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Game rank of 1989 Rank 45in 212 titles
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Taito Corporation Arcade Turbo Grafx 16 Playstation 2
Japan Released:1989
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2017/01/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5395 Host:5542 Browser: 5171
Because of time bounds, do not give much time to raising levels or solving puzzles.
This is the most annoying part of playing this work.

Genre, action RPG.
The game begins with selecting jobs from warriors, wizards, monks, ninjas and entering names.

Looking at the operation system, the movement with the eight direction lever, the jump button, the attack button and the simple, the speed of movement of the job other than the ninja is reasonable,
A warrior with plentiful weapons and armor that can be used, a warrior who can not use jumps, a magician that can use magic with destructive power enough to defeat a rasp boss at the weakest defense power and moving power during all jobs, the fastest moving speed , Usability of powered up jumps is quite good,
There are advantages and disadvantages for each job as a ninja takes time to raise the level.

When you actually play, you can get hints by talking to the public, level up by defeating the enemies and getting experience values, buying weapons and items with saved money,
RPG's promise has been almost cleared and it's also a good impression that the time it took to clear it was about 40 minutes to make difficult choices and keep players out of difficulty.

Evaluation is "very good" stops because the usability of ninja sounded too good.

2016/04/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29795 Host:29767 Browser: 5819
[Total playing time]
I think that it was about 20 minutes with 1 coin (Game over on the 3rd floor).

[good point]
The point which was a masterpiece of the action RPG which can play with the arcade lined with "Wonder Boy Monster Land".
Four types of player characters full of individuality such as warrior, wizard, monk, ninja.
In the game of this era, not only abundance of weapons, armor and item icons but also the graphic switches according to equipment.
Fun to find items and aisles hidden in this game.
A story saying the royal road in the royal road.
Direction of the ending.

[Bad point]
It is hard to play carefully because there is time limit (although it is about arcade).
Unlike 'Monster Land', even if you defeat an enemy character, recovery means are limited as it will not drop any recovery items.
The point that monks' magic is useless except for "protection".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In an action RPG that would have been perfectly influenced by Dragon Quest, it can be said to Dragon Quest (although it can be said to Dragon Quest) In this era game it is likable for places where various attention is given to detail.
When I was hooked on this game I was clearing all the characters with a good number of continuations, but if I take a closer look at the video of the game of this game, I will be able to clear it with 1 coin Since I had a feeling, I will try my best to clear 1 coin when I play this game next time!

2006/03/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20897 Host:20999 Browser: 5234
There is an image which made "Wonder Boy Monster Land" more real with action RPG which can be done in Taeto's released games.
Since the characters of this work are real life stuff like "Legend of Shadow", it was created in that sense from Wonderboy which was two heads.

This work has powerfully upgraded with various items in the way, there was also a function that allows up to 4 players to communicate up to 4 at the communication function, so it is good for people who have not been away from RPG since "Wonderboy" or "Resurrection of Ishita" It would have been reflected in the form, and it could be said that it was a remarkable game as one of the few RPGs that can be played at Gaesen.

The last enemy was also surprised, and the last that leaves sad somber finish somewhat can also be said that it is full of this work and individuality unique to the taito game.

The player character will be able to select a character to say also as monk, ninja, magician, fighter and warrior and also the royal road of RPG, and how to build a strategy according to it and how to play according to the advantages and disadvantages of each character can be noticed.
However, as far as we can see in the game, I think that there were overwhelmingly many people who had chosen only female character monks.