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Game total pnts rank Rank 42in 6,112 titlesTotal 174 / Deviation 103.39
Game avg pnts Rank 25in 960 titlesAvg 2.45=Very good/71 reviews
Game rank of 1994 Rank 3in 218 titles
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Character/Setting2.25(Very good)8
Story2.12(Very good)8
Music1.86(Very good)7
Game element1.62(Very good)8
Hot heart62%5/8
Made me think50%4/8
Learned something50%4/8
Shed tears38%3/8
Enjoyed playing with others12%1/8
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SQUARE SQUARE ENIX Yoko Shimomura Yasunori Mitsuda Tetsuya Nomura
Yoshinori Kobayashi Gousho Aoyama Yoshihide Fujiwara
Osamu Ishiwata Ryoji Minagawa Kazuhiko Shimamoto Yumi Tamura
Japan Released:1994/09/02(Fri) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:2015/06/24(Wed) Wii U
Official sites
1. http://www.square-enix.com/jp/archive/live_a_live/ (Translation)
2. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wiiu/software/vc/jc5j/index.html (Translation)
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2014/10/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32301 Host:32543 Browser: 4689
It was a game that I threw in trouble as a high school student, and it was a game I threw, and it was impression that it is too troublesome even if I do it now, or that there is no easyness, even if it is a system even if it is a scenario

Scenario There are seven + 2 volumes in the omnibus format, and although each story talks quite well,
The talk is short and the depth of digging is shallow. So in terms of empathy it is difficult to add it to me but I think that it is working well, but it did not seem like moving my mind, this neighborhood was a feeling similar to FF 7 or 10

The problem of the Middle Ages, because it was not depicted until then, it is shocking but I do not like the way. Some people mention it, but abandoning the scenario and trying to make it shocking to say that it will hurt yourself or not The surprise like a surprised box is not a way of drawing catharsis once it is understood once If it does, there is no next, I abandoned the impression that I am impressed many times when I remember it

It was truly terrible to beat Rasubos completely by just the way it was really bad Somehow I became friends with someone who was falling in the neighborhood, if there was a boss somehow,
Somehow it fought and it went somewhat to become the ending if it won, the final edition is really this, there is no story There is nothing to write because it becomes spoiler so it does not write much, but from the viewpoint of the boss it is convinced to a certain extent, Even so, this is a little nice, as for the design side, it will be described later, but the final edition can be used by the companions of each edition, but the design is also messy, and something was badly done

Except for system battle it is hard to understand orthodox techniques and item effects 〓〓
Battle is hard to get stuck But if it gets used this is not too difficult Here attacks when you attack it is almost like this pattern So attacking with a character with high offensive power becomes disadvantageous (If it's analogous to DQ, There are only two choices of guards)
So, it seems that it is a trivial and troublesome task of striking three people and punching until they are defeated by only one person, but it is only a quick glance, but there are few people who point out this kind of deficiency which is overly obvious I wonder if there is not this I think that battle was not bad

The world view Anyway it receives a narrow impression, cramped in some buildings that end only in one building Even the widest map, even if it is widely seen there is only the extent of the prefecture level that does not feel

Music and video music is generally good in medieval versions, otherwise ordinary graphics are not like cheeps, squares, so it is commonplace that the person writing is different, but there is no sense of unity in the design and feeling of badness is bad

Summary It is no longer a matter of squeeze but it is only an intrusive tragedy to the basic enemy I wanted the window to change at a place like this or if I watched the TV drama the subtitles came out at the time of important lines, it shines brightly It is like a feeling like this It may be fun for those who are unconcerned

Evaluation was very bad Individual talks had good things, but there was not anything else to get hot in other parts The overall narrow feeling was also painful

2012/03/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52901 Host:52990 Browser: 7358
[Total playing time]
I did as long as I normally do it for over 50 hours.

[good point]
First of all, the story has nothing to say.
Not only was it fun, but there were scenes made me think about various kinds of human beings, and the degree of my degree was not half full.
I also like FF and DQ, but this work is also wonderful one word.

