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Arcade Dream Cast Playstation 2 GAMECUBE Xbox
Japan Released:2001/08/03(Fri)
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2016/05/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44659 Host:44470 Browser: 10902
[good point]
Significant improvement of the ratio system.
Battle with victory message. Situations of emotion that Capcom and SNK characters talk to each other.
There are a lot of characters.
[Bad point]
A nightmare bug called avoidance cancellation. Because of this, it gets fuzzy at once.
Original combo. Do not make this system again.
Rasubosu is too devious. It is difficult to beat down and appear.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Very good" close to "good". The drawback is quite visible, but it is better than the previous work.

2012/08/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33498 Host:33523 Browser: 11259
[good point]
The number of characters increased, and in proportion to it the number of deathblown skills increased and I became to play more.
The ratio became free
[Bad point]
The stage director and BGM became simpler than the previous work.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Still it is a hot game.

2009/10/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21365 Host:21164 Browser: 4483
. I have not played 2 only play
[good point]
Dream match of Capcom and SNK character It is interesting that you can listen to the conversation between characters after the match ends.

Many characters can be used
Although SNK characters may have a sense of incompatibility in a little operation, it is good to have a lot of characters, I personally wanted more from Samsupi and Vampire.

You can choose a game and fight for yourself.

Background is beautiful

[Bad point]
Rasubosu too strong The true ogre managed to win, but God Rugal could not win to the end.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I played at a friend 's house and I got interested and purchased it.
Evaluation is "good"

2009/03/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6047 Host:5938 Browser: 6399
[Total playing time]
I played PS2 version and arcade quite well.

[good point]
The number of participating characters including boss how 48 !!
Groove system is also upgrading. Although C and S inherit the previous groove, the remaining four grooves, A can decide the original combo, P has one gauge but St Blocking can be used N is 97, 98 KOF gauge It has various subsystems and can be used properly according to circumstances, if you activate MAX you can use level 3 super combo, K will attack based on Samsupi's gauge system and attack as original Keeping on, the attack power and defense power increased until the gauge disappeared, and there were various grooves, such as a single reversal type that can use MAX super mortal work.
Free ratio system. You can freely distribute the ratio so that the maximum is 3 and the total is 4.
Character's selection. There are eyes to see.

[Bad point]
Hidden boss god gods and God rugal are too strong.
It tends to be in fighting games, but game balance is bad. Sagat and Blanca are too strong.
Graphics are degraded compared to strike 3rd.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is good for everyone to have fun enjoying. I make use of the point of reflection of the previous work. Therefore evaluation is "very good"

2009/02/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31859 Host:31874 Browser: 7509
It is good to be able to color edit home version (only doricas version is known).

My nakoru is a blue hair, but it is not strong Nakoruru ...

As a game I think that it is a grade of the first grade, the thing about the gauge is not good. It is a trivial matter to me of Samsupi.

2008/07/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19737 Browser: 7627(Mobile)
It is a best game to be friendly with everyone It is good to have a subsystem for beginner relief in particular
Although it was able to save a character to a certain extent at 3 on 3, after all I still wanted the game balance firmly But since there is a considerable volume, it is still recommended after all

2008/01/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17734 Browser: 4749(Mobile)
It is a fighting game that is still in operation at Gaesen. There are plenty of room for cultivation as there are plenty of characters, a lot of grooves, and ratios can be decided by themselves.
Groove (system at battle)
There were six, but all around us, I used C groove. It is the reason why the gauge divided into three levels and the point that air guard can be used was used. However, in order to break down this manneri I started using K grooves. I exploited the just defense that required skill to guard the enemy 's attack just before it hit, and excited my battlefield. This experience was useful for Guilty also when doing Naja and Suraba and also succeeded in blowing a new breeze into the frustrating colleagues.
Ratio (cost of team formation)
1 was that the ratio was fixed with characters. Memory that I could not use if I tried to use Sagat and Nakoru .... It is good that the combination of teams is free, as this time can be decided freely. Characters with higher ratios are more strongly corrected, but it is important whether you are familiar with important things, right?
I finally used K Groove, Haou Maru, with Cammy. Gail as the axis, Blanka on Sagat and Nakolle, A grooving with original combo was also used. I have already retired this game, but since I enjoyed it considerably at that time, the evaluation was "very good".

2007/12/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4186 Host:4020 Browser: 8090
[Total playing time]
Arcade did enough to be scraped as well as doricas and PS2.

[good point]
In the previous work the ratio of each character was fixed, but in this work it became possible to set the ratio as you like.

The number of grooves is three times that of the previous work.

