is a royal roady content. There are also SRPG, there are several branched story prepared, and as various ways of ED were prepared according to the way of doing, there are also elements of interaction.
And utilizing this charming character of Mr. Urasuhara as a sub game, various love games play was also prepared and there was a range of play. It is a pity that the height of the strategic difficulty which was personal fun of this work has fallen while improving for more enjoyment by the increase of the work is being done.
In that sense the work of the first person is getting better as he increases his difficulty.
This series is also famous for many hidden elements. Absolutely something hidden map It is fun of this series to find hidden items and hidden commands and find them and play. In a way it was also a must-have book essential work.
There were other hidden elements in the SS version of the Langrisser series (others are unconfirmed).
There were strangle stories, bonuses such as wallpapers and screensavers included by all without getting read by PC. There were many extras for SS use like this kind of use. (Panzer Dragoon series or something)

It was an attractive work on the sound side as well. Personally I liked it very lightly and cool.
There were many voices in V, but the BGM at the beginning of the scenario is also a shibretta.
(A ~ ~ ~ a ~ ~ 〓〓〓.. Langrissa ~ 〓〓〓.. ha ~ ha ~ ha !!)
Besides, the work now is selling only the characters, the voice has power in the voice, the many of the cast members and luxury were also selling.
The word that can be heard with extra after clearing is also a little specialty.

There are also quite a few cases when the personality of the character that comes out is not always funny in that area because there are many people who have quirks and habits all the time. Kakonciss king what ....
If it is the first person, there are times when I will start doing it from 〓〓〓 and almost all at the same time the talk has progressed V play is also essential.
You may consider it as a pair with two. It seems that it is developing with Growlanser now, but I have stopped sometime in this series.

2006/06/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
Certainly, it is safe to say that the main heroine is because Angelina is doing a fateful encounter with the hero Randyusu. There is plenty of clearance in C route.
In the ending of 〓〓〓 the life of the heroine that was not tied to the hero becomes something sadly, but in the case of Angelina In the case of Angelina, even if it is not connected with Randyus, I will fulfill new encounters in that memorable forest and live a happy life I am sending it. Is this also a humanity?

Although there is a possibility that Rachel can be used to the last, it is B route, but be careful as it betrays if you do not clear it while keeping the three people of Jessica, Angelina, Shellfanir alive. If you clear it without betraying, she will be appointed as one of the magical general as well as brother Ricky. But it's tough.

It is painful to compare with the condition of branching or 〓〓〓 Angelina is the key to the C route in particular, so it is hard if you do not raise her.

Speaking of which, McLean was in love with Jessica. However, both the Langrisser and the Al Hazard were lost, and the mission of Jessica to led the descendants of the shining fire was lost, so there may be hope.
In the ending, both of them seem to have taken charge of Karzas, and there may be opportunities ....

There is one thing that I was a bit concerned about. In IV and V, Emily 's hair color has changed. What happened in just a few months?
Also Emily is nicknamed and his real name is Emiliael. But it seems that even his subordinates are called Emily .....

2006/06/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20153 Host:20267 Browser: 6287
Since the key to go to B route and C route is in Angelina, considering Randyus 'old encounter and Emily' s pendant, I think that the heroine of IV will be Angelina. Because Rachel had a strong impression of tragedy heroine. It may be unavoidable because it has a huge magical capacity indispensable for the ambition of Mr. Gizarov who is the Lasbosian presence of 〓〓〓 but after all Rachel is kidnapped too much. Even if you become a friend, you will not be able to give experience value to yourself because there are many cases that you are kidnapped and removed from your friends on the way. Is it the safest way to earn on recovery?

Since you do not see how much alignment values 〓〓〓〓〓re accumulated, you have to adjust themselves. It is rather troublesome to say clearly. In my case, I have a bitter memory that has failed once and it has turned over from scratch. It seems that the voltage of anger has already risen and it has reached the maximum. It is difficult to set not only the strength of the enemy but also the flag for proceeding to the branching route and it can be asserted that it is impossible to set a flag without looking at the capture book or the capture site. At least it's common sense to go to the A route if you are playing normally.