[Bad point]
There is no particular thing to say, but if it says strongly,
The poor usability of some of the main characters in the final edition, I pulled a little.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I can only say that I want the people of today to do game No. 1.
Even in a story sense.

2012/03/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30835 Host:30801 Browser: 9466
It is a different color work that you can choose from one of seven different scenarios where the era, place, and hero are totally different. Anyway, the volume of that volume was unexpected, it was the best game that you can feel relaxed comfortably with loading elements. It is one charm that the scenario was serious as well as the scenario. Evaluation is the highest without complaint.

2011/09/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18080 Host:17927 Browser: 6425
Because it was deleted, once again.
The medieval edition scenario is too severe for 17 years now, trauma is still trauma, neither the stray bow nor Alicia can forgive.
Olsted, as I wrote before, will not be saved or saved as a hero of another world, will have a very bad end result.
Even if you become strangely convinced when your circumstances get worse due to a cowardly trap of one coward and that man, perhaps it is inconvenient, as you say Hash, believe in the word "Raise a life for those who believe" desperately Olsted 's life was blown out for Ogihime who died like Okayashi who was batted in Olsted who was full of bruises and hearts as well.
The braves of different worlds should know the skill of the two at heart dungeons, but there is no way but to defeat Olsted.
It was a disgusting game that I could lose trust in a moment.
In the end of the Tokugawa edition, "There is no night to be morning" Ottoromaru and Sakamoto Ryuma say, but if you borrow the word "one truth is always one" of a certain detective "There is no demon kingdom, a sneaky mage and a foolish and ugly It is no exaggeration to say that Lucrezia was destroyed by the wicked evil skill of Onihime.
It was a worst game so far as to say that the success of other heroes ended in vain.
"Closing the pure knight of one person rather than dawn at night"
That's it.

2011/08/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29612 Host:29820 Browser: 7865
It is a masterpiece of the SFC era and a famous game.
Since we talk about systems, scenarios, etc.,
I would like to talk about SF editions only.

First, I'm scared. I will exhaust this one point.
Honestly, SF version of this game is more traumatic than "Kamachitachi no Yoru" which I played afterwards.
This story is an alien-like story that berserk creature "Behemoth" escapes in the space ship and fights with survival in the absence of escape place.
Fellows who are sacrificed one after another. When you open the door you suddenly chase after you.
Why did you feel so much fear in a simple dot picture behemoth?
Probably, although the genre of horror games is developing at the present time,
Is not it because this game is the first time to embody "fear that can be chased"?
That this is but one of several chapters ....

In this way, it is a game that makes playing quite a bit even with just one scenario.
There is a volume, please when you have time.

2011/06/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1066 Host:1044 Browser: 9466
[Total playing time]
About 250 hours each scenario is about 10 minutes to 10 hours (play time changes considerably depending on the scenario and how to take in)
About 8 to 25 hours per lap

[good point]
Multiple different scenarios are prepared, such as scenarios with only battle, scenes with few battles, scenarios without dialogs, high scenarios with bad elements, and so on, you can do various ways of enjoying it.
Scenarios that can cry, hot scenarios, scary scenarios, funny scenarios, various and interesting.
The Western edition was surprised. I also feel a bit impossible.
Eventually each hero gathers in battle to fight against the enemy. It has a high degree of freedom and it is good to be able to fight with Las Boss alone.

[Bad point]
Because the contents are completely different according to the scenario, if a short - tempered person chooses a scenario that does not suit his personality first, it seems likely to quit there (actually there were those people).
Originality is low because each scenario is based on some work. If you do not know the original work, it may be innovative ....
Because there is a habit in the battle, I am struggling quite a bit if I do not get used to it. Whatever happens if you get it ....
In battle, friends and enemies act alternately, regardless of "fast", so there was not much influence on battle, whether there were many enemies or not. Thanks to that, I was never unilaterally bothered by enormous enemies ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Many things are drifting about the story. Although it is one of the attractions, it is not suitable for people who dislike it.
Battle is strong, the ability is quite different depending on the character, close hands and feet, get drunk and other status abnormalities that are not found in other RPG.
I like the most in squares games.

