[Game]Lovely pop 2in1 Janjan Koishimasho

CERO:A(For all ages)
Game total pnts rank Rank 4,110in 6,143 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.78
Game rank of 1998 Rank 194in 278 titles
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Miki Ito
Ayako Kurosaki
Run Sasaki
Rei Igarashi
Akemi Nagayama
Ayako Kawasumi
Mikako Satoh
Yasuda Akie
Japan Released:1998/07/30(Thu) Sega Saturn
Opening movie (1)
セガサターン ラブリーポップ2in1 雀じゃん恋しましょ オープニング
Song:Miki Ito [Fan reg.]
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2014/01/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8022 Host:8003 Browser: 9932
Arrangement exclusive undressing mahjong game "Lovely pop mahjong sparrows" Let's make it to all ages specifications, and it is transplanted to the consumer aircraft by coupling with the previous work existence "super real flower bill love koishishi" Mahjong full of gargate taste & flower card game.
If anything, it seems that there is a weight placed on those who "want to sparrow", the impression that "Love Koishi" simply "stuck with bonus" was strong. Well probably it does affect the fundamental difference in game character between Mahjong which tends to get into long-term battle and Hanafuda which is advanced crisply.

There is a thing for "everyone's age to spare," whether the consideration was given to a special external beginner, or a warm clearing condition of "won if three-time agitation is aged" has been given. At first, although difficulty setting is equipped with a function that can be adjusted to 4 levels of "easy, normal, difficult, super hard", there is no meaning as much as the difference, coupled with the low threshold of clear conditions. However, for Mahjong beginners like me, although it has been impossible without any problems, the quality of the animation which is banned as a result of winning as "winning reward" is also very high, and the worth of just having to struggle to win I think that there is. There is also an undressing scene on the extent of sorry (just not becoming naked).

Those who "love Koisashi" have the ease of attachment of the Hanafuda itself, is it a feature that it is easier to appreciate animation than Mahjong? However, compared to "doing sparrow", the playback time of the movie is extremely short, around 10 seconds, and the animation can be delicately made so it feels like itching and itching. Even from the eyes of those days the character deza is old - fashioned ... At least I wanted to unify the picture as "let 's sparrow."

Although it is undeniable that "overprotection" to beginners, such as the existence of a kind function that can check the names of mah-jongs and flower bills one by one and the existence of Ikasama items, the creation that devoted to the concept "grasp rules while enjoying" can be evaluated . Although I think that it will be unsatisfactory if it is from the user who entered the place number, I think that it is the best work as an introduction letter.
In the world flowing right after the start It is a strange thing that this embarrassing OP theme song does not get stuck in my ear and w