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2. EUROPEAN CLUB SOCCER Winning Eleven Tactics
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Playstation Playstation 2 PlayStation 3 PSP GAMECUBE Wii Game Boy Adobans Nintendo DS XBOX360 Windows Arcade Application software
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Japan Released:1995/07/21(Fri) Playstation "J League Jikkyo Winning Eleven"
Japan Released:1996/03/15(Fri) Playstation "World Soccor Winning Eleven"
Japan Released:1996/11/22(Fri) Playstation "J League Jikkyo Winning Eleven97"
Japan Released:1997/06/05(Thu) Playstation "World Soccor Winning Eleven97"
Japan Released:1998/05/28(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:1998/11/22(Sun) Playstation
Japan Released:1998/12/03(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:1999/09/02(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:2000/06/29(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:2000/08/24(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:2000/11/30(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:2001/03/15(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2001/06/21(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2001/10/25(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2001/12/13(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2002/04/25(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2002/04/25(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:2002/04/25(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2002/04/25(Thu) Game Boy Adobans
Japan Released:2002/09/19(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2002/09 Arcade
Japan Released:2002/10/10(Thu) GAMEBOY
Japan Released:2002/10/10(Thu) Game Boy Adobans
Japan Released:2000/12/12(Tue) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2003/01/30(Thu) GAMECUBE
Japan Released:2003 Arcade
Japan Released:2003/08/07(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2003/12/11(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2004/02/19(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2004/08/05(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2004/11/18(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2004/12/19(Sun) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2005/03/25(Fri) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2005/08/04(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2005/09/15(Thu) PSP
Japan Released:2005/11/17(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2005/12/19(Mon) Application software
Japan Released:2006/04/26(Wed) Arcade
Japan Released:2006/04/27(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2006/05/15(Mon) Application software
Japan Released:2006/08/04(Fri) Application software
Japan Released:2006/11/22(Wed) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2006/11/02(Thu) Nintendo DS
Japan Released:2006/12/14(Thu) PSP
Japan Released:2006/12/14(Thu) XBOX360
Japan Released:2007/03/01(Thu) Application software
Japan Released:2007/08/02(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2007/10/25(Thu) Nintendo DS
Japan Released:2007/10/26(Fri) Windows
Japan Released:2007/11/12(Mon) Playstation 2 PlayStation 3 XBOX360
Japan Released:2008/02/21(Thu) Wii
Japan Released:2008/02/07(Thu) Application software
Japan Released:2008/06/18(Wed) Application software
Japan Released:2008/07/31(Thu) Application software
Japan Released:2008/08/18(Mon) Arcade
Japan Released:2008/12/29(Mon) PlayStation 3 XBOX360
Japan Released:2009/01/29(Thu) Playstation 2 PSP
Japan Released:2009/05/14(Thu) Wii
Japan Released:2009/08/06(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2009 Windows
Japan Released:2009/11/05(Thu) Playstation 2 PlayStation 3 XBOX360 PSP
Japan Released:2010/05/20(Thu) Playstation 2 PlayStation 3 XBOX360 PSP Wii
Japan Released:2010/08/05(Thu) Playstation 2
Japan Released:2010/11/18(Thu) Wii
Japan Released:2010 Playstation 2 PlayStation 3 XBOX360 PSP Wii
Japan Released:2010 Arcade
Japan Released:2010
Japan Released:2010
Japan Released:2010 Windows
Japan Released:2011 Playstation 2 PlayStation 3 PSP Wii
Japan Released:2011/02/26(Sat) 3DS
Japan Released:2011/11/03(Thu) Wii
Japan Released:2011 Windows
Japan Released:2011/12/08(Thu) 3DS
Japan Released:2011/12/19(Mon) Arcade
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1. http://park1.wakwak.com/~pfw/
2. http://park1.wakwak.com/~pfw/W9.htm
3. http://winning-guide.com/
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1. http://www.konami.jp/we/html/index.html (Translation)
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2013/03/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24937 Host:25061 Browser: 5829
[Total playing time]

Speaking of a soccer game this.
6, 7, 9, 2011, 2012 possessed.

[good point]
Reality is much higher than past works.
Master League and Bicamu A. Legend is GOOD
Match online is possible.
Even beginner games and soccer amateurs tactics settings and operations are simple,
It can be enjoyed at affordable price.
In addition, there are also feints and advanced technology, it is also possible to get involved.

