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Game total pnts rank Rank 3,304in 6,312 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 48.16
Game rank of 2007 Rank 101in 231 titles
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Japan Released:2007/09/20(Thu) PSP
Japan Released:2009/09/24(Thu) PSP
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2011/11/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2396 Host:2223 Browser: 7300
[good point]
Story The invincibility of the mysterious life form "Bide", the distant future that came close to the crisis of human race only led the stage small scale troops Admiral bet on the fate of the earth and beat the home of Bide The first part to go and the second part aiming at returning to the earth loved by Admiral who became a bid afterwards
And sad and painful endings ...
It was the best ending of my work

. Aircraft design
That coolness of R fighter and eeriness of Bide, it was nice to be fresh

When equipped on the Force aircraft, the laser will be able to shoot.
I can also fight the Force itself, so it was fun to make strategies that make use of it

Simulation game Easy to play for even beginners There are difficult stages of the stage and troops difficult to play, but I thought that it was easy to play because it is gentle on the whole

[Bad point]
Even just looking at the long stage of Road, I did not like having a long road.

There is a stage where the same enemies only come out
For the above reason, there are surprisingly many stages of playing and boring

There are few units on the Earth Army side fewer units, fewer units on the Bide Army "available"

Unfavorable Underwater Unit There are only 3 stages of the Earth Army and 1 stage of the Baid Army ...

Can not search the enemy sub space unit, and few stages to come out so I did not use the unit that can use sub space buster to the end

There are no choices like sailing diaries like other games of Ilem, which is less tasty, less tasty

The enemy turn is worsening the tempo of a long game

There are a lot of maps that jams on the way and slows down, cause of irritation, which makes the slow unit a bit more difficult to use

Originally it was a famous game which is said to be a famous game of side shooter, it was a work which was reworked into SF simulation Although the person of shooting had never played at all, by chance by a Nico Nico video, I decided to watch videos of the sequel to decide to buy Honestly There are many boring stages unexpectedly, and it is also a few times that I sleep in the middle of play because the load is long ...
But the ending that I see after clearing the last stage was truly amazing sad and painful, but I think that it was good with this, but when I remember the ending movie the last thing was good, my eyes are in tears ..

Since you do not have much difficulty to play until the end and watch the ending, it is ant too to play as a challenge to a simulation game, because coarse is conspicuous in some places, there is no pity