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Game rank of 2002 Rank 197in 198 titles
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Playstation 2
Yuusuke Naora Tomomi Kobayashi
Masashi Hamauzu
Kikuko Inoue Shinji Kawada Yuka Inokuchi Takeshi Sasaki Kumiko Higa Kentaro Ito Takehito Koyasu Mahito Amada Shoto Kashii Kan Tanaka Junko Minagawa Akio Suyama Yuriko Yamaguchi Chihiro Suzuki Kenji Nomura Satsuki Yukino Masako Joh Tomoyuki Shimura Kazuya Ichijou Moriya Endo Reiko Kiuchi Tomohiro Tsuboi Hirohiko Kakegawa
Japan Released:2002/12/19(Thu)
Sites about how to play the game
1. http://www.kiy.jp/~u_saga/
2. http://yuki-as-web.hp.infoseek.co.jp/Unlimited/
Official sites
1. http://www.square-enix.com/jp/archive/usaga/ (Translation)
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2016/05/03 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7828 Host:7725 Browser: 5171
Saga series makes a duty six ...
This is the word that passed the mind first when I played this work.

The story behind is the inventor's mistake in the world where legends related to the group of buildings called "seven major wonders" remain, Laura of former pirates who have lost their husbands,
It was a thing that seven adventurers, such as Vent of the carrying company, started adventuring for each purpose and approached the mystery of the seventh great marvel.

When actually playing, we adopt a turn system that allows our character and enemy character to step forward in a field like a board game mass,
The story advances by assuming a mission (limited number of turns) in "Adventure inn".

Besides, besides battle, the success or failure is decided by the numerical value reel points to avoid trap, open treasure box, allocate flash technique,
After completing the battle, you must select one out of the skills that emerged and insert one into the "growth panel", you must replace one piece in the system you acquire skills,
Sometimes it gets random and weak.

As we are adopting a system that is not familiar to such a condition, and because we are releasing the player who has no tutorial,
The interval which is being tossed by the game is cohesive all the time, and it has become a work which selects a person by this.

Therefore, the evaluation is "very bad".

2014/10/09 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19676 Host:19720 Browser: 4687
[Total playing time]
About 4 hours

[good point]
Unique and novelty place

[Bad point]
It is a place bearing the title as Saga series.
Explanation of the system is very inadequate. There is a point that I do not understand even if I read the instructions, and a strategy book is necessary to understand properly. Even if it is properly written in the instructions, it is not a game design that can be played to some extent with a sense.
Where graphics are unique, people are chosen. I felt like I was playing games on paper, and it did not suit me.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I wrote the good points for the time being, I did not feel anything clearly to be clear between 3 hours of play. The reason I bought it was because I have the title of Saga. In those days I did not have an internet environment and I did not buy any magazines of that hand, it was natural to judge purchase by title alone.
However, there was a paper world spreading indefinitely if you opened the lid. Moreover, I did not know what to do, was a game neglected player. This is not a saga!
There was a figure going out for selling to a game shop right away.
Speaking of your satisfaction, the lowest level in all games. However, I think that I can purchase it for less than 500 yen now, the degree of satisfaction may rise a little more ...?

2013/01/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17970 Host:17960 Browser: 7405
From the dream and the kingdom of magic (OP), it is an excellent discovery device to start with the mood like being thrown to the ancient ruins of the 13th floor underground.
Since it is stupid, I will play without knowing where I should go and what to do.
It was a useless instruction manual, which was given to you by hand, a map named flyer.
You should bear in mind that finding clues by using capture sites and disassembly books is a red shame as you call yourself clear.

The point is that it is quite a difficult game to enjoy if you do not grasp the system. The system itself is a rasp boss.
Rasubosu (chaos ruler) is decorative. I do not understand it clearly. I can not grasp perfectly even if I clear it once.
It is no longer necessary to look at the strategy site or demolition book on the fossil. That's why I just take fun of seeing it immediately.
Because the game is only a work.

So it is sorry that too many players will throw in the starting minutes and it will be stamped with Kusoge,
There is a secret charm that attracts the challenge heart of our godmother gamer because of this meaning unknown and esoteric game.
Since this game is often said to be like TRPG, it is a sense that is conscious of it, that is, it is a feeling like writing herself a replay novel.
Would not it be good for an ambitious man who wants to grasp the system little by little on his own and learn a new discovery that learns a knack.
I definitely do not recommend it. If you are told that it's fun to play more honest stories, it's too subtle ..........
However, since you can experience the valuable experience of playing Yaoi New game when you play "
It might be quite a good attempt to try with everyone.

Still I will not recommend playing. Even if it sells at 105 yen in book off, it is a level to hesitate to be honest.
However, it is worth seeing the high-quality OP that can not be thought of as 10 years ago as mentioned above, and listening to excellent BGM.
Although the game itself is a wagon gate regular, the soundtrack was premiered for a while.