2011/04/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6537 Host:6406 Browser: 17381
[Total playing time]
Clear a few weeks

[good point]
〓〓〓ompleted multi-scenario scriptplay.Test of production, game characteristics, volume ...
Each scenario has its own characteristics, so you can enjoy it like a separate work, so do not get tired of it.
Also, there are consistent themes in all scenarios, and they mesh without collapse.

〓〓〓irecting surface Improved appearance of coloring with both video and music.
It matches each stage and does not make you feel uncomfortable like using it.

〓〓〓attle system Although it is a system close to strategic simulation that fights by deploying multiple operation targets in a plane, it is a simple conclusion and can be operated intuitively.

〓〓〓ncorporated elements There are also hidden bosses and hidden items, so you can play slowly.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓n the battle battle there are few options that you can take, it tends to be a monotonous task of just hitting in order.
The strength of the enemy "Naturally winning" has spurred it and there is no sense of tension.

[Point not to say either]
〓〓〓edieval edition scenario I felt something strange when the hero's heart was too fragile.
It is impossible to understand why the people who were deceived by a man 's jealousy were shocked enough to despair the human itself though it was clarified by the cause of the riot.
I felt it was an expedient development that tried to forcefully result the story in a short time.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If you have the opportunity to pick it up, you certainly want to play. It is a work that can be said to be good for all and for all.
I also wrote a critical opinion, but it is the level of "if you say it daringly."
I think that it is a wonderful work that you can feel the power of producers, and love.

2011/03/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33504 Host:33596 Browser: 6305
[Total playing time]
I do not recall and I do not remember
[good point]
Battle system
Attractive characters
High perfection of each scenario
[Bad point]
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that I can not play games that was undoubtedly the most fun I have ever done, but it is a work I want you to remake!

2010/01/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22205 Host:22070 Browser: 6216
[Total playing time]
2 weeks clear

[Story. Character. View of the world]
〓〓〓7 + The omnibus format scenario by one hero is new. The world view of each hero can be understood easily.
〓〓〓In addition to just fighting game formats, you can not get tired of changes such as fighting game style directing or searching games with no fighting, etc. 〓〓〓It is eerie, slightly philosophical, stupid, hot in vain A lot of scenarios (and speech turning too unique)
〓〓〓Because that scenario per one shot is quite short, a hero whose impression is thin may come out (Personally I wanted to see the story about the western part and the Edo period)
〓〓The end of the medieval period is a little too forcibly. Especially since the heroine feels like "I want to make it a tragic development, so I want to kill it for the time", I wonder if the neighborhood managed to do something a bit. As a story it is very attractive ...
〓〓〓The final battlefield - the flow from the final ending to the end is very wonderful (music also)

[Battle related]
〓〓〓difficulty level itself is quite tepid 〓〓〓unique system "checker battle". When the party comes to 4 people, it is quite fun to prepare a long skill for this guy in the meantime and recover with it in the meantime, but it is quite fun, but especially in the early stage there are many parties of 1 or 2 parties, Eventually it approached and beat only, and there was never a strategic interest felt there. Of course, there was a glowing thing that could express the concept of range and attack direction, but personally thought that it was good with a normal command selection formula in this case. People who have been more encouraged may have different opinions.
〓〓〓Hidden bosses, hidden items etc

[Graphics. Music. Direction]
〓〓〓The music is supreme masterpiece. It also matches very well with the atmosphere of each scene.
〓〓〓Dots can well express the character design of each hero

I think that it is masterpiece with great energy and message quality.

2010/01/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30645 Host:30865 Browser: 8652
[Total playing time]
I do not remember w
I did it

[good point]
Small stories such as Watanabe that appeared in each era where the directing is too wonderful are also funny and arranging the initials of the cube's skills makes it a "humanism" of the SF theme ... until a small story is coming, w

A short story of each era is also wonderful not making it a short story "There are many" hidden ", and it will not stop after putting out a hammer

[Bad point]
I can not find a bad point w

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Square at this time was nice, is not it sticking to the graphics of the current square?

