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Game total pnts rank Rank 834in 5,789 titlesTotal 12 / Deviation 51.22
Game rank of 2009 Rank 20in 169 titles
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Graphic2.00(Very good)4
Story2.00(Very good)4
Game element1.75(Very good)4
Shed tears25%1/4
Made me think25%1/4
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Enjoyed playing with others0%0/4
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ENTERBRAIN, INC. Playstation 2
Kisai Takayama
Noriyuki Iwadare
Kaori Nazuka Ryoko Sinntani Rina Satou
Hiromi Konno Yukana Shizuka Ito
Japan Released:2009/03/19(Thu)
Sites about how to play the game
1. http://www.gamequest2k.com/
2. http://www36.atwiki.jp/amagami/
Official sites
1. http://www.amagami.info/index.html (Translation)
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2017/04/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31888 Host:31965 Browser: 7968
[good point]
It is really a royal road galgage, but making was polite and visual heroines who were not so far apart were also good.
It is unusual for this game of the hand, it was nice to have liked the hero (gentleman) likewise.

[Bad point]
I think that this is perfectly personal preference issue, but personally Mr. Naka is not good at it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Honestly works of a touch like "an ideal galg莨〓quot;.
I have never done this work but it is also recommended for people who are interested.

2014/05/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7231 Host:7276 Browser: 7463
It is a romance game that depicts the life from the autumn with the heroine released from Enterbrain to Christmas.
I usually do not play the love game up to that point, but I tried buying it because of the fluent touch of this game.

〓〓〓a good point
The personality that has charm like six other heroines that does not exist in other romance games is also unique but it is not funny and the color of hair is normal,
In some sense the design pursued real is suitable for a wider range than the general romance game
The amount of conversation and the amount of events are enormous for each character, and you can enjoy your favorite character for a long time
Because it is polite and explanation is solid, it is easy to stick

〓〓〓Bad point
Although there are a lot of events, overall calm deployment Speaking of the taste of this game is a taste, there may also be people who prefer more intense deployment There are occasionally in the event ...
Somewhat long road, sometimes freezes

〓〓〓Comprehensive evaluation Although there was a possibility that it entered into a bad point in the meaning that it was too much and huge amount of event was tough,
It was polite and I enjoyed it for a long time so I added it to the good points this time.
Because I did not feel like actually compiling in private, even if I saw the screen and found out many things, I did not mind at all.

It is good that this work has charm that the character is not too persistent.
There is something that shines gloriously in romantic expressions that occasionally show, as it is not going through actively.
I think that it was made from a picture by conscious of such wind effect, but I think that it can be differentiated from other romance game.
And because it is not too persistent, 〓〓〓that it is made to leave a lingering finish after the end.

Evaluation is "very good" I will attach.
If it is in the atmosphere of this game at the beginning, it will be addictive until the end, if there is not it there is a consistent game color which will not be harmless to the end.

2013/03/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17514 Host:17422 Browser: 5930
A vulgar Galge that makes me think that I borrowed the name of the hero and bumped the anxiety of the creator against the heroine.

As Galge, it is well done.
I also think that the heroine is cute.
However, in a bad sense the doll is far from reality. What I mean, in the worst word is Dutch wife.
It is disgusting because it also runs out in the first sentence.

2013/02/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5682 Host:5465 Browser: 4176
[Total playing time]
About 50 hours?

