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Game rank of 2003 Rank 62in 196 titles
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Japan Released:2003/10/17(Fri)
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1. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ngc/gzwj/ (Translation)
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2014/11/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5293 Host:5270 Browser: 7455
The main game is a petit game that finishes momentarily from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.

〓〓〓System 〓〓〓
Although it shifted to the stationary hardware,
The contents of the underlying petit game are based on the original "Maid in Warrio".
Contrarily like that, it is a party game-like system that does the petit game that comes out rapidly in a short time.

Where the feature of this work is Gathered! As the title prefixes it is made assuming multiplayer play.
This game originally belongs to the category that can be enjoyed with a lot of people in a casual way with the content in the first place,
It is perfect as a concept, so here is 〓〓〓

However, some regrettable points.
One is a place where each of the petit games is somewhat inexplicable, and the tempo is a bit too fast.
For the first time - When it is just get used to, the game starts 〓〓〓"Take!" "Niggle!" 〓〓〓What to do? 〓〓〓What should I do? 〓〓〓Do not know what I can do as quickly fails and finishes in a blink of an eye There are many things.
It makes it much easier to understand what to do if it is a bit slower ...

The other is that the response is not very good even if the tempo is good. If you are fighting you will understand well.
It might be rather nice to have a feeling of being messed up in places other than doing petit games.
In fact it is getting hard to figure out what you are doing.
Although the point where there is explanation on the first screen is evaluation point at first, ...
If you say more I wanted a simple mode to do just mini games I paid a sense of confusion,
Speaking of Made in Wario is an elevator, so I wish I wanted to make use of it.

Although Jimmy's (first) stage is simple once it is simple,
Even here the production such as the spotlight or the like shines is bad response and tends to be redundant.

〓〓〓Graphics 〓〓〓
It is good that characters and petit games are quite comical as well. Sometimes it is a bit vulgar, but such disgusting as dislike is not expressed, so this is exactly as good as this game.
Petit games with motifs of Nintendo's retro game are playful 〓〓〓

〓〓〓Operability 〓〓〓
The operability itself is nice.
Just being puzzled slightly that the button displayed on the screen got from GBA 's Maid in Mario as it is, it became slightly puzzled (GC is a 3D stick).

〓〓〓Difficulty 〓〓〓
As mentioned above the difficulty level is a little higher overall because there is a peculiarity that each one petit game is unkind.
Although there are three levels or gradually doing, the speed gets faster,
There are a couple of things that go wrong at the first level even before speeding up.

Well it's somewhat exaggerated to say that it's unkind since it's only about 5 seconds long ...

〓〓〓Volume 〓〓〓
The volume is quite firm. As for the number of petit games,
Mode for multi-user also has a fulfilling feeling quite a bit.
There are ten characters that can be chosen casually so here is also fulfilling. Although the character is not important so far ...

〓〓〓BGM 〓〓〓
Both goodness of lily is alive together with SE. I'm scooping up a good part from Maid in Wario, so the quality is high.
It was a pleasant experience that the BGM of the Aublon stage was pretty favorite in the previous work as well.

〓〓〓This is GOOD
About the game up and high tension it is a game that can be enjoyed quite well.
There are lots of neighborhoods, such as cooperation or direct mode, direct instructions are given to players (leaving lunches ... or this is truly important) Nothing is in this area so I am dropping it for many people.
Still, the place where the single-person mode is fully enriched is 〓〓〓

〓〓〓This is BAD
It may not suit your skin for a while if you can not keep up with the nori.
Especially because the circumstances around the petit game is unfriendly, although the game nature is simple, the contents may be a little bit wrong for those who have got used to it.
Although it may be not worrisome because it is laughing even including the fact that multiplayer play has failed before it unexpectedly happens.

〓〓〓Comprehensive evaluation "Good" I will assume.

