[Game]Wizardry - Seimei no Kusabi -

CERO:B(For more than 12 years old)
Other media: Anime:Wizardry / Comics:Wizardry
Game total pnts rank Rank 2,894in 6,208 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 48.15
Game rank of 2009 Rank 91in 175 titles
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Japan Released:2009/11/19(Thu) Nintendo DS
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1. http://www.genterprise.jp/wizardry/ (Translation)
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2016/09/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5395 Host:5542 Browser: 5171
Amateurs and players under elementary school students are getting easier to hand out.
This is what I realized firstly when I played this work.

The contents are "Wizardry" arranged for DS users.

When you actually play, the main characters deeply related to the leading character and the story are prepared from the beginning, and the tutorial of the opening stage,
There are unexpected developments such as characters that I thought as enemies have developed, spells are all made with consideration to DS main users such as English names,
After past the tutorial, the original idea is included while leaving the original real pleasure in the past such as enemies become strong like a lie, lighting the torch's light with a touch pen, and using another screen.

However, the system changes to a system that buys skills at the store, skills that can be set at a time are limited, and there is only one kind of graphic of the created character for each tribe and sex, until the main character and the story character can be removed from the party It takes time, etc.,
Thanks to the producer's idea and additional functions, the tightening has become tight, and we can not deny that it has resulted in damaging the likeness of "Wizardry".

Therefore, the evaluation is "good".

2010/05/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1494 Host:1398 Browser: 10709
It is a Wizardry DS version released exclusively on Amazon.
Dungeon capture at six parties, charm of items available from treasure boxes,
I think that dungeons, characters, monsters' visuals were good.
Trap that solves the mystery of the dungeon with a stylus pen and stops when it does not proceed timely ....
It was attractive that the difficulty level was high.

But this work was pity. truly.
Whether the character is fixed and the hero is also set, there are some resistance to fans from the first generation Wizardry who likes character making RPG and the first generation Wizardry.
Even if we say character making, there are only five types of graphics (human, elf, dwarf, gnome, pokle) and it is a shame that it is impossible to remove the fixed hero until we clear the main part.
However, although it was salvation that there are no characters that are unpleasant for fixed characters .....
Wizardry himself makes characters and acts at six parties,
Imagine yourself what kind of adventure you will enjoy.
I thought that the free action was difficult to do.

Just because there seems to be no concept of "lost" until the second half, I wonder if this was saved.
Lost is a state where it fails in resuscitation from death, becomes ash and then fails resuscitation at ash ... that is, there is no state in other games such as disappearance of character data, it is horrible.
When I played the Wizardry series in the past, when the character died and made me resuscitate, I cooled down.

Well this work may be suitable for people who play Wizardry for the first time and 3D Dungeon RPG for the first time.
I hope there will be a sequel to be released this summer.

Evaluation is "good" from "ordinary".