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Game rank of 1998 Rank 132in 277 titles
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Macintosh Playstation Sega Saturn
Japan Released:1998/12/11(Fri) Windows
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1. http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/products/products/ee/Rlwp4.htm (Translation)
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2011/08/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19443 Host:19291 Browser: 10238
It is an impression of PS2 version MAX 2001. Play time is over 300 hours.
It is good that this work is abundant overseas races and does not bother with rote and it is difficult to crush their own horses.
It is also good to target the European crown and the Three Crown of America.
Advice from trainers and secretaries was also pretty polite, and it was good to see which horse to choose, such as when entering a stall or the like.
Although it is not realistic, it is good that it is easier to grasp the state of the horse by seeing the graph of horse's fatigue degree condition.
The music was very good and there were scenes in the scene, so it was nice to hear.

Game balance is improved in all aspects compared to past works.
First of all, if the growth of the horse is premature, if it is premature but there is late premature, it does not mean that you can not play an active role if you become an old horse uniformly without the original ability relation like the previous work, Changes that can also be active (may not be able to play an active part, of course) are interesting because they do not become one pattern.

And the race scene is very good. The movement of the racehorse was quite real and I was surprised at that time.
Camera work at the time of circling, the timing at the other scene and the reinsuling of the jockey were also excellent.
The defense before the last goal was also awesome as there were various violent tapping with several heads beside a vivid goal scraping and escape, a victory over the tossing and others.

The place where it was bad is frequent occurrence of clogging the front with a straight line regardless of the arm of the jockey. (It is the best when it is not clogged before ... ...)
Most of the defeat other than the horse 's ability is stressful here.
It is attached to the middle stage and clogged in front, but despite of being forced to break open, it falls to the end of the last direction and it is 5 times to go after the last 100 meters straightforwardly.
In actual horse racing it will only be packed for a few seconds, but this game is packed for 5 seconds,
It was a problem of being clogged many times on a straight line (four races and five times sometimes in one race). In real horse racing it is impossible riding of riots.
Honestly it was absolutely good to go all the way outdoors.
And although the ability of the horseman's Taketoke is the best, it was disappointing that it was so far apart that it was not so much to fight for reading or not on riding horse.

The evaluation was the highest except having the defect of the front clogging. Because it has serious faults it made it very good as the previous work.
It is awesome if there is nothing there.

2009/04/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45221 Host:45233 Browser: 5599
From this work around, I began to realize that this series exceeded Davista.

Depending on whether "mental power" is high or low, it greatly affects the race of the expedition to Kanto, Kansai,
When "wisdom" is low, unevenness of horse's condition is uneven and it becomes an extreme race content, such as suitability for a slope,
The work itself is comparable to the sixth and seventh works, as seen in infrastructure of the ranch and fragmentation of parameters of horses and event diversification.

In breeding race horses, triple knicks who wrested in the previous work, eight heads before the third in the pedigree are composed of more than six types of parental lines, with blood flow activated with a fine lineage, goodbye combination Puzzle-like character, which involves other compositional theories, is strengthened,
Functional aspects were also substantial as saying that it became possible to let the club take over the horse that had been released at the time of new horse registration by the club establishment event,
The goal setting became easier according to the event.

However, a horse that can win many overseas races from the opening part is easily born, the owner of the club does not run the race suitable for the horse's ability,
Difficulty and CPU thinking routine had considerable problems.