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Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1989/12/22(Fri)
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2012/11/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52674 Host:52588 Browser: 11280
Unknown playing time

For the time being, it is interesting as it can be used properly according to the characteristics of the stage since other characters can also be used in substitution with Ralph of the main character which is a thankfully ruff which is an action game although it is an action game though it is an action game.

I think that it is good to have variations as it is in the clock tower, the forest and the castle as well.
I like the stage of the clock tower personally, is not it?
The enemy 's boss is also bad feeling, but I think it may be suitable for the world view of Dracula.

Although it is about operability, Ralf is heavy movement and it is difficult in terms of mobility, but a whip is easy to attack and easy to attack, I think that it is just good game balance if you get used to it.
Because the basic weapon is thrown with a knife, the range is long and the movement is light, so you can stick to the wall so if you stick it to the ceiling, you can break through traps such as holes easily and you could use it most at the action stage.
The alcard could turn into a bat and fly in the sky. On the moving surface, Cipher was emphatic of attack by magic and it was good that the character is not wrapped.

For the difficulty level, the action stage depends on characters, but it is often done by the damage and it is easy to fall into the hole, so it is hard to go to the boss.
Since the boss also fights in the state where it is not able to recover in the action stage and it transforms it and it is transformed and there are many bodies at the same time, it is hard to beat knocking down because it is often returned to a certain place if it loses so much is.

Evaluation is "very good" difficulty, but as an action game I think that this place is just right.
Since I was quite involved, I realized that it was quite funny now.

2012/09/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33498 Host:33523 Browser: 11259
[good point]
Action close to the original an existence presence of Otomo Attractive enemy character
[Bad point]
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Top-class works by Dracula series

Clockwork is a masterpiece!

2012/08/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7025 Host:6758 Browser: 15125
It is the first impression that one completed form of the Akuma castle series.

It abolished the mysterious element of the unpopular "Seal of the Curse", and it has become a work close to the first generation.

As ever, the difficulty with crispness is fluffy,
As an additional element of this work, it is a branch of the stage, and an increase of operation characters besides the main character Ralf.

Easy ease of use that boasts the ability to throw an effective knife, bosses, knives, bosses, move the ceiling, control during jumping and boost the balance of the game.

Normal attacks are short in reach and difficult to use,
3 Utilize the magic of the attribute, the firepower is high and the cipher which is strong against the boss fight.

Although it can attack in three directions, although it has the drawback that the fire power is the weakest and it has a big judgment on hit judgment, it is an Alcard which can be flying by transforming into a bat, consuming the heart.

It was also impressive that there was a place where their ability could be effectively used on the stage after the above three people became friends.

Especially the movement of the ceiling of the grant and the ability of the alcard to fly can be received as a remedy for the player who came across Ralf in a situation where it can not be broken through by all means.

Since BGM also adopts VRC 6, 8 bits is unlikely to be refined,
It can be said that the sound quality was demonstrated everywhere in "Dejavu" of the arrangement of the first "Vampire killer".

Although this work adopts multi ending as same as the previous work, "Seal of curse" was a multi-ending format which changes with clearing time,
"Demon Castle Legend" is a multi-ending by coupling where the ending changes according to characters you made friends ...
From that time on, Konami was ahead of the times (laugh).

In the NES work is the highest level BGM, although it is a high difficulty but there are also relief treatments, comprehensively balanced difficulty compared to the first generation,
Even if you clear it, choose a different route, compose different characters,
Or, the composition that made different play possible, such as aiming at clearing by Ralf alone, was successful in prolonging the life of this work itself.

2011/05/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20315 Host:20349 Browser: 11754
It was a game I used to play often, but it was quite difficult.
Game design drifting in the atmosphere of demonic castle and BGM teeth with high quality were good.
It was not enough to say that the operation was difficult, but there was something a little difficult as the jump could not fly as you would expect, or if you could not move if you attacked it.
Also I think that the system which can change the character was also good.

2011/03/10 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4776 Host:4588 Browser: 8841
Although it is unplayed, I watch a movie until clear, so I will comment.

The feature of this work is a branching route, can add three kinds of friends, can also add no friends.
What I saw was a cypher wizard. The magical ball which jumps out in three directions was effectively using the tracking type jump tool which follows the direction of the enemy.
The point where switching is possible during play seemed convenient. However, it seems that it took some time to replace.

Compared with the first FC version, the speed of the player's movement was faster.

The difficulty level of the game seemed to be high.
Especially it seemed difficult to jump using the seesaw and jump of the pendulum state bell.
For jumping movements, scenes that jumped to a scaffolding with a distance were heavily used.
Depending on the enemy, the decline of life was big and it seemed that it was forced to struggle hard.

The form of Rasubosu seemed to be common in the series, but this work seemed to be difficult in terms of using a moving scaffold with 3 step deformation.
Although it was seen also in the initial work, it seems to be good to replace items by switching the screen back before the rasubosu.

Because the player substitution formula Dracula series has never played, it was a very interesting work.
I will make a comment from the position "I think it is good".

