Game total pnts rank Rank 5,852in 6,113 titlesTotal -4 / Deviation 46.17
Game rank of 1986 Rank 129in 140 titles
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Japan Released:1986 FM-77AV
Japan Released:1987 X1
Japan Released:1988 FCD
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2016/12/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5395 Host:5542 Browser: 5171
What a salvation story ...
This is a word that passed the mind when I played this work to the end.

Genre is RPG.
The background story is a sequel to "Lizard" and when Samson returns to the castle with the "book of truth" necessary to solve the princess's curse,
There was no princess there, the princess went to the tower of the world of sand, brought to the wizard, knew that it fell to the hand of Aspic king of poisonous snake,
It was a thing that Samson 's new adventure and battle began.

First of all, the idea is not bad as the 2D field and the 3D dungeon are alternately advanced, the battle is entered at the encounter, and the battle is done by the action, and the talk finishes with the last and there is also unexpected.

However, the expansion of the story and movement of the character were slow, the interface was also bad, the dungeon was wide and many fatal flaws in the functional aspect were said to be seen as complicated.

There were also sights, such as the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he producer, the place of eyes, surprising last, so "worst" is not attached.

2006/09/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12051 Host:12037 Browser: 6411
It was a silly work.
The field is 2D, the dungeon is 3D, the simple action battle of the side view starts when it counts,
It was a rare making as then, but the hatred of the battle was hidden,
There is a memorizing that it was a work that has no fun just to jump and repeat body contact with the enemy.
The story was also monotonous and lacking on the common thing, it was a work with no part to see.

... except for the development of the last.

Indeed it can be said that there is only a porting work from PC, the development of the last can not forget, not to mention impact.
Rather than having impact, deployment that seems to have trauma.
Now there are many other works that will follow similar endings,
At least compared to other RPG at that time it is a very enigmatic ending, the word dandelion is over.

I want to praise that last, but as other parts as RPG too much too crappy, I will keep it "very bad".