[Game]WIZARDRY EMPIRE Prince of the ancient

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Playstation Windows
Japan Released:2000/12/28(Thu) Playstation / End:2001/12/06
Japan Released:2001/01/15(Mon) Windows
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2013/05/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27915 Host:28068 Browser: 7417
It was a memory that was about the difficulty level when thinking as RPG of the WIZ system, but I think that it is quite a party formulation that "There was a habit" now. In a word, it is considerably compensated for each ability value of all parties due to a combination of tribe and personality (most of them are minus), in order to avoid such a state and fulfillment in terms of fighting power, various wastefulness Will it be said that you will be making a character (bitter smile)

As an example, because the luckyness and compatibility of racemakers, dragon people and demons, etc. with high basic performance are generally low, we often organize separate parties to get good items, Was it thought that the existence of a half elf that corrects the incompatibility evil is precious (especially in this work), was it that it was often thought that it was often thoughtlessly thought that it was difficult to make a fighting force by being a character that is difficult with regard to equipment? I think.
Especially in this work, the race of the tribe such as the dragon man and the demon is pretty strong (it can attack even the spirit system which can not be damaged by the normal attack) While it becomes a big help of the dungeon capture, while the aspect of the "luck" It seems that it was easy for players to use, it was easy to fall into the task of organizing two parties for division and division. (There are other problems with attributes as well ..)

Speaking of "capture", I remember well that the Rasubos game was very long-term battle. As the boss had a special capability of death, it has been remembered that it was hard to summon wall - ridden monsters frequently or repeatedly Mah - manhan, which made it hard to fight.
The empire collapse after the clearing and the death of the princess are also not surprisingly easily forgotten, and among them the little sister Nilda (the only name only appears in sequel) appears in the older sister's desk a little I have laughed. And even under such circumstances, only the bar was still normal as usual but until the end I did not feel like contributing to manager Marche ... Although it may be somewhat different if it is a signboard girl Lulun (lol)

This work is a substantial first work of a series where there is also a person who encloses it with a name such as "Wizardry series and Gaiden series" separately as "Empire series", there is also connection with bad work and succession, so it is possible Then I think whether it would be a work I would like to recommend by all means before playing 〓〓〓 〓〓〓 plus etc.

2006/01/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1239 Host:1026 Browser: 5234
It was this work that started playing with Lizugarmin saga, playing with New Age of Lilgamine (Scenario 4, 5), Dingir and then the next.

I thought that it was a guided elegant work as well as "Dingill" from ASCII, but I was a little surprised to see the setting. What is the era Scenario 1. Go back to the testing center of Madame, hundreds of years ago! What a past story.

This work and Empire 2. In the two works of the princess' s legacy, the story that was not told in the Lilgamine 4 part work (scenario 4 is excluded since it is not individually normal history, fans, disrespectful if you look) .

That is, "Lilgamine" "Wand of Nilda" "Bar in Milwaukee" "Vortak Store" "Kant's Temple". And "Murphy's Ghost". The origins of these names, the secret story of the earliest days, the identity become clear.

The difficulty level is easy to like recently, but the traditional part is still unchanged, full of elements to wrap around, and it is a game that can fit in quite a bit. On the other hand, there are also fresh parts such as introduction of face graphics, summoners, new Jobs, Kuichiichi, Bishoujin, Almighty.

However, it is regrettable that berserkers who are hidden professionals and the Almighty. Both sides have only one kind of race that can choose this profession, and they are too strong, too, so there are impressions that the shadows of the former senior high priests, monarchs, samurai, monk and ninja are getting thinner. The summoner was also the same as the enemy in many of the monsters that can be summoned. At least you wanted a monster you used as a summoner to be the original.

Still it is interesting and a good game is not changed.