I am not complaining, it's the best among the best

2009/12/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5136 Host:5002 Browser: 5944
[Total playing time]
I'm pretty hammered and I do not remember.
[good point]
There are lots of multi-ending hero who enjoyed battle
[Bad point]
If you give a bad point, I guess there is a short scenario. After all, why should I raise the level of the boss?
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It's a pretty engaging game. It was recommended by a friend, but it stopped getting in every time I played. Evaluation is the highest because there was a scenario that can use special functions, and there was a laughable event, so I enjoyed playing.

2009/07/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6105 Host:5844 Browser: 9573
[Total playing time] 100 hours or more.

SFC One of the best games.
Full loading of elements.
The bad point is that Rasubosu is too weak.

2009/06/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27211 Host:27330 Browser: 7767
When you enjoy the work of Square,
Whether you are focusing on systems or emphasizing stories in your case,
I was biased toward either, but this work was the latter

[good point]
After all, no matter how you try to set it at an angle,
The medieval edition, which has become a talker any longer, is nothing more than a real thrill but it is pretty much a monthly impression but from glory to frustration, from hope to despair the result of human ego is painful, it was sad everyone In the sense that it is trying to express the negative part of one 's possession,
I think that it is a superb work I just do not think that it is a masterpiece,
I will list the reason for the following "bad points"

[Bad point]
This piece, especially the Middle Ages,
I received that I was trying to express a negative part of the person,
To that extent I felt less psychological depiction of the stray bow I felt It may have been that I did not talk much to make a sudden betrayal more,
It is a hole as a story and it seems to be a problem to emphasize only the production, and the same is true of Alicia's last action,
Depending on the person, it may reflect as just turning back. Before the final battlefield, the enemy is asking his own true feelings and actions so far,
I think how to speak endlessly,
Even so,
Just because the producer just wanted to do big Dondden,
"In fact, the purpose of this game is extremely thin, is not it?"
I also received the impression that it really is not complaining if the intention of the producer side is that much,
I do not want to think so just because it is close to Ryosaku. Perfectly this is my ego, for example, if there is something foreshadowing that slightly smells betrayal of stray bow,
Also, is not it different? In addition, regarding Alicia, something like inferiority to Olsted,
I think that the last speech will come alive if it is expressed even a bit in advance, why does trust disappear?
I wanted the creator to draw it there

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Trying to make another part complement the part of the story, such as the space between rows and blanks,
Although it is usual as a method in a sense,
I sometimes feel like it 'escape' Especially if you do it with such a theme or proposition part,
Or the contents get badly received by your childhood "Is not it fun to consider?"
Although it seems whether there is opinion that there is also opinion, I do not think so because I think that it is possible to enrich consideration also because I have a core "Streibau, Alicia, Olsted, each of these circumstances,
That's why it ended up being such an end. "
Finally, based on the above facts,
Stray bow's ego, Alicia's ego, Olsted's ego,
I wonder if you can do more thorough consideration

The original nature of the game is glimpse as other people are told,
Moreover, there are also parts that you can still expect,
Based on that, I think that it is "very good" by subtracting the expected amount to "highest"
As to the story property, there was a prominent part of a big hole,
It will be "bad"

For the above reasons, my evaluation was taken between gaming and stories,
We will make it "ordinary"

2009/03/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6271 Host:5937 Browser: 9326
[good point]
It is quite an experimental game, but it was fun.
Each edition which can be selected for the first time was variety variety and I enjoyed it with features such as solving mystery and slashing 100 people.
It was quite pleasant as the character strengthened as I finalized the final edition.

[Bad point]
Like the FF in the SFC era, the script is a little italy.
But compared to FF, it matched the atmosphere, so I was not disgusted.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are various elements and it is an interesting game.
Personally I love the end of Edo era. I tried many times and enjoyed 100 slaughters and 0 slashing.
Western section, SF section, primitive section, near future edition, Hyundai section, Kun Ho edition are all funny, are not they? It is quite amazing that every story is interesting.

