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Other media: Movie:OUT LIVE
Game total pnts rank Rank 2,518in 6,260 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 48.48
Game rank of 1989 Rank 83in 213 titles
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Turbo Grafx 16
Japan Released:1989/03/17(Fri)
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1. http://vc-pce.com/jpn/j/title/outlive.html (Translation)
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2015/03/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
At the place where there is enough enemies to beat with a single battle, turn on the left or right arrow key and press and hold the 〓〓〓button,
Increase the level of attack and defense by receiving enemy attack until it is about to be knocked down with attack auxiliary items.
This is the forbiddance of this work.

Contents. A 3D dungeon RPG with a strong SF color that drives a humanoid weapon called "Fighting Worker" set in the planet Laugha which is full of underground passages by excavation of ruins.

First of all, the dungeon has four attributes of normal, magnet, ice and fire, the power of the weapon rises and falls accordingly,
It is required to use the weapon of the system properly to 4 kinds of live bullet, laser, fire, ice.

Furthermore, if you do not win the FW ride called Duelist, you can not enter the city, go into the city with the purpose unattained, you will be deported to the city you were in before,
As the attacking enemies attack, the level of attack rises, the level of defense gets higher as the enemy's attack gets accepted, so many original ideas are also included,
The enemy's encounter rate is also high, and even if a small fish is battled several times, it is excellent strength and impressive to have to return to town.

The existence of the forbidden hand sounded, so the evaluation is "good".

2010/03/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3868 Host:3816 Browser: 5718
It is a robot SFRPG which I got out with PC engine. The main character rides on a love machine named "Braid Disk" to search for a star in search of legendary robots, but if you do not do a battle with a passenger of a robot called "Duelist" by itself I'm sorry it is important information It is not in the hand (Two people "Nazi" and "Chris" later become a friend, even though it is said that it is only the main character to fight in the information gathering relationship) Inside is "just boredom" There are rich people who challenge the fight in the fight and ridiculous people who try to make their own hands even though they have killed the requested monster! And the one who can be called the enemy is the one who is the "organization of Jealous" However, he is persistent and challenges the fight three times! In fact the coach is also aiming at the robot he is looking for.
When the robot can be acquired safely, it is necessary to have the strongest "Cancer Shield Armor", each different person must have and have to get it with a battle.
"Nozomi Hiraide" with a shield and "Isis" with an armor are strong enough that they are not humpers! The cockpit of a new robot is more organic than the love machine he was using ..... The last enemy is an enemy like a computer "Berserker.System" like an alien, but it is ED who knocks down the guy and is accepted by everyone.
It is a RPG with considerable response.