[Bad point]
As you can play in a bird's - eye view of the entire screen, anyone can pass - work like Barca in any team. Therefore, the defense from the high position has little effect, inevitably retreats and protects it.
Foot fast players tend to be handy inevitably, in that sense the balance is bad.
Because the tactical setting is simple, it is impossible to pursue deep reality.
For example, 4-3-3 is the basic formation balsa.
The movement of the off-the-ball in 1 top that becomes Messi's decoy is hard to reproduce.
Positioning of wing players elsewhere. Suppress opponent DF line,
Reproduction of diagonal runs along the line is severe.
The main reason is listed in the first point of the bad point, but the defense of the team who intensifies the fore check is difficult to reproduce.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I want you to improve further and continue to make it even more fun.
Football actually gets tired, because you have to run a long distance, and since you treat balls with anything more than anything, inexperienced players actually enjoy playing and having a lot of hurds.
After all, baseball, volleyball, basketball are more suitable if inexperienced people enjoy it.
There are also such things, rather, only experienced people can enjoy it,
It was a strong sports image of the image, but I think that the number of people who were interested in football increased considerably through this game.
In that sense, I think that the contribution of this game to the football world is great.
I want you to create works that can be improved in the future.

2013/03/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 99 Host:193 Browser: 10317
[Total playing time]

[good point]
Two people play against ps 2 and ps 3 Unlike other soccer games Easy operation

[Bad point]
Feint monotonous
Poor poor communication of PSP multi play

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that other football games are more interesting.

2012/11/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7932 Host:7898 Browser: 9615
I think that it is interesting for football lovers, and the players' editability is also wonderful, but I just got tired of myself so in this evaluation ...
Since the system itself is good, you will be addicted if you like football

2011/12/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28183 Host:28287 Browser: 3430(Mobile)
I will post first in the game.
It is the evaluation of the Wi - Fi 2012 (PSP version).
Good point Introduction of new operation "no rotation FK".
The Japanese ability jumped up compared to the conventional one. (Especially Nagatomo)
Easy to do even for beginners because the operation method is simple.
To be able to blow friends with each other.
Master League & Vicam A Legend.
Presence of hidden characters.
Bad point The names of some teams and athletes are different. (Arsenal is Azegam though Miya shi belongs ...)
There is no German Bundesliga where there are many Japanese players.
There is a capability value that seems to be partially favorable.
Lauren Espa〓〓la of the 2010-11 season's score shoot accuracy of C. Ronaldo is 94 and Messi 2nd is 97 What is 97?
Overall Major soccer game in Japan.
I like myself more than the FIFA series.
My recommendation is Master League.
I am happy to be able to achieve both club management and fostering players.
I hope the introduction of Bundesliga in the next film.
Evaluation is "very good".

2011/09/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13618 Host:13725 Browser: 11752
[Total playing time]
Is it?

[good point]
It is not just passing the pass, but you can not win without proper strategy in accordance with real football, ability and appearance of each player.
Formation, how to move the players and instructions on the action level etc can be set finely.
[Bad point]
It is difficult to adjust the angle of the kick when shooting the shoot

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Initially, I fought against a strong country in Japan and continued to lose and it was frustrating. Because I myself have no experience of soccer, it was difficult to set up a strategy.
I just thought it was fun to watch on TV, so I bought it, but I think that it is the highest level as a game.

