[Game]The Outfoxies

Game total pnts rank Rank 3,158in 6,256 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 48.15
Game rank of 1995 Rank 121in 245 titles
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Japan Released:1995 Arcade
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1. http://outfoxies.or-hell.com/
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2012/06/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15414 Host:15377 Browser: 5458
A match-up game created by Namco.

While fighting games became common at that time,
Picking up guns in the stage for fighting between killers and shooting,
Hold things such as drums and boxes, invite opponents to dangerous goods studded during the stage, fight,
Elements of the action game are getting stronger while fighting form.

The character to use is chosen by using one person from seven personality rich killers.

The stage is also really fancy,
Battle in the circus' tent The audience is misunderstanding killing as a show,
Moreover, comical elements such as a human cannon are special weapons are also scattered.

The difficulty is that the stage is not symmetrical,
Is there a place where there is a slightly unbalanced place such as the fact that favorable disadvantage already has been decided to some extent at the start position of 1P and 2P?

Well, however, the battle is hot and it is a work that still has a strong popularity in fans.
But was it bad that there were animals and children in the killer character,
It is a pity that the transplantation and distribution have not been realized in home games though not so unpopular game.

Game quality is good so evaluation is very good