2009/09/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13611 Host:13603 Browser: 10588
[Total playing time]
You did not measure it

[good point]

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Among the Famicom soft software which total over a thousand hundreds, it is a masterpiece of action games which can definitely be the best 10 entrants !!!

... Konami of this time was awesome ah. No, it is not the current Konami.

Easy to use.Graphic sound.Directing.Game balance and balanced with extraordinary extraordinary in everything, especially in the opening of the opening and in the recent polygon game can not do monkey mimicism of the original disk system version of Zelda It is widely remembered today as a legendary substitute remaining in the history of video games lined with legends.

Since it is not easy for the developers to publicly say that this work is "the most important story in the Dracula series", what do you do?

Sorry, Konami of this time was the best. No, it is not the current Konami.

2009/09/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14576 Host:14577 Browser: 6307
"Akumajo Dracula" advanced specifications of.
In a word, this work is like this.

When turning on the power, the quiet tone flowing to BGM emerged castle of demons, the title of the work appeared with a heavy sound,
Returning to quiet BGM again, monologue enters.
Even seeing only the opening, it was obvious that I could not get caught by Super Nintendo's work.

Characters that can be used are weapons with short whips and daggers of reach, weapons such as holy water, the cross, etc.,
Ralf with the same ability as Simon of the first work with jumping power of his own height,
Grant that you can move with a knife as weapon by sticking to the wall or ceiling with high jumping power,
Cipher which makes use of various magic with weapon as weapon, four people of al card which can fly while shaving life by turning into a bat.

Stage configuration such as enemy arrangement, hole position, etc. has become disadvantage of player character,
If I looked at the screen well, there was no hefty game balance as to say that the difficult place, the vital point of boss character and the breakthrough are immediately understood.

2009/07/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29532 Host:29664 Browser: 5600
[Total playing time]
I did it a long time ago but I did not remember it

[good point]
The balance of exquisite difficulty, initially it is difficult, but adding the grant etc. to a group makes it difficult to proceed so far Everyone who has a chance to go forward easily has advantages and disadvantages, making it difficult or easy to change a friend on the same stage Where it is interesting is fun. It is a good memory to clear up and die. Especially the stage falling block from the top was the hardest.
There was also a branch of the stage, it was full volume point.
Music is wonderful enough to enter the best 3 among Nintendo, high quality sound that I can not imagine NESCON, I think that Biginning is the best accomplishment in the Akuma Castle series.
It is good to change slightly depending on the companion who also cleared the ending.
[Bad point]
I can not attack attacking the stairs when the al card is difficult to use, and the attack is weak. It is amazingly convenient to fly through the sky, but I wanted you to be able to attack even the stairs at least. It's pathetic to make other characters.
I can only think of it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
People who do not play think that it is an interesting game that you can think that it is a wasteful plan. I think music and action are also one of the fewest games that is the best.

2008/08/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1187 Host:883 Browser: 4926
I do not dislike the Akuma Castle series, but anyway, it's too difficult ... to say clearly, there are no games that I could do entirely. I like songs pretty much, but ....

Grant is so easy to use. Speed 〓〓〓〓〓nd knife throw. You can move the ceiling and wall. However, the clock tower stage where he lives is pretty nigga.

Cipher is quite useless. The magic usability is not good ....

It is fairly convenient to turn an alcard into a bat and fly. Is not it most popular?

In this series, the operation of the jump is said to be rather awkward, it is hard to move. I feel bad operability from Rockman. If I jump one time ago I will not go back.

Also, the stairs. It is nice to go up and down, but if you do not get off properly with the 〓〓〓button properly, you will pass through the stairs and drop off with the stone. How many times I made a mistake ....

Honestly, I think that it is more difficult than Rockman.

2007/09/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37377 Host:37382 Browser: 6287
I like FC 's Dracula series the most.
It was good that the assistant who can make it to a friend by the route changed and the degree of difficulty suddenly changed.

For ease of use, is Grant> Al Card> Cipher?
Grant was a character very easy to use as the judgment is small because it moves quickly compared to other characters.

Music is also good only in good songs and remains on the head.
In particular, I think that the surface (Riddle) of the drainage tower is one of the best masterpieces in the series.

Evaluation is "highest!"

2007/08/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40410 Host:40425 Browser: 3162
I think the gear is a game that is meshed firmly. I think that the stage composition, strength of the boss, graphics, characters, music and all are breathing matched action games.
Also, I can choose various courses, and I do not get tired easily, such as having a unique character that can only be friends with the determined route.

Also, the music is so cool, it can be enjoyed as a BGM, not to mention it fits the scene scene.
I myself listened to music for 30 minutes while doing a sound test.

Good word that the word that matches neither sub characters nor similar looks good is good.

The degree of difficulty is high, but it is fun to change slightly depending on the course chosen.

Rasubosu (the 3 rd form) is not Dracula, but the setting called dark agony is good.
The dissatisfaction point is that Rasubosu is the usual strength for difficulty level.