2012/11/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13186 Host:13156 Browser: 7394
[good point]
.1 Petit game ends in 5 seconds so you can play at tempo well
Hold up when playing with multiple people
Small stories pretty surreal

[Bad point]
There is nothing in particular. Well, if it says strongly, it will take some time to reach the menu screen after starting up

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Work that remade GBA version as GC version. I have never played the GBA version, but since it is almost the same game, the sensation will not change in particular.
When playing with friends I'm playing 'Mario Kart', 'Smash Bra' and 'Maid In Warrio' but if you do it with more than one, the maid in warrior will be the most exciting.
Even a single person can play carefully and small neta is too surreal to laugh, I think that it is a perfect game work to play with everyone.

2010/08/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20315 Host:20349 Browser: 11274
Make GBA's maid in wario to play with everyone GC works.
As usual a foolish gag and a terrible idea are awkward.
The contents of the game itself seems to be able to be done with GC as it is mini game, but it is nice and nice. It is a lot of fun to play with my friends.
However, it is a pretty disadvantage to those who never made maid in wario.

2009/09/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19314 Host:19389 Browser: 9573
〓〓〓This time I write in Wario Nori.

I'm my wario !!
It seems that the number of evaluations of this game is also small, so I will write it here in full!

[Pure Plutonium]
I did 64 hours at 6 + 4!

[Good evening]
First, despite being a GC game that can express enough images, this simple game "Dot Graphic", which seems to be enough for old games, and "Shitty" which may seem a wasteful thing It is a game of atmosphere that undoubtedly mimicked.
There are a lot of players who were inspired by that part! In a sense, in the meaning, it will not be for old-fashioned players running through the cutting edge of dot picture games. I think that it is understood by the experienced person of Advance 'Maid In Warrio', but the main gathering of petit games, so-called mini games is the main (although the content of this game is definitely the same as that made in warrior). Because it's simple, anyone can enjoy it! There are quite a few time attacks, and players who like high-score renewal games like old one will join the key points. However, do not misunderstand because it does not mean that you can enjoy only past games even though you like this. Also, the part that "Atsumare" gets titled in the title is Nambo playing with family and Tomodachi! It might be a game that is exciting together, rather than playing. Because it seems that there is nothing familiar with the game in Tomodachi. Depending on some people, "KIZUNA" will become a deep game!

"If you do not have fun it's not a game!"
I tried slightly parenthesis, but it is a fact. This game will be a good model!

I am sorry.
There are many cases where problems are something due to action by players rather than contents of this game.
After all, there are various guys in Tomodachi. Although it is emphasized more than "Atsumare", if the owner of this game is "an actor", there is sometimes a thrilling impulse to the man who wants to enjoy the game purely, but this is not good. Because it is important here, this game may occasionally require reaction and fellow consciousness .... I guess this game is originally enjoyed ... If the owner was head girls, try something to the guy who is not used to the game. There is a disagreeable image for both this game and himself! I guess we should keep a minimum amount of manners everything here. Even though the game is nice, someone else will not recognize a game that will make the image worse! But this trend may be surprisingly more like party games. Also listen to Tirahhora that the main contents are easy to become monotonous only with the mini game, but cover it somehow with the good word of mouth! Although any rule of the mini game itself is easy to remember immediately, as expected the first battle play Since about 200 is quite hard, it is also important to make it practice and to get used to it. Also, computers can not join in battle mode ...

[Sogo koto]
This game itself has many addiction elements! And even newcomers are familiar with anyone who has a lot of game history. This can be said clearly! There is "aside" of live-action movies and so on as it is. However, depending on the mode of battle, you must feel like choosing a person quite a bit. It might be perfect for friends who are good friends, but there seems to be sometimes somewhat caught somewhere else, so we made these evaluations "good" together! This is reasonable.

Even though I actually played the game that looks like a nude game, I still have an omoshiroi. Remember, there is no Song! ... Tubnane.

2009/03/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14632 Host:14414 Browser: 6312
To be honest, there are few important elements added from GBA's "Made in Warrior"
If you have GBA's "Maid In Warrio", that would be enough ...
However, there was no bad point to say this, so the evaluation is "normal". .