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CERO:A(For all ages)
Game total pnts rank Rank 5,815in 6,117 titlesTotal -4 / Deviation 46.20
Game rank of 2009 Rank 163in 172 titles
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Playstation 2 PlayStation 3 Wii Windows
Japan Released:2009/04/02(Thu) Playstation 2 PlayStation 3
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1. http://www40.atwiki.jp/wpwpc/
2. http://www.keibamania.com/
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1. http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/keiba/wpw/ (Translation)
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2013/08/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7334 Host:7259 Browser: 4936
It is an ambitious work in which significant improvement has been added to the signboard title of the horse racing game as the eighth work, but it has a big problem.
However, it is a title that you can enjoy enough if you devise how to play.

Improvements and Problems Added elements of Jean Jockey and Hose Breaker (Jockeye editor training) in WP.
The result is a horse racing game definite version, although the content has been simplified a lot, the tempo of the game is bad and it takes over eight hours a week.

Like the power pro's success mode, play for weeks and challenge the world mode by gathering three kinds of trained characters last. Although this system itself is very interesting, it is broken because the game tempo of (jockeo editor training) is bad.
In addition, trainer editorials are only degraded horse owners who have to perform troublesome operations, and the existence itself is questioned.

(Jockeo edition training trainer edition) I think that this game got bigger if you tried to simplify these two, further random elements, and make it possible to play in 2-4 hours a week as in horse owner mode. It is regrettable.

About the degree of difficulty It is very difficult if there is no item name horse card. Especially when you chose the first rider's training trainer
Even if it clears with 10 hours or more being cleared, items are not obtained and points are not added and it tends to be a vague result.
In jockey mode it straddles the least popular horses and loses streaks in conditional warfare. Synchronization genius setting character gorgeously
He played active part in G1 and met idol and enjoyed life. The synchronous female jockey who eventually thought of the hero nervously to a genius ... The hero quietly finished the activities of two years quietly and changed jobs to a drinking chain store as a horse industry. A person who likes role-playing may be a little addicted to it.

How to play comfortably?
Elementary school students are allowed to be permitted easy mode! There is also a story that I think that I can use it for the first time in this game.
Mainly owner's mode which you can play repeatedly with short span in easy mode until you get item fame cards. It is still comfortable if you play the jockey knitting trainer edition after items and points are ready.

The acquisition of strengthening items which is one of the main points of game strategy is many unreasonable obtaining conditions like a bad Gallego. For that reason it is painful to play unless you grasp the source of the item at the strategy site etc.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It becomes a play of the owner play main body which can be basically done. There is no event especially in the world mode.
For that reason I will recommend Winning Post 7 2010 or later to those who are not experienced winning posts or have not done it for a long time. (Because the sound commentary is loaded on and after 2010) (Winning Post head owner is only owner owner mode)

About postscript Winning Post World 2010

I bought it although 2010 is seeing landmines and rumors. The only conclusion is that it is exactly the same game as Muji.

2009/11/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26760 Host:26841 Browser: 2256
Stress is badly accumulated.

Because it is because we have to repeat the story mode three kinds to be disgusting in order to play the world mode like before.

There are quite a few items "items" including Famous cards,
Even if it is obvious that you can not get it unless you clear all the conditions, that condition is troublesome.
Before the conditions of obtaining no hints there is not any easy feeling at all.

However, to obtain items etc, there is no other choice but to repeat.

Nevertheless it will naturally get bored if you repeat it many times.
Moreover, there is only the volume of the extent that every story is bored easily.
Rather than being stressed, I get bored, I hate it, I think it's better to give up.

However, in addition to something, what is called "ability" is defined, and if you think to make proper characters and horses, you must repeat play and continue to win items.
Even though there may be separate elements for the recruitment, is there a person who is doing that fulfilling ...?

Personally it hurts to loop through from the year 1983 to the end of 2008 also the world mode which is the main part.
Before the overwhelming ability of Ma'ama, the production horse can not win a little or softly.
Even if you do your best, impossible talk, it is easier and more advantageous to have real horses.

However, if it continues many times, the pleasure of making your own efforts and making new horses will be drastically reduced.
Motivation does not rise any more, until now it was good as it became free afterwards ....
Fuma is a fuss because it only appears for a moment, but it will crush when it appears so many times.

There are quite a few unfortunate things that it is hard to work around menu screen etc.
Even though the picture got better as well and I got the sound in the live show ....

It is good that the number of occupations to play has increased, that various competence values 〓〓〓〓〓ave become finer,
I am afraid that I must keep doing the same work over and over like this.
And even if you struggle, the production horse will not be an opponent in front of the fare.

I would like everything to be "easy to do" for the next time.

2009/06/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50367 Host:50217 Browser: 5600
If you do not acquire the Deep Impact's Famous card, you will not be talking about, World Mode that loops from 1983 to 2008,
Only the holes stand out.
This is the impression that I played this work.

The work itself is a scenario mode in which he plays for two years in a job chosen from among the owner, trainer, and jockey,
After clearing the scenario mode, the characters raised in the scenario mode are configured in the world mode that can be used,
Raise friendship with acquaintances and peers, generate events, win over actual horses running in the same race,
It is the content saying that the owner horse will meet the conditions such as becoming a triple crown and collect items and the name cards.

The content of the owner's play is required for repaying all debts within 2 years, saying that it is 30 million yen for the first year and the full amount for the second year.
Jockey play raises his or her own abilities, while keeping event digestion, secures riding horse by raising friendship of stakeholders,
In the content saying to clear hurdles saying 10 wins in the first year and 30 wins in the second year,
Also in the race between the start and the goal it was impossible to see the image of Jean Jockey as saying that you do not need to do almost anything except save the energy of the horse.
Trainer play is a rule to manage consigned horses such as breeding of horses, selection of departure races, and to win 20 wins over two years,
It was undeniable that the idea for raising the motivation of the player was lacking such that the functional aspect such as training was different from the hose breaker. .

Moreover, once you clear the scenario mode, you can take over the added points from the next play,
The creation of the work itself which has to play the scenario mode many times to raise the ability of the character highlighted the lack of idea.