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Yuri Shiratori Kotono Mitsuishi Yoko Asada Miki Nagasawa Masako Katsuki Atsuko Tanaka
Show Hayami Kaneto Shiozawa Hideyuki Tanaka Bin Shimada Nobutoshi Kanna Nobutoshi Hayasi Nobuo Tobita Kenyu Horiuchi Mitsuo Iwata Hiro Yuki Takehito Koyasu Toshihoko seki
Rikiya Koyama Sugita Tomokazu Daisuke Namikawa Atsushi Kisaichi Mitsuaki Madono Tetsuya Iwanaga Toshiyuki Morikawa Yumi Toma Fumihiko Tachiki
Ken Narita Shuichi Ikeda
Mitsuru Miyamoto Kazuki Yao Jin Horikawa Ai Orikasa Omi Minami
Keiji Fujiwara Yasunori Matsumoto Suzumura Kenichi Kouichi Tohchika
Super Nintendo Entertainment System Game Boy Adobans
PCーFX Playstation Sega Saturn Windows
Playstation 2
Japan Released:1994/09/23(Fri)
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1. http://www.rpgdl.org/sfc/ange.html
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1. http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/angelique/index.htm (Translation)
2. http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/neoromance/angelique/ (Translation)
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2001/03/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:3(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:3471
Damn, it sucks that hardly anyone's hear'd of Angelique in the US. Especially because Angelique is so successful! I think it's very cool that there's a dating game for girls (not to mension Graduation M). The manga is great too! My fav charas are Lumiale, Clavis, Olivie and SeiLan.

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2009/10/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53692 Host:53728 Browser: 6399
Depending on the title system and stories are various so we have done the title separately.

[First generation, duet] Romance + breeding SLG
There are 9 people to be captured. The difficulty level of the first generation is still low.
In Duet, Rosalia who was a rival in the first generation can be used as a player character and improvement of graphic aspect and addition of an event can be seen.
The hero becomes a queen candidate, and grows the planet with another queen's candidate ...
However, it seems that there is no story. It depends on the player's thought.
Evaluation on this work is [good]

[SP 2] Love + breeding SLG
There are 18 people to be captured. Difficulty level is significantly improved from previous work. Hard mode is a demon.
There is only one Angelique player character, but in other respects it is much better than the previous work.
The hero becomes a queen candidate, and it will nurture the universe with another queen's candidate ...
However, the story is the same as the previous work, there is no such thing as equal to the player.
Besides training, there is also a command called learning, and neglecting it will result in development of water bubbles.
The evaluation for this work is [very good]

[The Sky of Heaven] Love + RPG
A sequel to SP2. It is the first RPG in the series, with 19 people to be captured.
The main character of SP 2 gathers and searches for characters of SP 2 to save the hero of the first generation and its universe.
The difficulty level as RPG is too low, but the purpose of the player is probably the love event main, and there are also things such as it can not be used with each character's own special skill, so even a minimum degree of difficulty will use some head.
There is only RPG, the story of the main story is firm and has become a painful finish.
There are a few strange episodes and depictions where the production side loves the first protagonist.
Personally my favorite work in the series.
The evaluation for this work is [very good]

[Sweet Angel] Romance + Board Game Duet and SP2's Queen Candidate Total of 4 players can be chosen.
The goal is to collect materials and recipes by turning around the map and eventually win the candy contest while asking for snacks made by them to be captured.
There are only 9 people in the duet to be captured.
The number of squares which advance in roulette form is decided, but difficulty level is considerably low because it is pushable.
If you are playing until the previous work,
It is funny to be laugh at some age setting of the object to be captured.
Love events are easy.
Evaluation on this work is [good]

