[Game]Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Game total pnts rank Rank 1,045in 5,759 titlesTotal 9 / Deviation 50.28
Game rank of 2009 Rank 29in 169 titles
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Information about this title

Hiroki Touchi
Shigeru Chiba
Yuko Nagashima
Masako Katsuki
Nobutoshi Kanna
Takayuki Sugo
Japan Released:2009/10/15(Thu) PlayStation 3
Sites about how to play the game
1. http://games.gaym.jp/PS3/uncharted2/
Official sites
1. http://www.jp.playstation.com/scej/title/uncharted2/ (Translation)
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2016/06/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4652 Host:4698 Browser: 4763
Exhilaration of movement, beauty of graphics, magnificence of music.
Exquisite game balance and humorous dialogue spinning gems Action is also rich in variations and fun

It was an excellent work promising comfortable play. I also agree with my high evaluation

2016/05/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23209 Host:23094 Browser: 5171
The title is not numbered, but the second Ancha.
Boasting not only the expectation from before the launch but also the degree of completion at overwhelmingly higher level, I went through various game awards.

The graphic which was amazing enough at the time of the previous work is also the one of this generation highest level.
Even on the same stage, it makes me say that different facial expressions are shown by the hit of light. Beginning with the feeling of pounding the new snow piled up to the knees,
The spectacle of the scenery looked down from the building, the grass that blows by the helicopter's wind, I feel that I saw the art of physics arithmetic here.
This persuasive power that I can only because I actually went to Tibet etc for interviewing. Nauti Dog's development power is the world's biggest !!
Music is no longer Hollywood itself. It creates a sense of presence with a synergistic effect with sound full of dynamism.

The operability was also very good, and the combo became easier to do.
Opportunities for stealth action increase, freedom to bury enemies is also free. The treasure shoot down system was particularly noticeable.
The ease of getting a trophy and the weapon accompanying it, the abundant options of costumes also play a role in strengthening the elements of recruitment.
It is a lot of playfulness that you can dress like an enemy or a character of a previous work, or become a debut.

Character side. Light interaction between Nate and ally character is alive,
There was something that could be helped by Mr. Tenjin's success and Mankake of Flynn (laugh)
By saying that misrepresentative lines such as "Eat a little!" "Surprise!" Are charming.
A climax from the beginning, a story that also used twists as a tutorial is also a succession of Haradahadokidoki!

Also implemented online mode. It is easy to do so you can enjoy it if the time is short.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A god work that inherited the good place of the previous work as it is, resolved the inadequacy.
Many people have sweated the hand holding the controller. The manifestation of the overflowing brain juice is suitable for caught a catch phrase of "instinct gives cold sweat".
People who possess PS 3 and who are interested in Western games recommend to play once.

2013/10/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14724 Host:14706 Browser: 7874
[Total playing time]
12 hours

[good point]
Because there is almost no load, even if I die, I can start over so do not let me feel stress.
Graphic, landscape is beautiful and the depiction of snow is real.

[Bad point]
There is no way of a way or a shortcut in a single road, just proceeding as decided on the decided way. With this, how much graphics are beautiful but you can not go to that place with a picture of high quality.

There is no game - like gimmick entertained except for the scenery that gets bored with repetition of the action of climbing 〓〓〓climbing 〓〓〓fighting enemies 〓〓〓changing place 〓〓〓

.story. My favorite Indie.Jones, but including the villain characters are unattractive and almost no solve puzzles. Even though she wrote a fleet that disappeared in the title or something, she was seeking excitement to explore the ghost ship by dive into the sea.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if I saw it anywhere I evaluated it, so I played, is it a luxury version of wii's action movie rehearsal game "DISASTER DAY OF CRISIS" that I did a while ago. Just wii guy was rich in variety of rolling developments such as dismantling the ship's bomb and running away from the volcano while going showering on the gra and the system, but this is certainly the scene changes one after another The play style you are doing is hanging in 8 percent, and you just hit the enemy and you have not much fun. Well I could harvest just by knowing that this TPS type game does not suit you. Even so, I'd like you to appear at SASUKE, who is the owner of Tondemoni grip strength.

2009/10/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9309 Host:9064 Browser: 6215
I cleared up Uncharted 2, so I made a comment.
The degree of difficulty is advanced.
Play time is 12 hours.

In the uncharted series, Treasure Hunter 's hero Nate uses a high physical ability to compete against rival pirates and terrorists opponents by treasure troops and climbing action + campaign based on TPS and cinema production based on TPS and a game aware of the story .
There is no load, movies and playable scenes are seamlessly switched, and in the scenes involving actions, the fate can be left to the player. This interactive creation is a mechanism to make it immersive by the story and it is probably a big factor that has caused Uncharted to be a leading entertainment.