2011/07/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14213 Host:14249 Browser: 3450(Mobile)
Evaluation of 10 to 2011 play or less is 2011
[good point]
The graphics are very beautiful. The face of each player is exactly the same. It sounds like I'm watching TV broadcasts.
Many teams There are many clubs and national. There are also clubs in South America.
Mr. Nanami joined the commentary from the commentator now this work. If you add 1 person, you can enjoy it with a different commentary. Also, occasionally John = Kabira listens to Mr Kitazawa that it has nothing to do with the game, it is feeling that he is actually watching realistic football.
Individual 's abilities are created by grasping each person' s characteristics.
FK, such as no rotation and FK
Feint that increased significantly from this work. It is hard to memorize commands one by one, but if you use a faint combo it will do the feels you have chosen, so it's easy to do.
Moreover, it may be easy to decide if you can master non-rotation with FK. But depending on individual ability.
Incorporated elements
CL and so on, but there is also Master League and Vicamua A Legend and you can enjoy it all the time.
In online battles you can enjoy being selected as opponent close to your rate. There are also 2 VS 2 so we can fight online parties with friends.
It is also possible to see the results of friends not just against the match.
Updated players will be updated as a result of this transfer.
[Bad point]
There are no superstars of COM level from .2011
COM certainly weakens.
Movement other than the player you are manipulating This is a game, it can not be helped, but it will not move even if you know that the longitudinal path comes.
When you change the cursor it does not go to the player you want to move.
Master League 's online It seems like this is an act of cutting off the line of the other person. On the other hand, KONAMI seems to have taken no countermeasures.
Because there are additional balls in an unusual shape, I want you to roll irregularly rather than rolling like an ordinary ball. I thought that it will be exciting when doing with a large number if it does so.
[Point not to say either]
Directions of pass When you pass this way you have to point towards your ally, so it will only pass misses if you are not used to it. But thanks to that, I can make a path as I expected.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that this game is a fun soccer game that can be enjoyed considerably and the evaluation is "very good" from above points.

2011/01/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36185 Host:36078 Browser: 2057(Mobile)
[good point]
Elements of recruitment such as Bikam. A Legend, Master League, World Tour
I can fight with my friends
Beginners can also enjoy

[Bad point]
There is not much faint
There is no individual skill

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is the most realistic football game in Japanese history. Recently, I think that it is wonderful not only to play, but also to have various elements of convincing for single player play. However, I do not know how the most recent guy is, but if it is a while ago, there are not so many feats, although there are differences in personal capabilities etc, it is regrettable that there is no fascination with the game. For example, when Honda got personal skills such as using a non-rotating shoot, I felt it was even more interesting. But, because the game essence is wonderful, the rating is "highest".

2010/07/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16626 Host:16640 Browser: 6320
I entered senior high school and I got addicted.
Certainly the content of the game is monotonous, I get bored once,
It is such a game that time wants to do again when time goes by.

The operation is difficult at first, but for football games I get used to surprisingly quickly.

Surprisingly the strength of the players and the strength of the team are reproduced and I think that it is quite good.

Also it is good to be excited when playing against friends. Because there are not so many people who do not know football rules, it is good to be able to wow, including those who are watching.

That's why the evaluation is very good.

2009/12/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 208 Host:133 Browser: 8573
I ran 08 and 09, so I rated it

[good point]
You can enjoy soccer with big crowd.
Each player 's face is real
Many teams
I have a Japanese delegate
As the year increases the number of new elements will increase
I was moved by the goal

[Bad point]
The live commentary has not changed much
The operation method is not difficult but the movement is simple

[Elements I want to incorporate]
I want the movement to be real
I want the players' voices
I want you to change the live

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It certainly is getting better, but it has not evolved much.
Therefore evaluation is [very good].

2009/11/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28183 Host:28253 Browser: 2925(Mobile)
"good point"
Realistic football live performance Fantasista mode "Bad point"
There is no data of overseas team

"Comprehensive evaluation"
I have been doing it until 2007. My new work is only done once at my friend 's house. Both live and real are increasing rapidly. It is fun to be a player in Fantasista mode. It is a work that is unbearable for football fans.

2009/11/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7763 Host:7450 Browser: 8718
I have various series, but feeling of sense of humor ..
It is feeling that the freshness is gone

2009/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41572 Host:41699 Browser: 14203
[Total playing time]
I do not understand such a thing.

I think this work is just a soccer game, so I think that it will not change so much ... Actually there are truly Ryosaku and kimono.
Well, if you mention detailed information about it, it will be long, so I will tell you the whole thing.

-good point-
There are various things, but the place where the first place is "game soccer" as a game to play myself himself is such that there is really only about this game to express so far.
A lot of people of 11 football must make meaningful movements. If you move one by one like baseball it means that you can not play.
Eleven people are in danger of moving, so it is difficult to keep everyone alone.
Even though soccer games of the past have been specialized in nurturing and playing, there are many that only the whole goes up and down. However, it is Winning Eleven that reality is close to real.
Soccer fans are truly amazing.

- Bad point -
I have not been able to train at all recently (it was up to seven ??) ....
If you do to the place to do in the master league, there is nothing to do anymore.