2012/04/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23431 Host:23513 Browser: 10030
[good point]
Music OP
Game view of the world

[Bad point]
Because we changed the system greatly, it takes time to understand and we need patience until we go to the enjoyment stage.
It is necessary to stop by aiming at the rotation of the reel, and its frequency is too much.
There are many parts that can not be chosen freely, and not growing arbitrarily about growth.
Free scenario, character design

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The ninth work of the Saga series. Although it was an interesting idea as a game alone, it has a completely different system from the conventional RPG and its taste has changed. On the contrary, the unkindness that the explanation is unkind and basic stuff is not described. It was a work that felt doubt even whether the character design was also renewed, and whether it was necessary to have "Saga" also in the atmosphere.
Since consumers purchased it with the past popular work in mind, it was wanted to consider a little more variously than to mention "Saga", but if you hit the stick with the 0th work of the popular series again, it sells again I wonder .. Evaluation "Bad"

2011/03/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15215 Host:15179 Browser: 6300
[Total playing time]
3 hours

[good point]

[Bad point]
Less perfection of the system

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This is ...
Is it FF 8-2?
Something that was hit by a feeling similar to FF 8 ...

2010/02/21 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14395 Host:14140 Browser: 4648
"It goes on" (it is too early to come out) "by Croix
(From "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind")
Do bite the flashy fireworks,
While letting expectations of the people around us,
It crumpled with snazza and it was nice.
"It can not do !! Run away --- !!" (same as above)

Most people say, Unlimited Saga (ANSAGA) also said OP was very good ....

Suddenly associative game,
Unlimited 〓〓〓unrestricted 〓〓〓unlimited to life 〓〓〓immortality 〓〓〓undead !!
(I want to do something like a zombie or that kind of monster)
So, is Vampire Road the most unlucky in the undead?
But just now, when I saw "Nausicaa" I could think of it,
A gigantic soldier who is said to be "the descendant of the world's most evil clan", is not this?
A long sleep of 1000 years, enveloped heart-shaped form, pulsing dokudoku feeling, pretty apparent knockdown (?)
, It seems like a distress goddess saloon in somehow Romasaga ~.

This Ansaga is evil in many ways, too evil.
(Do not dare mention the system, instructions)
Let's say you started out with roller, 30-year-old widow,
Motivation is going down despite this setting alone,
Well it is the leading character and I think that it will be easy,
All the powerful items we gathered were forfeited completely before the end,
And, the strength of the boss just before the last boss, squirrel of the last save something,
It is already a (usual) malicious grasshopper.
Moreover, regardless of the contents of one of the hero's cash, let's finish at least.
His hand to the suspicious one (Gauntlet) fitting terrible eyes,
While talking to other people, saying "Do not touch unreasonable things unnecessarily"
"Tell me what this is?" And hand out something that seems suspicious,
"I can not get through" from the head (not at all discouraged),
Outside of worrying around,
"How about you, is adventure fun?" End one minute with the line of words.
...... What is this? Is it okay with such a pencil?
Just because it is evil this work is not bad.

... .... If this work is a gigantic soldier, (I think there are much objections)
Why did I have to hand it out early?
That is ... because the group of royal men who have red eyes attack.
So what is the king in this place?
About Kore ... ... There should be various things. Probably not one.
Do not think too deeply, do not think about it (sweat).
After being swallowed by the group of royal mortals,
There seems to have been no opportunity for gigantic soldiers to come out in such style of Ansaga.
"Well, let's not go out if it comes out like that!"
If it is said, that is right.
But the only existence that may have tried to counter the royal cock ......, a bit too deep reading?

By the way, the story of "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" (anime version)
Have reconciled from red to blue, and hi, congratulate you, hi?
(I always thought I'd see it,
When the last, when did the color change from red to blue Nausicaa's clothes?
If it is bodily fluid of the child king, is not it purple?
On the other hand,
Talking about separating red and blue?
It's nice to have a blue but it's also good to talk about red, but if it's which one is red.
What mind caught the opposite of the blue naked "Nausicaa" ... I wonder how far it has to go (laugh)
The theme is still balanced ... ....
I'm sorry, it is not a concrete explanation at all.
Both feel sticking to red and blue.
As for what to say in this case what is blue is to preserve for the time being,
By the way, this is another thing I do not write now,
A small neta of Giuri gets scattered here and there (the curse of Gauntlet is something, is not it?).
Even so it should not be like the content of the story or the direction of the theme.
I feel like I go to the other way.
Oh, but I do not understand that it is a recent work No No How is the weather ended?
Rather it is said that Ji Ri is approaching to Ansaga.
Ah, that's why I love it,
I thought "Let's do it" and hand out ... (laugh).

Well, when I say what I want to say,
Even if it is not perfect, I would like to see the serious mode of Ansaga in its mature form, that's it.

Expressions of visuals, texts, responses and games vary,
Wherever you like the game you want to have a theme in the system representation.

I feel that this piece is clear in this work.
Young and old female large and small flashy natural beauty ugliness human non-human deep leanness and various other characters,
Replacement battle which replaces before and after depending on the remaining amount of physical strength (HP.LP) like a group of skate's group purse,
A growth system that adjusts while comparing acquired skill panels of fellows,
Instead of aiming for high damage, collaboration of high-return high risks that may also attack strong attacks from enemies,
Distribution of power of monsters who do not know unless "dismantle 〓〓〓writing"
It seems that the player is making such a way as to care about the balance considerably.

And this balance is not only individual (the main character)
It is conscious of the whole of friends, enemies, the world etc.
It is a feature of Saga, but if there are blue and red, for example,
The world is never completely inclined to either color.
And blue and red do not combine and become purple.
(Mixing will try to separate them.)
While contradictory, it is not a serious problem but a world view of coexistence with others.

