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Arcade Dream Cast GAMECUBE
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Japan Released:2001/12/20(Thu)
Music movie except for OP/ED or unknown one (2)
Ikaruga OST - Chapter 1 (Ideal)Ikaruga OST - Chapter 1 (Ideal) [Fan reg.]
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2015/12/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2416 Host:2363 Browser: 5171
Puzzle game rather than shooting.
This is the first thing I realized when I played this work.

Genre, vertical scroll shooting.
The story behind the scenes is the "Hengoku no Kuni" which dominates the world against the backdrop of the power of the hero's Morara and Kaeru, "Ikaruga" and "Silver Chicken" with a control device attached with a control device It was a thing called to confront.

When looking at the operation system, you can use the Homing Lasers (up to 12 shots) and hands (up to 12 shots) by moving with the eight directional lever, shot with two buttons, changing attributes, pressing buttons simultaneously to absorb black bombs and white bombs and consume the accumulated gauge Easy to familiar.

Attributes of white and black that exist in this work are powerful when attacking the enemies of different attributes, and when you receive an attack of the same attribute it will absorb strategy elements such as gauge under the screen will rise, I also overcome the shortcomings of shooting of the same type that makes it as good as mistakes and power-ups have all come off.

In addition, the fast scroll slowly suddenly lengthens the message, the message containing the theme displayed at the beginning of the stage, such as the message side has no hesitation.

Evaluation is "good" because the difficulty level fell at a stretch as you grasp the pattern.

2014/05/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44111 Host:43932 Browser: 10295
Vertical STG with precise game design and high directing power.

It is a high degree of difficulty that can not be broken by human reflexes alone,
Just as with many Treasure works, there will be somehow if there is motivation.
While challenging many times, it became possible to gradually grasp the movement of the opponent who did not come out of hands or feet,
Someday, I will overcome all attacks and sink down at will.
It is a pleasant feeling.
It was originally made as "Radiant Silver Gun 2"
Having changed with the previous work, the operation method is summarized simply.

In this work of the world view made of Yin and yang, everything belongs to either white or black,
An enemy aircraft assembled in rows and a regularly released barrage draws two color geometric patterns on a neutral background.
In short, it looks beautiful.
Furthermore, the puzzle-like stage that takes advantage of the two attribute switching of the hero's machine "Ikaruga" is also beautiful.
While precisely configuring "Pac-Man" and "Space Invaders"
The playfulness which incorporates the parody of masterpiece also raises points.

Mr. Yasushi Suzuki continued to "Character & Mechanical Design" "Sin and Punishment". it's the best.
The design of Yin Yang and Sanskrit is given to an airplane of an abnormal form bearing the name of a bird, creating a different world atmosphere.
Humanoid mechanism, aircraft of a different shape, massive iron gobs etc.
With the rasp boss as the top point, any enemy aircraft looks great and has a great impact with a strange look of attacking method.

In addition, BGM that Inouchi director himself composed and is hot.
It is rough cut and there are incomplete but only powerful songs full of spirit and tragic feeling,
It seems to overlap the handmade fighter "Ikaruga" of the chief engineer, it burns all the more.
Just as the author of the game is composing, it is a composition of music that matches the story development,
On the contrary, background scrolling and even the deployment of enemy aircraft are perfectly synchronized BGM.
It is no longer a sound gay.
As solving puzzles according to songs, it is a specification that can not be thought of shooting as afraid.

Sunday shooter I am almost satisfied when I am able to clear the hard mode,
If you earn score, you can end up getting lazy.
High scores require considerable skill and calculation.
Expert play is like an art picture, just breathing away with too much beauty.
(I do not think I do not know without actually doing what extent is great)

Personally there is no negative point.
However, there are many problems to recommend to the general public.
There is no demand for a shooting game.
2 Maniac that involves attribute switching.
High level of difficulty for beginner's walrus.
It's a stage that is only a puzzle.
Even if you shoot it as you like, it will never proceed.
As you choose people extremely, such as, etc, it would be better not to take a turn around.
I will not recommend it.

I think that it is not for all people, but the overall comprehension degree as a game is very high.
In honoring perfectionism up to morbidity "to the highest!"

2014/04/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5508
Although I have played only in the arcade version, the big feature of this work was the attribute of white and black.