It is easy traveling to the dark road B route. You just have to defeat the enemy and just hurt. Although the ending is too much assertive and it is not quite ... .... I'm also looking for betrayal of Ricky and it is very itchy. McLane was a good fellow as ever, there was an image of Randyus' good friend in myself until the end. McLean himself had a sister like her and Randy who had been kidnapped by his sister Gizarov shuffle may have been unable to leave it until the end. It was very cool to see V Omega and Crimson Knights fight alone with V to protect the citizens as well.
In V, it was rewarded that McLane 's hardships to date could be met with my sister Mary (Lambda) who seemed to be dead and I could see her again. Afterward .. Jessica alone is not it (laugh).
The purpose of 〓〓〓's MacLean is to just defeat Mr. Gizarov with this hand, but in the B route and the C route the Marshal is not the Rasubosu, it will be able to defeat as soon as possible, so McLain who was able to fulfill the purpose of defeating the Marshaler later It is a translation that loses meaning to stay together, but still it is a hat to Maclain who went along with Randyus until the end.
McLane had a better impression than Roga. It is a must-see in Rickey.

2006/06/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
When going to the C route, when the alignment value is high, certain conditions must be satisfied. I chose the correct answer to Angelina's question at the port town, clarify that Angelina has the pendant that Randy had, and engage Angelina and Emily between scenario 14 and 16, Emily told Randyus It must be made clear that you are my sister.
On the contrary, if the alignment value is too low, Randy will automatically refuse the invitation of the bozzle, so the alignment value must be raised until this invitation takes place.
In order to raise the alignment value, it is only necessary to annihilate the enemy even if it can clear it by defeating a specific commander, but if it is too high, there is a possibility of turning to the enemy up to Rickey on the final side in the case of B route Adjustment is important.

On the C route, there is a lot of places where the sad feelings of Angelina shaking between the beloved Kakonthis Kingdom and between the loved one and the motherland or sister are depicted or raised. I also have a good taste of LISTILL, which learns how human society is.
Besides, the admiration of Admiral Willer who was taken hostage by Gizarov by a hostage and inevitably provides a measure for Gizarov, the last of the Bulk General who completed the loyalty to the state rather than personal feelings .

Kruger was a particularly miserable way to end. From the mouth of Mr. Gizarov who was believed to be his father, I was told that I was just made by myself and received a heavy shock. Godlassil skillfully suggested the opening of the Evil al - hazard, so that the flesh was taken over by the evil spirit. It is terrible.
However, that Gendracil also caught back in the attack of the mage giant guy frame which was prepared in advance by Mr. Gizarov. Al Hazard and his own magical power were also taken away.
In the case of Kruger, until that time he was commanded by his father to command the attacks of Gothar village, trying to become the opposition party to make the two princesses of the Caconcisso decease, because they have worked diligently and are not worthy of sympathy I guess.
Indeed, all the characters in 〓〓〓have a strong sense of being danced on the palm of Mr. Gizarov.

For this series, somehow Jessica's voice is changing every time other than IV & 〓〓〓 The ladder that appeared up to 〓〓〓is from the time of the PC engine version, even though it is unified with Mr. Kazuhito Shiozawa. Is there something wrong?

On the other hand, it appeared twice or more in the Langrisser series,

Mr. Yuko Minaguchi, Mr. Shigeru Sasaoka, Mr. Horiyuki Shibata, Mr. Horikawa Shibata, Mr. Ryo Horikawa (now: Ryo Horikawa), Mr. Ryotaro Okiayu, Mr. Fumi Inaba, Mr. Kazuya Nakai Mr. Yoko Kogura Mr. Minako Toyoshima I will.

It is the late that was playing Bernhardt Shigeru Sasaoka. It is a heavy and dignified voice, and in TV animation it was a good actor who played numerous evil emperors such as Arago and Gades.
Through the series the Prince of Dark, the lack of being able to play the Beausel, Mr. Shiozawa was also a good actor.

