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Game rank of 1988 Rank 185in 197 titles
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Japan Released:1988/12/24(Sat) Nintendo Entertainment System
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2009/02/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34603 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
While placing in the story of animation as it is, put a scene which can not be drawn in animation, there are also places that reinforce animation and the story part is reasonable.
However, I think that the meaning of playing an adventure game playing a game whose story is almost the same as the animation in the first place did not exist, I did not think so.

As I wrote above, there is a part of the game original and action game part, but it is done after watching animation. I think that it was an animation with a strong impact.

As an original manga lover I got crazy and had a mysterious feeling that it passed by expectation of what he began playing with a one-handed strategy book and disappointed.

2008/06/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10414 Host:10677 Browser: 6342
It goes without saying that although it is a game of masterpiece of Katsuhiro Otomo "AKIRA", if it turns out to be an adventure only for Taito who made "Takeshi no Challenge" whose production takes the name of that absurdity number one, .

Anyway, there are many people who thought that the part of the first guy who was stupid was totally suffering, frustrated here and thinking "This game is fucking !!" I think that it was content that it was not defeated even to "Mississippi murder case" that it was unreasonable as it was a game overtaking with a mistake in command selection. Is not it fair to say that fans of AKIRA are games that bought and bought a lot?

I make use of the original view of the world at all the time, and since the graphics also contains enthusiasm, that part is definitely good, but if the game of the essence got over the game with a little mistake, as expected I lose my motivation and there is a memorable thing about Taytoe's adventure game that only Yamamura Misa's original game was made into a game.

From this point forward, Taito has hardly produced a command type adventure game, but even a major game maker is good at it It seemed to me that the genre gap between what I was and what it was not was intense. Apart from Katsuhiro Otomo and AKIRA 's fans, I did not have that much damage, but I think that people who like purely AKIRA got mad ... I guess.

After all, TAITO's game is the best action and shooting which made use of plenty of its own world view, and there are a lot of works that have been influenced by Otomo's works (after "Night striker" and "Metal Black "etc.), it is now even when I think that reflection of this work was made use of in this way.