[Game]Yes! Precure 5

CERO:A(For all ages)
Other media: Anime:Yes!precure5 / Comics:Yes! Precure 5
Game total pnts rank Rank 5,448in 6,205 titlesTotal -2 / Deviation 46.84
Game rank of 2007 Rank 190in 230 titles
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Japan Released:2007/11/29(Thu) Nintendo DS
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1. http://www.b.bngi-channel.jp/ds_precure5/ (Translation)
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2013/01/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25733 Browser: 5829
I recently bought it because I saw it at a second - hand shop, but this is a hidden unreasonable game.
It is not so famous because of the object to be purchased and the play subjects are limited, but I feel a little "too much bad" "typical carague".
Or, although it was written in the first place as "genre: action", it is a simulation game regardless of what you think, it is too difficult for girls to take (even adults are pretty damn).

First of all, it is difficult to have a time limit even though it is a simulation game.
Even while watching terrain, the timer moves at the upper left during the transformation scene that should be a forced movie, and it gets irritated.
As the number of friends increases, it becomes only an obstacle to collapse the more time, and the stage to play with three people is easiest to do. There are characters that are not used at all by two people.
Anyway, it is unpleasant and unavoidable that time is being eaten by these turns. It takes quite a while for the action of "doing nothing".

There is a possibility that this will be damaged when it comes to time over, but this time more and more time decreases. It may take one or two hours to clear one stage, but the time limit will be over in about five minutes or ten minutes.
It is obviously a time that is too short for the content, and enemies are hard to repeat for hours.
When it comes to the latter stage, irritated sticks to avoid enemy attacks become difficult, and fluctuate to difficulty level where you want to throw.

After that, I have to write a sign with touch and earn a score, but for girls the time to write the sign is too short.
Even if I carefully write it, it will only end, it is bad (especially when it is good) at the top left when I have items with "time double".
It takes pressure only with transformation, and it also takes time. 99 points in the middle were dead, but since I never saw 100 points, it would be 99 full marks ... (thanks to the score being quite halfway).
The transformation ends with a cursive writing of "PM (Precure Metamorphose)", but since it is three letters leading to Special Move, there is no room to write politely.
Especially the cure rouge which contains the cursive "R" is hard to put out a deathblow.

Because I came along in the main part, the story is quite incomplete.
It is an annoying existence just to get in the way on the stage seriously, not reaching the settlement with the enemy executive who comes out every time as a result of an obstructive enemy executive. I almost hated Mr. Bumby.
Attack is generally good because avoidance is easy (except Bumby rocket), if you move it becomes a damage to your army by interfering, or you want to join a combo, it becomes a shield and it is seriously disturbing.
Even if you reduce the damage gauge it will revive again, so I do not know what it really is for the system.
Even if one's own HP gauge goes to 0, the enemy will live whether it will be 0 or HP gauge will die, but it will be cleared only after dumping into a place such as the finish area.

It is hard to introduce enemies into the finish area.
Anyway the enemy repeats the time earning so as not to enter the finish area.
Even if you are trying to invite me, I will escape to a place where no one is there, and if I try to pursue, I will not go to the finish area at all in order to blow away to a strange place.
Every time I have to escape near the finish area and repeat the strategy that I brought close for an hour.

In the story there is no operation explanation at all. You can not do without seeing the instruction manual.
Even in its instruction manual, Nuts sends false advice such as "Let's use cooperation well", so it is important to be aware (there is no way to use a poor cooperative system like that).

I think that it is also the worst factor of Gashapon of the pinky element of the bonus element.
It is really hard to say that you have to arrange as many as 55 pinkies with a bunch of dubbing.
You earn your score and use it on Pinky Gacha and it will turn around hundreds of times.
Or, there are already 11 pinkies and so on, there are still about 2 vacancies.

Well, there are plenty of interesting elements such as goodness of graphics including executives and each coiner, attacks making full use of coiners' personalities (although it is strange that there is a strange personality only for coyers although there is no individuality with every precure) .
After that, it is so ... It is interesting to enter the store and talk with pretty cure and fairies.
It is good to be able to speak as "a single customer" without touching the sex and age.
Everyone is honorific because it is a customer, so it will be able to cope with any player.

The game system is the worst, but as it is, there is a good part so I will keep it "very bad".
It is not a game for children.