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Game rank of 1985 Rank 61in 108 titles
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Arcade Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1985
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2011/08/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23664 Host:23693 Browser: 11755
Athena is also almost exclusively KOF appearance with anger and starring wolves ... ... ...

It was impressive that Athena was a bikini soldier that he was doing at the time,
For the game at the time (?) Weapons, armor, item etc. It was pretty elaborate.
Armor was convenient, but I think that weapons at the maximum level had both merits and demerits. Items were convenient for red hourglasses and Ikaros shoes,
Although there were things indispensable for clearing a specific stage,
I wonder whether it was a charming place that there was a "hooked" minus item that would power down etc.

Well I do not think it was boring, but when I look into the exhilarating feel and the like from now on,
Is this also a bit unsatisfactory? Evaluation is "normal" which is somewhat lower than "good".

2010/04/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3263 Host:3060 Browser: 5718
Princess Tomba of the Kingdom of Victory never leaves the castle Never open the door "forbidden" as a gate leading to the fantasy world and going on a journey for justice (because it is nominal and really "boredom") It is an action RPG saying.
In setting manga the illusion world is under the dimension so it seems that the dress was torn by wind pressure when jumping into the door in a dress shape (that means the underwear .....)
It is easy to go forward and break the block so it will be easy as items will come out but after all "trap item" exists "skull shield" "devil's hand" "red spot" "broken hourglass" This is absolutely handy It is wise not to turn on!
Afterwards there is a "sword of fire" as the strongest weapon, but since this will reduce the life of Athena each time he shakes, the usable weapons may be "yellow sword" better, "red There are items to upgrade the range of strength as "crystal ball" but it may be better to think that this is a pretty rare item (when I did it was only one out, a lot of blue is out I am coming. After that I did it because it was FC version, so it was frustrating that "Ikaros shoes" that was in the arcade version did not exist.
One more frustrating thing about Athena's 1 UP item is a sailor suit, but in reality this "Saiko Soldier will be transplanted" in a sense meaningfully put out a sailor suit but "No cancellation" No way to stop it SNK! (By the way Athena and Asamiya Athena is a relationship of great-grandmother and grandchild, not the same person Athena is 15 years old and Atamiya Atena is 17 years old)
The game itself was hard, but it was interesting, so the evaluation is "good".
However, it can not be helped if you get angry with KOF to get out of psychosojger sales with FC. My grandchildren are bad personality!

2008/04/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5297 Host:5027 Browser: 5234
This work was one person in a signboard character of KOF, Atena's debut work, the setting of the work was a princess.

The genre of the work is a side scrolling action, and immediately after the start, the swimsuit appearance advances the game with kick as a weapon.
When you go to the end of each stage, you defeat enemies that attack in the middle, armor, shields, weapons,
The power-up factor that gets items is still rare at the time, through which content of the players' competence was reflected.

As an aside, I personally were dissatisfied that the game ended when I knocked Rasubosu, Dante.

2006/04/04 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27078 Host:27173 Browser: 4184
"Showa is far away ... ... ... ..."

Origin SNK heroine ... It was a debut of Asamiya Athena.
Speaking of Athena, even though Shiranui Mai takes the seat of the heroine for a while,
Watching the eyes again with KOF at work, appeared in Cap 2,
In chaos I showed off my nostalgic bikini ... ............
Her voice actors are changing frequently, but the voice of Haruna Ikezawa 6th generation is the best match. Although it appeared also in Maxi Impact Animation version, I want you to keep up as a grandfather heroine from now on.
Although the KOF series is not likely to be complete for the time being.

2006/03/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20686 Host:20579 Browser: 5234
Like "anger", Athena's debut work which characters later in "KOF" became famous.
At the side scrolling action, the main character Athena was a bikini girl, taking powerfully up taking various items as he advanced in the stage.

Although the degree of exposure decreases if you wear armor etc., at that time the game was not real life-like at that time, and in that sense only in the game of the degree that a cute girl of 3 islands will advance Because I also did not see it, I felt that I did not care much at that time.

Besides the sword, there are many things such as axes and iron balls, and the appearance of Athena who wakes it with a small body appears impressively besides the sword. In the meaning of comical fantasy action, in the work of SNK relation, The feeling that it became the last series by the strong is also strong.

After this, Athena will develop into the form of a cosplay pretty girl .... Of course, no one was unpredictable at that time.