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Game total pnts rank Rank 1,697in 6,260 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 49.13
Game rank of 2004 Rank 66in 220 titles
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Playstation 2
Miyu Matsuki Yuko Minaguchi Asami Sanada Rie Kugimiya Akeno Watanabe
Megumi Kobayashi Mamiko Noto Kazutaka Ishii Takehiro Murozono Syozo Sasaki Nana Furuhara Takamasa Ohashi Hiroka Nishizawa
Japan Released:2004/10/21(Thu)
Sites about how to play the game
1. http://ww51.tiki.ne.jp/~u_mitsugi/UMInoIE/akaiito/
Official sites
1. http://www.success-corp.co.jp/software/ps2/akaiito/ (Translation)
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2009/09/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22089 Host:22216 Browser: 9573
[Total playing time]
About 30 hours? All routes cleared once.

[good point]
Each character has a very charm.
Feeling the atmosphere is nice (although I like Japanese-style food)

The story was also nice.
As I advanced, I thought that the secret and past of each character was revealed and I made it well.

[Bad point]
Was it difficult to clear all routes? I saw the capture site.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation may be slightly sweet because it was GALGET (?) Which I played for the first time, but I enjoyed it very much.
I think that it is a good game.

2007/08/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15889 Host:15817 Browser: 8090
It seems to like people who like it. But, I ...

[Total playing time]

I play only about 1 play.

[good point]

.B class smell, do not feel cheesy. There is an impression that there is one "taste seems to be rich" game.

[Bad point]

.dark. In various ways.
I do not dislike the dark, disgusting, feeling. I like being rather divided, but it is different from what I am sought. And it is lily flavor.
I am a bit stuck. And it is dark. There is nothing that does not feel tired. The sentences are also redundant. These are the symptoms seen in recent light novels and galg莨〓
There are many people who likes voice actors, but somehow it sounds less attractive. Maybe the performance seems to be bad.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is regrettable. I think that the sentence is more readable, and if the performance of the voice actor is natural ....
However, for this "light" galley, it is a good impression that "cheapness" has not appeared. You may try buying again.

2007/05/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23812 Host:24071 Browser: 6214
Perhaps the genre is sound novel or lily is more correct.
However, although it is not such a radical expression to that extent ....

About story, it was quite interesting.
As a Japanese-style horror, there were parts that were hard to understand because the feeling was often used in technical terms,
I followed it with a kind design with a terminology dictionary.

The graphics are very beautiful.
From good - looking paintings, cute pictures, what are they doing among girls?
Although there was also a picture that I thought, all beautiful CG was drawn.
I think that music was also good with feeling that there is no discomfort.
As a system, it was easy to understand which scenario we were not seeing because there was a branch chart.
It seems that blood sucking meter (how much hero lost blood) did not mean much ... ....

It may be a minor work, but the evaluation is "good".

2006/08/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22446 Host:22548 Browser: 5409
The picture is beautiful and the scenario is made as it is.
But this work is a girl whose hero is a girl and a warrior character is a woman.
So is it rather a lily gay rather than a gargue?
There was something innovative in terms of system and it was enjoyable as it was.
Just a strategy route is confusing.
Regarding the scene I feel that it's somewhat unsatisfactory because I emphasize connection of my mind rather than a solid lily expression.

2006/02/20 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5107 Host:5208 Browser: 4184
I have not done this game yet,
I tried all trial version exclusively for PC.
But, as expected it is a trial version.
All the routes were out of place.
I do not have any PS 2, so I can not help it.

I feel that OP theme "In the circling world" was pretty good.
I have never heard of ED, but riya is singing.
Full voice is full of charm also.

You will want to do if you are watching Mr. Ryuto Hikawa's comment or a picture of the protagonist holding a sword.
If there is opportunity, I would like to try.

2006/02/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40026 Host:39853 Browser: 3875
I added it, so I evaluate it with responsibility.
Copy of the play diary ... I'm sorry ...
But it's all about bothering to write the same new thing.
Now! Disadvantages and pros!


〓〓〓Originality, it is Japanese style and there is not such a horror element so much, the lily element is also diluted, and it is recommended for those who are not good at that.
It is a cheap version, but if you want to create an ingenious game it is recommended.
Blood sucking scenes do not feel strange though vampires are not the subject matter, and it is irresistible. (Hey!)
〓〓〓The importance of the bond by the character's bag story that can recognize the bond is good.
The word "an impressive person has disappeared" sounds.
〓〓〓The system, the branch diagram is kind and the terminology dictionary is also interesting!
〓〓〓Music You can remain in the impression, the opening is a good song.
〓〓〓Character, Although it is a game of this hand, it is a good feeling that it is not so pretty, a bag story is also attractive a lot.
Still it is not intrusive and it shines naturally in the scenario, is not it?
There are many characters whose names are hints, and the picture is also beautiful.
Yumei is good!
〓〓〓I can recognize the story, bonds, the composing power is also high, I prefer to stain my heart straight ...


