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KONAMI CORPORATION Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1992/09/11(Fri)
Official sites
1. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/vc/vc_ax/index.html (Translation)
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2015/02/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4322 Host:4343 Browser: 5171
It is the original title released by Konami at Super Nintendo, and it is also a work which is located in the minor one among shooting games released by Konami.

Speaking of the feature of this work, it is characterized by having a two-sided structure of a vertical scroll surface and a side scroll surface that can be viewed three-dimensionally, in particular, the vertical scroll surface using the scaling function has been widely used in Konami In the shooting it was not so much a stereoscopic feeling pushed out to the front, I think that a lot of players remained in the impression on this face.

Regarding the view of the world, it is a feeling close to "Gradius" in some sense, in the shooting game after the 1990's, it divided into the former with the theme of mechanical and SF as the theme and the latter as the theme other than that The work based on the former is a work based on the side scroll surface "Gradius" while also based on the strategy to select weapons according to the situation and scroll surface extruded the 3D feeling 3D feeling, It is a semantic feature that sometimes differentiates it from "Gradius".

There was also a conscientious part about the game nature, the difficulty level of this work is somewhat lower, at that time, the shooting game sold high difficulty level, the difficulty level of this work is somewhat lower, for example "Gradius" can take items Although it will power up, but if you make a mistake, you return to the initial equipment and weaken significantly, but there is not much risk that this work weakens considerably even if you make a mistake, and you twist the setting one button For players who are not good at shooting, such as various attacks can be issued, this point can be said to be conscientious.

However, the point which was disappointing in this work is that it will be reflected in the ground in comparison with "Twinbee" or "Parodius" issued by the same Konami.
Certainly, unlike "Twinbee" which sells cute characters and "Parodius" which sells fancy work like flashy style, this work is based on SF, especially not to sell characters, that point But it may be reflected in plain form.

Another point that I was unlucky with is another low profile.
At the time when this work was released, in the era when the shooting game boom itself passed away, in the software of Super Nintendo, "Street fighter 〓〓〓quot; which became a fire of a fighting game boom and a race game using a certain famous character There was a topical work such as "Super Mario Kart", and in the following year, it became a topic as a full-scale 3D shooting which heavily used CG which was rare as then and "Star Fox" which influenced in subsequent games appeared , This work is shadowless compared to those topical work, it can be said that it is a shame work that was not a topic much.

Although this work is a minor, it is certain that it is a hidden good work shooting.

2008/10/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29015 Host:28838 Browser: 5234
Depending on the attacking enemies and circumstances, three types of shots are handled separately, and the scroll progresses alternately vertically and horizontally.
This is what the player is asked for in this work.

Especially eye-catching is the performance and graphics of your machine.
You can switch three types of shots at any time, such as shooting bullets to the left and right, fine lasers,
Shots used when the enemy's attack hit were unusable and miss when you lose all shots,
After clearing the stage, you can add new arms to one of the three types of shots and use shots that became unusable again.

Graphics are also varied with floating continents on the sea of 〓〓〓〓〓louds, over skies of the night city, colonies, underground water lines,
It was a fancy thing to work on a scaling function and to produce a 3D screen.

Even those who do not have the shooting ability can fully cope with the setting of the game, the enemy's attack pattern is too honest and unattractive,
Since the difficulty level of the work itself is not so high, the evaluation is "good".

2007/01/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2655 Host:2477 Browser: 6288
It seems that my friend liked it ...
I do not even see anyone in the same age, and I feel strongly that I was buried.

"Sarah Manda" and "Hector '87", in other words "Thunder Force II" was also a surface composition where the vertical and horizontal surfaces expand alternately.

Since "Super Arresta" has appeared from compilation at a time when it does not change so much, I like this impression better.

2005/10/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13637 Host:13437 Browser: 5234
Konami's name shooting that was buried in the times.
At the time of release, the shooting popularity was getting cold and shooting was a hard spirit as it was pushed by the gates such as "St II" and "Legend of Fat Wolf".

Though it was "Thunder Force 〓〓〓quot; that was the most domestic shooter in the same period, this was not as good as it, but it was finished in Ryosaku only for Konami that I accustomed to Gradius.

Strategy to distinguish various weapons and game scenario of "Sara Shangda" system, top & side scroll system, enemy character with various attack capabilities finished in a safe manner.

However, I could not deny that I could not go beyond Gradius, I could not deny that I could not get used to it unless I was a great Gaeum and shooter gamer, so it seems like it made this work a sunless day work, then I could not see the part that I'm trying to put out a shooting game with enthusiasts' family. It was also a fact that it was true that we had to say that it was doubtful even from the eyes of the day whether or not it was sold even if we actively selling up.

In this way the Axleigh buried in the era as it was still fresh. Moreover, it is a great regret that the neta of this game was not utilized even in the parodius series.