[Game]Venus and Braves

Game total pnts rank Rank 601in 6,372 titlesTotal 18 / Deviation 53.41
Game avg pnts Rank 559in 947 titlesAvg 1.12=Good/16 reviews
Game rank of 2003 Rank 24in 200 titles
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Playstation 2
Atsushi Kisaichi Yuko Minaguchi
Yuka Koyama Ryo Hirohashi
Yumi Toma Daisuke Sakaguchi
Takumi Yamazaki Takeshi Aono
Taiki Matsuno Tetsu Inada
Yui Horie Hiro Yuki
Eiji Takemoto Fumiko Orikasa
Katsuyuki Konishi Shinichiro Miki
Hideo Ishikawa Hiroshi Kamiya Daisuke Gori Saka Osamu
Japan Released:2003/02/12(Wed)
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2014/09/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13716 Host:13580 Browser: 5948
[good point]
Battle like a puzzle fighting by rotating fellows placed in 4 〓〓3 squares

Atmosphere that transfers the story of the world view picture book Gentle, beautiful and detailed graphic supports it

[Bad point]
Simple field tends to get bored because there is no evolving ability from the beginning to the end only by spreading field

Story The story in the second half is getting boring as it loops over it

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the game where there is only a conversation event and battle, the main story is not so good, although the sub events have lots of good talks.
Brad to prepare for disaster without having to take only one person alone to start time to live with each other alone in the knights' colleagues

But the characters that are the axis of the Order that will support Brad are in each generation, "What is important is interdisciplinary and receding hearts"
I thought that this spirit and soul will be handed down until the end. I can not accept convincing that it is cut off in the middle of the road

There was not one more step for the story and ingenuity not to get tired of it in order to make up a simple yet deep fresh system

2013/02/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17361 Host:17537 Browser: 5387
[good point]
〓〓〓I like the OP.
〓〓〓A view of the world as if reading a picture book.
〓〓〓Unique battle system. I did not know to use a calculator.
〓〓〓The charm of Vivi.
〓〓〓Epic and pretty long ED.
〓〓〓The main theme song certainly looks like an ICO but this is OK.
〓〓〓A mourning of the battlefield with 'big old clock' hanging.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓There is no event in the middle as much as you want to say "Would you throw away the middle stage? Meanwhile, freedom is free.
〓〓〓The characters playing an active part in the front line are out of the force without any events.
〓〓〓Vivi is unlikely to be a friend.
〓〓〓Make it easy for me to have a goki - san 's enemy.
〓〓〓It depends on the timing of save.
Although I was saving multiple times, I decided to start over from the beginning.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Pictures are also unique, system unique.
But Ryosaku recommended by people for a fraction.

2011/07/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34202 Host:34216 Browser: 10030
[Total playing time]
About 70 hours

[good point]
The story of the snowy mountain was good. Especially Brad at that time I think that the interaction of Boreal and Goddess Aria is quite impressive.
Rotation battle system is simple, easy to understand, and can also enjoy various combinations 〓〓〓

[Bad point]
There was nothing particularly noteworthy in the second half story. Although the scene to be connected with Aria was good, although it brought to that extent, it was only a battle and it got bored a little bit. I definitely wanted some more events etc.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the difficulty level of the main game is not so high and the evaluation may be divided, I think that it is a recommendation for those who are unsatisfactory because I think the chronicle mode after clearing is pretty difficult in the beginning. I think that it is a good idea even in such a meaning.