〓〓〓I thought when I was a little unsatisfactory, Fanatic or another company's minor gal Gay etc, but did you want epilogue or something a little more?
Although I think that it is good that the lily element separately is good.
If it were not for this, "Very good" was not a dream ...
〓〓〓Volume, if I feel free to do it, I think this is good, but depending on who you feel as a volume shortage?
It has a high organizational capacity, though. Yumei scenario felt short, thanks to what I was looking at and skip it.
〓〓〓I feel like being play monitored, I can not capture the scenario unless I solve specific conditions ... "At the beginning do Kosutsuki and then Sakuya capture"
It seems to be pressed like like it is unpleasant.
The game was interesting, but was not it unpleasant?
Thanks to you I got clogged ...
〓〓〓By saying clearly, hints and the like circle around, so it may be painful for those who dislikes circling work.
I like this kind of circle, but it will be people.

Well, when you comprehensively, it is "very good close to good".
I enjoyed it quite well.
Because it is a minor game, I feel that I am doing it in a free posture.
I can not say "Osusume" loudly but if you have the opportunity, "do it" try it.
It does not fit, but anyway creativity and creators' challenging spirit are good.
Choosing people is certain but gorgeous voice actors and beautiful graphics are amazing.
Although I am somewhat dissatisfied, I am satisfied.
It is quite a good work.
Graphics are also beautiful or you can enjoy it even if you dislike lily ...

Then it is a scenario impression.
I try not to be spoiled but I guess it's a bit spoiler ... (sweat)
Even if you say something like that, I like the scenario and the character quite a lot!
If you want to know spoiler please look at the play diary.
I'm sorry it looks like a publicity ...

Yuzuki scenario impression

Well, I was good at relaxing her heart from the innocent ryokan scene.
In her scenario, it is as good as not having a kudzu, that is the difference from Sakuya scenario.
In principle, the main line is the same as Sakuya scenario.
Although it becomes clear the relationship with Kuzu in the middle of the Sakuya scenario, I will lay it down until I attack Kuzu.
Everyday scenes and something was also peaceful and good.
It seems quite useful to describe when muscles are attached.
It will be heavier if you are training.
Although it may be slightly spoiled, she is a "devil's cut" that slashes demons, so there was a distress and a taste due to it.
I was able to laugh that the creep eating scene was also interesting and Katsura acted dangerously.
Is only the option "sleep together" ...
But it is a good feeling that usage is refined even with similar neta rather than a certain game.
The balance between comedy and serious is good.
The scene where Nozomi attacks was a good feeling.
Tension feeling that Katsura dies when I am not good ...
The miserable production of bad end was also good.

It was quite hot and it tasted to awaken from the last enemy.
I also liked the last scene as I was walking towards tomorrow.

Is the evaluation sweetly "very good"?
It's pretty appreciated, but it was a good story.

Sakuya scenario impression

Well ... It's fun, but I have an impression that you can suffer with Kousuke scenario ...
For that reason the impression of the main story is the same.
In this scenario, it will be deployed in "Katsura's mother's parents house" and in the case of Yuzuki it will be developed centering on "Ryokan".

It's a funny relationship with Kuzu.
The scene where the flower appears is funny.
Although it is slightly spoiled, it is related to the choice of chase following the beginning at avoiding the bad end which is enchanted by Nozomi in the well and is spiritly dominated.
For details see the capture site ...
Descriptions and comedy scenes where Sakuya valued Keiki for many years was good, so evaluation is "good".
Besides, it was a smiley feeling such as disadvantages of health foods and disorder of eating habits.
It was nice that you were determined to be Sakuya's words in the last.

Yumei scenario impression

Wow, it was really funny.
The foreshadowing was alive and it was superb and the composing power that I am unsatisfactory is wonderful.
It is fairly strange that Yumay and Nozomi's names are not ordinary but there is a proper reason.
I can have a favorable attitude because it is "like it" because it does not do it.
Katsura's "bond" with her was also a good feeling.

I will keep the evaluation "very good at the top."

Zugu scenario impression

Well ... subtle ... In a sense meaning "worst" class scenario is more confusing and emotion can be complemented so it may be a good impression is thin.
There was no compelling emotion.
I just wanted to write kemono ear daughter? There are emotions.
I feel like I'm pretty ...
I feel I have divided Sakuya scenario and Kousuke moon scenario by two and divided by two.
It is impressive that scenes other than characters are dead.
Events are too abrupt.

So "normal".

Nozomi scenario impression

The scenario is short, but the spice works!
The hint of the scenario so far is alive ...
She was not a real evil.
Scenario Although I could not imagine, I would say that I am coming with a changing ball ...
It is a good feeling that the last is also not convenient rather than convenient.
The mystery of Mikage's behavior is also revealed ...
Katsura's kindness and mind is good.
The evaluation is "very good", it showed a good scenario to the finale.

It's uselessly long with idioms, but it's like this.
I think the scenario is not so bad, so the quality is stable.

A common subject is ... ... the creative finishing technique is wonderful.
I think that you did your best only because it is unknown.
I am glad that my best efforts come ...
I would like to expect the next work if it is not sequel.

Also ... It's a must-see for the cheap versions of the reversible jacket to laugh!
User's comment Parody of the company's low price version ...