Clearly speaking, there is almost no feint, so there is no point even if the technique is high. What I need is Foot Shoot, Speed, MF Pass, Speed 〓〓〓〓〓tc, DF is roughly determined as power etc but MF becomes a feeling quite frantic if it is a path to be asked for a technique (MF is overall It may be necessary for you)

The manner in which the foul is really taken is different depending on the game. Just a little pressed to be mocked.

Konami effect .....
Well, I understand that I have to move it without permission, but it has been broken a little, such as having a meaningless movement at some places.
Do not put anything meaningless. I can only say that.

- Overall rating -
It is clear that the Konami effect pulls the legs of this work.
However, it is not always good luck. Is not it a big achievement that a soccer fan made it possible to make football realistically in the game easily?
Evaluation is "good".

2009/07/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25881 Host:26185 Browser: 8456
[Total playing time]

It is 8 and 10 .... I bought it.

[good point]

It is evolving every time as spar robo.

It has good editing function.

[Bad point]

But editing is serious.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It will be NO1 in a soccer game.

2009/02/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6859 Host:7098 Browser: 3876
[Total playing time] 672 hours

[good point]
There are plenty of players and there are plenty of teams.

[Bad point]
The English premier league uniform is not the same as the real thing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
very good

2009/02/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16277 Host:16137 Browser: 2256
"2009" has appeared, but its evaluation.

In modes that consciously considers "FIFA" obviously "BECOME A LEGEND" and "LEGEND" mode,
Added "UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE" mode is the most attractive.

CL is directed director, the theme song is still intact,
It is recommended only for those who like it.

However, there are not some teams such as "Bundesliga" due to issues such as interests.
I think that it is hard to recommend to German lovers.

There are also pseudonym players and teams, but well, if you care about that, you can adjust everything yourself, so it might be a problem.

The "BECOME A LEGEND" mode is almost same as the "BE A PRO" mode of the "FIFA" game, but it is slightly inferior.

Because the ability value rises uniformly, I will not go as I expected.
Game assessment is also quite ambiguous.

There is also a fatal part about operability.

All enemies other than me are all CPUs, but they are quite foolish.
In 'BE A PLO' of 'FIFA', 'short' and 'through' can be selected for 'PASS REQUIRED', but here is only one button, one choice is possible.

Because it is a substitute "R2 twice rapidly", it is hard to do terribly.
Since the CPU will issue a short pass when I want a through, I will come over.
I have the impression that overall operability is still not good either yet.

But "BE A PLO" is in 4 seasons, but here you can play until you retire, so you can do as much as you like.

A good impression that clubs and representatives can enjoy at the same time can be enjoyed twice at once.

I think that it would be better if you want to enjoy international fighting.
Lecture. Variation of commentary has increased somewhat, but basically it gets tired immediately (laugh).
Since overall operability is also personal, it may not be bad so far.

Is it easy to play as a "game"?
If you want "simulation", "FIFA" is recommended.

2009/02/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19730 Browser: 7787(Mobile)
Because my satisfaction differs depending on the series, it is difficult to evaluate unequivocally ...
Is operability the best in the series?
I asked for realism too much, and the operability of the main was bad.
It was a new challenge like Japan Challenge?

[Points for improvement]
〓〓〓 I want you to stop players' pseudonyms.
〓〓〓 It seems that techniques-based players are getting a bit less user-friendly. So, you will end up using Speed 〓〓〓〓〓amp; Power players by all means.
〓〓〓 Somewhat, the evaluation of young athletes is too strict? Certainly, it may be unavoidable because players have become able to grow.
〓〓〓 Reality, I am fascinated by graphics, I feel that the essential operability is getting worse.
〓〓〓 Transferring becomes extremely difficult if you change the difficulty level of transfer negotiation with MAX in the master league. I would like you to think a little more difficult.
6: commentator Uzai LOL haha 〓〓〓〓〓he same thing too>> <I want to increase variations

There is nothing to do except the master league ??
For example, in a mode of becoming a single player (my life in power pro) or over the course of four years, becoming the national coach of one country, nurture a team for the World Cup ??
I think that it is a wonderful football game, but I can not help feeling a rut.
I want some change.

