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Playstation 2
Kihei Senbonmatsu
Japan Released:2002/08/08(Thu)
Official sites
1. http://www.gae.co.jp/game/akudaikan/ (Translation)
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2015/08/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9947 Host:10043 Browser: 4721
[Total playing time]
Unknown All stages clear. All traps are acquired.

The main character is an evil substitute officer with an evil merchant and kills himself with traps and human-sea tactics from the next to the next side of the right of justice attacking.
There is no gruesome atmosphere there, because of the comical performance of the evil substitutes of the live-action video (comes out as a pre-stage of the stage)
The smallness of the hepatic ball and the goodness of the person who can not be the master of the evil of the hero's evil substitute. Above all, there is a vicious merchant who will do everything for evil (without permission) with evil deputies in the name of evil deeds.
An unscrupulous merchant always humorously fights like a servant of evil deputies, and behaving like a poor man but doing unnecessary things,
Evil things wrong with evil deputy ownership without delay and the hierarchical relationship is overturned and swinging evil duty officers. It is a story that there is no more foolish and laughing, as it adds to the evolution of era and scientific reasoning.


The primary fighting side of justice in righteousness is a looking down type, and it places traps and slashed roles within the time limit, but time runs out shortly. It is also in the game to do them during the preparation time, but it took a while to get used to it. This is the same for scenes fighting enemies, so I did not go to think easily how to turn on the switch to activate the trap.


In this game, "a bad man and a vice dealer talk" with a live-action picture ", and" a friend of justice announces on a box-type television "will come on.
"Arrange traps and ronin and bouncers with gold in the mansion of evil deputies" and constitute "to defeat justice by twisting with justice or being defeated."

Among them, the live-action image is for budgetary reasons, and the actors are always two people, the set is reworking, but it has become actively looking forward to the performance of the actor. Especially since the evil deputy merchants arbitrarily assume that the evil substitute is the leader,
There is also expectation that we do not know what will happen.

It is hard to say that the game screen is pretty neatly, and the number of songs is small in the first place.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that enjoying with this cheapness lies in the fact that there is a factor to take as a game and the development that turns over the theory which underlined the era play that anyone knows. Everyone predicts the deployment, but the story that fly away foolably through betraying them all the way is always funny and funny.

2006/03/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3759 Host:3663 Browser: 5234
Oh, it's stupid !! (Praise)
A historical drama of conscience punitive usually seeing.
An evil substitute was founded on the side of justice of Kimono -sama Kan's or the like,
Happy ending and I will finish.

... ... but what if an evil substitute went back to the side of justice?
Such unheard of (praise) game is this.
Hire a bouncer, trap and attack the side of justice.
However, there is time limit in preparation, so there is a risk of self-destruction unless it is planned.
There is refreshing feeling and strategy, and more than anything can be fairly laughable.
The main character has been defeated and I have never seen a game of "Happy ending happy".

It was a game that you can laugh with playing.
It was bakage, but it was a well done work.

2006/01/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32924 Host:32867 Browser: 5234
Becoming a evil deputy, truncate the messenger of justice.
It's a crappy but difficult game.

Balance is bad about the difficulty level.
However, it is because it is a game that I did not want to fall into a waste game.
Combine many kinds of traps and keep enemies in order.
The effect of the chain when you activate is pleasant.
It only needs a little perseverance and wisdom just to clear it.
However, if you aim for high score, record, it spreads to infinity.

Interaction between evil substitutes and their subordinates is fun, and game performance is not bad.
I remembered the era of Super Nintendo rather than the recent game.

2004/10/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17827 Host:17923 Browser: 4354
Evil flowers bloom in bloom but putting scissors of justice that are thrown away before it withers is stupid

Tenjo Tenge Rokkaido silence silently sitting is cut off and damaged Anyway if you slash and you can throw it away Poison poison with cowardly thorns

The number of ally of justice is few and evil is like a true sand on the beach Even if you slash it will come out every week It will not die Unknown evil deputy

Houhou ... Can I kill myself ...?

Extract from instruction manual. Wow, it is such a rambling as if oldness seeped out as it is. (Laugh). You can imagine the contents from before playing by just writing.