2011/05/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21978 Browser: 1963(Mobile)
Story, music, battle system, worldview, drawing I think that it is very wonderful.
However, the story is too close to the opening stage, the feeling of slackness after the middle stage is not half end.
Main events are concentrated in the early stage and after the middle stage it will tend to just wait for time to flow or just defeat the adversely appearing enemies so if you spare a little more time and generate an event It was a pity that I did expect improvement with remake but there was not any improvement on there.
In order to improve the above points, it may be necessary to modify the story, increase the age at which the main characters can take an active part, increase the number of main characters, somewhat disrupt the game balance, so they can not tamper well It might be good.
Although the battle system uses somewhat a head and it is interesting, it is also early to marry mediocrity characters up to the early stage, making a strong character, after all it is only necessary to leave it to that character appropriately, so it is necessary to rotate It disappears.
Also, even with just that, the probability of appearing preciously is low, and mediocrity characters of occupations such as the Holy Knight and the Mage Knight who are stronger than other mediocrity characters come out almost permanently, so that also breaks the game balance It becomes one factor.
Well, if you want to keep a degree of difficulty and a sense of tension in battle, you think that you should limit yourself to using restrictions such as not using the marriage system and some kind of tied-up play, I think that is not a problem.
I think music is consistent with the world view, I think that the completeness is high without complaints, and I think that it is outstanding compared with other games.
The view of the world is strange and it feels like a fairytale distinctive feeling This also has a different feeling from other works.
I think that the drawing is unique and matches the atmosphere of the game exactly.
Although there is no such impression on the character itself, I think that the growth of the character etc. is described very well.
Especially, I think that Walras' free from teacher 's relationship like Leo makes the character' s growth and time flow feel, and I think that the element of the early story is very exciting.
Also, I think that it is good to describe how Brad grows, repeating encounters and parting with various events and members.
However, I think it is a pity that there was nothing other than an event such as collaboration with the characters of the Tales series of additional elements in remake.
I think that it was better to skip the event of collaboration with other works and increase the number of events since the middle of the game itself or increase the number of sub events as little as saying almost none. I think that most of the people who were playing the PS2 version probably bought it for them, so I think it was a pity for those people.
I think that finishing of the work itself was even better if you make the additional element different.
In terms of terms other than the additional elements, the evaluation is highest or very good, but since the additional elements were individually very disappointing, I will make a good evaluation.

2008/06/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17759 Host:17945 Browser: 2256
It was fascinated by stories, music, and characters.

Originally I learned about Seven by CM, it was a challenge to play this series.
I was intrigued by fresh battle system, unique world view and music, like the world of picture books.

Seven was also nice, but this work was magnificent and beautiful beyond that.
The denseness of the main story, a bit of something in the squirrel, yet a number of attractive side stories.
Enchantable characters that make it possible.
Very attractive BGMs.
The story was fun as it was a royal road.

Regular play, however, was hard.
I will recommend to those who do not make it difficult to play for a long time.
Even though it takes time anyway, there is not much time to raise members and prosper their descendants.
Even if you make lucky and strong professional characters as friends, it will be a hard time to keep your bloodline out.
If you can do it, you will not have any difficulties and the play will proceed smoothly.

Several Don Deng returns in the latter half are impressive.
I think that there are quite a lot of people who hate.

2007/08/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12883 Host:12795 Browser: 2877(Mobile)
It is a write right after clearing.
The story was good just ... ... especially the first half and the last stage. In the middle stage certainly there were few events and the departure of the main character was too warmed and withered, but everything was allowed for that ending.

The character was good ... It was a game where the character was alive after a long time. When each person had life, when the character was revealed after the character's withdrawal in the ending it was Jean!

Music was good ...! I could listen to majestic music that magnificently represented the story of the magnificent battle of 100 years during the game many times.

There were plenty of other good points that the opening movies were so cool, the endings cried, and so on. I was slightly dissatisfied with the system surface but f ^ _ ^;
People who kept fighting until the end are touched by this magnificent story! Please do not give up and hope to see the ending.

Large Witch, I fell in love with you

2007/07/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 7590
It is regrettable! It is very regrettable! It can not be said that it is regretful.
There are so many places to think "Here is this way ...". It is by no means a bad work, but if you fix a number of places it would be no doubt that you got bigger.
Oh ... regrettable.

<There is spoiler>

The source is probably a small number of events up to the second abnormal event.
Thanks to it, it has become a chance to develop mechanically. The last 15 years is too long. I wanted it to be at least ten years.

(It was good point)
Music is good.
After Whippel. (It was done in the sub - event in Kingdom!
The songs of "big old clock" were interestingly intertwined in the work.
Love event was good.
A voice actor is luxurious. (Voice of Mr. Munichi Munichi is cool)

(Especially good point)
The first half story and some of the lines are wonderful.
Walras is gradually attracted from the scene where he talks about ancient stories freely.
I take advantage of the 100 - year history.
A good example is Aid and Rotter.
There is a surprising secret to narration.