However ending is pretty good. It glows excitement gigantically.

It's multi-ending so you can enjoy it 4 times.
By the way I cried with ED of CYPHA. seriously. It was good that I could show myself from the feeling of relief who beat Rasubosu.

It is a good action game. I do not care but it was a cipher and I was actually a beautiful person. (Lol)

2007/02/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40261 Host:40133 Browser: 4184
This work is my favorite in the series.
I literally forgot my sleeping bag until I cleared, I was sleeping in class during class.
It was quite tough for me of a gaming girl, but the sense of accomplishment was one thing accordingly.

Also, it is still music. This work is also MY Best of the series.
With a special sound source chip installed in the ROM cassette, it is a heavy sounding that draws a line with the so-called Famicom sound of only Pikopiko rectangular wave.
I did not play it all while I started running in the sound mode all the while, since DTM is a hobby, I copied over my ears.

However, it seems to be a song of an FM tone generator, but it is better to listen to the original tone, even if you use it with a PCM sound source with different high quality (should be) ...
Even listening to the official arrangement album etc is a similar impression, probably not only my lack of music sense is the reason, probably.

2006/05/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
I recently got NES compatible machine so I pull it out from the bottom of the push.
Although it should have been a clear game I used to, it is awful. The biggest chance is that the stairs are not stuck on the stairs and you fall straight from the scaffolding, jumping and jumping too high and jumping too high Scrolling the screen vertically Scaffolding fades disappearing, just as it is ... (palm) No, I die well Well I can say that this work can make friends ~ I have taken grant for the time being.
Where the rest of the 2 people are .... Because all the two works were disks, it is very comfortable and it is a good impression because I can play well at tempo. Loading was painful with changing the location of the previous work.
The game is the volume increase pattern of the first work, but the operability and the degree of difficulty are slightly lowered and the balance is good
(It seems to be said that you should not die if it is ...)
However, this color and the number of sounds are good I am able to put out such atmosphere.
What is unfortunate is not battery backup. It is nostalgic that you can not forget your password, but hey,
Works as nice as it is for the latest hardware as it is for the first work

2006/05/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21108 Host:21078 Browser: 5234
Although this work was released as the third release of the Dracula series, because the previous work "Seal of curse" was too complicated, it was characterized as being arranged as a pure action game by abolishing such mysterious elements, its meaning In content it was made close to the first work.

There is a course that branches every time the stage progresses, and the range of game characteristics expands, such as adding one of the three members of the main character Ralf. Belmondo, and all three of them There was a habit and each was interesting.

Grant ... It is a back worm man, the family is killed by Dracula and it is turned into an ugly monster by himself, but the curse disappears by being defeated by Ralph and overthrows both Vlado. Swears Zeppe (the real name of Dracula) It becomes a thing.
The power point is weak but long range knife and fast movement, plus the phenomenal lightness that sticks to the wall is the biggest selling point.

CYPHA ... It was a tough training as a vampire hunter from a young age, and Vlado challenges the battle against Zeppe, but loses it, although it is made into a stone, it is fought together by being rescued by Ralph.
The power of weapons is weak, but they use fire magic, fire and ice, and electric shock magic, especially the power of lightning (lightning bolt) boasts the greatest power among all weapons.

Al card ... Although trying to stop Dracula who is father, it is not possible to stop the father who runs away from runaway by the madness, knowing that he is no longer enemy by his own power, only being able to defeat himself who draws blood of a vampire We await the opponent who has the competence and challenge the father against Ralph suitable for that glasses.

Weapons are bullets that power up to 3 directions, but their power is weak. However, depending on how you use it, it becomes effective, you can transform into a bat and fly in the sky, it can prevent falling death, you can also go a short cut at once.

Of these three people, I chose someone, and the game development will be different accordingly. Of course, even Ralf alone is difficult but it is possible to clear the game, it can be said that the endings differ depending on the chosen character was a big appeal. Because each habit is strong, its use is also a point.

Although it was a work that had dropped the evaluation compared with the first one even though it was close to Hamari's full of action games rather than RPG and the fact that there were too many items in "seal of curse", this work is Despite its high degree of difficulty, what makes it the same as the first game is giving a great evaluation.

The boss character also has a lot of powerful people and directing, especially the boss of the three-step change named Mummy 〓〓〓Cyclops 〓〓〓Lesser Demon, and the abundance of the traps such as the floor that falls as you get on, is so powerful that you can not imagine NES Yes, I remember it was difficult.

Because of this, this work was a work that gave considerable high income even in the Dracula series, but the shooting "Gradius" became "Gradius" 〓〓〓"Salamander" 〓〓〓"Gradius 〓〓〓quot;, with the last NES GRADIUS In the same way as it was a comedy work called "Parodius!", This work also evolved to say "Akumajo Dracula" 〓〓〓"Seal of Dracula II Curse" 〓〓〓"Demon Castle Legend" It was a comical work called "Boku Dracula", followed the same path.