[Etoile] Romance + adventure Angelique, although it is named a totally different game, it is not an exaggeration.
The world view and character setting up to the previous work, every flow from SP 2 to Troyes. It is a problem work which made many fans away from the series by transposing or destroying everything.
As the legendary Etoile, the hero saves the universe made with SP 2.
Improvement in the graphic aspect is quite visible, but the system and operability are bad and unkind.
There are a total of 22 people, including 19 people from the previous work to continue attacks + 3 new characters, but each event is thin, there are things without the voice.
The thing to watch out is if the character from the previous work to the follow-on was favorite, or the view of the world of Angelique.If you liked the flow so far.
Continued characters are clearly different persons from the previous work and personally,
Even though we are not friendly with each other until the previous work, as a friend there was a tie as it was,
In this work, there is no fragments of fragility and no bonds at all,
Every character is defeating every character.
Although there is not much change in appearance, some characters are subtly changing, especially Cravis' smile has intense destructive power.
The universe made with SP 2 is the stage, but the production side has become a story saying that the creation side is traveling too frequently to love the first hero and all the mistakes and responsibilities are due to the SP 2 hero.
In addition, Enju who is the hero of this work strongly receives the impression like sound novel more than adventure because it speaks quite often regardless of choice of choice.
Again, the world view and character setting up to the previous work, every flow from SP 2 to Troyes. It is a problem work that caused many fans to be separated from the series by turning everything up or breaking down.
Clearly, it is the doujin work level which the fans produced.
It might be fun for women of the type who self-projects to the main protagonist and the protagonist of this work.
Evaluation of this work is [worst]

2009/06/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11147 Host:11324 Browser: 9832
I did not have any special interest, but I have been forcibly recommended by my friends and I remember playing.
(It is already ten years ago ....)

There was nothing to be addicted to, but it was interesting as it was.
With a romance simulation targeting a maiden,
In the early days it was a piece made soft.
As popularity increased, as series became progressing, it became inclusive of moderate elements as well.
Whether this work can be spotted by characters,
It would be a piece of likes and dislikes.

By the waterfall "prompt, cold v" promised (haha)

2008/11/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14816 Host:14837 Browser: 5234
Love simulation work for women.
This is the concept of this work.

The rough flow of the work manipulated Angelique chosen as the queen of the universe, interacting with the patron saints,
By developing cooperation and developing the planet to a certain level before Rosalia and becoming Queen with the support of the patron saints.

Actually playing, if you raise the new density and love degree by responding to the values 〓〓〓〓〓f the patron saint, you will develop arbitrarily the planet and interfere with Rosalia.
In addition, it is also possible to run into love by derailing to say that event will occur if certain conditions are satisfied, raising romance level and confessing.

In addition to the outstanding balance of the firm work and the concept, it was possible to see the condition of creator's power from the casting with veteran and skill groups,
The difficulty level is too low, so the evaluation is "good".

2008/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13918 Host:14018 Browser: 7154
I borrowed a DS version from my acquaintance and play it. The player chooses from Meg 's and Meg' s like meg and non - like girls, and those who were not chosen are rivals.
There is also a scene that saves the world or something that makes a city and there are scenes where rivals and streets are made from the other end and if either one arrives first in the middle it is like a game set but in cooperation with making the town The patron saint who we are strangely vulgar to a noble habitually seems to be subtle in relation to each other, and it gets stuck in another topic of patron saint in the date part,
As the story goes on, when I came to invite him to dating on the next day without hearing the complaints like "I am troubled with using my power easily," while developing the city, this is ... this. But ... man ... ... Tsundere or ... and w
Aside from the Boroku that there is no consciousness of the queen candidate that the blue child of the rival (I play with the red child) is also cut out, it is OK to go straight to the fortune-telling building on the moving screen, is it all right? As soon as it gets protected, the guardian war further runaway! Even though I'm not asking for the city, I will not make anything arbitrarily, but destroying the opponent's city is kinda a bit ...
It is not a proper way to enjoy it, but I feel like I read a lot of crazy gag manga dokoro anyway. I do not have motivation for the sequel, but I enjoyed it as it was with a glimpse of the world that I can not taste normally. However, if you look for reconsideration and looking for DS, there is no game of this kind of man from the man's point of view, even when memos only GS comes out

2008/07/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40360 Host:40264 Browser: 2462
[Total playing time]
.10 hours

I guess it is about an elementary school.
My older sister was doing this work with a big fan of this and was doing this work,
Even if a man is doing it, it is boring as long as it is boring.
It is a so-called carague.
(It is not very helpful and it is only a personal impression.)
The system certainly looks like going ahead after enriching the country with the construction of your own country,
I feel that it was quite bad from the system aspect.
It is not fun because the town has been made in no time.

