[Game]Castlevania: Dracula X

Game total pnts rank Rank 4,732in 6,233 titlesTotal 0 / Deviation 47.50
Game rank of 1995 Rank 181in 240 titles
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Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1995/07/21(Fri)
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2015/10/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
While rescuing Maria with the key, do not fight against Minotaur, pass through the door and clear stage 4. (Sub Weapon unusable)
This is the most annoying thing about playing this piece.

Contents, kicking enemies with whip and dagger, ax, crossweight like cross, jumping by enemies by jumping, jumping over the hole and proceeding,
Horizontal scroll action to repeat the process of defeating the boss in the innermost stage.

Looking at the operation system, move with the four-way controller, attack with the Y button, jump with the B button, back jump by pressing the B button twice,
It is almost the same as Simwon of the first piece issued by sub weapon and disk system with item crash (Bom) with X button, Y button + cross key 〓〓〓
It is safe to say that the performance of the character is Simon itself except that Bom can use it.
In addition, the moving speed is neither fast nor slow.

The work itself is a transplant version of "Ring of Blood" characterized by an anime-style character dressing that matches the color of the PC engine, but its reproducibility is low,
Movement of the enemy character is also a little late, and the usability of the item crash in the boss against boss is also quite aggressive.
However, when rescuing Maria and Anet and aiming at complete clearance, it is practically impossible for the sub weapon to be usable (item crash is usable) until it clears stage 4 from the middle of stage 3 due to the fact that the key is treated as sub weapon There are instant death points which are easy to fall into the hole, for example, by touching enemies,
Still binding is tight, as with the last battle stage there are difficulties in disgusting places and things with a high degree of difficulty do not change.
Therefore, a password note is essential (especially stages 3 to 4).

Evaluation is "ordinary" because the throat reversal of the player character and the hand reached the itch point did not reach.

2009/02/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17900 Browser: 2141(Mobile)
Although it is a superfamic version of the circle of blood, there are many places where the contents are quite different. Maria can not be used, the number of stages is also small, and other parts are considerably deteriorated compared to the circulation.
Especially I was concerned that the jumping operability worsened and the speed of walking slowed down I felt it was interesting as I was doing this but it was inferior to Ring but it was quite fun finished I think there is.

2008/07/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9711 Host:9809 Browser: 6400
Although it is a Super Nintendo version of "Akumajo Dracula X Blood Ring" released on PC engine,
There are a lot of elements that have been omitted due to capacity reasons compared to the PC engine version, which is somewhat disappointing.
Especially impression that the number of stages, route branching, usable characters are decreasing and re-play value went down.
The operability is also slower than the PC engine version, the movement of the main character is slow and the trajectory correction in the air is no longer effective.
Although it became dry, but PC engine version is too good, you can play as usual.
It's about 70 points.

2008/03/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12028 Host:12111 Browser: 5234
The strength of this game is that it uses the function of Super Nintendo in full.
The directing of the item crash is beautiful and I can spill myself without thinking. The director of each boss game is also at its highest peak, and the burning is contained.
It was enough to shout out that director and laughter with the spirit of Earl's fight, too!
The difficulty of the whole game and the strength of Earl are top class in this work even in the Dracula series.

It is required to be severe enough that the conditions and routes of lover rescue become distant. It is perfect for those who like dry action.
However, there are many drawbacks. Is not it because I am too discouraged about artistic? There is not enough fun as a game, and the creation of sneaky traps and gimmicks on the stage stands out. Even the ending is incoherent.
Lack of punch slightly.

However, if you like dry actions such as Super Makai Village, Rockman 7, please do it once. However, even if you find it in a second - hand shop, the value is fixed.

2007/08/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14103 Host:14416 Browser: 5234
Simon Bermonde descendant Richter Bermond is the second episode of the main character Super Nintendo Edition "Akumajo Dracula".

It is a regrettable content that you must feel power down in both graphics and action. Anyway, in terms of action, the "action of whip" that made the player beaten by the Super Nintendo version unmarked is unexpectedly degenerate. I can not punch in 8 directions, I can not swing it with keeping it pressed down, of course I can not even hang it hanging on something. As Richter did with Nintendo version and Game Boy version, it is only possible to stretch out whimsily in the direction of travel, as the ancestors did. It seems that the feeling of adaptability to hands and hands fell down dramatically in this way. A small skill called rolling back jump has been added, but it is useful for jumping up to some high places, because backtracking can not be orbit modified, this is also inconvenient again! Although graphics are not bad but graphics are not bad I think that it was color usage drifting the atmosphere of horror.

As a feature of this work, "item crash" which obtains great effect by consuming "Heart" necessary for sub weapon usage to a large extent and "stage cradle" after the route of the stage and the boss encountered will change will be "stage branching" Exist. However, the item crash is just a sort of bomb technique that will cause extensive damage to the enemies in the screen (although Rasubosu capture after transformation is very painful if there is no item crash of Rosario) Although it may have been a contrivance to make multiple endings to play many times depending on whether heroine rescued or not, it is impossible to wipe out the impression that we wanted to add areas and action elements that are more responsive than that.

There are also good points though it has put on that and this difficulty. Deployment while being chased by a monster of one side, BGM, it and the boss fight full of dynamism with Kerberos, Werewolf, Death God are exciting. Also, as a hetare player, I often saw endings that I could not imagine lonelyly without being able to save Annette and Maria, but that is pretty painful as I talk about that. It is beautiful compared with the "splatter house" punch.