(The point that was bad)
Anything is too long a story.
Treatment of Sieg.
Walras' s awfulness
After that free is ambiguous. (Only the telop of the ED roll ...)
The leave event became pale after the Leo. (Going crazy from here)
There is no Zoard 's voice.
I nearly ignore Igor's charges.
.JED is jazzy.
Battle is monotonous.
Border of chronicle mode

(Especially bad points)
The field map is too wide.
Thanks to you I can not pretend to get married or romantic.
The reason of Brad 's immortality is not clearly revealed.
Not a full voice.
I think it is very regrettable. While being a luxury voice acting team of this much.
I feel that it is too early among words.

Although the OP movie is attracted like a movie propaganda, I personally like that of "Tales of Destiny 2" (PS 2). The magnificence of music is unusual.

2007/05/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12506 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
A world view, a character, a sound, a story, generation change. These five hooked on the key points in Don Pissha.

However, there was a point which I was worried about on the system side.

First of all, the last world map. Is not it too wide?

If luck is bad, monsters will appear in succession, and they will be annoyed as they appear in separate positions.

Marriage and childbirth are so, but I feel that there are too many elements that depend on the probability (%).

To be honest it is not recommended for people, but I personally love that world, so the evaluation is "very good"

2007/05/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23812 Host:24071 Browser: 6214
I do not know if it is the previous work ... but I liked "7 ~ Mallmoose cavalry" and I played it.

First, the story was very good. I think that it was able to express well the changes of the goddess' s feelings as well as the president of immortality.
Taking advantage of a system that has nothing to do but a talk spread over a long period of 100 years,
The characters other than the main character are exchanged, how to maintain fighting power until the end,
Various strategies such as which members get married, succession of items, etc. were required and it was fun.
Graphics and music are excellent too, and it expresses the world view with a distinctive atmosphere brilliantly.
The opening song "Waltz For Ariah" is particularly good. One song I would like you to listen to once.

The disadvantage side is quite long, so you may get tired. But it is a recommended work for me.

2007/05/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26596 Host:26621 Browser: 3875
Personally, the story is very nice, the picture is also good, I love the fantastic atmosphere that can not be said anything. In addition, I felt that marriage did not go well if the battle system did not use my head, even stronger enemies were organized, somehow, I thought it was strategic and good. Furthermore, the game balance was exactly good, I could play it with a sense of tension that dead people will come out if I do not think firmly. I think that chronicle mode can also be cleared if you do your best.

The best!

2007/04/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44328 Host:44206 Browser: 6343
A game to choose people very much. You must not lower the evaluation of the goddess by putting down the enemies that appear in the field, but the enemies will become stronger as you follow the age, but if you neglect to mate, you will not have much trouble.
If a group has a blank period, it gets harder but stronger enemies are fewer penalties, but no problem, but weak enemies will suffer tremendous damage. Evaluation comes out every year, but the problem that one year passes over the city only a little is problematic, although it is wide enough at the beginning, but it will be too wide when it comes to the second half so it will be cleared unless you use a ship or shortcut Often not being able to do so, if you do not return to the headquarters, you will not liquidate the subjugation, so even if you finish the plundering, you may end a year on the way back.
The scenario is that an invulnerable man Brad acts to change prophecies, but sometimes loses members even if he changes accusation and changes his prediction. Brad is faced with suffering, dismissed members of weakened physical strength, forced to decide the bitterness, and welcoming new members. In the midst of a few scenarios a blank will appear and the tension will be lacking but as the latter half comes the world will be steadily chased and people will despair but still Brad continues to fight. And the scene that calls people in the last battle is not only protecting the world as a single hero but also as a single hero, the desire of "the death" of an invulnerable man, after saying that, The figure as one person trying to change is one of the best name scenes in the game, and it is not even words. Ending is not only rewarded but also an unexpected end as well as waiting for an unexpected ending.