But .... Even though you are conscious (?), When you actually do it, you do not realize that the player controls the balance.
Even if you are doing it normally, with little information, few choices, eventually luck,
It is frustrating that it will end well without being well balanced,
This personally personally points to a great dissatisfaction with this work.
A frank impression that the creator is not doing it.
(It is said to be sporadic) Whether there was not time until the deadline or lack of explanation lack of coordination,
And it is probably a "whole body armor" of a tolerable specification (whether there is a precedent for Saga 2's mechanics)
It seems that it breaks down the "balance" of precaution, encouraging cheat.

There are several new attempts as far as reading "demolition 〓〓〓book"
It seems that the future of the dying (offline) RPG still seems to be more ~.
In recent years, within the RPG of preventing one's defense (unfortunately GOD also), so as not to hurt the mood of the player,
It seems to be rather challenging and fairly aggressive ... ....

If you dare change the title of this work, it will be Limited Saga.
There are too many restrictions. There are only a handful of people in the Saga series that are supposed to be companions.
But it does not mean that the view of the world blurs when Freedom passes. To mutilate.
Because there are restrictions, it is necessary to devise.
For example, in this work RPG's staple items do not exist in shops or treasure chests.
It is a recovery item such as potion and herbs.
(There is something, but few are valuable)
Even in the previous work, there were few of them, but due to weak Zako there was not much need to worry much about recovery.
But even this weak Zaco this time, HP morimori is deprived of LP crackling.
There is also a recovery technique, but it is not readily available if you are doing it normally (only in the main scenario)
There is a time and effort to memorize.
The mainstay of recovery is eventually a rotation battle and "wait" (L3 or R3 button).

By the way, I think that there are many people who have done "FF X"
Did you use Kimari with a battle?
I was rare. The two main people are fixed,
The remaining 1 frame is replaced with the mood of the glasses' uncle and the red-eye witch.
Experience values 〓〓〓〓〓ill come even if you do not participate in battle separately, and somewhat.
That's why Kimari was totally permanent except at participating in the event. Oh, Wacker, backpack.

On the other hand, Ansaga can do regular and alternate without even aiming.
But those who do not participate in the battle, HP. Skill level does not rise.
One to five people in this work can participate in the battle.
Efficiency is better if regular is always participating in the battle,
No matter how high the battle ability,
Elegant enemy attacks and techniques are used and HP's reduced character is cut off LP.
To that end, too, rotation, that is, "HP can recover the character turned to a copy"
Withdrawing HP's reduced regular to use Kore,
It is necessary to have the noncombatant substitute also participate in the battle.
Unless you use a foul technique called whole body 〓〓〓
It is difficult to win the last boss unless you turn all members to full and participate in the battle.
The feeling that "Fought with everyone" that was not in FF X is in this Ansaga.

I recall with the rotation battle is "V & B".
That is anyway to collect excellent people, grow and maintain,
Those who do not use it is a style to truncate,
In the case of Ansaga, people who do not take chopsticks or sticks,
The style of how to find out how to use it.

Problems that could not fully exploit the substitute which was also a saga series,
I think that the point that solved this as it is worthy of evaluation.
Because of the immediate effect of strong drugs and recovery techniques, there is no convenience,
Relaxing rotation system,
... This is one of the essence of Ansaga,
It is also a fact that there are overwhelmingly many people who feel this is a pain.

[(Late first) first impression]
...... is a field of a certain manga 〓〓〓Kun?
We failed in weight loss (adjustment)
A bad 〓〓〓(indigestion) in a match (game) is a bad boxer (Ansaga).
I do not wonder if I put up with Ace (FF X) of the same gym (〓〓〓 as this boxer,
I wish I could relax,
Having it matched the same class (hard) is the origin of the mistake in the first place?
The welterweight class (PS 2), this is what I saw at the minimum level (mobile)
A fancy interview before the game that this boxer is unpredictable (store promotion video),
That's why everyone has big expectations ... ....
Entry performance and entry songs (opening) raised the fans, but those inside the game ... ....
It was sealed for some reason though it was his change of freaky footwork (free scenario).
I guessed a number of new conscious techniques (new systems)
Only monotonous attacks that rely on rough cutting technique (reel)
Then we can not make it to a tough opponent (heavy user).
And finally the ending game end (Ending)?
Big booing from the audience who paid high admission fee (tax not included 6800 yen) quickly.
Many people stood up quickly in the middle of the game (to secondhand store).
If I did the same thing next time, I would have never played games again.
The chairperson I expected to be impatient.
Indeed a devout sister (Saga believer) also has a limit of patience ....
However, although there seems to be potential hidden potential like an invisible punch,
Is it because of mind ... was not it meant to do boxing (Saga flow RPG) from the beginning?

2009/07/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1407 Host:1249 Browser: 5440
[Total playing time]
100 hours or more
[good point]
Music is good anyway! After that, it becomes easy to understand the system every time it orbits.
[Bad point]
The map movement is simple. But, I can feel the sign that the enemy whose figure can not be seen reliably follows it
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Since it was famous as a scabby, I tried it with neta and purchased it for the second hand 250 yen.
Surprisingly all seven people have cleared.
The manual is not purchased yet. Because I did not understand two places, I am indebted to Wiki.
Reel pushing was not painful because I felt reality somehow.
As the second or third person can understand the difficulty level of each event, growing condition is so so if it tries from an event as simple as possible. As weapon composition is explained by a certain character story, it is roughly understandable, but it is okay to enter the rasubos as it is with a weapon for small fish because it is a waste even if you make a strong weapon.
In the eighth time, I intend to do my best for the purpose of synthetic synthesis.