It was a game that makes mistakes feeling that the man 's doing this work is done.
Evaluation is "worst"
The game itself is too boring rather than saying a character.

2008/03/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37693 Host:37701 Browser: 8090
[Total playing time]
I played the whole piece from no mark to Etoile, neoann.

[good point]
The world of 'Angelique' that can not be imitated elsewhere has already been established, the stage background, the character setting etc are solid.
It is a very innovative idea when thinking of the era when the SFC version was released, such as the Queen of the Universe and the Guardian Sanctuary.
Characters are plentiful. Along with that there are many volumes of voice actors acting.

[Bad point]
Because there are many people of the character, there are few individual events.
Comp is tough. (I have seen all the EDs, but I have not done a full comp;)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there are variations in the satisfaction level for each series, it is "good" as of now.
I am very grateful because it is a girl game I played for the first time, but I really enjoyed the training confrontation in the presence of Muji and SP2 rivals.
In terms of satisfaction, Troyes was the best. The standing picture was beautiful, the gesture of the 3D character was also finely detailed,
BGM and the story was also good, and above all ED was sweet overall as well!
Neo Romance work loves it because I feel "unwavering thing" different from other girl games.
I would like to expect further from now!

2007/11/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12524 Host:12327 Browser: 3793
It is an evaluation of playing from PS version unmarked to Etoile (although duets and suite angers are not yet played ...)

Speaking of the plot is the queen test of the new universe, the creation & exploitation of the universe, basically what you do is a game of raising the popularity of men.
Common characters come out over Limoges, Collets, Enju and Heroine Three generations, so attachment comes to the character steadily more and more each time play is repeated. I think that it is purely amazing to say that all the characters are established and not covered so much even though it finally extends to 19 males to be captured.
It is too difficult for the game balance and it is not easy too much (especially in the early days rival characters as well) It is possible to be good. In special 2, we were able to choose the personality of the heroine, it became RPG, strengthened ADV element, and there is no change with character, it is an impression that it is finely adjusted on the system side.
While growing up a bit, although I'm leaning slightly, during the date event I may be right just because I'm strangely nervous with this option?

Personally RPG "favorite heavenly sky" and "Angelique Trois" are favorites. Until then, there were impacts in both good and bad meaning that a character, which is the axis of the story called Arios, appeared in the prison spirit of the sky, where the guardian saints and instructors were all the same as male characters.
I think that it is a trojan in operability and ease of sticking. Etoile is low in difficulty itself, but the play time is too long and it is a disadvantage that it is difficult for two or more simultaneous attacks to be more difficult than other works?

It is also favorable that female characters are drawn more attractive than men. We will reconcile the intermediary between the aide of counselor and the Limoges and Queen who became queen. Especially when I started from the first generation, I am a little happy to see the Limoges and Rosalia growing up wonderfully.
I think that it is a work that you can enjoy throughout the series if you like female characters. Conversely, if you like a heroine, it will be hard to reach out to other heroine 's work .... I think that it is a work group whose evaluation changes by people.

2006/02/26 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39268 Host:39254 Browser: 4184
At last two CDs released in February, the form of the character at last finished the same as far.
Apparently the name of the album has already been decided ....
Last year 's Neo Romance.Livey 2005 and Winter I heard the story that only Randy and Arios got a character, so I was thinking of it, but maybe it is not true.
... Will singing songs for three or four people like you ever be made in the future ...?
Even though Variety CD was almost aimed at it. I was looking forward to what kind of combination every time. . . . .