[good point]
- Of the six heroines, as well as the hero and sub characters, individuality is done to the extent that it is not too thin and it is not too thin, while maintaining a certain reality, keeping the fun as Gallego properly.
〓〓〓t is not an exaggerating story, but a series of casual little stories that spend everyday life with the heroines are very comfortable. Since I can advance crisply without being aware of it, I think that it fits for anyone who wants to do it easily anyway.
〓〓〓he amount of events that are everyday is enormous, and the personality of the character is exactly "multilateral". Thanks to that, each person's character has a firm thickness.
〓〓〓lthough there is no story consistently consistent, because the story that is also called "real muscle" neatly develops, you can enjoy "extraordinary in everyday life with the heroine". The "main line" is sandwiched so as to tighten the feeling of loose feeling at the required place, so sharpness is also born.
- Even when it is casually stupid erotic element being caught (laugh), it is not disgusting, only to the extent that it hints and the valley is seen. Rather it may be better to laugh at the scene stupidity (laugh)
〓〓〓lso, the system is polite and easy to play around specifications. "What to do next" is easy to understand. There is also a one day reset, so there is not too much to lose by choice.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓here is no dramatic story consistently consistent as above, so it looks a little thin overall. Suspension bridge Is it better to say that it is a work that makes her attach loose to her heroin rather than effective Tokimeki?
〓〓〓 think that the conversation mode is quite difficult until you notice the law. I wish it had a little more hint.
〓〓〓ibiki is not a target to be captured (lol)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Gallege of enterbrain production drawing the flow of "True Love Story" "Kimi Kiss". For me this was Galg莨〓's first experience.

Contents are girls 'contents that are like girls' intention to talk to the heroine every day off and after school, becoming familiar. However, there is no consistent story, and it is such content that you will spend your daily life together.
Because of that, it may be felt slightly light taste, but thanks to charismatic characters and plentiful events, attachment is easy to gather, and by deepening the daily life with the heroine, we deepen our thoughts and nature I think we can cover that taste.

In terms of game system it is very easy to play, overall feeling of play is quite handy. Because the continuity of the story is thin, it is also a feature that it is easy to resume playing wherever you cut it.

Excessive expectations are forbidden, but I think that it is a game that can be enjoyed if you play with a sense of killing time.
Evaluation is "very good".

2012/10/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27775 Browser: 3458(Mobile)
It is pure, legitimate and fine gal.

When introducing a rough character, it is chairperson with duality, bad friends who made a sabbataba, frustrated childhood friend, junior who pulls desire for asylum, junior who is not good at things well and solid, a senior who is natural and school idol, another one .
There are six people over, but this is really good. Although there is a slightly targeted feeling, the impression that it is made properly in general. I will not be strange, I can be likable for making solid.

And it is a solid character, and it is still better to play games for <to enjoy romance with beautiful girl> neatly. It is not strangely serious scenario, it puts emphasis on love affair with a character to the last, it is easy to take in hand.
Even with the setting of the character, the backbone is not dark and not having a big dropout, the romance for them is drawn as love for enjoying the feeling that it is more brilliant and like now to the last. I do not do much more than girl girls. The enthusiasm of the production team, to make GALGER, is transmitted from the game system.

Especially conversation turntables. This is really good.
In Galg莨〓it is important whether you can like the character you want to capture, but this is quite difficult.
So in Galg莨〓most people focus on the scenario. However, in that case, there are quite a lot of cases where the personality of the character has died.

However, in this work, this conversation turntable tells the charm of the character with characters.
The more you talk to the heroine, the more you can grasp your hobbies, preferences, how to spend your holidays, and you can gradually like nature and the character.
I took a hat off to this system, which is essential for the development of love, providing <process to know things about others> games as a game.

To tell the truth, because there is no data installation, it is somewhat frustrating to the length and many of the load.

Personally, there are no more characters than Mr. Ayatsuji in this work. We do not accept objections.

2011/07/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5167 Host:5153 Browser: 7385
Everyone was captured. Full price (2009) version, Ebikore version It is both imprinted and it is an impression of the Ebikore version.

[good point]
Character It feels like there is a different taste than ordinary Moe picture. Please check out the package by all means. I think that it can be decided whether to buy it.
Regarding personality, I felt that there was a charm of late individuality that does not carry out frantic character. It also fits with a calm design.
Still it is unique, but it is not like the personality that I forced to take.
Also, voice actors basically all match the character and it is a good feeling.

A huge number of events The number of events is about 1000, and apart from that, a conversation with 1800 different conversation events ... skipping the text while watching the capture information, it will take about half a year to do 5 hours a day It is super super large volume.
There is nothing to do but there is no way to do it, but I think that it will be difficult to do if you are looking for a comp.
However, it is full of the charm of the heroine.