More than ten new characters appeared, I was pleased with Chang 's participation in the game.
Besides, with the advent of the buddies, both appearances of KOF 94, 95 costumes and the production of the iron ball large runaway at levels 1 and 2 are the same as KOF, and it is a random performance 〓〓〓although it will give out a finish technique randomly from multiple levels That's why it was a wonderful dance ~ a great destruction throw 〓〓〓A choi to the opponent who blew away was supposed to be pursued with a spinning flying sword, when I saw it for the first time I thought it was cool.

[Bad point]
The God Rugal used by the CPU is terribly strong.
Why are not many people frustrated?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In Capcom 's Great Game Street Fighter 〓〓〓I think that it can be called a good Ryosaku with a high degree of completion aligned with the Third Strike and because I had amusement himself a long time ago I will evaluate it as good.

2007/09/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32765 Browser: 2851(Mobile)
You played quite a bit, did not it? (I still play PS2 version but still w)
Personal opinions will increase, but I will express my opinion on this game.

Groove ... It increased from 2 to 6, but I think that it is all right to show advantages and disadvantages. (I thought that K groove is somewhat bad)

Character ... Although the previous work was indeed "St 2vs KOF" atmosphere, it was a surprise to this unexpected person selection who said Ryuuka, Eagle, Hibiki in this work. (Personally I wanted to have K ', Crowther, Shadow 2, Leona, Clark around as well ...)
Especially feeling that Ryu-Haku is "favorite of CAPCOM staff?" Is said to be preferential treatment.
Besides, I thought that his voice was Toshimi Aono who was saying anime version. (Although it was a detective why Ryukui of animation w)

Eagle ... Many of the impressions I saw him for the first time were "Who ... who?" "Is it better to put Mr. BIG out normally?" W Personally, Lawrence, I think that Brad and character are covered.

Chang ... you participated in the opportunity to participate in the opportunity. Both of them were good at places where the clothes are returned to that of 94, 95 era rather than Kim's and the matching bodysuits after 96.

Athena ... The voice is Mr. Ikezawa as well as 98 and later, but it appeared in nostalgic 95-year clothes. Personally I like this and the 1996 version of clothes.
Maki ... I think that her tone is somewhat poor but I think her character is disgusting that she is treated like a woman. Personally I wanted to see the multiplication with Mai which is also the same, but ... sorry!

G Rugal ... In appearance it is omega omega, but by incorporating the wave of murderous intent, it is considerably stronger than omega for the time being. In the end there was a depiction that was killed by the luxury demon, but I saw that and remembered "that mistake" at 95. Rugal again repeated that you ended up having to destroy your flesh because you wanted too much strength. That character will probably not get better as long as it comes from now ...

It became long, but it is a work that I enjoyed quite well so evaluations are "good".

2007/02/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12536 Browser: 2868(Mobile)
Although SNK characters are weak and funny fellows, Capcom characters are too good and too strong. The balance is too bad so I get bored. If you play against the match, you will be the one with the most ... well the grooves were good.
It is not really good as a competing game

2007/02/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6718 Host:6598 Browser: 4483
Have you made the evaluation column of Cap 2?
I often look at the appearance that this is still running in gaming.

So, again, interesting, volume is quite a thing. There are six kinds of gauge systems, and the number of characters is not odd. There seems to be a certain person who has run out of time at character select.

Especially the impressive one is God Rika and God Rugal. Especially the impact of the divine devil who died instantaneously at the trial killing of 33 hits was awesome. I tried using it in the PS2 version, it is not half-way Defense power is low because of low defense ... It is paper ... It will not be shabby.

But it's really interesting as a game, so it's "very good".

2007/01/31 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10534 Host:10616 Browser: 4184
〓〓〓Actually I posted a review in another HN on another review site in early September.
In the evaluation version of this work, I will mention the evaluation while revising it in part with some modifications.
(Evaluation change on October 8, 2007.)

[good point]

(1) All-star holding in a true meaning

The previous work was virtually "Character of Street Fighter II VS The King of Fighters"
In this work Capcom.SNK Both sides also participated in other series of characters,
It is somewhat close to All - Star.
Especially the resurrection of Todo was made to grin, is not it?
It was good that the voice actor was Mr. Aono Takeshi of the animation version.

(2) The ratio can be freely set for each character

For the previous work, the ratio is fixed for each character, for example,
In the case of "Ratio 3.1 Character VS Ratio 1 Character x 4 People"
When three characters are knocked down earlier, four people must win by one person,
Although it got pretty tough, (Legal and Giess are not very strong even at the ratio 3 character.
There was also a pair match mode. In this work, for example,
Sagat which was the previous work ratio 3 character can also be set to 1 or 2 Flexible measures were taken,
Battle balance in such a meaning has been improved.

(3) Abundant grooves

Although the previous work was a strifer ZERO-like and KOF extra-like groove,
For this work, Capcom.SNK total of 6 grooves are prepared for both sides,
Volume is increasing considerably in terms of strategy and other aspects. Especially the grooves which can use the supercomputer can be canceled by the supercomputer of the level 2 or the supercomputer by the supercomputer, and it may have been enjoyable just thinking of the continuous technique.