If you destroy an enemy, the shot-back bullet will bounces back, but in the case of the same attribute it will absorb and release the force release gauge, the more it will become stronger the release,
That place of use was the key to an important strategy. However, although the attribute was switchable, the moment became defenseless, the arrangement of enemy aircraft and obstacles from the early stage was unpleasant,
Since there was a thing that we had to deal with either attribute, it was necessary to switch flexibly according to the situation.

Although it was also possible to select the difficulty level at first, there was none of consideration for beginners, but in the case of low difficulty mode, there is no shoot-back bullet per se, so there is no choice but to start from real difficulty level mode Maybe.

In a nutshell, in a nutshell, "If you try, you can be good at dondon but it is hard to get there," remember shooting game "was probably. What is this "Ikaruga"?
Persistence may be necessary until you become accustomed to "Attribute" systems and so on. Although evaluation was high in originality, it was attractive, but it was somewhat higher in threshold, so it was "good" closer to "good".

2014/01/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16640 Host:16748 Browser: 5143
I'm sorry for whom I like but I will let you know the worst

First of all, this work is a big minus as STG works that the system is too unique and can not taste the catharsis of destruction. Even if you defeat the enemies adequately, this work needs connecting the combo, but it is very disgusting the placement of the enemies (Usually white and black come out with mixed and more combo with a disgusting movement) I try not to connect) so I got stressed as soon as I did not shoot a shot with a shimmer, I was interrupted

Moreover, this work is unusual for obstacles in vertical STG (mistake if you hit a wall etc) Naturally it is not possible to destroy but the black and white bullets and laser are emitted, so you can not move around the screen Moreover, it is the worst because the fish enemies and the medium size aircraft attacks (especially the three-sided boss is too severe)

Although some people call this work a puzzle, some people think that it is exactly right though it may be a masterpiece, but it was a work that does not fit well to me who likes ketsui and angry prison bees

2009/07/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3643 Host:3731 Browser: 6034
[Total playing time]
150 hours

[good point]
Anything that is equipped with missiles and ETC stuff is funny anyhow !!!!

[Bad point]
There is no option ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

100 points perfect score !!!!!!

2008/04/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46914 Host:46869 Browser: 4653
I am only playing the dreamcast version, so I write about the dreamcast version but it is very interesting.

Ikaruga was transplanted from the arcade version, and the Dreamcast version was released on September 5, 2002. Catch copy "Shoot!" "Avoid!" And ... "Hit!"
It is a characteristic shooter game that I like, with attributes. (5 stages in all)

If you hit the bullets of different attributes, you will be hit by it, but if you hit the bullets of the same attribute you can absorb the power and you can attack it by accumulating it. In addition, attacking with different attributes will double the attack power.
There are a lot of unavoidable bullets and it is impossible to clear unless you change the attribute many times in the middle, it will be done at first at the beginning, but as you remember the timing you will be able to proceed more and more. Pattern construction is essential and clearing on the first is impossible.
There is also a chain combo. It is an indispensable technique to get high scores, and the attribute is divided into black and white, but if you defeat 3 enemies with black attributes, next you kill 3 enemies with white attributes. You will combo when you kill three bodies alternately. This seems to be called Ikaruga shooting. This is quite difficult, and there are many things that are aimed at targeting this. Because such elements are like puzzles, it is sometimes called a puzzle shooting game.
A counterattack of the same attribute appears from Normal, and in Hard it is a shot from all enemies.

If you have the opportunity to play, I recommend you to try it by all means.

2007/08/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37510 Host:37375 Browser: 2613
The sparkling spiral when shining, the time of reunion Yumebara is the flying sky of Ikaruga

ProjectRS 2 "Ikaruga".

Completely wriggling of the previous work, completely left to another world, a treasure of treasure that the treasure releases to the industry.
Game concept, visual, message nature, audio aspects, art objects of shooter games with high completeness in general.

In a complete pattern game with no random elements,
The more you boil down the pattern, the more play style becomes beautiful.

The intention of the previous work is a concept, I am glad that the story side also inherits it.

"One causal event will bring the will back to the original place, reminding the consciousness of the origin carved in the abyss of memory.
Therefore, Ikaruga goes ... "

By the way, Silver Gun's song is by Hitoshi Saito, but the songs of this work are the ones owned by the producer.

It is very regretful that the game cube and the hardware that can play can be limited to the end dreamcast.
Reimplantation to the major machine is desired together with the previous work.