[Game]Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant

Game total pnts rank Rank 4,842in 6,208 titlesTotal 0 / Deviation 47.50
Game rank of 1993 Rank 170in 226 titles
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Game element-1.50(Bad)2
Graphic-2.00(Very bad)2
Music-2.50(Very bad)2
Difficulty3.00(Most difficult)2
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IBM PC-98 FMTOWNS Playstation Sega Saturn Windows
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Japan Released:1993
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2012/05/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24151 Host:24136 Browser: 10983
The feature of No. 1 in this work is that the difficulty level is "unusual" height, and that pursuing "reality" too much.

[Points that can be either good or bad]
.NP Characters are acting in real time with players, and commitment and conversation changes according to favorability. In some cases, however, they often get deprived of the contents of the treasure chest, sometimes they have to do hunting for NPs (this is actually a lot of trouble because contact with NP characters is random) If you do, it may be attacked suddenly, and in this city it has become a field map from this work, even the danger may be felt from outside.
Regarding the change of time, reality is pursued also in this work, there is a time to open depending on time. However, strict time is ambiguous and often takes time and labor to repeat visits.
The degree of freedom is quite high, thinking how to do oneself can actively move. However, this is a "pitfall" and one of the factors that makes the difficulty high. Each quest has little advice, first of all, it is "not", so you have to think everything yourself, and it is extremely difficult to clear it. It will be packed unless we take action taking into account that each power situation complicates intertwining.
I mentioned the preamble, but there are many states of packing. NP entanglement makes it impossible to obtain key items, you can save anywhere, and you will be forced to do over by forced battle. Therefore, depending on how to save it is a waste of many hours.
Like the previous work VI, you can save and rest at any time anywhere you like. But I want you to be attacked even if you are resting in an inn (wry smile) There is no point in buying a key by paying money ... Even if you write in VI the same way, if there are too many rest, it may lead to a gradual decrease in motivation.

[Bad point]
Even just entering the first town from the start point took several hours, the severity that annihilation will be annihilated several times if it plays normally.
Characters are not readable, BGM is not.
Map is difficult to see.
Loading is somewhat long, depending on the map is kept waiting with frequent loading.
Like the previous work VI, the platform shifts to PS, the dot of CG is coarse.
Potions and rolls are too high compared to weapons and protective gears, so it can not be purchased for a while.
Appraisal commands do not make much sense, even if you get a new item the effect is unknown and usage tends to be limited. I often check the effect while saving.
If the swimming skill level is low, it is still known that drowning will be drowned, but it can not be convinced that it can be a fountain in the city.
Late in the early stage because there is a lack of means to revive the dead, the load will be frequent, eventually the save will be down every battle. Even VI did not have to do so, bad rhythm.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because the inheritance system was not attached to this work which was originally the sequel of VI, the balance was bad, and this was also a thing that pushes up the difficulty level to the same level as the degree of freedom. In other words, I think that the perfection degree as a ported version is rather low. Still, although there are many negative aspects, I think that it is a level that can be safely referred to as Ryosaku because the specifications that are worth the effort surpass it, for those who are at a certain level of level. (Since there are places where it can be convinced for Ku-Gee treatment for beginners of WIZ, evaluation of evaluation by subtracting that point)