2008/09/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20774 Host:20502 Browser: 6303
Work conscious of "table talk.RPG" which became the basis of the common RPG in the current TV game.

It was a work that became a topic in various ways in the Saga series.
Works that have been treated as bad because of various problems.
But it is a work whose value changes at a stretch when you know what is actually.

"What is and what is written"
That "something" means that this game brought the table talk RPG as it is to the game.
It is said that it is not a genuine RPG that Scheni often does when it says clearly.
T.RPG is a thing that is not so familiar with Japan,
It is a game that various people are playing in classic overseas.
In a brief explanation, it is something like RPG to do on a desk while talking with people,
Each makes a character,
After that, I feel like going on adventure with themselves while using paper written on dice and trout.
For details, please read the wiki and those who are interested because it is easy to find out by examining the site of the Japanese table talk RPG fans.
So, since this type of game is a type with detailed fineness and complexity that it is better to say explanation book rather than instruction book, the thinness of the explanation of Ansaga this time is beyond reasonable and incomplete I will say that I handed something to players, so I think that there is a problem.

"If you can tell, it's funny, just until you get there ..."
The instructions are too steep with saying that + Thanks to the unique density of this game most people will throw at the opening stage,
Hummer is purely Hamaru is a reel system that leads to various elements and avoid obstacles and traps on the map, move considering the characteristics of the enemy,
Difficulty level which changes drastically with combination of skill panel (panel where various skills can be remembered) obtained each time one stage is cleared.
As I see eyes on various elements, I can enjoy it variously.
Afterwards, there may be some people playing while feeling uninteresting in the M system where the difficulty level becomes drastic if this system is perfectly unknown in another direction? ...

"What about the battle?"
After all it will be confusing .... Also fighting is done with reels here, so eye-pushing becomes important.
At the beginning, only standard attacks with no technique remembered.
Although it is lucky to stop the technique at a certain LV place, you can memorize it fresh, you can do even more powerful attack, but if you do not stop at the place decided perfectly anyway you will not remember the technique or strong cooperation, There might be scenes where it makes it hard for me to do it.
Also, in cooperation, the reel starts out in an absolutely stupid quantity saying it is a maximum of five,
If you do not do well, you get drunk, and if you look too much on the reel, you will be told that "eyes are ~ ~ eyes are ah".
Battle will be quite comfortable when you can even push eyes.
Even if it says, it is only a matter of being saga, it is only becoming "pretty" easy.

"A view of the world or so"
I think this is perfect.
Even the system is easy to understand & I think that various people could have enjoyed it unless you raise the site too much.
The scenario is short, but the story has become straightforward and easy to understand, I do not know how much it is, I do not think the feeling is that I am worrying about continuing loosely.
Later, the music is alive alive! String play of battle will not end!
It is good that the theme of each character reflects the personality of that character.

"Something like a summary"
Work that takes time to reach fun.
Even if you know the system, it is a fact that people who can not be accepted are not accepted.
I can choose quite a few people after all as much as possible.
I think that it would be pretty frustrating if you are a short-tempered person or an ordinary RPG, or you want to throw on the unreasonable strength of the enemy.
On the contrary, if you want to devote all the special works to every corner, you may be able to enjoy people by changing the TRPG.
Although it is peculiar to say that it is a work that some people will receive.
Although it is a work like a gambling for a person who is not whispering, whether it is Hamar or not is like a luck element of reel ...

And lastly I will tell you again.
This game is not a RPG but a work that brought [Table Talk RPG] to a TV game, so it is not an ordinary RPG in the game. In a sense it can be said that it is a RPG in a true sense that "it returned to the origin."

2008/05/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3977 Host:4027 Browser: 9369
[Total playing time]
About 50+ hours

[good point]
The world view looks like the Romazaga series
Character design is good
When you purchase a disassembly book, it is tens of times funny
"Reel to open a treasure box!" Fresh concept is a key point
Music is my favorite among the Saga series
If you get used to the game system it will be fun

[Bad point]
Lack of explanation of instruction
Less of free scenario
During play, there is something disadvantage to most of the behavior (every time you act during the battle HP consumption, you can not use when the weapon durability becomes 0, you can fail at the time of rescue, while opening the treasure box There is a monster in existence on it surely attacked ...)
You can force the exchange of skill panels
There is no importance of the story, I can not have any interest
The possibility of finding a mage version (LV 2 ~) is extremely low. At the same time, it takes a long time to decipher all the techniques
Obviously odd graphics and results (characters in the battle, how to walk the map, thinness of the story ...)

... and consequently the negative part is conspicuous, but I think that the concept of the game itself is good. "I think that there was a possibility that everyone will be uke if this work is a system like Romaga." It is a work that can be recommended for those who are tired of easily easy rope, such as FF, because difficulty is the highest among them (in myself) during the Saga series. Used is a price that is impossible ...

2008/03/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5194 Host:5073 Browser: 2982
[Total playing time]
It cleared once in around 50 hours.

[good point]
It will be fun if you get used to it.

[Bad point]
Lack of explanation of instructions. I did not know I moved it for the first time.
Enemies and traps are strong.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It takes quite a while to get used to it, and it is not very fun as RPG, and the degree of freedom is considerably lower than anything else. Rather.
It will be surprisingly fun if it can be used.