2006/06/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Prince Frederick survives safely on the A route which seems to be the usual route. Is it beneficial for A route to be able to use Jessica, General Ranford, General Serena. The C route (as well as the B route) can use Lisir and Naar, but it has a slightly unreliable impression compared to the previous three people. The story of A route was really a royal road, and I felt the difficulty degree the lowest among the three routes.
Mr. Gizarov absorbs Gendracil and becomes an evil Gizarov. The obstinate purpose is to become the god of the world and to rule the human world. Also, Rachel is taken away by the marshal of the heart and is taken into the body of Masamune Shinku. The A route was clearly clear and clear, so it was a little unsatisfactory feeling.
In contrast, C route is Prince Frederick killed and you can see the appearance of Glaz which can be said to be all the culprits involved in the whirlpool of the human world. The number of scenarios is increasing even though it is very small. You can go if you proceed normally and oppose the alliance with the demon. The degree of difficulty is somewhat higher. Struggle is inevitable because the first stage is only three people, Randy, Ricky and McLane.
Before you do the sequel V, you should definitely play 〓〓〓's C route. C route has unexpected developments occurred one after another, and it became anxious to worry "What will happen next?" The appearance scene of Glaz had a strong impact ... ....

If you say that the marshal was at the mercy of life, Kruger is a joke. In a way it seems this man was the most disastrous. It is a translation that lived thought that he was the son's son for a long time. Suddenly you are told that if you are told that "You were made" or "Your face is the face of Gizarov when you were young," you go crazy. However, Kruger does not feel like sympathy for some reason.

Something like this ... IV can not be saved, until there was a lot of pathetic characters. I think the same can be said for other series. Russell also disappeared suddenly after the Prime Minister was killed in Russell. Were you able to think that I finally came out with V? Moreover, it is said that it is said "Too bad taste" to Ferakia around the middle. It was a pathetic man who left for heaven without being released to the scene to die (palmar).

The stand out in 〓〓〓is still the brave appearance of Her Majesty Bernhard! The scene that pierces the crystal of the opening movie with the fist and gets the Al Hazard is pretty cool. Your Majesty's life can have a strong empathy.
But this majesty ... Ability is very high, it is super warrior who will release to Meteor. Although it is old, it seems that its skill that has passed through numerous scrubs during the mercenary era is not blinding enough to say.
Leon sympathize with his ideals and swear absolute loyalty. Leon is the descendant of the protagonist III of 〓〓〓 The sword that Leon showed to Elwin in the fight against the Langrisser of the Empire Route is "Torao" that Mist Wind delivered to Dihalt at the normal ending of III. When I first saw it, I felt like I realized that Leon was descendants of Dihalt here.
General Vargas is also a samurai who can not hold back to his Majesty and has compassion to treat his men as fellows as well as General Boltz and General Bulk. General Vargas' father is a coward who abandoned his men and ran away from their enemies, and therefore general Vargas has seen a white eyes around him since he was a child and has a painful past that lived despised. In order to overcome such a past I worked in the empire at the grind of powder crushing, I came up with an achievement and went to the seat of a brilliant general. Both the Majesties were very brave and brave warriors.
Both Glorious Army and Imperial Army are fighting with each other's strong beliefs and make us feel the charm of 〓〓〓

Lang's story likes the C route of IV the most.

2006/06/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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General Bruno is unlike Admiral Willer who was hiring earlier, it feels like a vassal of a scorekeeper. So it would have been easy to believe that it was because he was deeply relieved of his defense that king Cakhonsis, who seemed to have a strong suspicion, raised his soldiers arbitrarily during the backward invasion to the Federation, since he came to the castle because of his life.
It is interesting that the back route which was not revealed by the A route is revealed in the C route. The truth of betrayal of blue, the origins of Kruger, and so on.
However, with this route the prince Frederick Prince of Federation will be killed. Is the age the same as Rickey or a little lower?
Oh yeah, McLane has turned into a role to thrust into Ricky from the middle. "... Do you guys keep silent, please?" "Does that you say?" "Well, let's just say this time ..."
Ricky happening every once in a while, spiritual training seems to be still more (bitter smile).

Even Aldan .... Although it is not a bad person at all, the aristocratic behavior of the aristocrat reduced the life. I was demoted by losing in the first game with Caconcisses and refusing to be under the bulk general who is not aristocrat and under the same great aristocrat Rumford, buying the command of a dangerous expeditionary force in impatience On leaving the battle ... ...

Russell flew away fearing that the father, the prime minister, was executed with the crime of Frederick killing, but escaped without fear of reaching a kind, but undaunted it became a prey to Ferradia of Verselia Sami Shogun, and its appearance and identity It will be used.
This was also a pathetic end. Princess Rosensil, there is no lucky man to succeed.