2005/08/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39268 Host:39315 Browser: 3646
Etoile, I borrowed friends and finally I could play.
The game system is quite good.
At the beginning, although the discomfort place does not disappear quite easily at the beginning (number is many ...), it became possible to say with extraordinary Sora when it got used to it.
Three new characters ... From the impression I was receiving with Kairi Yura 's picture,
Leonard feels aged, Francis felt his hair to be long.
Yui ... the harshness was stronger than I expected.
However, it seems that it will take quite some time to drop all of this.
There are many 19 people ....

I think that it is interesting, but for me it is the best match for the first generation.
That game balance is just right ....
Even if you do not discipline too much.

2005/07/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31240 Host:31071 Browser: 4184
Not only love element is good In a normal ordinary girl gay, the ED when it does not establish a couple with love subject character is often a bad END but this game is not a training main, but the format that you can enjoy love at the same time is quite fun Together with the other Neo Romance works, thanks to Koei the character appreciated too much It was enough even for the patron saint of the early gods of the early gods 9 It was better for the patron saint of the Holy Beast to expand on another time axis Is it?
However, the strength of each character's character can be evaluated

2005/06/16 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30360 Host:30163 Browser: 4184
I think the character has increased too much.
No, I like Leonard, so I can not say that it is so great ...
It is amazing that each character has its fans properly.

2005/06/08 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52459 Host:52434 Browser: 3646
Etoile's drama CDs are appearing one by one.
Is "the wind blowing in the sacred place" the feeling that it corresponds to "Sakuria of light and darkness" in the first generation?
It is said to hit the youngest spot.

When I issue two varieties of CDs in succession, I thought that there were a lot of characters after all (difficulty)
"Flower Shangri - La" is song, drama and talk (huh?)
I was surprised, Yui ... Namikawa, the song was well taken care of ...!?
Zefel and Ernst singing thought that it is not the part inversion when thinking only of characters,
Mr. Morikawa would say that the range is wide, is it? Certainly Zephyr's songs in the past were quite low.
... The patron san also increased and I was looking forward to what kind of drama it will be, but I was surprised at the group composition that was contrary to expectation.
"Oasis of Midori" is also a song, drama and talk after all (〓〓〓
Although this person was a combination that seems to be good (rot) in various meanings as a combination of characters in combination,
I wonder what it is .... I will not spoil at all.
"Flower Shangri-La" also felt that the drama was bad, but this is bad as it spurred further ...

Incidentally, Shangri-La of flowers.The patron saint of God birds surely participates in one of three short dramas surely (some singing also singing)
〓〓〓The patron saint of Holy Beast appeared only in either talk or song.
〓〓〓"Love's e-mail message" is only the patron saint of God Bird, by the way Arios is a drama.
Odysseous oasis 〓〓〓patron saint of the Holy Beast participates in one of three short dramas surely (some people sing songs as well)
〓〓〓Guardian of God Bird St. Is a drama, only appeared on either talk or song.
〓〓〓"Love's e-mail message" is only the patron saint of the Holy Beast, by the way Arios is a drama.

And this time, Zephyr and Randy are not singing together! (I think it's pretty important ...!)
Also in Etoile, three new characters are singing solo, respectively,
Olivier did not participate in the song following the last variety CD "LOVE CALL".
Overall, the level of the song (or something like that) is low.

As for Angeline's variety CD, it seems that everyone had forced it out,
Even in this small group structure, there are forces impossible to combine singing and drama characters,
Even if it appears, there are characters with little speech,
Writing and praising others unnaturally, conspicuous parts became conspicuous.
"Etoile" love targets 19 people appear in total "and it is true as it is ...
Really, the drama is too bad ...!
Angel's drama CD was not that high story quality was selling !?
It is becoming a CD that seems to be said that the voice actor is luxurious with this ...