2008/02/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13710 Host:13935 Browser: 5234
At the time of PS2 heyday at that time there was somewhat a rejection reaction to the weight of Saga 's signboard and unfriendliness of the game system but after 6 years from release it does not feel quite old when I play this game again
I did not receive the impression that what I did not dare to do in CG technology is put on the advancement of CG technology and on the contrary it was a beautiful illustration like a picture book like a picture book got more and more comfortable spreading in my imagination Although music is the best and the system itself is unkind, even now it is unkind although there is something I think unexpectedly even if I can open a treasure box one thing to do surprisingly Frequently search skills 〓〓〓Treasure box discovery 〓〓〓Skill to break out 〓〓〓Trap cancellation Skill 〓〓〓keying skill 〓〓〓I will do this only for the fortune-telling skills, but I will do it for the purpose, for example for a mage board If you aim for a mimic Look for a mimic intentionally or if it is a rare aim Trap release After opening the key Unnecessarily fortune-telling or disturbing when you find it In the meantime you can also attack by the enemies while you can kick and kill or w with a combination, and PTL HPLP management is also negligent Real infinitely fluid When the atmosphere of the insurance comes out now I found a treasure chest when I found a treasure box Now I was trying to feel the possibilities far more than RPG other than simply pushing the button Apparently the way the Saga series felt it was Since it is searching for RPG that has not existed so far, it was now convinced that this challenge seemed like a saga in a sense

2007/08/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31657 Host:31682 Browser: 6520
Although it seems to be pretty criticized, I think that I could enjoy enough though I bought it on this game release date. Even though I say Saga, I enjoyed it from the viewpoint that Saga is different from Romasaga and Sagaflo because the title is not exactly the same.

[good point]
The world view is the best.
A difficult place. I was impressed when I finished it.
It was a lot of fun to remodel weapons. (It was impressive when I discovered a spirit silver etc. by chance.) It was very personal freedom to train a character and it was personally best to make it totally different ability even with the same character.
Compared with the time of Sagaflo, the power of enemy graphics was increasing.

[Bad point]
Even though it is an armor, you can equip it in areas other than the body. The game balance is messed up.
There are many things whose skills are simple and have their names.
I can not freely choose my friends.
Even panels that do not need the latter half have to be exchanged.
The enemy 's HP has little meaning. (Because LP damage is more important) there is not much need for this power.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the way of moving such as the dungeon can be divided considerably between pros and cons. I was pretty irritable at first. However, if you try while imagining yourself, such as the scenery of the dungeon and the character that is moving, it is unexpected and fun. In my case, when doing other RPGs, if a map such as a dungeon or a town is on the edge of the screen, you may move while watching only the map than the images of the streets and caves, so if you think about that I think whether there is another way.
Although battle is also plain, I think that it is good to enjoy them as the number of enemies with impression has increased.
Although it seems to be boring at first sight, if you get used to that part, I think that you can have fun with characters and difficulty because it is a good feeling. If you are doing it right now and those who feel it is boring or you quit soon please try to make full use of your imagination and so on. I think that some people will come to enjoy it a lot.
If there is a strategy book with it, there will be no way to get lost, and other systems will be easier to understand, so I feel more fun. I will buy a capture book soon and I will try again.

2007/07/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20626 Host:20665 Browser: 5234
It is amazingly cool in many ways. It is truly amazing in various ways.
I do not say much. In a sense it is recommended.
Rude way of saying, please buy those who are curious.
I am selling it for about 400 yen at BOOF.

It is recommended to purchase with a sense like buying a betting ticket.
Long life, you can do such a game once?

2007/05/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12513 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
this is.....

First of all, it is no longer a problem that the manual does not play the role as a manual.

Regarding the system, stop rotating rotating reels one after another, act, ..., It is awkward ('篋〓篋〓〓 篁〓 !!

I mean I do not have to put out as a saga?

What is Saga Flo 2 and good Kore, what do you want to eliminate by eliminating the charm unique to Saga?

Anyway, please do not deceive SagaFan> _ <

2007/05/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35635 Host:35369 Browser: 4926
No, no, it's a wonderful game. Although there are many criticisms, I will go with the evaluation that it is dare to dare here.
This unlimited saga proved that God Kee and Kusoge are paper together.

The level of difficulty that should be noted. There is no such game as trying and choosing players so far.
I think that it is irresistible to those who are seeking a certain type of tension from encountering enemies from the beginning.
It is a game that is said to be extremely unkind, but in reality it is not the case either.
Relief measures for those who can not defeat the boss by all means are prepared properly.
Let's equip a lot of armor also to the part other than so-called body such as foot and decoration. I do not mind even if the sentence is not suitable for the selected part. It is no longer necessary to be baptized by enemy attacks.
Even chaos rulers are not afraid.

The fun of battle will be the best in RPG.
The concept of WP has gone away but this is a good technique that you can withdraw as long as you get back.
HP is also important as it is, there is no problem if the method mentioned above is combined.
By the way the art is very strong this time. It is a neck that mage boards and artificial compositing are not readily available, but crimson flares and thunderstrength are unrivaled, and there is a range in strategy if there is an assistive technique such as magic shield.

It is easy to see warm screen and movie, and it comes with work without music.
What you need for playing is a book of disassembly published from Famitsu and perseverance.
The impression changes greatly especially whether there is a capture book.

It is recommended if it gets bored with the game which is too easy anything.
Now I can buy it for 100 yen, and I am confident that you can overcome whatever many games you will encounter in the future if you can clear Judy versus Laura for beginners.