In IV, the number of characters not directly participating in battle increased, and the drama was exciting. Mr. River 's Marshal, Alex' s parent and child were a miserable role to die as they appeared, but they played a role in emphasizing Gizarov's wrongdoing.
Of course, if you say that Gizarov was at the mercy of life, you should not forget both Princess Rosensil and Prince Frederick. It was a fortunate older sister brother.

2006/06/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Well, was only B route? My memory seems to be ambiguous.

General Bruno was originally calm and should have been a good person. As Angelina naturally did not know what Guraz is being manipulated, it means that he brutalized General Bruno who burned with anger and sorrow and returned insane.
If possible ... I wanted General Bruno to be saved, too. It was a person who can not be saved until the end.

Speaking of patience, General Ald〓〓 is right. This guy was aristocrat anyhow, lost by Admiral Willer's strange idea, it was decided to pursue the position of the general.
I was told Mr. Gizarov to work as a subordinate of the General Bulk, but this man was aristocracy, so he disliked becoming a subordinate of the bulk general who is not an aristocrat but he did not try to accept him. So, what he wanted was to be a subordinate of the same aristocrat Rumford. Then, they challenged Randyus to fight, and won the battle of honor (chairperson).
Well, the Bulk General also huge "aristocrat dislike", so I will not accept it as well as General Ardan. If aristocracy and aristocrat dislike combine it will only cause internal division. Bark general is the only arm of the general Bulk. These two people are the name combination.

Princess Rosensil was Motemoth, and the bride candidate had Russell, the son of the Prime Minister, in addition to General Ard〓〓.
Prince Frederick, the younger brother of Rosensil Princess, seems she wanted her sister to marry Russell.
Prince Frederic was also a sharp man with a keen sharp mistake, who quickly noticed Kruger 's plans and was doubting the suspicion.
I will buy Ricky 's anger with a cheeky word on Shelfa Neir, but after that there was no meeting between them.
Rickey can do it at once, so I wanted Zhubat and Prince Frederick to attach Ichamon ~.

2006/06/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Oh yeah, general iv Bruno general was pathetic. Because it was possessed by a devil Glaz for quite a long time and lived with the freedom of the body deprived.

It is under the stigma of the lord killing and comes under the weeping Gizarov Marshal, but it is not the place of indwelling and it will be killed by angelina who burns at the fight of the father's enemies.

The evil spirit Gendracil robbed the wise mysteries kept in the heavenly world and brought it to the ground, but in what circumstances it seems that it was kept in the descendant village of Crimzoranda who was the lower class of the ancient magic civilization According to Mr. Brenda's reminiscence.
However, the village was the dominant hierarchy of the ancient magic civilization. The embankment was destroyed and destroyed by Zero's plan, which was the staff of Crimezonia's prince Rain Folls. Surviving Brenda entrusted the baby who survived the village head of Gotar village who came to rescue (Randyus which is the main character of IV) and the crystal of the wise and left.

Gendracil was good until he successfully robbed the crystal from the heavenly world, but may I think that he was beaten by Crim Zolander and sealed up? Gizarov who was a defeated soldier discovered such a goddam and released the seal.

Because Gaijir is not a genuine demonic person and also knows the predecessor of the current Beauzel, he did not blindly allegiance to the Beausel blindly like Grove or Ferradia, so she would have turned the anti-Flag after the death of Beauzel.
However, because it was wearing a cat during the life of BoCael it is a small item after all.

It seems possible for humans to be demonicized as magical generals like Gaill. Perhaps such a thing saying that Elwin and Randyus were the top executives. Every glove, Gayer and Ferraquia are "loser dogs" once lost to humans, and they should be treated as much as Elwins who are not losing.

> Gendracil also makes an attack on this side as a goddess Kruger on the B route and the C route but he is the only B route to call him a god Kreuger. In the C route it only appears on the hidden side in front of the Randyuses, and the name here is Gendracil. Guy frames also appeared here, facial graphics are also dedicated.