Although the classic and hard - making chief character is talked about as a transformation and the like, the system and the story itself have little innovation, I think whether it is rather aiming to make old - fashioned.
Still it does not feel old - fashioned simply because there is no novelty.
And it can be said that they are doing not making them off securely. You can respond to young people who are planning to do love simulation extensively also for Osan who is addicted to "Memo" or "Classmate".

[Bad point]
Road, lag Because there is a huge amount and it is a work that makes it attractive, the feeling of wanting to advance more speedily has grown. If it is the first play, you do not mind, but loading, lag becomes anxious if you are advancing an existing event while filling up the event.

This freeze may be fatal as a game of PSP.
I used "returning to this morning" frequently to fill in the event, when I filled it to a certain extent, I slept in sleep mode and I was freezing about 2 times a day when I was doing it all day long.
It was variously hot for drift.

This talk event is monotonous and enormous This is reasonably hard. Because it is just a conversation for the effort, spicyness comes first. Thanks to this you can know the things you like and the living environment of the heroines in detail, but it is too much to do it .... No, I do not have to fill in, it's only a good story, but I want to complete with perfectionist as well ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are many girls appearing "gargue", but "idolmaster" to "nurture" as an idol rather than romance
"Dream club" who nominates the heroine in cabaret style and loves it
"Love plus" which will live with the heroine in real time after being connected with the heroine.
Although it is a gallery that changes in various ways, it is amagami that you can call it Orthodox gargue in it.
I follow the promise of Galg莨〓. I wrote it in a nice place, but it is steady and stable.
I wonder if the evaluation is "very good" close to "the best".

2011/01/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11861 Host:12033 Browser: 16301
I could not wait until purchase Ebi recollected after Kimikiss. It is a regular version. Although it is second - hand, it is still beginning to be high, so I will add another impression.

[good point]

Character design is wonderful this time too

Especially Kaori Tanemachi ... It was a reality high school student who seemed unlikely to be accepted by the galge player layer of this hand but it was fresh. It can be said that I bought it at first sight of Kaoru.

There are plenty of events, endings are abundant so it seems to be able to get in.
Even if you concentrate on one person, other heroines will come out everywhere, so you will want to snack them sloppily (> <)
So, first time you neglected the child you aimed at cheating or cheating ...
As one healthy (lol) boys high school student, it is interesting that a drama is born each time you play!

[Bad point]

TLS, I entered from Kimi Kiss, initially I did not get used to the system.
It would be nice to display the number of events with the icon, but I did not know at all where the squares are.
Map circling work I am tired anymore ~

Kimi kisses with an aggressive ability that composed a conversation deck were fun with a good degree of difficulty ...
Amagami's conversation system may be difficult and bored & monotonous and boring ...

It is frustrating to hit not being colored if you get used to it because you know the genre by color.
Although it is not pain at all from the beginning that it depends on my own aggressiveness like Kimikiss.

As for appearance I like Amagami heroine, and Amagami school is also a lot of events ...
As a character Kimi Kiss heroine was attractive.

What is it ... Kimikiss is a character whose density and character are condensed,
Amagami may be a character that is "personality but seems to be normal" ...

The game is different, but it is similar to what I felt about Memo GS 1 and GS 2. The character of the first generation is good and bad, and the character is dark.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is not long before we started.

I came in contact with a heroine in general but ... Wow ~ get lost ~~
Rather, my favorite is Haruka Morishima senior, but the other child is too attractive to eat and drink

I will win the event of Mr. Morishima senior! Look at the erotic event! (I only saw Naka Yoshi Good at seniors)
Although he is enthusiastic, he is cheating ...

Then, when you are having fun with your cheating partner, seniors' squares have disappeared and it has been reset many times ... (oooi)

My ideal is to make her a senior by herself! I want to see the owl eye with cheating with other girls at the same time !! Although it went well along the way, it was eventually taken by Romeo ... Romeo never forgive me ...