2008/11/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5116 Host:5078 Browser: 7282
[Total playing time]

[good point]
.graphic. Regardless of the field, it is beautiful at battle. There is a taste.
Battle system. Like Orthodox RPG, like SRPG ...
It was an unusual battle system with its own system.
It was fun to fight while thinking about power, range of effect, waiting time, etc.
Music is also pretty good. "LIVE A LIVE" with a title is a lead, it is mastery of masterpieces.
Characters designed by each cartoonist are attractive.
I am lost as to who I will put, such as the final edition Ichido will meet.
Olsted, a perfect original character, was also a good character.
What is the most attractive thing, is not it a story?
I just picked up "life" as the theme, and it is really deep.
While depicting the wonderfulness of a person, he also draws clearly the vivid ugliness of humans, such as the treatment of Olsted to the populace and close friends.
Although it was about elementary school junior high school at the time of play, I still remember what made me think very deeply.
The character 's speech is also good. At the end of the SF edition, the corporal cup who drank the cup of coffee's brewed coffee "Indeed .. I am sure this is bitter but this bitterness is the best ..."
The line was sadly, there was also the best in the highest.
Besides this, there are many famous words that can not be forgotten.

[Bad point]
If it is multi - ending, it may be good that there was a result that Olsted could be saved for about one ....
There was also a conclusion that disappeared after being convinced (supposedly), but eventually it has fallen out of "life" which is the theme of this work.
I do not die in Olsted END ... never been rewarded, this is the last bad aftertaste.
His figure that is going down at the end is still burning to my mind.
There seems to be some variation in the strength of the character ....
Rather than each character, only Akira protrudes and feels weak.
Even with the technique marked as "give extraordinary damage", no damage occurs at all,
In the end, I like the low kick that I remember from the beginning is strong ... I like it as a character, so I used it every time ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a masterpiece of Square that was created in the days when so many RPGs were sent out to the world, whether interesting or boring.
Square of this era was a holy sword in Romazaga series, FF 6 and masterpieces gathered,
This work is deeper than any of them, I remember what I enjoyed.
Work that made deeply thoughtful about "what it is to live" at the time as a primary school girl, Gakincho.
Now that I became an adult, I might as well try playing again and thinking about "raw" again ....
It was a software that was quite heavily influenced and was a masterpiece as a game,
I'd like to give a "highest" rating.

I do not think I can make such funny software in the current square.

2008/11/03 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17544 Host:17405 Browser: 7261
I think that this game only accepts comic fans.
Because the story is dark, the battle system can only see Romazaga 's sweetness.
Moreover, characters are hard to see, dot picture is inferior.
I do not have that, but the impression is pakurige.
Follow-up: I think that remake is impossible, that dirt is dirty,
I think that I do not accept the child now.

2008/05/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8053 Host:8231 Browser: 6342
There was no work that let me make it depression as much as this work (in a good sense)
Each chapter was made me think that living there is a development that will not be saved.
Even so, there is a memory that the SF edition was rash.
(Human relations and various meanings ...)

2008/04/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46099 Host:46115 Browser: 6287
It is a game of Square at the time I was attacking with a new title.

I think that the main story that the hero becomes the demon kingdom is a bit simple as the main story.
It is floating compared to others.

Such a short editing game is a good impression because we can notice too much heavy and long RPG.
You can play with a fresh feeling once.
It is good to be able to enjoy it even in orbiting play as there are also a small neta.