2006/06/05 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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The hero SIGMA of 〓〓〓is the descendant of ___ ARTEMULER and FARNA. Besides, descendants of the brilliant ... V is the hero who is suitable for decorating the last in the drift. The ability also exceeds Randy.
Mr. Gizarov scattered as Rasubosu of the A route of 〓〓〓 but reappeared in 〓〓〓 Marshal of the opening is a must-see. However, in V, you can not see the outrage like the one in IV. There was no frenzy like the time of the C route of 〓〓〓 Well, since I was told that I was disgusted about the cruelty of the former marshal, I am already full of 〓〓〓

Marshal is a big effort and ambitious, but I was surprised that decades ago Bruno General had been made a cynical spy as a spy. Moreover, it is frightening to use even the goddess gendracil (it seems that Gendracil himself was not even aware that it was used). It is a strategist who dominates the Commonwealth Emperor Creosity with a demon eye and writes a written will to Kruger to give up the next throne succession rights, and for anything like a demonic game for his plan.
Although Gendracil was used as Marshal, since Marshal himself seemed to have not known that Gendracil took away the wise quartz from heavenly, it is said that Koitsu was worth it as it was. I think that the story of 〓〓〓did not start unless Koitsu robbed the crystal and I think that it was respectable as a supporting role of the Marshal (severe).
On the contrary, Beloved Beloved Glaz was possessed by Bruno, killed King Cakhonsis, possessed the Prime Minister and killed the Prince Frederick, and made considerable efforts. Well, if Gendracil was also not weakened, it might be "maybe" who was more active in the IV than the bowl.
Although Gendracil also attacks this side as a ghost Kruger on the B route and the C route. Ability is a bit weaker than chaos.

Anyway, it would be inevitable for IV to get drunk with the marshal. Suddenly suddenly in the first scenario you can listen to Mr. Shibata's powerful voice as "Keep it quiet!" Scenes that boast Rachel with a demonic eye boasting is a must-see.
I can not see the marshal of A route (especially the last). Mantra of the C route is our Gaizarov Shurai w
Iver was also a very impressive character. It is a comedian who is a comical character who repeats dialogs such as "gimmick ~, ___ musical warrior ~", beautifying herself and praising thoroughly.
Well, I also enjoyed it for quite a while. Although it becomes a companion with B route limitation only, it is very interesting in various ways to support Randyus as an explanatory role given mosquito and knowledge to the bozzle.
In other routes, it was a pathetic man who ended up being treated as just a "killed role" to the end. However, do not despise because it comes from repeated distant meteor. The power is also expensive.
It was a character you can not hate until the very end as well as Marshal.

Although I was glad that Grove and Ferradia were revived, they are only acting in inheriting the will of the Beausel and Chaos, because the main Beauzel and chaos are knocked down by Randyus in 〓〓〓
Both of them got a hand as it was, Grob sighed Sigma and Claret as an accomplice of killing Emperor Karzas, Ferracia killed real Russell, turned into Russell and put Ranford in prison, etc It was a great confusion of the human world.
Glob was still dirty as usual, he was manipulating and manipulating Alfred's father who died in Bulk General who was killed in IV and his illness as a zombie. Ferraquia was knocked down by Randyus, but was revived as a zombie at the glob as well as the bulk general. Now thinking, Glob is the most troubling existence among the three Samurai generals.

Beauzel is also a listist that the subordinates fail only to fail ... I guess Sonia of II was still better. It seems that Naru was doing the operation to make it feel like "Eating human beings delicious" as well as Ost, II est.
I remind you that you have transformation abilities such as est, ost. I am not good at using it.
Beauzel is a rotten fellow from the time of 〓〓〓〓〓〓with Gaiel. He is a ruthless man ~.
Elwin and Randyus can handle Langrisers, and their leadership and combat capabilities are also quite high so they will be the top executives. However, it is "human" after all. You will be despised by demons to make humans the top executives.
What do you think of chaos .........?

2006/06/04 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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After all, the fun of the story of 〓〓〓is based on the presence of Mr. Gizarov who is one of the best villains of the game. The size of the ambition, the badness to take on even the gods, the meticulous ability to carry out the plan over decades, which is amazing to take.

My name scene is my son, a scene to tell Kreugar the secret of my birth.
"Do you really think that you are the son of a baby? You and your parents are nothing like parents .. No, you do not have parents, etc. Because you are a doll made !! Such a doll What is wrong with what I call a doll! Just because I was treated as a person, thank you! Think of it as a lie If you think that it is a lie, it comes to the device which made myself in magic research laboratory Because it is the parent who gave you birth !! Hu ha ha ha ha !!!! "
It's terrible .... It's a demon. Honorable Marshal is an intrinsically villainous person !!! Such a tremendous dialogue is a big veteran, since I can hear it with Mr. Shinkido Hidenaga's terrible voice, I will not stop!