"It is not the only hero who saves the world! Each one of us keeps the thoughts accumulated to protect the world! We all protect together!"

I would like to thank this game that really teaches the meaning of common words.

2006/08/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51901 Host:51877 Browser: 6287
Although this game, the story is good, since the game system etc. are very monotonous and it is very boring in the first play, because the story was good, I managed to end it while I managed to end it but I managed to do it as soon as I clear the main part Mode, this is pretty early to get awesome with a specification that will progressively repeat the monotonous work almost without a story

The battle is to set the formation and then only to instruct the change of the formation and the mortal work during the battle The placement before the battle is more important than during the battle The battle is not boring but the others Too monotonous too Simply put, if you defeat monsters appearing in various places and return to the main base, detailed explanation is bothersome, so omit it is very boring if there is no story

The conclusion is that the story is good and the game system and so on are over. I wish I could be able to play more than combat other than battle I think that it would be good enough Stress tolerance Is there anything other than people like this system Clearly it will be difficult to clear the scenario that will appear after clear By the way I'm like a stress tolerance as it is, but I have not had it for 10 years It's a long time ago so I do not remember well, but over 100 years have passed It seems I could not clear it unless I did it ..
I can not do it clearly Because I place emphasis on whether it is interesting as a game than a story, it is a bit somewhat drunk to say the worst

2006/04/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51958 Host:52117 Browser: 5234
The battle and suffering of Brad, fellows who pass by. The story and character are wonderful for this piece (Surgie is my favorite). But from the middle stage it will make a lot of manners. I was able to do my best because I got attachment to the main character and the newly born members. Propagation avoidance on the way is too easy due to repetition of expedition and lacks excitement somewhat. In the second half ... It was a little 100 years ago! It was so exciting and I personally did not rush. I think that this work can not be enjoyed unless you like the character and the story.

However, after the middle stage I thought that the main character was too departing too much. Aleph or Yuma, just this is not it!? 〓〓Announcing Because there are charming characters, I wanted you to have a flower when leaving, and I wanted you to do more of the character's digest rather than a fighting fight is. I think that I could do it. .

The ending was really good. I was able to understand the lifetime of the main character I was feeling after leaving, Jean. It is ephemeral though a person's lifetime, but I was playing the game for the first time to be wonderful I thought of this.
It was impressive to meet 115 minutes long. Ladies and goddesses, happy !!

2005/12/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33877 Host:33751 Browser: 4129
Works that only enjoy stories and characters. The battle is puzzle-like element strong but honestly it is not so funny, I get tired of the second half. The height of the difficulty was not bothered me aside, conversely the latter half of the manner was relaxed by the tension. I think we can make a fairly strong warrior if you make successful child making. But it is true that the braves who brought up do not unreasonably kill the fish foe enemies seriously.
As I just wrote in the beginning, I think that this work is a game that enjoys the story and characters to the last rather than the fun of the game itself, the story can cry and the character is good, many striking lines, I think that it is really a masterpiece in such a part.
It is a content with many problems such as meaninglessly high degree of difficulty and too long game time, but because it is a work that is strongly empowered personally I will keep it "very good".

2005/12/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8118 Host:7974 Browser: 4184
The first half is a lot of events and the story progresses steadily but the second half is completely worked. The battle system is also quite interesting as it just knocks down the enemies that appear on the wide map, but it got bored indeed.
I tried hard at first, but it took quite a while.
Music, graphics, stories are good, but it was a regretful work.

2005/12/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12376 Host:12458 Browser: 6334
Although the title is completely different, the sequel to the mallmouth cavalry The hero of the immortality immortality is a long story to expel the predictive demon according to the trust of the goddess so as to prevent the prediction of destruction, there is also a voice (cast gorgeous!) It is also full of drama nature.

However, this game does not reach the previous work ... because difficulty is too high.
It was a big problem for the degree of difficulty to rise in the middle of the story as much as the previous alme sera warfare (any more) ...
In the latter half, the mode is able to walk around the field map and monster comes out from various places in various places!

Because the map is wide, it is a fatal wound just because I got a little haired ;;;
From the time I erroneously saved it at a bad timing, I can not keep up with the monster and it is the end ......