2004/09/14 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1867 Host:1790 Browser: 4354
<Bad evil speech collection>
1: "What if I am Yagyu!" Big name suddenly came out! "
(A wonderful word ignoring the background of the times)
2: "Do you feel like turning female fans of Shinsengumi to enemies !? This game."
(Serif when the Shinsengumi attacked. To do a city fight with 50 crewmembers ... ...)
3: "Okay misunderstood (wild) yo"
(The nominal line for the evil substitute is a evil substitute)

2004/07/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5923 Host:5812 Browser: 4960
People laughing at the opening image and people who can laugh at "Edo Murasaki Express" are buying. Graphics and operability are incompatible with PS 2, not as good as trap games. However, such a negative factor Hus which the person who feels it is feeling that the damaging places have been interspersed in various places "It is good! That's it !!" element, it is made funny and synergistic as a splendid bakage. Well it is not a game to accept everyone. Even if you like a period drama, you will not be able to enjoy it with people of pure era play.

It is the main of this game that there is evil movie movie before each stage. It is such a fool. If you do not have it, the stupidity will be about half. At first it is a historical drama, but it is getting more and more broken and the subtitle becomes a thing that is "a burning sword", "It stands on the Leiden deck!" And the stage moves to Titanic and a place different from the pyramid and the historical drama .

The game is to trap the target with narrowing wisdom ... rather than enjoying justice 's ally. All you want to do something wrong, to burn Raiken with fire wrestlers placed all over the screen to shoot dead massacre of a Shinsengumi who burns Yagyu Jyube with a single candle, as soon as it appears. It is regrettable that no heroes with copyrights such as children with wolf and samurai are out. I say, it is secret. In "2", a bannabe boredom man appears right after the copyright has expired ...

The shooting game cut in the corridor of the pine (shooting game tailoring) burns easily. Thumb tendon is very tired. "Funamushi" "Rommel" "Super powers samba" etc. You can also laugh at the title secretly after the stage clearance. Someone who only looks at Koizumi and Muneo also casually appeared. Many small stories are many in each place.

In "evil substitute 2", strategy, game goodness, BGM, goodness as a game etc. are remarkably raised as for the operability of the game, but I feel that the stupidity is decreasing. The percentage of Gundam story is high, feeling a little away from the parodies of the historical drama. It seems difficult to construct with only characters without copyright.

Although the historical drama is a watcher, it is a bad guardian.I have never seen Mr. Kiyoe Miyamoto and Kazuyoshi Oikkuya acting Kimichi Okuya acting as a villain, who plays the main role of Konosuke Higokuro. Rather it is correct answer without using real people ...

2004/07/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3463 Host:3553 Browser: 3874
It is a reverse historical drama game. Rather than 'good-thanvenity', 'good bad habits' things.
The player is a true hero of a historical drama (a mystery). Become an evil deputy and return the ally of the justice who comes aboard alone to Kochi badly!
Yagyu Jyoe, Mr. Kimi Toyama, Oshioka Echizen, Mito Komon, Shinsengumi, Ako Roma, Amakusa Shiro, Knoichi Army Corp, Yokozuna Raiden, Ishikawa Goemon, Tutan Mask ..., and Alumni's Fighter more! ... It seems like they're all those who do not fit in the classification "ally of justice.")
It is the bouncer, the ronin who gathered and gathered them with an accountant with the vassals.The master of the swordsman. The sumo wrestler. The ninja group! (The evil substitute of the era played hiring these people ...? )
No way, no mercy guards mere throwaway piece.It's a slaughtered man! It's a mountain of traps to stick the end to justice's side !! Big rocks. Floor spears. Pitfalls, pitfalls, what kind of air? Everyone throws away pieces! (... ... In a historical drama, you have been evil deputies like evil deputies so far ...?)
Do not worry about cash flow. It is a large size to receive from Ooiya shop.The confection of golden (Kimi) of small size!
It is also difficult to throw away the mini game. The stalkers who pierced the ceiling on the armpit ruptured, and eventually the staffs were slashed by the Metta in the corridor of the Hidemaki pine !! (I feel like I've forgotten the god "no longer evil" a substitute officer ... ...)

--- It is called (what kind of?) Game.