... But, I like Angelique after all.
I also bought "Angelique Sweet 10 BOX". Because I left the otama ball.
[Contents of BOX recording]
A gorgeous setting data collection compiled for 1.10 years (A4 size made in parallel (all 4C / 240 pages))
Pick up the enormous setting and story of "Angelique" and edit it in all colors.
First project, ruby.There is also a dialogue with parties and Prof. Yura Kairi.
2. Yura Kaili duplicated original picture 20 sets All romance subject characters illustration 19 points and 10th anniversary image illustration,
All 20 B4 size original duplicates.
3. Memorial Forecast for Duplicate Original Picture Premium frame that beautifully decorates duplicate original picture.

2005/03/10 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:738 Browser: 4596
It may be unique to Neo Romance that you have to take the other 's mood.
Besides, there are more proportionally more foster partners than romance than other girls geeks.
It will be either disgusting on the way, getting into a character and get addicted to ... either.
It may not be suitable for people with tired bodies.

2005/02/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2606 Host:2684 Browser: 4483
Characters are set very finely, and there are various compatibilities between characters, I think that it is quite excellent at that point. However, because there are many characters, it is troublesome to capture each person. Dating is also fun at first, but after that the patterns are the same, so I get bored. I can not do good evaluation so honestly in the first generation. However, because it is comprehensive, is it better if it looks overall?

2005/01/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35433 Host:35259 Browser: 3875
Well, the character is too dark ... a feeling.
I did only one piece of PS, but to be honest I was boring.
Moreover, I have to call men who looked like they do not understand "like 〓〓〓〓〓〓quot;.

In the first place it is troublesome to take a man in a good mood.
It is fun to pretend a cute girl (I am a woman for a long time)

Perhaps a human being like me is wrong at the time of playing such a system game ...
But I liked it for girls "When 〓〓〓〓〓〓quot;, though.
After all it is the biggest cause of not seeing it on the world view?

2005/01/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:738 Browser: 4596
It is interesting! It is the best in a maiden game.
A character is standing, and the world view is also quite good.
Casting is also wonderful ...! Recent girls girls tend to use only BL voice actors,
Angers is not like that either, is not it?
I feel that men can also enjoy Tenku because it feels like dora kue.

2004/12/12 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49097 Host:49146 Browser: 3646
This previous post, a mistake broke out.
"Sugita Tomochi" ... Who is it (sweat) Tomokazu Sugita?

A bit of impression of a drama CD etc. It is not an evaluation but an impression. I am sorry.

Sakuria of light and darkness It is a story of Marcel main character. Previous. Green patron saint Katis (what CV: Shuichi Ikeda!) Also appears.
It is what Angelique took for the first time with a voice. It is still before SP release.
From now on to "Your eyes on a dream angel", the role of Kravis is Shimada Satoshi.
... Clearly, I do not agree.
Also, was it a slightly different feeling for Zephyr and Randy's characters?
Especially Randy, Mr. Hayashi (Mr. Kana) seems not to be able to grasp the character.
I think that it is from SP 2 that it is close to Randy now.
It is Zephyr, but it often seems to get out of the sacred place and do something with beautiful older sister.
Marcel said, "Such a wicked!" ... After all it is slightly different character (sweat)
Serious as a whole.

Tokimeki jewel box "Suite for guardian suite" ... A magnificent sacred place came up.
This CD also serves as a game soundtracker.
Drama part ... Um, the original CP recommended is Leva 〓〓Angers?
... I feel it. Other character fans cry, yeah.

Love is PUSH & PUSH!
First of all, Jacket ... Limoges and Rosalia ..., Lesbian way of tangling atmosphere.
I hesitated for a moment to buy.
I wonder if you said that soundtrack & drama second bullet.
Oscar's lecture mode fully opened from the beginning!
Randy and Oscar's quarrel (?) Are also good. cute.
Well put it on ... why Randy 〓〓〓Rosalia?
It's still nice because Rosalia can play at "Duet"
Better still (my 〓〓〓death) Randy's to be taken rival ... I think.
Moreover, the contents of the drama ... It is bad for Rosalia fans, but it was quite unusual. To Rosalia.

