[Game]The Last Remnant

Game total pnts rank Rank 5,665in 6,090 titlesTotal -3 / Deviation 46.49
Game rank of 2008 Rank 203in 218 titles
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Music2.00(Very good)1
Character/Setting1.50(Very good)2
Game element-0.50(Normal)2
Story-2.00(Very bad)2
Difficulty3.00(Most difficult)1
Made me think50%1/2
Hot heart0%0/2
Shed tears0%0/2
Enjoyed playing with others0%0/2
Learned something0%0/2
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XBOX360 PlayStation 3 PC
Kenji Nojima Kaori Nazuka Ryuuzaburou Ootomo
Junko Minagawa Daisuke Ono
Yasuhiro Mamiya Atsuko Tanaka KUSUNOKI TAITEN Mitsuru Ogata
Syuitirou Moriyama Takahiro Fujimoto Mitsuaki Madono
Japan Released:2008/11/20(Thu)
Official sites
1. http://www.square-enix.co.jp/remnant/ (Translation)
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2014/07/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4615 Host:4354 Browser: 10092
[Total playing time]
About 25 hours.

[good point]
Graphics are beautiful and music is good all together.
The character deza is also good.
[Bad point]
Partial material stands out for use.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think it was quite enjoyable with saga-like nori.

2010/05/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1062 Host:1042 Browser: 9504
[Total playing time]
About 30 hours (xbox 360 version)

[good point]
Graphic (It was still better if you adjusted it so as not to drop processing.
Music (This is without complaint.)

[Bad point]
There is too much disposition during battle 〓〓〓A bit of things will cause the movement to be delayed soon. Moreover, it is repeated many times in one battle.
Play time will be wasted.
This is deadly anymore.
There is a limit to the organization of the leader characters (Incidentally, PC version finally without limitation.
The vast field is quite large and the moving speed is slow.
(And the means of transportation is only on foot.)
During the battle, command command can not be made arbitrarily.
The large number of enemy use

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It seems to want to say that this is a beta version.
Moreover, as for the PC version that comes out later, it has been fixed from xbox 360 version.
(It seems like you were forced to do a user test for a fee.)
I think that evaluation will definitely change if I do PC version, but I am no longer motivated.

2010/03/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10076 Host:10177 Browser: 11562
[Total playing time]
unknown. I do not know because there is no play time display at this time.
I have not cleared it.

[good point]
Platoon VS platoon, a large battle battle many people.
Only the appearance was good.

The hero was terrible, but the other character was attractive.
Especially Togaru and Emma are cool.
Frogs were also cute and it was good.

[Bad point]
Rather than having a higher level of difficulty, it is a level of unreasonableness.
When you drive down enemies, it is suddenly attacks are guarded or avoided,
It happened to be just a bad luck or it was a specification ....
Regardless of how many times it was reset, it was the same thing.

"Cars" of state abnormality is too cruel.
It is a horrible state abnormality that random death will be instantly debit every time the order of actions comes around.
Moreover, there is a high probability of getting killed instantly.
There was only a bitter smile at once when three people died immediately.

You can specify battle by yourself only roughly.
Even though it is moribund, there is also no recovery as a choice of action, or it can be thought of as harassment of something.
In addition to being dying myself, I will restore other ally that I can afford to HP ....
Even the opponent who can win by choosing action by himself often does not win by this random specification.
It is too unreasonable.

Although it is lucky, there is no soft reset.

Production is plain and redundant, the time it takes to fight a single time is very long.
It seems that sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes for small fish in the final stage and boss takes more than 1 hour.

Frequent long road loading, processing loss, delayed pasting of textures.
I want to say that it is under development.

You can not freely incorporate leader characters (essentially characters of unique graffiti) into the party.
Unnecessary number restrictions are unnecessary.

I am amazed by the absence of common sense of the hero and for the first time in syscon.
Painfully looking at it.

There is still more, but there is no way to write it out so I will stop around here.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I tried to play with the work that draws on the flow of Saga (staff is the same team as Saga), but one word of bad things.
Inadequate explanation, inadequate adjustment aspects were noticeably seen, and it seems that it seems that it is hard to imagine playing very product version.
It seems that it is said that preference is divided and preference for saga is supposed to stop,
I do not think that this work has the same fascination as Saga or close to it.

It was a game I bought and regretted.