2008/07/20 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2850 Host:2954 Browser: 4984
[good point]
The super J sapo specification makes it far more realistic than before The fact that the J version can change the record with his own hand in the same team as the previous work (player name, team name is not considered)
[Bad point]
The same commentary as you all say the same thing that the name is different from the actual team (eg Intel Nasio Now)
Saying a different commentary name (eg McLester Yurai Set etc)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Everything is different far from the previous work, so it's" good "It is real. Fantasista. League. Cup. Edit (Taka all www)
The previous work and the team emblem are also different (?).
Well, if you want a point 100 points, if it's a rating it's great ...

2008/07/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8320 Host:8260 Browser: 2256
Needless to say, I think that it is a masterpiece even in a soccer game.

However, even if it becomes next generation aircraft, the graphics are still unsatisfied, to be honest.
I feel that there are many players with different faces, places where roughness stands out, or where there seems to be strange movements, so I think that there are many points that can be examined more realistically.

The live commentary and commentary are just saying useless things, or there are many things that are irrelevant,
I do not feel the necessity of current live broadcasting.
I would like you to correspond more on a case by case.
In this sport, it will be very difficult,
Otherwise, I can not catch up with the live action and it is not even personally.

Football is a very fluid sport.
I do not think that operability to seek reality is bad at all.
However, since it is fluid, super play and techniques that occur,
Behavior and motion are infinite and I do not think they are catching up with the game very much.

Rather, mysterious behavior and meaningless phenomena occur,
There are times when I feel that the bug is more hidden.
The live-action picture is still a few steps upwards, if it is going to be a reality,
I want you to make it even more thorough.

The surrounding environment, that is, the production at the stadium, the depiction of the audience, the change of the tension,
I wonder if we can put more emphasis on making air at the stadium.
After playing EURO 2008 and so on, we are disappointed with the low tension of the hall.

As in the case of EURO, the announce call of the stadium entered greatly at the time of substitution,
The audience responded to it and it was full of excitement, supporters who had a unique appearance,
Would not it be okay for me to flatter it with my national anthem and be more varied and colorful?
It is probably not the only stadium effect or anything like a smoke cylinder.

I think that there are still many parts that must be improved and evolved yet.
Even with the latest work, I'm lonely that I only play Masters League.
In any case, I think that there may be something in the mode of strengthening the national team for the 4 years including the World Cup.

Playing soccer itself is fun,
Personally I feel that live-actions are many times fun.
I hope it will become so early.

It is a game you can recommend as a soccer game.

2008/05/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6332 Host:6150 Browser: 7395
[good point]

Graphics are beautiful and real.
[Bad point]
Where all players are not real names. Since there are few patterns in the live commentary and commentary, I just talk about the same thing.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Basically I like the J league better than the world. Since operation is not too difficult, you can enjoy without stress. Especially the Master League is interesting.
Because I can collect only my favorite players, I forget time and become crazy.
I definitely think that it is the best soccer game.

2008/01/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1181 Host:1022 Browser: 5978
Note: This is a review of 2008 (PS2).

[good point]
It is now a few soccer games.
Feint is quite substantial.
Motion is real.

[Bad point]
Fake name team, many players. I'd like the real name of the Bundesliga and Premier soon.
When the pitch reporter changes the player, he says only his number as a player name instead of "a player with a number of 〓〓〓〓〓〓(jersey) and seems to throw a player of 〓〓〓〓〓〓instead. I want you to talk about the player name.
How to choose a stadium is strange. Kashima Football Stadium, Sapporo Dome, Dell, etc. There are few European stadiums such as Old Trafford (which was in old work), Allianz and Arena to record extra stadium such as Alpi.
I can not make all teams participate in the master league.
There is growth of the players but there is nothing like adding special abilities or spreading positions.
Bundesliga is not Bayern but Munich.
The setting of the lawn of the stadium contradicts the reality. (How to cut the vertical type, round stadium etc.)
Players may slide arbitrarily and take a foul and receive cards.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is the best work in the soccer game you've done so far.

2008/01/09 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12511 Browser: 3034(Mobile)
I think that it is good as a soccer game such as beautiful graphics, but after all the soccer game does not replace it.

I can not see a novel system etc with roughly the same feeling. Well it may be a fate of a soccer game, but I want something innovative

2008/01/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53635 Host:53525 Browser: 5234
Play from 6 FEVO to 9.

Well it is a work with high completeness only to be proud to be a No 1 soccer game.
Every series has its drawbacks.
The movement of the video and the player is real. In addition, fine points such as captain setting and formation setting are well created.
There are plenty of modes you can play.
Especially the best match with friends!