A dream angel in your eyes (Sweet angel)
LOL laughs at the exchange of 3 children of track 1.
Apparently Randy seems to have been swayed by Rosalia. Hooray. (what)
Besides, Black Marcel appears a little. I am listening to this scene.
This time it is Julius 〓〓Angers. Julius is scary, though.
However, there is firm Ruva 〓〓Angers. This time, Leva is pretty cool.

Do not let the stupid girl (Innocent girl) ~
Oh, finally Shiozawa Clavis ... only vv is left in my mind. (sweat)
Only that it was not such an impressive story.

A vocal album by Julius, Leva, Olivier, Zephyr, Marcel (..., and Lumiere).
It's a song and a story ... Randy's story "Spring breeze forecast" is a little Yavai.
It makes me want to include Tsukkomi with Donkei Junjo Boy!
Moe, can you say ... can you listen to Shimizumi?

.SOIREE (Soware)
Vocal album second volume.
Songs by Julius, Clavis, Oscar, Lumiere, Randy, Zephyr, Leva,
Julius, Kravis, Oscar, talks by Lumiere,
Drama by Randy, Zephyr, Ruba, Marcel, Olivier.
Drama is limitlessly gag taste.
I also care about Ms. Marcel's makeup, but I'm more concerned about the costumes of everyone in Olivier Coordinate (laugh)
The ad lib of Leva and Olivier is clear!

.HARMONIA (Harmonia)
"You are not alone" by the patron saint ... can cry.
Each story and drama part is interesting,
I did not need a karaoke version ... (sweat)
Moreover, it is not all songs, only a few songs from "FALLIN 'LOVE" "SOIREE" ...

Oh, there is no dressing (sweat)
From here we will focus on a bit.
First of all, I think that Angelique Gaiden 2 Scarlet Outline Vol.2 Ice Castle thinks I am the best masterpiece of Angel Drama.

The theme is magnificent. Hatred and sadness, unwilling wish, pain, suffering, despair ... that is solitaire.
Zephyr's exclusive scene that I knew that its source was the successive patron saints can not be said anything!
"O me ...... It's what I wanted you to lose patron saint like a sacred place !!!
...... I am scared ... Please help me ---- Please help me!
I cried tears to Randy and Martha appearing in the next scene .... It is warm heartedly!
But Randy's gags just bitterly.
The monster "Zephyradon" is going to be rampage.
"Marcelunlun" is taken hostage, Clavi Super's hand is on Seferama do not try to listen to the persuasion of "Levarringo" and "Julia Super" ...!
... Maybe it is not meant to be a gang of himself (Randy).
Marcel dealt with rough scarred Zephyr,
Zephell barks to Marcel still treating the garden of Cutis.
"In the end it will go bad and fade ... Ah ... I will lose it all before that!
I will destroy everything ... I will! "
The broken Zefer is the first since "light and darkness of Sakuria".
Such Zefer is bearish against Ruva,
"Leva ... I'm sorry ... ... I can not do it anymore .... When I get to this, I can not enter the sacred place ....
Prepare is done already. "
Julius was soldier to solitaire.
I fell in love with Oscar that showed loyalty to Julius.

But this is "Scarlet Outline Vol. 2". Vol.1, of course, continues up to Vol.4.
I would like to hear the whole volume by all means.

Summary in a place like this.
I like Angelique, I love it.
I thought that the concept that "love" is not main is more interesting than anything.
To the end the subject is in another place. That is to become a queen, to defeat the emperor and save the universe.
In each sequel, the last protagonists are in the form not taking "love".

... I'm sorry for not being long.