At this time Ikan and I am currently exploiting other children I am going to go on a journey to extradite Morishima-senpai after satisfying with playing with other children.

[Impression of another character (first time play)]

〓〓〓r. Ayatsuji

I am de M's husband, but somehow my heart glows to Mr. Ayatsuji.
I would like to make him say hey to make this cheeky high school girl match embarrassing eyes,
If it does not contain such content you may lose interest ...

I want you to target Mr. Ayatsuji's older sister more than that.
I want to take my older sister eventually, I want to make Ayatsu-san a tearful eyes!


I thought it was pretty, it's cute, but it's sad enough to line up with Mob Chara ...
A standing picture with a belly on a shoulder, a big buttocks ...! Riko is not a devil! It's just a bit tummy!
I was able to laugh at trying to eat bread at the library.
Is this child a tribute character of D3P Futabi Ribo? It is similar in name and hairstyle to an idol and ...

Kaoru 〓〓〓br>
In the first time, Kaoru Erika and Mr. Morishima were cheating ...
I did terrible things to Kaoru

As we crawl accident quite boldly,
As a body sexually harassed by Kaoru and trying to be made a bit a little disappointing?
It's cute ...! I like the hero from the beginning and it is so hard to see the future so it's hard to see!
Which is popular with Mr. Ayatsuji's reaction and the pose which raised the left hand "Yo!" Is cute 〓〓〓


It is currently under attack ... but, I guess it is not possible or not possible.
It seems to be a popular character, but I am not interested. (I was not interested by Futami from Kimikiss, too ...)


It's pretty cute. Why is not it popular?
I thought, but when talking I was not good at talking ... Ah ...
However, it is classified as a character dramatically as a character.
It looks cute. It tends to be set, but the voice has a lot of impact than anything else.

〓〓〓r. Morishima

At first it was just a cheating party ...
It is the heroine that is the furthest for the hero and the gap between ideal and reality is intense.
Melromello (smile) was made to a healthy senior by tea eyes who steadily got "strange child" in front.
It seems to be ideal high and it looks like a flower of takane, but the real face is not at all like that.

The first time was Nakayoshi Route.
From the naturalness to go there, the boy who is the closest you, the opponent you care about 〓〓〓is your boyfriend right?
It was very good. It was youth.

I want to play seniors at once soon! Please wait a little more!

The current ranking is ...

Morishima-senpai >>>>> Mr. Ayatsuji 〓〓〓Kaoru >>> Ropoko> fluffy 〓〓〓Shichuzasa

It is cute, but it does not qualify as an erotic target like a kimi kiss' s vegetables. Misaki Position of TLS.
Nanaka's eroticism was great ...

2010/10/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18423 Host:18343 Browser: 1959(Mobile)
I will evaluate it after completing the route of everyone for the time being. In the meantime I felt it was pretty difficult for me that I had never played such a game well though I thought it would be better for the first person to prepare for a long-term battle in such a way.

Well, this game.
First of all, the main character of this amagami is perverted to be impossible although it was personally amazing which is the main character being motivated in what kind of such a game. Personally I think this is a compliment. (Laugh) I already thought that things to do was too funny and I thought lightly that "Is that a game to shy girls to shame?"
However, although it is the protagonist of various transformations, I am helping girls, entertaining, worrying, manly. After all I thought that it is cool because it firmly fits the gimpy place.