In the latest work "uncharted golden sword and vanished fleet" from Ancha 1 already attracted many players with a high degree of completion but masterpiece that exceeds the previous work in all aspects of graphics, direction, game character, gimmick, and play value became.

... ..............................

The graphic is exactly the highest peak this year and it tends to be a little saturated, but depending on the scene it seems to be live-viewing even if I know it is CG. A delicate and smooth graphic is amazing and it is a surprising aspect of the next-generation aircraft. The thing that makes a cinematic director is very effective as graphic completeness is directly linked to the interestingness of fulfilling graphics.

These groundworks produce a great story for the stage. It is finished after carefully incorporating the tension and beliefs, tension and beliefs to be suppressed to the rough story full of Tsukkomi full of tsukkomi, cheerfulness, cheerfulness, cheerfulness, B class movie action, character, and relationship of characters It is finished in what you can taste satisfying feeling and refreshing feeling later. The spectacle that occurs on the overwhelming scale scene brings the player into the game instantly. Cut scenes sandwiched so that it does not interfere with the progress of the game and conversations exchanged during the operation will further deepen those charms.
Situations that change every moment, such as a rogue battle in a collapsing building. Or a fierce battle while dodging the battle helicopter shoots on a running freight train. A large number of tricks to solve a mystery while running around huge ancient ruins downwards and downwards. And the stage that will soon change dramatically with the jungle, fighting zone, snowy mountains, ancient ruins and breathing.
There is no other example of a luxurious stage configuration with such a large scale and volume.
Every time it falls into crisis, the game is waiting for a lot of excitement that can not be helped without raising voice.

It is noteworthy that loading will not enter anything except games at the gorgeous game progression.

... ..............................

Having a high gaming ability in addition to entertainment property makes this game special. First of all, operability is extremely high. It is intuitive. In addition to being able to respond promptly to inputs and operate as desired, many TPS's "If you jump, this obstacle can go beyond" If you can fire a gun battle while hiding in obstacles " I want to go climbing and want to move "Although it seems like it looks like it often happens that it can not be done, but that is all it can do.
In addition to this the enemy's high AI further enhances the fun as a game. If you think hiding and trying to take a breath, grenades are thrown in, gaps are stuffed out, a couple of people detour and go cross-fire, hiding and trying to overthrow this shoot. In simple front breakthrough it is difficult to repel, decide whether to defeat from any enemies instantaneously according to situations such as decreasing the number of heads, by assassinating before entering the state of engagement, etc. Would you go ahead and lose your breath at once, would you lure it and definitely beat it? You can play advanced TPS full of presence, etc. Even if I made a mistake, I can start over from the last minute so I can stick to the part of how to fight without stress.

Also, the part of the climbing action is superior, not the spread of the plane, I want to experience the pleasures of going through the wonderful stage that I can feel as much as possible without limiting the height as expected.

... ..............................

In addition to these fulfilling off-play elements, on-play that has play fun is prepared and the height of the play value comes with origami. Since it has originally high operability, you can enjoy online play with strong originality compared with other TPS.
A co-op that cooperates with the maximum of 3 players for an intended purpose. Because we can rescue mistaken friends, sense of solidarity is stronger and difficulty is also set higher, so we feel stronger. In multiplayer it will be able to enjoy the bargaining which made use of high exercise capacity.
Multiple game modes are prepared, and customization of characters can be done somewhat, so that it can be played for a long time.

Also, even when you clear off, chapters that have been cleared can be selected individually, making it easy to find treasures. It is one of my pleasures to be able to use it if you can buy clothes and physique of Nate, can flip the screen, and a little play element by gathering treasure.

... ..............................

Several dissatisfaction points. First, chapters 1 and 2 playing a tutorial role are somewhat redundant and have a feeling of work. It has a low degree of freedom of action and it is made difficult to move, and it is somewhat boring because it is not used to the game.
Next time will resolve, but in the part of climbing action it is difficult to understand the route that becomes the foothold. If route search is also inside the game, but it gets clogged, hint will be displayed when a little time passes but you will feel stress just after starting the game.
Finally it means that there is a possibility of freeze. Probabilistically low, autosaving is performed frequently, so there are not many problems, but it is too bad. I would like to expect updates in the update.

... ..............................

I feel like playing a movie rather than playing a cinematic game. Everything is set up so that save and options are kind and you can devote yourself to superb entertainment. Beyond the framework of climbing action + TPS this year it has become the best title this year and it will be best suited to feel the power of PS 3 as soon as possible. People who have PS 3 have become milestone-like games of the next-generation aircraft that I want to encourage by raising voices if they do not have to experience.

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