2004/11/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43659 Host:43565 Browser: 3646
> Have you played Etoile ~ Enviable ....
I barely bought a love storage version of Troyes ... (too late)
Etoile's system seems to be getting much better.
A tea ceremony event (..., when a mysterious angel comes up, but ^ ^;) is rich in variation ....
Leonard seems to be an uneasy beard until it becomes a patron saint.
Francis heard that he calls the hero "lady". Moreover, in the voice of Mr. Satoshi Sugita.
... Which is Moe-chan, Oscar's "girlfriend" ... ... (rot)
Oh, I'm really worried ~. I want to play early.

By the way, instructors and cooperators have become patron saints ...
Charlie 〓〓〓flames are pretty surprising.
Or, even for Timka, is it good for you to be the president or the king?
Being a patron saint .... I am interested in it.
There are certainly such events, do not they? Persuade the public ...

2004/11/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:738 Browser: 3650
I did Etoile play ... Troyes between impressions for the time being.The soul-singing soul of the sky, maybe because SP2 has also left it a bit,
I was surprised that the system had improved considerably.
In my case Uy 〓〓〓Francis appeared and so I thought that the new character is the priority ...
When I think of it, it is not the same (pains) Or is it the order in which power is accumulated?
I thought I knew about the new characters 3 in character sessions and game magazines,
I was surprised because it was a completely different character from what I thought.
Especially Leonard! Is that younger than Ernst?

2004/11/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41679 Host:41701 Browser: 5234
I was deceived by a game magazine and played only the SFC version, but ... just making the facility makes the game itself so easy that the game itself was not intimately boring.
It might have been enjoyable if there is more games in the SLG part, but ....

2004/10/09 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39268 Host:39325 Browser: 3646
> TO-MEI It's serious when it comes to something (sweat)
But those who collect all the goods are amazing ~ I think.
I ... I do not think I'm hooked enough to starve to death for the patron saint.
Is it a goat face? Sure it is (especially adult character Marcel, Zephell is well ...),
I have improved a lot now (~) ~.
I do not feel uncomfortable recently, like Etoile.

2004/10/09 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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> Thank you for your reply (?)
After all it is all right ^ ^;
Intimacy degree 200 ...?
I ... Well, if it is 10 people, it is about seven people ...?
Randy, Zephyr, Oscar and rival every 200 times (laugh)
The rest is changed according to the target at that time ^ ^;

> SP Ms. Queen ED certainly can reach in about 2 hours (laugh)
I did the same thing like that ... - ...
"Is not it a game that makes Angelique a love love game with the patron saint?"
I guess (laugh)

2004/10/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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> Takayama Yuru-san It is the same opinion regarding the height of the character.
Zephell was the most cute when it was special ... (killing)
"Twin collection".
I am collecting only characters I like ... ~.
"Oscar & Olivier" and "Zefer & Ernst".
"Randy & Timka" is also lost as to whether to purchase at the beginning or not ... I am still hesitating. fool.

> SP Myself also the first play is GBA ~ ~ ....
Before that I knew a character, I bought an ansoro or a CD.

... and evaluation from here on. (It is the first Okakomi)
Many of these girls' games are mostly school girls or reality stuff,
I hated that kind of thing.
But Angel is already ... It is a hoax because it is unreal.
I am a man, but I also crushed a man. ... At first I just liked the setting but I played it ... (bitter)

By the way, how many people do you have with familiarity 200 each time?
I am a queen candidate rival.When I am in the patron saint of God Bird, it is about 5 people on average.

2004/10/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was only done at Game Boy Advance but it was quite interesting

I started clearing (queen ending) in about two hours after I started playing and thought "I'm done" or "Tsumagen", but I noticed that there were many types of endings afterwards (lol)

Anyway, "I will drop everyone !!" Oscar-sama LOVE that I did pretty much with feelings ... (〓〓〓___ ___ 0