[Bad point]

(1) Coarse graphics

Although it is a character in particular, it is the first impression of rough and dirty as well as the previous work.
In addition, some capcom characters other than Ryukensen etc.
The striking use of the ZERO series is also a negative impression.

(2) Practice of characters that are somewhat out of date

It is a field that is not very good at Capcom originally, but "There was something deviating in the character that should have been originally attractive."
That is the first impression. For example, it is still nice that Blanca speaks words with mixed voices,
Sagat insisted on the status of the emperor as hard as it sounds,
Iori is a mere monster who is a monk (although it is pointed out by other characters)
Bison was also turned into a foolish character due to the influence of strike ZERO 3 also from ED,
Leiden does not feel the intimidation as a wrestler, King has the Rockman series
It is a light osan that skips a cold gag like a lighttit,
Vice. Yamazaki. Geese. Rugal etc Other SNK villain characters also gets pleasantly losing losers,
It was just a brutal villain.
(Well, about Yamazaki there was a tendency to attract attrition from RB starvation SP.
Especially it is painful that Geese does not feel charisma. Still, it is not very strong. )
Understanding, honesty "Impression of Capcom looking down on SNK?"
Also, Cammy has changed voice actors, but the voices are too cute and did not match.

And in this work again Rasubosu each
Okumoni is a strengthened version of Lugaru God man Ogre and God Rugal,
Both are just a strong boss character and there is no fun at all.
Especially God Rugal is not very much, but as an impact it does not match the Omega Lugar of KOF 95.
It's a nice place to be truly boring.

(3) Obviously beginner's refusal atmosphere

This is a flip over (3) in a nice place. There are 6 fun styles for each character,
If you have more than a certain skill, you will be able to play for a long time.
However, although it emphasized the evils of fighting 2D fighting as a matter of course,
Competition strategy etc. Compared to other 2D fighting games so far, it is quite complicated and it is complicated in battle,
Completely a beginner has turned into a game that is wacky.
I was repeating the failure point of St ZERO 3, but the groove which can use Oricon is particularly strong,
The balance of each groove feeling ended inadequately as same as ZERO 3's isism.

(4) too strong Capcom villain & blanca

And although it is a performance balance of character feeling,
Capcom bad guys, especially Sagat and Barroog, and Blanca are too strong.
Well, about this, SNK (although it is a playmore exactly.
Escaped chaos made my company's character strong
Okobo-sama's place, but ... ... ... while snakesque, I used to be a certain arcade game magazine
"Balance, balance, but there is no reason to make such a well-balanced game."
I saw a writer's remark to the effect.
It surely is made by humans, so 100% will not be perfect.
However, as long as I am working, I should show my corresponding consciousness,
The valve of this writer is a selfish re-opening.
That was it, but for this series also the previous work
There was such a place, and this point should have improved a little more.

(5) fancy music

The previous work also "From the original, the theme song of nostalgia (a song that meets certain conditions) is better BGM
What kind of thing is it? "I thought, but this work is also funny. Listening comprehension is nearly none

[Comprehensive evaluation]

"Quantity than quality." This brief word would be a good synonym for representing this work.
About 90 points can be given for quantity.
However, in terms of quality in the sense that players of all layers are satisfied,
Although it is super subjective, it is about 40 or 45 points.
It is commonly mentioned as "a fantasy presence of 2D fighting fighting game."
(Although that "Chukoku" was only temporary though.) Although this work,
Originally I did not expect much about the crossover series with CAPCOM.SNK.

After all, after the end of the Story II series, while aiming to make a rating game exceeding it
In the end it was Capcom who had to depend on the glory of the past,
Although the momentum that surpassed that Capcom temporarily is shown, the expanding route has turned to the back stare
It was only due to the deadlock of both SNKs becoming dead.
Unfortunately, the second crossover of this work was done on the surface
"Pioneer of fighting fight, Capcom showed the bottom power, a neutrality presence"
In fact, in order to respond to the growing needs year by year
Gradual complications and others were made, beginners leave, squatting off,
Gradually "the embodied existence of a 2D fighting game dilemma that has been dwarfed in minor genres"
It has become. It eventually was forced to withdraw from virtual fighting eventually
I think that you can see Capcom's appearance.

Although I wrote it for a long time, in conclusion, this is a game that only advanced users and intermediate people closer to it can enjoy.
Beginners should never put out hands. I think that I can not enjoy one-third of this game.
The significance of the existence of this work is that I was told again of the fact that 2D fighting fighting game is declining.
Although it is a work that is difficult to evaluate as in ZERO 3, I will lower it to "very bad" in that I am making the direction of 2D fighting fighting game even more distraught.