There is a wave in the series thing by the judgment of a foul in a bad place.
Players and club teams are not real names.
The live commentary is John entirely, Kabira's point. Well I do not dislike Kabila, but the same thing is the same every time ....
The performance of GK also depends on the series gods and even when it is comparable to elementary school students.
Explanation and use of live commentary. When you play for more than 50 hours you must always freeze or have a mistake in processing.

6FEVO was the first Wi-Fi series I purchased.
Overall it was the best.
First of all, it is good to reproduce the appearance of Japanese national football players.
EA's football game "2002 FIFWORLDCUP" I bought for the first time is too bad.
It was also good to have reproduced the hairstyle of "Beckham" which broke big in Japan at the 2002 World Cup and kick motion etc.
I felt the foul judgment the most fairly.
Evaluation is "highest".

On the other hand, 7 is the best brush.
Compared with 6 EVO, the players 'faces are not very similar, and Korean uniforms have been reproduced, but the players' names are not real names and their appearances are not altogether altogether.
And the shot from the previous work does not go to the frame and the foul judgment by sliding is too severe!
Even if I accidentally hit it later, the red cards are just amusing anything! In addition, the hands joined from this work are also 〓〓
Even if you pass before the other goal with a long pass, it will ruin your hand.
The response of GK is similar to elementary school students.
Evaluation is "very bad"

7 INT is better than normal 7.
Japanese players also joined new players such as Yoichi Doi, and the hand judgment also decreased.
The sliding judgment was also relaxed a little.
Evaluation is "ordinary".

8 was good next to 6 FEVO.
First the appearance of the players was better than seven, the referee was placed on the pitch, and the movements of the players became more realistic.
Also the biggest feature is that all club teams in Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands have become real names.
GK is somewhat god-honored, but I felt good just for me.
Master league also got involved quite a bit.
Evaluation is "very good".

9 happened to win a magazine sweepstakes.
The movement of GK became real compared with 8. Also commentary changed from Kitasawa Goat from Tetsuo Nakanishi.
Well say something does not change much ....
Certainly England's Arsenal & Chelsea real names.
Compared to just 8, the sliding judgment becomes sweet and conversely the usual foul is taken well, so the game will not proceed smoothly.
Obviously the timing to let the foul flow is strange.
Regarding free kicks too, if you cross the wall of DF you go to the frame often but you can not cross the mid-wall.
Japan representative challenge mode of this work is also weak because Japan is weak.
Also master stance is bad compared to previous work.
The ability of players to rise and fall too much.
Evaluation is "good".

2008/01/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I am still playing 9, but I think 9 is the best possible compared to 6, 7 and 8.
Something like 6, 7 is too light to remember 64 games.
9 think that it may be real that there is not too light that point.

And I hear that the foul is awful, but I can think only that it is keeping the X button depressed (or 〓〓〓button).
I want to do a new work if I get the chance.

2007/10/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Total playing time] Have you done 100 hours or not

[Good point] My favorite is the world version of 8. (It is not live wearing) It was operating, it was very comfortable. Speed 〓〓〓〓〓as just right. I also thought that the computer's ability was too expensive, but it was fun. There were not many people around with my friends (it might be because my friend was few) so I could not do much.

[Bad point] It is movement of 9. Compared with 8, suddenly the movement got worse. It was honest disillusionment for this. Whether it will change so much with just one change. Besides, I can only aim for the goal in the middle ... I understand that I am bad at all. Still, in 8, we could not do what we could do. And at ten ... ... (chairperson)

[Comprehensive evaluation] There is only the first place in the football game, each time the quality is high.
However, there is too much difference for each version. Also, we do not need strange correction of the computer. It is impossible. This ... is a bad point, is not it? Even if the quality is low, I think that it is a good work if you think about it because it is this work.
With 8 movements, I'd like you to make 11 pieces of work.

2007/09/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The best football game to keep evolving. From 8 onwards, the real name team increases and it is more incandescent.

I feel I saw a completion of 10 in 10. The change in operability is useless, but I want the foul standard to be a little more constant. It is good that the criteria are slightly different by the referee, but the variation of this is amazing. Ito's not possible to say.

The fantasist mode added in 2007 will be considered successful. A game you want the evolution to continue in the future.

