[Game]Other Life Azure Dreams

CERO:A(For all ages)
Game total pnts rank Rank 3,910in 6,112 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.78
Game rank of 1997 Rank 146in 234 titles
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Japan Released:1997/11/13(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:1999/08/05(Thu) GAMEBOY
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1. http://way78.com/ps1/azure/
2. http://www14.atwiki.jp/otherazure/
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2010/06/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15478 Host:15542 Browser: 5718
It is RPG whose content is like mixing 'Wonderland Dungeon' (here is a tower) and 'Love Simulation' The meaning of the title is 'Other Life' (Another Life) Success of Aza Dreams (Aerial Dream). It also has elements of a story.
The hero's "Kou" (the name can be changed) is the son of the legendary demon "Guy" in the city of Monsbach, but when the hero is 7 years old "Guy" won the top of the tower At the moment the mysterious light It is wrapped and missing! But after that the hunters are constant, because this monster tower is full of treasure and the egg of the demon that sells with the most expensive value sleeping.
A dream is to become a monster like a guy to feed the family for the main character Kou, the tower of the monster changes to change into the interior, the entrance to another game Although it can come out when returning, in this game you can not go out unless you get the item "Crystal of the Wind" "Magic square of return" is not laid, this is different from "Wonderland Dungeon" It is place.
Whether or not to sell or use an egg as an egg is up to the person himself, but if you sell it in the state of egg as much as you can, you can not get it high (500 G eggs are also returned to demons and it is 25 G).
Many things can be done if you get rich, expansion of houses and demon huts, development of the town (There are girls who can not meet without adding facilities, but money costs great)
Although girls are initially stupid, they can not do anything but attitudes will change by recommending events, but there are also gift items, but with this girls heart It is not that it does not move but it only understands "good feeling", even when raising a high item when it is not liked, it will be done with "〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot;, but even if raising a cheap item, it is "happy! "I will be pleased with it.
There are seven girls, but even if it's all alone, even if we make everyone a GF (actually I have an eighth person but I still do not know what kind of event will come out).
Anyway, it is a game with high degree of freedom in which you can act like yourself, but there are rivals as well. "The rival of love" and the 31st floor of the tower "The man of a mystery" There are also other events, "Looking for a tool to turn the windmill", "I managed to get rid of the pool water" etc. I was in trouble Some people come to talk about trying to resolve the incident to the hero.
If popularity goes up, the attitude of the citizens will change. In a way it might be close to if the feeling of getting ahead in RPG is to say.
Usage demons are not very cute, but only "Kuan" is another one, he is the only one who speaks, and when physical strength decreases, "I am hungry ~" is very cute.
Evaluation is "Very good" because you can enjoy it with various elements.