2008/02/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29397 Browser: 7625(Mobile)
〓〓〓I will not reevaluate because the previous evaluation was overdone

I think it's amazing to have some scenarios made entirely different in rules and atmosphere.
The contemporary edition of fighting and the SF edition with little fighting, primitive editing without words at all were particularly impressive.
Regarding the battle system, it is the one I like the most among the RPGs I've come up with.
Directing is also wonderful.
Especially, the fighter of the Rasubosu in the near future edition and the SF edition.
Thanks to that, it was a pretty hot final battle.
Hidden elements are also amazing.
Even after three weeks, I could only find that part of the whole.
The hidden elements themselves were all wide, ranging from those for the end of the Edo period to those for inflating the story of the SF edition.
The ending was also impressive.
I wonder how many times I have defeated the audiences because I want to see this.
And above all, the development since the Middle Ages.
When I was a cowboy, I felt only the impact position to the main character becoming a rasubosu, but it was deeply impressed when the existence connecting the scenarios that seemed not to be totally involved was clear.

However, there are many mystery parts in this scenario.
Looking at the first part of the betrayal of the stray bow also seems to be unnatural behavior.
In the case of ordinary citizens, there is finally a hint of ah, but in his case it is mysterious.
The same can be said for Alicia.
I thought about that, but is not it that the reason why they caught up in that statue of Satan?
If you attach it to hatred or negative emotions from that Satan's statue, and if the power to increase is coming out, it seems that it seems that explanation of what they changed is also explained.
Indeed, it should have made remarks that can be taken even if the stray bow is so before the decisive battle.
If this theory is correct, defeating Olsted will not solve anything.
In other words, as long as there is that statue (hatred), it means that the devil exists anytime.

As long as there is hatred, Satan exists.
I think that it is a heavy theme symbolizing human nature.
However, I think that it is what I wanted to tell in this work that saying, "Man is dirty, but it is OK with that, it is good with it. Let's not despair despair from dirty and become a demon king."
Even while actually working, Uranus and Ryuma were saying something similar, and the part that is not able to quit Olsted's human beings (such as where the honor king who is close to the Lucrethian people and oblights are treated as the same circumstances ) Also come from such things.
I think that what is symbolized by the true title of this work is a message similar to Atsugawa Ryunosuke 's Duco Spring.
Well, it may seem that you think too much though, but you do not mind otherwise.
Because I think that it is the merit of this work that I can do such a deep reading.

..., I have praised so far, but I would like to mention the faults next time.
First of all, there is only a small volume of each scenario.
If it all matches, it will be appropriate, but once you look at it one by one, the shortness of the world and the story is noticeable, so afterwards the difficulty is low.
It's enough to be cleared at level 20.
Although it is easy to carry on playing in that extent, it is easy.
It is also a problem that I can not redo the last edition.

... and tomorrow, although there are some parts to worry about, I think that the level of hidden elements and themes are quite level.
Also, it was also a work that taught me various things.
Therefore the evaluation is "the best among the best!"
Ichiban - n !!

2008/02/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48871 Host:48798 Browser: 3876
[Total playing time] Approximately 70 hours.

[Good point] The story that both goodness and badness of each human being were highlighted,
It can be said that it is rare. Music is so beautiful as to remain too much in the impression.

[Bad point] Did the final edits resemble?

[Overall evaluation] I am playing again now. The story that the brave becomes a demon king was amazed. If you want to make a remake, I'd like you to transplant after finishing the rough search thoroughly. Maybe Nintendo DS is good.

* Although it is trivia, it is a boss of the SF edition.Mother COM is not just that caught polygon figure. Realistic figures are not only seen in the final edition, but when you use infosearch 2.3 times it becomes real.

2008/01/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34030 Host:33915 Browser: 8933
The game battle system that was able to be enjoyed entirely was also innovative and enjoyable.
I wish I could have done well for each scenario, did not it?
There was nothing at all in the primitive version, but I understood well what I wanted.

What I was able to do best was neutral version and final chapter (Olsted version)
I thought that I had a settled demon under a common setting, I was charged with killing the king, two of my friends died,
One has become a demon king. The principal who should have protected him if he defeated him, followed suicide afterwards.
It is too poor.
"I am ... Satan Odoro!" Speech is remarkable in the heart.
It was a very rare story that the brave became the demon king.
The final chapter is a story that another main character has been defeated by Rasubosu himself and then defeating the hero one after another.
The word to each person frequently got anger towards humans of Odio.
The last line tells it.