2007/03/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50352 Host:50339 Browser: 4317
I have played only a bit yet, but the difficulty is the highest rank in the RPG I've come up with so far.
The saga family has come to Saga Flo 1 and 2, but it will not be compared.

Although it is the last stage of Roller editing now, although it finally understood recently how to use the forbidden curse, since it is Judy's old mage board, it is not a very strong technique ...
I can not escape from the enemy because it is peculiar to the Saga system (that sagafro 2 can be ended by negotiation).
It was seriously meaningless to beat the enemy's HP 0 even though it was meaningless, but if you generate an LP break, you can defeat a strong enemy with one turn, perhaps there are only 4 LPs of the previous senior wise men to die Is not it caused by the cause (incidentally I have experienced defeating LP with a total of about 5000 total HP damage totaling 2 collaboration techniques).
Treasure Slime It is said that there are things to be dropped randomly from the slime to the level, but it is often disappointing that there are many disappointed things that it is almost level 1 when the scenario ends eventually.
Anyway, that reel. In this time, when thinking that collaboration can be intentionally made, it seems that strong cooperation does not come out as expected, and it is good that the technical consumption point became HP that can recover spontaneously, but the technique of level 5 is difficult to stop quite aiming easily is.
It is a pity that the gun skill has only shooting. When it was Sagaflo 1, it was easier to use than a sword and I got a large amount of Lisaar Dragoon with infinite junk fishing, but this time the attack power is all 20 and I can not get it inside ...

But the flashing system unique to Saga is alive. It was convenient that we could synthesize techniques at the Duel on the Flo 2, but at Ansaga it feels good when you blink twice at the same time when one person collaborates.
As for BGM, Mr. Hamaki is still in charge of the previous work, so it is okay, is not it? I like BGM of a small fish fight (some boss fight) in the Knights Temple. However, is there any sense of discomfort in the theme of the town?

I am an RPG girlfriend, so this time I think it is quite good in that respect.
In one word saying Ansaga, it is considerably deep RPG.

2006/12/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12702 Browser: 2989(Mobile)
One of the games that I finished especially this year.
The esoteric deserve to bear the name of Saga. However, being overwhelmingly different from traditional saga is that it makes you uncomfortable.
If you think that you should buy such a price at a fixed price other players will not feel sorry.
Because we are succeeding in the name of the big masterpiece, we can not do it with just the rubbish work.

The view of the world is so so. I do not dislike the atmosphere that mattered, so the characters seem to be abundant so it seems that this seems to be interesting! .
The problem is after that. After the opening is over, everything turns into hell. On parade of what is not mentioned in the manual for the time being. Treasure box AKARA RENEYO 〓〓〓(; '篋〓`) Movement of the Nomap is also boring, there is not enough explanation of the battle, and there is nothing that the story is pulled in if you look closely well. What is this?
Besides, it is a game you do not see purpose.
How much it is cheap to buy it should stop. I will lose something.
I bought it for 300 yen at the book 〓〓〓. Even if this is deducted, this evaluation.
I want you to return the playing time.

2006/06/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6113 Host:5714 Browser: 5234
Although it was the first PS2 software of the Saga series, it is a work that got the unheard of evaluation that the used price cuts out 500 yen.

〓〓〓Good point

〓〓〓Masashi Hamasui is in charge of music continuing to the previous work (SagaFlo 2). I personally like Itoken (Kenji Ito) but I think that it was as it was.

〓〓〓bad points Other than that, you can say it all, but squeeze it dare.


Even if you enter into battle reel.
Even if you open the treasure box, reel.
Even if caught in a trap reel.
Reel Reel Reel Reel Reel ......

I was disgusted. Although it is said that once you raise various skill levels you get a good effect,
Then it means that it is not necessary to be a reel. As I am not good at eye-catching,
This alone made me sick.

〓〓Growth system Unlike traditional Saga series, the ability value does not rise after the battle ends, and panels are given by ability value and behavior pattern only at the end of each quest. This panel is a songwriter,
It is a mystery specification (?) That said we must replace it even if it is weak and not necessary.
Although we said that it was hard to clear, it is impossible to understand that reward weakened.

〓〓Character design
FF was also so, but I still can not get a favorable impression on the character deza. That aesthetic atmosphere was good,
I do not understand the bother to design a dark design. I think that it is not good to change anything.

〓〓Combat animation Sagafuro, Sagafuro 2 I was coming with, but clearly saying it is getting more and more degenerate.
Although the previous work was also frosty, the current work has no more movement than that. The beauty of a piece is certainly attractive, but nothing is asking for value as a "painting" in the game. If you animate,
I want you to reproduce the movement as it is.

〓〓〓It is a work that tasted a terrible hopeless feeling by purchasing at the regular price until reservation on the general review release date.

"I think that I do not boring this game is bad?"

It is a work that I even thought. I first played with Laura and tried playing another hero with too much boringness, but that was also not interesting, and I picked up another main character and sold it with all the characters repeated. The play time would have been about six hours.

After that, because the fact of price collapse of the used price denied,
Although I was saved a little.

It is often said that "This game chooses people", but those who feel interesting are "winning in the lottery!"
I think that it is a rare existence that I can think. I will choose a playing hand that much. It is said that the used price cuts off 500 yen is saying that it is evaluating too low enough even though it does not take into consideration whether it is Saga series or RPG at all. "It is interesting" and "It is not interesting if you do not do it" are evaluations that do not look alike. Although the former has a possibility to be felt,
The latter is forcing the user to play. Of course, this work is the latter, therefore ginger.

