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SEGA Chunsoft PlayStation 3
Yukinori Kitajima Makino Osamu
Syono Haruhiko
Ueno Kohji
Japan Released:2007/10/25(Thu) PlayStation 3
Japan Released:2008/08/07(Thu) Wii
Official sites
1. http://chun.sega.jp/imabiki/ (Translation)
2. http://www.chunsoft.co.jp/games/wii_imabikiso/index.html (Translation)
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2015/07/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46597 Host:46762 Browser: 5171
Because I played on PS3, I recklessly saw the clarification edition on the video site.
As expected it is not easy to purchase up to Wii for this alone.

However, I think that it is unusual to have a work whose scenario is so different that the story's base changes drastically as much as this game.
I wonder why he did not put this clarification into PS 3 version, it may be said that it was happier to say that those who did not put it in a certain way ended up (friends are almost dead)
But one of the way to finish the main scenario is that the impression of Oita changes if there is nothing and that there is not (I do not know what it is because there is no one) so I wanted to put it in again.

I think that the director of fear was pretty much done by anything if it says the feature as a game.
It was truly creepy when we smiled a minute with no eye line, and I think that the voice that I heard unexpectedly was scary in some way.

Although this may be the fate of the novel game, it is troublesome to not have a flowchart in the residence, because it is necessary to look at the bad end of the scenario which it purposely brought to completion for completion.
This neighborhood was completely a working game, and there were many times that I left it by auto play to the choice.

The pink scenario might have been the most interesting even though it included the Kamachitachi series.
I laughed at the naked naked consecutive call.

Although it is not said that it is bad, the evaluation is so much because it seems that it has been made to work only without looking at 428 and looking interesting.
I changed the impression at least as long as it let me flow chart at the mansion.
I will keep it as normal as I get confused.

2011/08/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9521 Host:9643 Browser: 4592
[Total playing time]
30 hours or more

[good point]
1, as a sound sound novel game I do not see much full voice. I think that it was very good.
I think that it is not an overstatement to say that it is said that it has been completed so far because this voice was present.
However, I think that it is not preferred for those who do not like being voiced or doing live-actions as it is a novel.
I think that it is just enough that it is just enough for very good acting and to produce scary.
There was no such thing as a poor performance even for a moment, no worry of fear.
Dolby Digital 5, 1 ch.
When I played this I regretted not having bought a speaker for 5, 1 ch surround compatible speaker.

2, Story In fact, I added the story to "good points" because I know the truth in the additional scenario that has been added in the clarification edition.
I think that it is being made very much.
A combination that I have never seen so far, such as drugs and curses ... was exciting.

3, I think that the director's opinion will be divided, but how to express, such as hiding the face with live-action video.
I thought it was a novel way to caught my fear.
In addition, considering the story in wii's "clarification edition", he may read in depth that he hiding his face may have had an important meaning in reality.

4, There are only graphics again PS3, both live action and CG are very beautiful.

5, volume I also played Chunsoft 's sound novel game "428"
I prefer it to take a form in which one hero acts in a totally different world view (like a parallel world) than a thing where a story is prepared for each person in one view of the world is. (Like Kamaitachi no Yoru)

[Bad point]
1, It is good that it is stuck with the production with voice voice and text,
I felt the impression that the tempo is bad a little bit that the voice can not be blown.
I think that it is bad that the tempo is bad as it is based on what we do for weeks.

2, Route branch It is good if you enter another route nicely like a night of canvassing, and you go on a world of completely different setting,
Considering the truth, I think that it was impossible to develop hatchek so much.
Basically, since it goes through similar world of setting, it is difficult to check whether it entered another route properly even in the flowchart.
Even if you do an element of another route once, I will not go to the route I was aiming to do a lot of different elements of another route ...
There are things like that.
I guess it's because I will return to the branch of the main part again.
Better yet I feel like going crazy without hesitation if I go into another route and make it a system that runs through that route.
I think that it is a disadvantage that has occurred only because the various branches are complicatedly interlaced in the flowchart.

3, additional route
A story to which the truth added is added to clarification of wii.
It was very painful that this was not included.
If you do not know the truth, it will end with a horror game with many BADEND.
I think that fireflies flourish because there is that truth.
Since the release date may be delayed, I wanted you to put in the truth.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is a good game with a very high degree of completion.
I am looking forward to CHUNSOFT's sound novel game every time and checking every time a new work comes out.
Also I would like you to make a horror sound bell like a firefly dragon.
Also, I'm expecting "true. Kamaitachi no naka" that seems to come out with a new work.
From the above point of view, bad points and my subjectivity overall evaluation is "very good" I will.
It was a game that I once thought again that CHUNSOFT was amazing.