2007/08/07 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Although it was relaxed somewhat compared with 9, the severity of the effect has remained the same as 10, which had a pale expectation as a world cup year.

Off-the-ball movement is too bad. Rather, I think that there is no concept of off-the-ball in this game. Even if you make space, it does not run quite well. When going to take the ball of the through pass, he wraps around behind the enemy DF or takes a detour. If people do not move, it will not be possible to have dynamic interlocking football, and such a slick football can not be interesting.

I do not want you to stop taking up the referee .... Although it is blowing whistle just by lightly touching, I do not blame you for the fact that the CPU is scratching from behind deeply. Also, sometimes I wonder how to cancel the player's action and do not make fun of it. Is not this a serious vicious act against the user?

It is a fact that it is too easy if there is no effect but it is a fact, but I think that there is a possibility of becoming a masterpiece if it becomes possible to adjust the difficulty level by strengthening AI, not cutting down the motivation of the player.

You will be headed off the user if you are just scolded. Konami.

2006/11/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I have only Jean league 9 last year but I can register with my favorite team or play against my friends but especially when the referee is in a battle with a computer opponent is taking a foul and too much and you and the enemy's pass system, pass speed It was quite dissatisfied that the difference between the enemies was better and the body balance was better like sliding. I can not even have a counter and it is the worst. Path system of the enemy's heading at the time of competing at the goal kick is too good, and it is not good for positioning as there is no short course pass course at the time of the game and FK, even if it is hung on the legs, it takes a foul when the system is in place, Because I take advantage advantage when I'm killing, I get frightened seriously, I want you to be able to roll to the enemy so that the loose ball can be impossible. I know if the through pass is also intercepted But it is too much to pass through to the enemy in front of my eyes There are too many things to pass with the keeper I know that there is a thing to remove the shoot one by one and I know that it will be removed with a bolt in the frame But it is quite frustrating that there are too many funny things that Nia and Fur aim and the aim is going on. In addition, in the case of a right-handed player, it is meaningless to use the left foot purposely in places where it is normal to kick with a right foot of a dominant foot. (And also removing ... ...) Although traps are also high players, they are skipped to strange places, and the players whose speed is Urui are caught up with the players with slow legs are suddenly stopped when they think that they can intercept and take If you think that you can compete to go to pick up the ball, you suddenly change to the cursor of another player, and the enemies are stuck with the mark, but this is because there are too many things not affixed to the mark, I sometimes push the marks from the back from behind and occasionally more than 180 tall players are easily blown away by 170 such players, it is serious that enemy petite players easily blow their tall players It is unknown. Evaluation is not good if you do it individually, but you can enjoy it by playing against friends or so, with "good".

2006/10/23 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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I had the opportunity to play the PSP version of the Wiener but because I am using the 9 system, the operability is the worst. My fingers get tired very much when I am doing it. I can evaluate the point where Wi-Fi can be done anywhere, but I do not have a master league so it's better to do it on PS2 normally. "
It seems that there are also 10 PSP versions of the system, but since 10 was also subtle, it seems not to be very interesting.

2006/09/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that it is the best game as a game to play with friends.
It gets excited and does not get tired of doing it all day.
The movement of the athlete is also really real, and the pleasant feeling when I shoot is already accumulated 〓〓〓
Every time I always shoot, I cry out knowing that I am a neighborhood inconvenience (lol)
But the game with the CPU is really boring, is not it?
The defense is oddly good and the attack is so monotonous that I get tired of it.
And Yuka, it is getting off pain. I'm getting irritated into my muscles.
But it is a really fun game to play with everyone.

2006/07/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I wonder if this work should be divided for each series.
The ease of use of one work changes so much. Privately I want to learn power pro .....
Even if I make the previous work as much as I can, I have to practice again next time and it will not work. Of course, the operation buttons are the same, but the speed and the game balance start, each one is too different.
It might be good for those who can enjoy it, but my skin does not fit me.

Soon I sold instantly 8 or 9 eventually, I still play 7IN.
It is definitely 7IN that the real game best balance was good ... Dribble breakthrough and shoot system etc. are really moderate.
The master league system is also the best. The growth system after 8 seems to be only degraded power pro.

I got lost but the evaluation was "normal". If it is only 7IN, it is "highest", but since there are too many dissatisfactions with subsequent works.