It would not be alone to think that I should have put out as a Saga series at least.
Evaluation is "very bad". It is ironic that the remake "Minstrel song" is more valuable than this work that demanded novelty. Users do not want "new" works. I am seeking "new and funny" or "old but funny" works.

2006/06/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31448 Host:31604 Browser: 5234
[good point]
I think that the visual side is a good one and I am fairly fond of it.
Character seems to be good. I do not know because I'm not talking.

[Bad point]
Battle method is boring. I can be convinced that even mobile games are much better than this.
I gave up just because I died and got over the game. It is awful in many ways as well.
If you were buying and playing at a fixed price you would have wanted to claim "claim money return! What is this game !!" It is really terrible. Problem before the story.

[Impressions etc]
Originally my friend said "I will do it from a bored," so it is Prasmai Zero.
Speaking of money alone. I wasted my time but it was a good experience.

2006/04/09 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6334 Host:6368 Browser: 5581
It is a waste game that made me feel that freedom is dead.
All of the system is stale.
This is just doing the table talk RPG that was popular in ancient times to the machine partner alone.
It is a system for enjoying the bargaining of a human opponent by some people.
There is no flexible GM That is exactly penance.
I will not pay you.

2006/03/20 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13471 Host:13265 Browser: 4483
> The reply to rozwell high was delayed. Tomomi Kobayashi also drew illustrations ...
(To talk about it, recently I knew that the book of Tomomi Kobayashi was recorded also in the disassembly book)
Although story changes,
Mr. Yuu Naohara of character design is good design but I can not feel such charm so much because of the storytelling conversation like that picture show.
Even if you face an enemy, it is unnatural that you will not change your facial expression. (Apart from Vento and Ruby)
I think that it was good to change to a proper conversation with Minstrel song.

2006/01/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6574 Host:6597 Browser: 4184
I think that it is a very habitable game.
I wonder if there were instructions that I thought would not need to go far.
Anyway the system is difficult and it takes time to understand even if there is a dismantling new book.
However, I think that it is an attractive work that will still play.

good point

It is pleasant to finish it as a character of your choice from the qualities of each unique growth system by the panel and the position of the five-row value (the quality of the operation).
Considering skill assignment according to ability qualification, five rows value, placing skills as I decided is troubled.
Although I'm worried about where to put the rare panel when I try to do it, but also ...
It is nice to see the world ~ I personally love it. Is not there a lot of people who admire the world view?
I think people who like fantasy world view are perfect. OP is also cool!
Rare item, rare panel Get nice subjectivity entered though it is good. The joy of being wearing little wears out almost does not accumulate.
I think that graphics with hand-drawn feeling at the time of other sound battle are good. I can see a lot of omission.
MAP movement is easy and 〓〓〓 I think that this movement will also be good as I get used to it.
It is better than just pushing the button on the reel system. I feel that it is a painful but w

A bad point

It is much better to say all others.
Difference in reading length, lack of explanation, poor tempo, roughness of making, difference in labor required to raise magic and weapons It is difficult to understand the rise condition at the panel level, you can not freely select fellow characters (somewhat selectable) etc. etc
There are many obviously bad places than good points. I can not write it.
It is probably influenced by the short development period ...

Overall We choose people anyway. It is a game that evaluation will definitely be bad.
However, it is finished in such a game that a certain person will fit indefinitely.
It is a game you want to recommend to those who are doing RPG. Please do such a thing!
On the contrary it is better to quit on reasons such as the atmosphere of the game, saga. After seeing crying Let's stop playing with the first choice of miss. I will cry in the same meaning as above

I wonder if it looks like objective as much as possible ... I may be sweet because I am addicted to the best

2006/01/07 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13471 Host:13381 Browser: 4483
Unlimited. Saga has abandoned an important system called free scenario (even though the previous work was also so)
It seems that it is very different from "Saga Frontier 2" which had heavy machinery on stories and characters.
The story is crappy except for Roller editing, and it will not be understood even if time is spent on mimicking a shipping shop as a result of arriving at Vent. Armic editing etc is just a treasure hunt After all I also threw out Laura stuff ...
It is not easy to use Avaron or Soul Steel or the name of a building or technique of a past work without permission.
There is no appeal to fellow characters as well. It is just about whether the numerical value of LP is different or the skill is different.
I think that battle and movement of the map should be like Romaga saga other than attaching the reel

2005/12/24 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13471 Host:13381 Browser: 4483
You have plenty of what to say to rozwell high. If the movie 's FF has gone off and the budget has surpassed considerably, it can be convinced that the illustration was not good as well as running on the road of the alliance.
I think that it is also a drawback that I can not raise characters freely.
As you know, this game has too few events to do. The main story of "Saga Frontier" is also extremely short, but since the sub events are abundantly available and the ability value also increases like the conventional saga, the lute of the weakest character can become stronger, if it is troublesome Even with several battles and equipment, there are also mechanics and monsters that will surely become stronger so you can advance the game without problems. "Unlimited Saga" is the same as reinforcing another battle, but I can not do that I can not raise my ability at all in one battle.
The amount of ability value to rise is also caught, and in other role-playing games it is like being thrown into the castle of the devil with only two levels raised from the start of the game.
Just beaten, LP will decrease, so there is no HP worth present.
"Romancing Saga" has a wide range of choices among fellows. It is possible to organize parties only with sub-characters without being restricted to the main character, and it can also take away only the map and throw it away at the pub.
However, this game has even abandoned its choice. Just join and fight justly.
I do not say such a thing as a friend. It is good to say that it is almost the same as thinking the character as a robot It is the only thing in Saga's game that I dismissed so much. It may be presumptuous itself to name Saga ...