Also, as I wrote before, amiba-like misunderstanding villain.I love a good taste. It is unusual for these types of villains to be Langrisers. I grab the wise quartz from Mr. Gizarov, and I am also doing a good job.
With regard to the Kingdom of Caconcis, with Gizarov Shuai, and to the Evil .... Indeed, it was a man with no manipulation (bitter smile). I will be a friend in the B route, but it is difficult to use because it is a hemist with no hidden class.

〓〓〓is lacking in excitement because there is nothing of the enemy character excelled. In the final stage of the rainfall, "It is actually a good man who originally hoped for coexistence with the ground people, thinking safety of their citizens first," and Glob and Ferraquia are all the demons of the deceased Beauzel. It was only as I knew as much as Mr. Gowel revealed suddenly disproportionate ambitions after Beauzel's death. Omega? Ah, it is just a hakaider of impossible. It is only a pale.
After all, the existence of Mr. Gizarov was great.

Although it is a dark route of 〓〓〓 is Elwin conscious that he is a descendant of the shining brilliance? If you arrive below the Bezel, the chief of the demon for the continental consolidation, it will be a toss overturn. No, did not he think that if the world dominated by the demon arrives, it will be extinguished as soon as he is a human being.
Well, as far as the ending is seen, it seems that the Bosel was not a demon so far, leaving Herwin to rule the human being, Lanna as his wife, Lianna seems to be hospitable as it is.
Whether Ringyus is set as the top executive in the B route of IV, do you feel that the subordinates are unsatisfactory enough? Gloves and Ferradia seem to explode dissatisfaction. Anyway, even Gyiel, who has been a thousand years since becoming a member, is still being treated as a newcomer.

2006/06/04 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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IV was a lot more enjoyable than a wizard's enemy was tough. Although the barista is still good because it can be defeated by magic, it is still good, but the witchcraft witch has a long range, its power is strong, magic is ineffective, it was a strength that can not be hand attached.
A magicalian who continues to play Meteo from above the fort ... Also a ruthlessness that hires a barista and witch and mercilessly attacks a far range from above the fort.
Without teleport it's pretty tough. In IV, the impression that the strength of the archers was particularly remarkable was strong.

〓〓〓I could not have enjoyed it as much as II without the villain named Gizarov Marshal.
Since the story is a continuation of 〓〓〓 you will be able to enjoy it considerably after playing 〓〓〓
Even now, the voice of Masquerade Gizarov will not leave my ear and it will come out even in my dreams. Shibata's voice is too terrible ...... seriously.
However, it seems that characters are fusing so far. Marshal of C route is a must-see.
Charisma of Mr. Gizarov is immortal forever.
Let's not see Marshal of A route ... (escape from reality).

After that, although it is the B route, playing this route will have a heartless heart. No, but this is also interesting ....
It was more interesting than 〓〓〓's dark routes. The scenario to beat Admiral Willer or Rumford was funny in various ways (laugh).
I did not dream of meeting Hain on a hidden side, I was deeply impressed.

2006/06/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although I entered from "I" of mega drive, this work was famous when it was released at the beginning, there was also an image not easy to complain about a game which was also ridiculed as "fire emblem's pakuri".
As I did not like SLRPG so much, I was mainly watching my older brother was doing but it was not a pakuri of such a fire emblem, it was a game that could be said that I could have enjoyed so much in such a meaning.

Even if the character of Satoshi Urasuhara breaks, this work is also famous, and in this sense the impression that this user has attracted considerably is strong. I tried, the difficulty level was moderate, and it was also a high point that the character and the system were compatible.

In that sense, it became a fairly legendary game, and it became an immortal work as SLRPG, but even though it was not attracted to the design of the Urawhigara design character so much, or attracted to a dramatic story, It was not a work that appealed, but in that respect I did "1" - "〓〓〓quot;, the rest of my life has gone a lot and my character's personality and personality also have my favorite point It was the reason why there was no person who was not able to get in (It is also something that the origin of the naming of the enemy character Imelda of "II" is the wife of a certain Philippine dictator .......).