Well, although this game has lots of girls, everyone is really cute. If you really told me that you can choose one of these people, it is now that you have seen the route of everyone, it is really unselectable.
Although the ending will change depending on the way the girls capture, I think that most people probably will aim for the best Best End.
So, if you dare told me how to enjoy this game from a different point of view, the reason for thinking that this game is amazing is that the ending BAD END has only a tremendous shock. It is because each boy 's BAD END seems to represent the size of the feeling that girl thinks of the main character, because I think that I have a head to picking one out of this game. (Although there are some exceptions)
A lot of the BAD end of this game successfully entwined with the traitor of the hero is terrible, but I think that this is the essence of amagami. Although supplementary, ending theme is over and C part after that is important so please prepare until the end and watch it.
Well, if you dare introduce one person, it is a package heroine 'Ayatsuji'.
I think that there are people who think that this girl is a package, but I was pretty convinced myself. First of all, the traitor of the hero skillfully overlaps this Mr. Ayatsuji, the hero's transformation also stands out, Personally, this scenario is seriously somewhat dark compared to other girls and there are many mysterious scenarios Although I think that it is, in the game where "trust" is the theme, Mr. Ayatsuji's BAD end was really shocking. (Supplementary) How was it shocking? that's all.
I think that other routes want to support Mr. Ayatsuji or I think that it is a scenario that makes me feel warm it makes me want to support you.

Also, each girl has its own unique sub-character but this person is also a really good person and a lovely person and it's definitely mistaken to think that "this man is not able to capture!" So please do not miss it not only for the main heroine but for the sub character I also want you to pay attention.

Comprehensively, there are many people who are shunning such games, but I felt it was a bit difficult, but I could enjoy themselves even if I did not do much. Since each scenario is really good, I think that there is nothing I can not enjoy but it takes a great deal of time to listen to conversations and all the events. Is this about the volume of these games? It was a little painful place. CG is also very beautiful and convincing volume and quality.
And I wonder if it is a little doubt, is he kissing too much? (Laugh)

2010/08/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21950 Browser: 1961(Mobile)
For the time being, all skills cleared + ??? + 〓〓cleared so I will evaluate
The leading character, Junichi Tachibana, hero character of individuality who is called a pornographic guy etc. Basically it is a bit stubborn and hethere (although there are some unavoidable parts as it is caused by past trauma in this regard), it is a feeling of being easy when it should be done. Characters around him were also nice, my sister Miya, my best friend Masayoshi Umehara was also attractive

Haruka Morishima (CV: Shizuka Ito)
A metamorphosis heroine inferior to the hero as a longing student ... (sweat). Knee 's back kiss and shaving event may be a scenario symbolizing her ... (sweat). I see the hardship of her best friend Tsukahara Hibiki (sweat)
Riko Sakurai (CV: Ryoko Shintani)
Catchy childhood friend's little catchy Copy as a little gorgeous girl. Personally, I like strange singing songs when I'm in a good mood and the unique intonation of "Whats up". This word is sufficient if it represents her scenario. "Riko is cute !!!"
Kaori Tanemachi (CV: Rina Sato)
It is a distinctive common sense in amagami though it is a distinctive hairstyle. Morishima Haruka's Knee Kiss is also true Kissing her stomach is really a scene I can not help thinking whether this work is CERO C ... (sweat)
. Nanasaki (CV: Yukana)
There was a cool but unexpectedly bold face, there were times when I was wearing a swimsuit under a uniform and I suddenly showed it and suddenly kissed a hero who took a swing with me was amazing.
Midora Saye (CV: Hiromi Konno)
Contrary to a young impressive appearance, Mister Yoshiya's sister also envies the owner of a nice body. She gave her favor immediately to the hero, but on the other hand it was a scenario where the heroism of the hero was particularly prominent
Ayatsuji (CV: Kaoru Natsuka)
A packed heroine featuring only a package heroine, a good appearance, excellent grades, perfect heroine outstanding in exercise, ... .... The event which for the first time removed the mask of the honor student was a strong impact with Nagatsuka's acting skill
. ??? (CV: Mai Kadowaki)
Hidden heroine to appear by satisfying the condition. It's probably the most characters and scenarios in which the likes and dislikes are divided among the most

If there is no refusal in the hero and the heroines of the jaguarumo, this work can be enjoyed But it would be better to stop those who are not good at it The game itself may be too useful for "pros and cons" It is the best for beginner relief I am very enjoyable so I will do a good evaluation Even if I did not have a bug I could raise the score a little more ...

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