[Game]Record of Agarest War

CERO:C(For more than 15 years old)
Game total pnts rank Rank 2,521in 6,253 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 48.48
Game rank of 2007 Rank 76in 231 titles
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Japan Released:2007/09/27(Thu) PlayStation 3
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1. http://agarest.gkwiki2.com/
Official sites
1. http://www.compileheart.com/agarest/ (Translation)
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2014/03/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7334 Host:7259 Browser: 4721
I want a fire emblem. But I only have PS3. A title that will be reluctantly choosing when it is called.
Idea Factory, which developed a subtle SRPG.

As a feature of this work, the hero of 5 generations who took over the abilities appears.
Three marriage candidates are made for each generation, and this is repeated for four generations. In other words, the heroine is full.

CERO: C It is also a C game that seems to be a game with a large weight in the direction, but depiction is acceptable as CERO: A and the weight of a book is shallow as well.

Attraction of agarest war history

[High degree of freedom in organizing parties]

In recent SRPG, fixed characters occupy the majority of parties, the degree of freedom of strategy is largely restricted. However, this work can be organized to like everyone as a wizard, everyone as a spearmen.

Before sorting out, there are things I'm worried about for 30 minutes with a combination of skills, so the evaluation changes depending on whether I take care of this here or not.

Problems of Agarest war history

[Battle is monotonous]

A system where this battle MAP is selected. Whatever MAP is chosen, it will not replace it. There are few patterns of formation of enemies.

[Item fixed]
It is decided which item is dropped by which enemy, there is no pleasure of collecting Huxley's rare item.

There is no accident such as purging with cocoon at Rusi of Fal'cie like FF 13,
It hardly felt memorable and I did not feel any excitement either.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Monster capture, monster synthesis, item composition, and there are also interesting elements and there is volume to play for 60 hours and it is convinced that evaluation site is popular so much.
However, battle is monotonous for the volume, so it hurts. I wanted another idea for the attack pattern of the enemy.

As I was hungry for fantasy SRPG, I could enjoy it personally, but it is a so-called IF game, there is no doubt that it is a game with many problems.

2011/01/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11458 Host:11672 Browser: 6300
[Total playing time]
It will be around 100 hours ...

[good point]
There are many attractive characters.
I like Dishana, Ellis, Winfield, Elaine, Bachestar, Valeria, Hildegard, Rex, Beatrice, Gurug, Samaril, My My Astia, Chaos.
I like the battle BGM is also very hot.
Battle BGM of Black Knights, Boss Boss (such as the 5th Generation Grub), Bashutaru, Samaril and Chaos fights are just the best words.
I bought it. it's the best...
In battle, if you do not think about skill properly by organizing the formation properly, you will die in boss game. In the fight with God I will die more.
I think that placing a lot of extra skills makes it a tremendous amount of damage.
Bashutaru EX3 is too cool and tears come out. It is Bashutaru highest.
I think that one piece of staff roll Rex, Dishana and Ellis is exactly beauty itself ...

[Bad point]
Is it a place where the event does not occur if the number of turns is overly applied ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At the highest.
Although it is a maniac, I think that it is an interesting game if it is addictive.