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Japan Released:1986/11
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2013/06/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 9932
Dull motion of own machine.
This is the most interesting point while playing this piece.

Genre, shoot.

When looking at the operation system, when using vertical scroll, move with eight directional lever, shot button & bomb button, move with eight directional lever at side scroll,
The work itself as a shot button & jump button is a mix of Xebius type and Sonson type (or Psycho Soldier type).

When you actually play, your shot will also be shot at the characters (1P is female, 2P is male) where the wings grew,
If you take the P mark that appears by annihilating the enemy formation etc., the shot will power up,
Continuing the P mark will power up to several stages and shoot through shots.
Like this way shot performance is high, you can see the intention of the producer who draws out refreshing feeling peculiar to shooting.

However, the speed of own machine is dull like the twinbee which does not take the blue bell, and the penetrating bullet is so powerful that it can defeat the boss character without difficulty,
Disadvantages such as the movement of the character at the time of side scrolling is dull and the jumping power is low, etc. Were scraping off the refreshing feeling from the work.

Therefore, the evaluation is "normal" stop.

2012/07/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11813 Host:11625 Browser: 5682
[good point]

The combined use of shooting and side scrolling action itself was a novel attempt as then.

The character deja was also strong, but was there any freshness that the hero was a woman? Perhaps it may have nodded that some works appeared in the late game?

Also, BGM was brave, there were many grand songs with magnificent melodies, perhaps there was a high degree of completion.

[Bad point]

However, in the game of the main, the degree of difficulty was somewhat higher in the direction of the shooting side, but it was not possible and not impossible, but the horizontal scroll surface was a misunderstanding of the stage creation, and Zako enemies were too useless Or saying, the tempo was bad.
There was not much feeling of exhilaration when playing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was a feeling that the completeness of the game itself was not accompanied by the creator 's thought and atmosphere. Later on at the Capcom Classic Collection (PS 2 version), we finally transplanted for home use, but it may have been reasonable that it became a mid-buried existence now. Well, the degree of difficulty was not quite as characteristic as it was,
It was not useless not to play at all, the evaluation was "normal".

2007/04/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37510 Host:37375 Browser: 5904
Capcom 's vertical screen shooting game with a graphic and BGM boasting the industry' s highest level at the time.
On the basic vertical scrolling shooting surface, three side scrolling surfaces of a personnel stone, a bonus and a boss are added and it becomes one stage.
Composition of all 5 sides 2 circles.

Early capcom games have images of only super difficulty games, but this work is an extremely low difficulty gaming with side arms.
On the second lap I am extremely fiercely competitive, but for the first lap I'm so soft that I feel a little more mind than to say hard.

The biggest problem of this work is the side scrolling stage which occupies about half of each stage.
Even though I am boring, I wonder whether the memory has run out or whether it was the reason why I was forced to hand out,
There is only one surface for some reason.
Hence, half of the roads on all five sides are repetitions of the same face, that is not bad tempo.
Although it is a game with a love affair, it is a "content very bad" level even if you look at any favorite game because it is a content game like being thrown out at 60% perfection.

By the way, irrespective of how much game play is bad, BGM of this work is still wonderful.
The fans were also very numerous, it was released in 2002 and 16 years after the CD which was anticipated but was not released at that time.

2007/04/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11573 Host:11761 Browser: 5234
Although Capcom's vertical scroll shooting, it was a surreal thing that the woman was a woman with angelic wings instead of fighter aircraft, that woman beaten enemies with a machine gun. Because Capcom's shooting is mostly top view type, in that sense it was easy to get stuck.

The design of your aircraft is anything ... ... (I grew wings, it is my sister of an exposed Kiwamono costume with a machine gun!) And in that sense I can tell you the magnificence of Capcom's sense.
It is a Xebius type game, but the attack was like Capcom at the time and it was fierce, I did not remember much progressing. I felt Capcom's air was good or bad to bring a woman like an angel to your aircraft with an unforgivable attack.

I will proceed on the vertical screen, but I also felt that the part of becoming a side scroll action in the middle of the road was affected by Konami's "Salamander" at the time, but the height of the difficulty was a neck Or, as this work disappears, Capcom has not made much shooting other than the "19" series.

Looking now, even if we are brought in the hero of the exposed costume, there is no point that the contents are really hard, nor does it feel like being intrusive, but after all, the image of shooting's own aircraft is a cool fighter aircraft A shooter of these characters also felt a hit in the 90's when the Sengoku's "Sengoku Ace", the Toa plan "BATSUGUN", Rising "Magic Daisakusen" emerged did. In that sense it seems that it was a game too early in the era.

It seems that there was a plan to transplant also in Nintendo, but I also feel that I will stop stopping just NES NES restricted in nature.