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SEGA Arcade Turbo Grafx 16 NecAbenew MEGA DRIVE Sega Saturn
Japan Released:1987
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2015/08/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45568 Host:45618 Browser: 10196
Evaluation of PS2's Sega's version only.

Overwhelming sense of speed when using afterburner, where the screen rotates frantically when using rolling.

Tension feeling to scratch an enemy camp such as a flood of missiles with two weapons and two avoidance actions.

Music is too cool. "Final take off" "RED OUT" "Super stripe" etc, all famous songs. (You can also listen to the Remix version in option mode)

Battle fighter team with unique appearance and content. Standard Tomcat, Thunderbolt 2 which emphasizes Vulcan, Harrier 2 which emphasizes turning, Nighthawk emphasizing lock on.

The back technique is enriched. "100 command command", "back scenario", "SE 〓〓〓uot; on the naming screen and input (explosion)

Aiming for high score, there is also a playing involving all clear, always on afterburner state (including maximum bonus stages including narrow and conflicting bonus stages).

Because there is a residue system, somewhat difficulty.

Here is the Sega representative's experience game. Are not you playing Arino yet?

2008/05/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10414 Host:10705 Browser: 6342
[Total playing time]
I do not remember. I did both business and mega drive.

[good point]
It is possible to operate the F - 14 as it is in the movie 'top gun'. In fact, it also appeared in the "SUPER Big Strategy", and it got out as a powerful hidden unit called F - 14 XX, the name of the aircraft carrier of the mother ship is SEGA, a game company called enterprise and a nuclear aircraft carrier of the so - called "Big E" I think that there was a sense with a good meaning to be used for.

While the previous work "Afterburner" has all you can do with a missile shootout, restrictions have been placed on missiles here. For that reason, we could not shoot missiles by themselves, and it was requested that they be sure to match the enemy .... You can say that these changes can also be noted.

And throttle appeared in order to shake off the homing laser from the backside of the previous machine which was the shortcoming of the previous work, By hastening this throttle, by throwing out or slowing down the homing missile from the back, the enemy's missile is judged Or you can take the form of a bonus stage on the ground ... and the width has come out in the game character.

As a result of such changes, it is a game that skipped a long hit and became a casualty of Gaesten, so in that sense it can be said that this work entered the game beyond the previous work.

[Bad point]
Well, although it is not as good as the previous work, the degree of difficulty is high, compared with "Space Harrier", the movement of the game is restricted in the game, missiles are very difficult to deal with, even things are used However, compared with that of Space Harrier, I did not suit myself a bit and I feel that there was no degree of freedom. (Taito 's "Night Striker" was also very difficult to remove the homing missiles on the second half, but even though it was able to erase with the relationship of up and down scrolls, this can not be done either.)

3D shooting has appeared so far, but there is nothing that does not feel like a bit ... compared to Space Harrier, and this game is quite considerable in terms of the range and degree of freedom of movement than such Spehari I feel losing.

Although it might be good to get used to, even by myself of the shooting gamer, this work is certainly powerful compared to Space Harrier and there certainly was a lot of burning, but there are also because I am too accustomed to the goodness of Space Harrier Or, it did not become a game I wanted to do too much.

It can be said that the likes and dislikes seemed to break up quite well.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is improved more than the previous work and that the range of game characteristics has increased, and I can evaluate that there are various ideas. However, considering freedom and freedom from the viewpoint, it seems that this work was unfortunately not able to cross Space Harrier, and it is the same even if it is compared with "Outrun" or "Hang On" games I think that the thing can be said.

However, there is no doubt that it passed the previous work, and I do not know the previous work I, and I think that there were many people who knew the direction of II here. (Yuka, I produced fewer units, and the housing life was also shorter.

Although there are things that the character is also a real machine base, in that sense it is said that it can be said that it can also be said that this is also unavoidable compared to the space harrier 's personally rich enemy character group. The enemies also had many characters of MIG and Su motifs, and in that sense I understand that they were considerably studying weapons.

Thanks to the advent of NAMCO 's "Ace Combat" later, this work was completely buried in history, but it is no doubt that this work is the best work of the late 80's of such charm of 3D flight shooting .

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