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Game rank of 2000 Rank 103in 229 titles
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Ayako Kawasumi
Mai Asaki
Tomoe Hanba
Mayumi Asano
Minako Takenouchi
Mikako Satoh
Shouko Kikuchi
Eriko Kawasaki Syouka
Namiko Arakawa
Satsuki Yukino Satsuki Yukino
Kishow Taniyama
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Japan Released:2000/03/16(Thu) Playstation
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2016/09/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1389 Host:1596 Browser: 10575
Another successor work that was not appreciated unfavorably that could not become "another memo"
[Total playing time] I had possession for 3 years and 3 months.
[good point]
When things of classmates who were shortcomings of remembers were corrected and things of love were expanded (however, the forced appearance of three lower - level students was a point of depression)
Having dating manners become real
Heroine is a different strategy strategy for each heroine, the degree of difficulty will be higher depending on the character
Confession and not the end, there are things after that
Missed the timing of users and release with repeated postponement postponement and I was awakened by the user 's interest (The most difficult development in Konami' s successive game.
Gap between enthusiasm at the time of trial version and absence of enthusiasm at the time of release of the main volume
Because there is no club & student council command, you can not become intimate at clubs and student councils
Points where touch of watercolor painting divides preference
The thing that the creator gets stiff is that the threshold has become high
[Bad point]
Even though it can be said to Memo 2, things that can be seen everywhere except for the difficulties in development (inadequate concert contents and events, club & student council commands incomplete, limited because of date spot in the trick city, a wide range I can not set the stage)
Watarase Michiru 's hidden character was a shemale (inside of the memorial Ijuin Ray was a lady of a manly clothing), it seems to be the primary cause of postponement of the release without a mistake
In connection with the above, Konami side seemed to be the act of trying to kill or destroy the mindlessness to sell, had a feeling of distrust
Depending on the heroine development after confession Gudaguda, or become rapidly expanded
. "When it hits the big door" When making a memo 3 or a bad precedent on the online
[Comprehensive evaluation]
When I posted it, I was expecting that the memo was the successor of the memo, but in addition to the difficulty of development, I felt distrust in my behavior of trying to kill or destroy, I made it on my own and liked the way he made it And when it comes to memo priority it is unfortunate that it cost victims of eccentricity.
Even so, although the game was not able to go beyond the memo, if the Konami was promoting and promoting the work and the work, if it was not possible to go beyond the memo, You may have left your name in the history of Galg莨〓.
That is why I was dressed in Kusoge 's stigma at a certain site, and I was sympathetic about the fact that I was not a child, but I will sympathize with the fact that I will not receive much evaluation [good] in the future and I will make the evaluation the best.
I would like to express my gratitude to the administrator for registration of this work.