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Game total pnts rank Rank 4,281in 6,208 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.82
Game rank of 2005 Rank 185in 262 titles
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Playstation 2 Windows
Japan Released:2005/08/25(Thu)
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2009/06/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1789 Host:1646 Browser: 6399
A game in which I lost sight of what game I am doing.
I think that there is such a thing, I think that this is an evolutionary system of "Thoroughbred breeder". Clearly compared with the previous winning post, I feel like I have gone to a different world than the winning post that I am seeking differently.
I played everything from 1 to 7, I've played about the total playing time hundreds of hours I do not know, but it was a winning post that was frustrating for the first few years of playing.

2008/06/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12252 Host:12376 Browser: 2256
I think that it is a game that can be enjoyed even for horse racing lovers and for horse racing amateurs.

As the owner, you can run and expand pastures, raise horses, buy at the garden or the street,
You can give your name, seed, pick race to go out, decide the degree of training and rest interval,
It is a game where you choose matches and harnesses, occasionally buy bellseats, etc.

As a main story, from 1984 Symborg Dolph,
It is mainly recorded up to Deep Impact Three Crowns in 2005.
Unfortunately we do not have vodka and so on,
If you do not know the history of horse racing, you know it's good to know, I think it's a recommendable content.

There is also a horse racing vocabulary dictionary, so it is becoming apparent to beginners of horse racing.
I think that I can win well by listening to the trainer's opinion and making a horse or a horse in Honny.
Forbidden Hand If you purchase a betting ticket, you will not be bothered by money.
However, thinking if you get used to it, I think that it is fun to mingle a horse.

I will be looking forward to what kind of horses are born and what kind of breeding will be done next time,
It will be pleasant if self-produced horses grow and become popular, winning on the stage of G1.
You can make your own original jockey yourself, but it is good that the combination runs behind the cheering at this Baba entrance.
When I overturned the downside, it is a guts pose as to what I have seen it.

You can buy and grow existing horses. However, it is not bad to challenge.
Personally, I enjoyed Seiensukai in special weeks, El-Condor Pasar's "strongest generation" in Grasswonder was fun. I can not win at all (laugh).
Somehow, I thought it was up to Theme Operaor to be a flower.

I think that it is also interesting to make horses such as vodka and Victory after themselves.
Because it is possible to form quite unreasonable rotation, the tremendous G1 hose is not a dream.
Long loading is a bit a bottle neck.

For those who love horse racing, beginners, those who do not know horse racing but are interested,
I think that it is a series work that I can recommend to everyone.

2006/07/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45659 Host:45778 Browser: 5234
While inheriting the previous system, it is characterized by being able to play from the symbolic dolph era.
In the pedigree table of the race horse, names of old-fashioned horse races such as Hyperion, Sea Bird as written in Mr. Koichi Yamano's book line up, and it is conspicuous that it specializes somewhat for mania.
After King Kamehameha, Deep Impact comes out, the ease of playing, ease of fitting can be guaranteed for those with conspicuous things such as becoming exactly the same as the previous work.