2010/10/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27747 Browser: 3023(Mobile)
I am playing PS3 version now. Though it is the third lap now, my impression.
[Good] Advance with voice and sentences. Novelty.
I can not skip speech.
Every scenario is subtle .... What is it in this state?
Expansion of salvation too little. Although it may be good as a horror, the main character and the heroine are mostly saved. I hope that I can be more saved.
Expanding to over read. Blue scenario? Who knows Kyosuke's mother in the car? Expansion that is overpowering. Suddenly religion and so on.
A halfway live action. I can not see my face .... I wanted you to show it as town or 428, or make it a perfect silhouette.
Cheese making. Unbalanced live-action and CG is bad. Flow char also does not help much when collecting the rest.
How to set the flag. There are times when the degree of difficulty is extremely high.
Imamaki ... shape and color resemble younger brothers. I sometimes feel deja vu.
There are flower language (grass word or something) also in fire drafting, and we are tracing the chestnut tree carefully in searching places like Western-style building in the second half.
It is a story that has nothing to do with the younger brothers, but it looks a lot altogether in general.
The perfectly heroine which continues from the younger brothersters also appeared in this work, but it did not hesitate The heroine of this type got bored.
You can be a bit more human.
Conversely the treatment of Kaori is terrible. Well Chun Soft is not merciless at odds.
Overall evaluation is bad.
Flag raising, unusable flowers and sounds that can not be skipped are tiring & because it is a bother.

2010/03/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40863 Host:40817 Browser: 9033
[Total playing time]
14 hours
Play Wii version "Episode Demonstration Hen"

[good point]
A fulfilling user interface to say as chuson Softstone. Excellent comfort.
Balance between the amount of sentences in the scenario and the content that changes during orbiting play. The talk spreads out based on the first lap and composition is wonderful.
Evolution as a sound novel. It is innovative that the words of the characters are converted into speech and separated from sentences.

[Bad point]
Due to the composition of the story, the order of the new scenario that appeared when you played around was fixed almost.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is only the work of the sound novel (the novels ADV) landlord Chunsoft, the quality of the game is outstandingly high, skipping of already read sentences (page movement), jumping by a flow chart etc. It is becoming quite easy to play, anyway comfortable.
The point which evolved compared with the work so far is the conversation of the characters, all speech becomes speech by the voice actor, is it different from the sentences of the earth? This makes the balance between "Sound" and "Novel" of "Sound Novel" better than ever, and it has been accompanied by BGM and a performance by a voice actor, there is considerable presence.
As for the scenario, I can not say anything because individual differences inevitably dislikes and dislikes, but drama.If people who like B movie class horror series work can enjoy it without problems.
I was especially impressed with the fact that the new scenario appearing in the second or third week is fixed and the notice of the next scenario in the first round of ending is a picture.It is that it can look like a trailer with sound .
As scenes and characters that I have never seen before flow into the ending staff roll as graphics and sound, I feel motivated for the next play even if I do not like it. I felt the direction of the neighborhood is wonderful here.

So soft because it is used premium, I think that it is a bargain dish if you like sound novel work. It is recommended ^ ^

2009/09/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41059 Host:41157 Browser: 8192
I play both PS3 and Wii and finally both cleared, I want to evaluate.

Despite the overall content is horror, I was not scared of honesty. I understand that I am trying to make fears in the voices and live-action videos while reading the sentences, but I think that it is a bit uninteresting, uninteresting of the main story itself. I wanted it to be easier to understand with a bit more explanation.
Regrettable that there is no way to save any ending either. Not only did not it all end up being saved, but I think there was unreasonable unreasonable development, etc. I think that the system of ghost story was useless. I do not mind trying to collect them all.
Although the function of the flow chart is useful, I first felt unsatisfactory at the beginning because the talk will proceed without problems regardless of which one is chosen except for the last game in the first play. But once you clear it you get to play a new scenario a number of times as you choose from a certain place. However, I do not feel a sense of accomplishment as it will not be rewarded until the end.

However, the pink scenario and the Wii version only scenario were good.

Later, since I got out of PS 3 before, the clarification edition of the Wii version is disappointing that the quality of the image and sound went down. It is a scenario that understands the truth of the matter, so I wanted it there somehow. Anyway I wanted to have the clarification edition out in PS 3 version. The function of the Wii remote control was also unnecessary.

For the above reasons the evaluation is "bad".

2009/09/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8171 Host:8171 Browser: 8685
Recently a completely bad horror game.
I love horror games and myself jumped right away ... did not mean that.
I bought a PS 3 but there was no game to play ... was it.
# It is second - hand cheaply sold ones ... sweat

So it makes me feel like playing PS 3 version which was not understood at all.

〓〓〓Sound Full voice and 5.1 ch gives a realistic feeling and atmosphere.
There is atmosphere that music is also perfect for horror game, SE is also not complaining.
I heard it with virtual dolby with headphones, so it was very good.
However, since it was okay even if there was no voice personally, I wish I could cut it with options ...

〓〓〓There was not much part thought that it was scary story!
The usual everyday part is so long, it may feel a bit louder as it passes every time.
Flow chart useful for circling play was somewhat difficult to read a bit. Flag setup is also troublesome to the ground and ...
Although it has become possible to be able to play from the middle of the flowchart, it was not used so much because of the balance of flags.
Also, the extra bonus garbage that enters everywhere? Is not scary at all and I do not mind being honest.
Then I wanted you to put a little different story ...

