[Game]Ayakashi Bito

Game total pnts rank Rank 1,623in 6,207 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 49.12
Game rank of 2006 Rank 65in 240 titles
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Graphic2.00(Very good)1
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Playstation 2
Makoto Yasumura Romi Park Ryoko Tanaka
Hiroyuki Yoshino Emi Motoi
Japan Released:2006/08/31(Thu)
Sites about how to play the game
1. http://www.mypress.jp/v2_writers/nagarebana/game/ayakasi.html
2. http://tryspace.net/game/ayakashibito/
Official sites
1. http://www.dmpl.co.jp/ayakashibito/index.html (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
Koku no Shizuku [Fan reg.]
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2010/01/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26527 Host:26627 Browser: 4926
Personally, it is kind of a novel game that does not matter how much I appreciate as a game, but I would like to highly appreciate this work as a story-type entertainment.

Depending on the route, depending on the development, in some cases the fascinating places and battle scenes of individual characters such that the shadows of hero and heroine are thinner ... Williams will imagine even if touch of the opening movie of the early stage is touched is there.

In addition, scenes that invite nostalgic appearance in parts of everyday scenes, and blatant crying places inviting tears, etc. come to touch the heart chords one after another ... In other words, it reaches every "koto line" here We have also constructed only things.
BGM's victory in this regard. It may not be as wonderful as saying, but at least the sense is good.
Especially, it is very comfortable to hear, such as the sadness of lost houses and giant leaves, the calmness of the tofu small buddies reminiscent of a school building dyed in sunset, the town curtain, which is also used for Rockman.

The work itself does not remove promise in a good sense while adding extraordinary taste moderately .... There are many things, royal road. Contrary to the impression of juvenile manga, at first glance it is rather shallow Widely "for all people close to finished.
It is only about saying "to the end" for all people, although there are a few cases to recommend it without regard to anyone.

If there is an element that this work outstrikes from other similar stories, it will be exhaustive at the point that the design (character, setting etc) of the hero and the selected material were good, firmly matched.
However, although it is the story of politeness of depiction which has drawn them firmly.

First of all, the action of the hero, there is a thickness for the reason for the action. Not reality, thickness is.
I may not hold empathy, but I can understand, and I am satisfied.
Even if I understand that it is a thin character, "Oh, this is a character setting like this," there are things that I do not understand. That's why the feeling that it will not exist, just like stiffness somewhere.
The hero of this work, there is not it in Sochi. There are few but not very few.
The causal cause and the emotional till it moves like that are carefully portrayed. It is probably playing a part of the reason that obedient personality, thing which does not stood inclinedly or strangely is also part of reason.
That is why I am convinced. "Oh, that would be inevitable."
And the main heroine, the main heroine of the hero's daily life, the bond with tin, the course until getting them and the everyday drama stained by love comedes.
The happiness feeling of the daily part that jumped up by the momentum of increasing or doubling with the hero filter deepens them, deepening sympathy for the resistance of the heroes against the enemies to be destroyed.
Furthermore, the happiness that you got them and the past of the hero until you get it is your own unusual gentleness, seriousness, also a cause of mental toughness.
At the same time, dreaming of happiness, acquiring, enjoying and enjoying desperately is the main character who provides the most perspective to the player, so it is an evil existence, because it is an evil existence. Distorted existence (childish enemy character & In spite of having a disgruntous fish character only, it is not limited to the daily part, but the world surprisingly dark with gentleness and tenderness is finished.

At the same time, the fact that the hero's identity, its hypothesis is dedicated to a heart-warming episode in some daily part, or is partly depressed as an explanation of a scene that seems to be pushed by some mental theory is also quite It is doubtful whether it is skillful ... but it is certain that it is pretty shabby.

In addition, despite the type of story that is active enough that an attractive and unique supporting role eats the main character.
And despite the fact that the protagonist is not overwhelmed by the attractiveness as a character, the more hero is unknown character, ... the more it suppresses the rise of those supporting characters.
When being eaten by surrounding characters, they are eaten, they are not only ceremonial phrase and substitution of players, they are unique to the extent that they are not too strong, they carry the case of the story, and when they stand out they stand out exactly, a meaning The ideal hero It is worthy of praise.

If there are drawbacks, it is somewhat wrong to say that event CG is something strange, it is wrong to say that the outline of the face ...... especially the chin area ... ... is crazy is subtle, one point.
Because it is a transplant from adults, a wonder phenomenon of a party scene that seems to be drunk with non alcohol is one point.
Perhaps because of the same reason, in the past scene of the Kaoru route, there is a depiction that the subtleness which is becoming a terrible trauma only being kicked is hitting one point (there is a description which is similar to the eyes, and that episode points out) It is only the lightness that was forgotten until it was done).
In addition, this is probably also the same reason, a piece of picture that should be merely a delusion of sleeping with the sword route, even in the latter half of the route, even on the way of the meeting route branching on the way, the heroine appears as a symbol of sword There is one point.
Personally very low evaluation (saying always extraordinary level) voice actor Hiroyuki Yoshino thinks that it is unexpectedly decent as it matches with the character, and in some episodes and places it becomes disgusting eventually Parker Romi of blond hair fox also said that performance is subtle in places (but it was difficult to understand whether it is just a bad player or not) There is one problem in acting point.
And while the transition from the daily part to the battle part is smooth in other routes, it is the final route, probably the most important tin route everyday 〓〓〓battle part, battle with other than ras boss 〓〓〓until the final battlefield One thing to say that the flow is completely broken down as well.

The drawback of this part, even things which are in the novel game are deducted, furthermore the evaluation adds "highest".
Because I think that I could taste multiple elements, multiple emotions.
As a very subjective impression that we paid as much objectivity as possible, we can cry. Moe. burn. I can cry.
Of course, the female teams were also attractive enough ............ Ichinobi.