This work is a good game and the system and the story are also attractive, but it was certain that he did not like the SLRPG so much and enjoyed himself and was not familiar with the series.

Recently I have no more willingness to play this game or RPG ... ...

2006/04/02 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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I remembered it with magic, but the early meteor was intense. The horror of the meteo sweeping in the last two maps of I was terrible.
Teleport also showed a tremendous effect in II. On the Imperial Route, we were able to clear the final side with only one turn.

The development team judged that magic is too strong for drift, after 〓〓〓the casting time was set for each magic, and powerful magic like Meteo took time to activate. But that's why I started to use magical timing, so it's fun to say.

2006/03/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the genre called S-RPG that has just been developed, it is a work that succeeded in originality using the original system first at first.
It can be said that this work series also pushed Mr. Urashiro who was active only in the world of some coterie magazines as a major character designer.
We have added the concept of commander and mercenary to the unit and until the exhaustion warfare by "discard piece" unit which can hire by campaign fund for each stage without killing "how to enjoy carefully growing characters so that they will not die" in the past It is new that has been established.
In addition, although the commander unit can change the class by upgrading, it is also free to specialize in fighting according to the taste of players, or proceed to the profession of the magic system, also preparing a branch of seniority here.
What is particularly wonderful in this series is not the second work but there is not only the growth branch of the character, there is a scenario branch, and that branch is not an odd thing.
If you regularly prepare a regular route as justice (loose), you can officer to the Imperial army, proceed to the attribute of evil (chaos route), and even neutral routes not belonging to any forces exist .
With this it is possible to play the game for a long time, go to each route, know the inner circumstances of each power, succeed in setting up all the characters that appear by coming in contact with the character of each power as a friend .
Therefore, each scenario is very dense and it will remain strongly in impression.
It is thought that it is clear even by seeing the success of these original elements, that it was not an easy planning such as simply to put out a work in a genre called popular S-RPG.
Therefore, I would like to evaluate this work series as a masterpiece with a history in history.

2006/01/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Certainly, at age 14, and from rural origin, that feeling is unnatural Ricky is. McLen, who plays a role, is often amazed (bitter smile).

What I want Tsukkomi about older age is Gizarov 50 years old. What do you see is over 70 apparent age (bitter smile).

Well, it was Erwin alone in descendants of the shining brutain with the love and intimate taste, and the rest of the people were divisible as "Mercenary afterwards" probably did not feel much emotion.
Roga also came through a life of hardship just as she was sitting by the mother's blood.

Perhaps Imelda had tasted the same tragic love as Sherry when I was young. This neighborhood is only speculation, but I felt a human smell not seen in the Hikari route.
Well, in the hidden route I also played an astounding role of going round the mediation of the radicals in the empire according to Elvin 's persuasion.

2005/12/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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The age of 〓〓〓is also funny, but 〓〓〓is also somewhat funny. I doubt if Rickey is 14 years old.
The dialogue that I want to look for even sake saw Aaron of Dear's Empire Route saying similar words to Erwin.
Roga seems to do everything to help Sonia. Treatment of rogers is considerably bad with the brilliant route.
Allow other characters to grieve a bit more! I wanted you to make as much as a tomb.
After all the empire route the story is the most exciting. It is only the empire route that can fight with the boys who calls the chaos.
Imelda is a good friend and it is good character. When Sherry died at Scenario 20 's old castle of twin towers somehow Imelda was seriously angry.
Why were you so angry?

2005/12/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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In the peace route, the sad last days of Vargas is drawn as if it gave Erwin the opportunity to think peace.
Oh yes, Roga also joined the Devil Army at heartlessly to regain her sister Sonia, and was engaged in dirty work such as assassination of Bernhard. He was also suffering.

However, thanks to Elvin 's efforts, I managed to take Sonia back. It would be nice to have a happy future for that lucky brother and sister.

The general Vargas was loved by his men. It would not have been such a frank conversation with Imelda 's men.
Not only was it tough, it must have been a good superior with a human warmth and a careful attitude to his subordinates.
It is called Boltz General of the Ligurian Empire, it is called Bulk General of Regenburg Commonwealth Kingdom, and if you are not an enemy, it is truly sorry for the end of a luxurious god who wants to share even sake.