〓〓〓Picture (graphic)
It is beautiful as it is a live-action picture overall. Some CG is a little cheap, but it is also good to the contrary.
Also, there are Groy scenes that some people do not accept. Although I thought that it was a good production for putting out a hunting atmosphere on my own ...
Also, since it is a basic picture-story show, there is no movement at all. Well since it is a novel game, can not be helped.

〓〓〓System flowchart It is hard to use a bit.
Skip speed is slow.
Save a little too.
I can not blow ED.
... There are so tight things in the orbiting play.
Also, flag flags are very troublesome (It is fate of Nobergue ... but)
I spend a lot of time devoting a reasonable effort and modest to putting it all on my own.
Although it is not always necessary to go through all the routes, checking whether it is essential or not on the flow is not possible at all and flag checking is very troublesome.
Still, the skipping speed is also slow, so frustration gathers a bit.

〓〓〓Totally comprehensive of these points, my evaluation is "ordinary"
I will attach it.
Although I enjoyed playing several times from the first time, frustration gotten a bit frustrating since I had to look at the lazy interaction of the slip skip & early stages from there many times.
Flags are also difficult to understand the situation, one missed one well and falling into a well, burning delicately severely,
Also, the points of concern on the system aspect intertwine with each other, and if you play it more than once, it will get drunk with a synergistic effect.

As for the talks I wonder if I wanted a bit more scaryness as a horror gee ... I feel like that.
There are lots of threatening systems, but since it is only a passing point if it is repeated,
I thought that it was good if there was spreading in the talking part a little more.

However, as it is true that we enjoyed even a few times as a horror game that was not so recent,
Evaluation was more normal than usual.
I wonder if it makes it easier to use the flow a bit more and the flags are easy to understand ... and so on.
Afterwards I think that the evaluation changed a little more if the feeling of "bounding" in various parts was resolved.
As for the story, if you clear the completion edition in wii version, it may be understood, but wii purchase was impossible for drift only for that reason ... at least if you release the update package or something inexpensively ...
I think.

2009/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14500 Host:14611 Browser: 7476
Speech is played by voice, situation and psychological description are displayed in letters.
That playing sensation is interesting.
You can snap into it.
It is pleasant to make a branch of the talk as a game.
Content of the talk divides preferences.

An exquisite combination of sentences, graphics and sound enhances the presence.
There is a horror There is a gag and a drawn story is excellent.
Easy to play and easy to use.

Recommended for unexperienced people as it is necessary to read additional scenarios.
Expansion pretends to appear.
The image is cleaner than I thought.

It is drawn into a story that combines speech and sentences well.
The scenario for directing and branching in a scary scene is also 〓〓〓
It is good that there is another story different from the bonus ghost collection and the scary story.

Evaluation is [good].

2009/09/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2991 Host:2887 Browser: 9642
[Total playing time]
About 20 hours

[good point]
There is no "" in the sentence and expressions that voice and text are fused are brilliant. I do not feel stressed at all for reading.

Since both female characters Ai Mi and Kaori were both good, there were not any scenes that felt uncomfortable in those areas.

Pink and Dracula scenario was quite funny as usual.

I feel like I was attacked by the last punch of clarification edits.

[Bad point]
Scenario of this story is subtle.

The no - hint top flowchart is too hard to understand what affects what and what makes it too difficult. It is very stuffy unless you see a capture site.

It is also a hindrance to route collection that control can not be done at all when voice starts,
Then, was it necessary to take measures so that sentences after entering the mansion would not return?

I can not skip ending staff rolls. From the above circumstances, it is fatal for games where repeated play is forced.

.108 A ghost story was boring with only small neta. Then let us know the usual prayer.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Play wii version of Firefly Demonstration.
In the point of fear, it was a familiar Japanese film horror 's "ring" kind of novelty so it was now one, but other pinks and vampires were funny and only the last punch which is revealed by the clarification edition than anything else I was surprised that it was a bit scary.
Why is not only a happy route that everyone can help? Is not it just a bad aftertaste or why the heroine can see a ghost, or is it okay Do you think that it is overkill? No, I was surprised at the end of the last but depending on some people I could not do anything wrong with contradiction, so I wondered if I ran into an easy dream punch line. I felt obediently that he had such a way of interpretation in the flowchart simply other than the parallel world. Well, it may be a story that is scattered with other novel gestures and eroge, but I was able to enjoy it straightforward because I was this for the first time. Also it is not stated that this is a true solution, so even if this is also as another story like another route it is all right. Evaluation is "good".
Again, the balance between this gag and seriously reaffirmed that Chunsoft is exquisite.

2008/10/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15628 Host:15835 Browser: 11315
[Total playing time]
To pink. About 20 hours.

[good point]
A new attempt
Graphics and sound are truly
Chun softness in a good sense

[Bad point]
.Not scary...
The second half of the story cheap ...
Sound that can not be blown
Flags that are hard to understand or unreasonable

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is interesting talking about drugs, but as it comes to the second half it stalls. There are places to shine in some places, but the place to put freshness as a novelue is also negative.
I thought to follow this trend, "It is difficult to express" fear ".