2005/12/23 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13471 Host:13381 Browser: 4483
The worst substitute in the whole Saga series.
I play RPG mainly on Saga (I like Dorakue and FF) but the other day I borrowed from a friend and I tried playing again and I could not find words other than the worst. First of all, it is useless when Tomomi Kobayashi 's illustration is excluded.
Tomomi Kobayashi 's paintings have a good reputation and can be said to be signs of the Saga series. Although it is a personal opinion, I can not like the illustration of that "Unlimited Saga". It is a feature of saga that is different from other games at will. It was a personality that remained the same as the generation of Super Nintendo Entertainment.
As mentioned earlier, the system is terrible! It is a dimension that I can only think of being joking.
Users want to do role playing games. It is not a scolloog game that is unmodifiable as it does not keep things like that. People who were watching the play, such as acquaintance saying "Is this a life game?" It does not look like RPG to anything.
I do not like it because it seems I added Gotegote anything. Rare ones will be talked about.
But what about doing it by emphasizing just making a game that can not fight satisfactorily with enemies?
Techniques and techniques also draw points. Not only do you not understand the meaning, not only useless substitutes but also just put in the original technique like "Seoul Steel" in Zako.
The image of past works is scratched and it is Barebare that it is a throwing.
I returned this game to my friend in a couple of days. I do not want to do it again ...
I want to play saga from now on, and I still like things like Romusaga and Sagaflo.
That's why, for those who do not know about Saga it is not such a failed work,
I want you to play software like "Romancing Saga" that has been loved for a long time.

2005/11/09 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1483 Host:1444 Browser: 5234
Even my local (even quite rural) store is sold at a used second of 480 yen. For me at the time "Saga" series, I never played, but I knew the name, I heard the good work for the first time through a friend. Even though the work which carries a part of the good work group temporarily is PS2, this price .... I am stunned at this point already. "I do not feel like getting out of hands" is this a lazy piece? When I asked someone who likes "Saga" who I met later, I was told I was told that "If you are cheap you do not buy it for yourself! That's not Saga!"

Somehow, I think that there are too many users' bad reputation as Squareen work from around "Ansaga" and "10-2". There are quite a few pros and cons for each piece of square work (scenarios, systems, etc.), but it is also true that there are many things with a high degree of completion, so far the popular system has been the majority It occupied. But what about these two pieces of work and later works? It is said that a series of games where the majority of the popular disappointment so far are repeated .... When coming so far, you can not pass away the escape such as "The development department is different"?

Failure in movies 〓〓〓I thought that the game which Square side put out after merging with Enix was good as "DOD" and "Romasaga" (〓〓〓Recently started playing with the recommendation of a friend, I am addicted to it). I.

2005/11/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53626 Host:53684 Browser: 5234
I thought characters, world view, sound etc. were pretty good, but the work that the system destroyed everything.

There may be things that arouse oddities.
I think that it was better to consider improvements and developments than to make it a manneri but it has exceeded the user's tolerance.

I do not dislike it, but I can never say that it is a ryosaku ... ... such an unfortunate work.

2005/11/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1773 Host:1788 Browser: 3874
Although it was nice for private ...
I think the world view is really good. I guess likes and dislikes will emerge in the pushing reel system. Actual fortune-telling and so on are difficult and the story was good (I played from Ruby)
The degree of difficulty as a game was high (although it will be easier to use the back technique)
Because it is a game of wearable type, likes and dislikes come out there. Some people are frustrated on the way. It was fun to sparkle technique in the battle with the giant

It seems that the instruction is terrible, but I did not have any difficulty without it

OP was very good. There is a memory with goose bumps looking at me

2005/07/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24434 Host:24259 Browser: 5234
... I am terribly criticized.
Certainly this game, I think that it will not be interesting unless you do get involved.
I bought it with a new item, but Rasubosu could not be defeated until a capture book came out.

But I think that I can enjoy it considerably if I do get it.
You can push the battle reel system if you get used to it, and I do not mind separately how to move the map.
Graphics and music are pretty good, so you will not get bored with battles, and you can enjoy lively collaboration if you get the hang of it.
Treasure boxes and traps are certainly a hassle, but you can destroy treasure boxes and just take up gold, traps can not be a big hindrance if you do not damage LPs.
Because it has a high degree of freedom, it is possible to proceed without permission.

Anyway, it is a game that has a response.
Do not tell me to give up in two hours or you can enjoy enough if you do a little better.
Oh, but if you're planning to engage, the strategy book is mandatory.

2005/07/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13471 Host:13283 Browser: 4483
Although I have not purchased it, I have to say clearly and cross the worst. I did not like the character first.
I do not know if Tomomi Kobayashi wrote it, I do not feel like a character of saga at all from the face.
It was awful shock for me who liked Cat and Hawk of Romasaga series.
The system asked seniors and friends, but enemies are very playful about not being able to beat them unless LP is zeroed.
Decide on the reel and attack, move the plane map with the image of the main character. This is no longer RPG.
Rather it is close to Sugoroku game. I would not think that this game is a saga

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