2004/10/02 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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by the way〓〓〓
It is Angelique which has been expanded with SP 〓〓〓SP 2 〓〓〓tokyo son of sky 〓〓〓Troyes 〓〓〓Etoile,
(Oh well, OVA is included in between)
The characters are growing up, are not they?
Randy 174 cm / 18 years old 〓〓〓177 cm / 18 years old Zephyr 169 cm / 17 years old 〓〓〓171 cm / 17 years Marcel 164 cm / 14 years old 〓〓〓170 cm / 14 years old Timka 161 cm / 13 years old 〓〓〓176 cm / 16 years old Mel 166 cm / 15 I am 5 years old (?) 〓〓〓175 cm / 18 years old,
... What do you think? (Sweat)
No, as a personal opinion, Zephell said "I am 1 cm even though ..." was cute when it was said that it was lovely (beating), Marcel was overly stretched, a little bit was better, etc. That's it. . .
Another thing I want to hear ...
A mini drama called "Twin collection" plus DVDs of music clip collections are out,
I sang two characters each, but have you bought it?
No ... ... Because I'm wondering if I should make the whole volume or just my favorite character out there ...

Do not listen to people like that, decide yourself, everyone like that ~
Do not tell me ... (cry)
I would like to refer to your opinion (> _ <)

2004/09/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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> Ruruan

> Easy to play. Once you know the pattern of your opponent, you just apply it. It is not complicated, and wearing elements are particularly
> I do.
Well, it is certainly true ^ ^;
I have confessed from the other party, even if I reset the third stage with the person I wanted (〓〓〓
There was something that had cluttered without permission as "I want to see confession ED not romance ED!" ...
Well, it is only a matter of the probability that an event will happen (There are times when it happens even if you do it, and there are times when it does not matter how many times it happens 〓〓〓It should clear the condition properly ...)
As a game of this genre it's a simple one ~

2004/09/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I guess "games for girls", but I think that it is "game for girls loving girls" exactly.
Play is easy. Once you know the pattern of your opponent, you just apply it. It is not complicated, and there are no particular elements involved.
Therefore, I do not enjoy this work as a game, I think whether enjoying by immersing in that world is the right enjoyment. Conversely, I do not like this world, I guess it is totally unavoidable if there is no favorite partner. Fortunately, I enjoyed a bit because I had a favorite partner.
Separately it is bad, but the image of the girl of the world is such a feeling, I have been interested.

2004/09/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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> Mr. Rotchkin

> A considerable number of angelique drama CD series are appearing but they are appearing (bitter)
Almost singing (character son), there are a lot of short drama, just a little bit.
Even with such a short story the story is so firm that you can not afford to buy it ... but money (sweat)
It is tough for me as a student. Saying something in the second thought ...
If I thought I came! I did Koa san!

"Neoromance vThe Best"

All 15 CD titled 1800 yen!
Coee Mr. Fat belly! Lovely!
For details 〓〓〓http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/campaign/nrbest/

> However, since we just recently handed out Angers' drama CD, Complete is still a long way ... (Would you like to collect?)
It is the same (laugh)
There are quite a number coming out ...

Although a new character came out at Etoile,
After all I like the early nine patron saints vv

2004/09/03 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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A considerable number of Angelique drama CD series are out, but actually there are many works that are quite high in terms of drama CD as a whole.
Because it is content, it seems a shame sometimes I did not buy anyone who likes it No I do not have a drama CD that has all this voice actor right now?
However, since we just recently put away Angers' drama CD, Complete is still a long way to go ... (huh?

2004/08/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Wow ... Voice acts are luxurious.
I am only playing the GBA version of the game itself,
Drama CDs and OVA etc collected mostly vv
However, although it is only recently that we began collecting ^ ^;
Mr. Hayamiuchi, Mr. Kenio Horiuchi, Mr. Hiroshi Tobita, Year of Kannabu, Mitsuo Iwata, Takeshi Koyasu.
Tetsuya Iwanaga, Tomoyuki Morikawa, Mitsuaki Mitsuza, Mr. Narita-san and so on, because my favorite voice actor is hardened,
I thought that I had to check it!

However, I think that likes and dislikes will separate.