If you think about it is quite depressed. But it is not a waste. Rather, masterpiece.
Odio can not be saved at all ...

2007/06/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40410 Host:40430 Browser: 3162
There are various eras and countries, there are hidden elements to the extent of this. Ninja editing something, it is a stopbatch. Cube editing is crazy when it is serious and scared at night alone. This is also multi-ending. There are stories like human being justice like dragon quad 4 and there are many varieties.

2007/06/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27679 Host:27551 Browser: 8082(Mobile)
At the time of sale, I was reading a korokoro comic and I played it only thoughtfully about "Hello ~ Okinchanakuman's author is doing character design ~".
I played when I was a high school student. At first I thought that it was a fairly ridiculous game, but even though it was ridiculous, there was a serious curved surface and the theme at each story was well transmitted to the extent that it was not able to hit us.

Since it is the unexpected nature of this game and the core of the story after that, it may be better not to read those who are planning to play from now.

This game is tailored to chapter. We will advance the story of each protagonist in the primitive era, the Edo era, the western dramatic era and so on. Every story is good.
And lastly I will do a story to become the demon king after the medieval European brave character falls on the path of evil.
The rest of the protagonists will overcome time to defeat him.

I think that this basic plot is wonderful. I was surprised even by a high school student who was playing the game a lot in recent years. And it makes me feel saddened quite a bit. It is salvation that the character design is bright and there are comedy elements. I think that it is a masterpiece excelled in such balance of laughter and seriousness.

The bad point is that the degree of difficulty is low if it is tougher. It may be too easy for adults to do. However, I think that it is primarily for children as far as seeing person appointment etc of character design. It is the content that I want the child to taste the theme. It is a game I thought that I wanted to play at the time of release as opposed to playing when I was a high school student. Evaluation will be very good.

2007/05/27 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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I think that a sad story totally continued, but still it was not depressed because there were some things that I can empathize with in the scenario, and the directing of the character was even singing.

I think that it is not an overstatement to say that the sub-character such as lawless pine, mad dog, strange man, Kathu, corporate dozen, etc. is responsible for the nucleus of the scenario of the modern edition, the end of the Edo era, the western part, the SF edition.

For lawless pine for the redemption, Maddog is the strongest inquirer (former sheriff) For reasons such as defeating sandown, etc., Differently with the main characters, going to heart, exhilarating somewhere to fight, cooperate somewhere Even feeling feels it.

Personally the most favorite is the company dozen. He had a disgust with the machine from the war of the past, but in the process of stopping the OD - 10, as well as OD - 10, while being sympathized with the human foolishness, I was able to find the answer. Simply the last interaction between the cube and corporal had something funny.

It is the entrepreneurial nature of the science fiction that it is the entrepreneurial nature of the SF edition that "It is totally silly things, human beings" is the subjectivity of the SF edition, and the theme of humanism is the main character of the machine cube, it is objective to show humans I think that I could express it by doing. Furthermore, by including a password in the main computer before ending, the view of the world of SF edition will spread more. If you have not done it yet, I recommend you try it once.

If you think carefully here, "Middle Ages" is awesome ...
It is totally opposite to "SF edition" Mangan ........

2007/04/18 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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〓〓〓Overall music ranking

First place: LIVE.A.LIVE: It is the main theme of the original game and it also flows in the normal battle in the final edition. The owner's atmosphere and heat are oddly matched to the battle in the hatred full of faded world.

Second place: MEGALOMANIA: In battle with hidden bosses such as Rasubosu battle of each edition (who has the name of Odio), Ry膃〓osuke Majin and King Mango. Even this work is quite a popular song and it sounds more crisp thanks to the directing just before the boss match.

Third place: CRY.A.LIVE: A sad song as the name flows mainly in the scene where people died. Especially in the ending of the SF edition we can cry.

Fourth place: Wings unreachable: Fields in medieval edition, at NEVEREND and SADEND in the final edition. It is a sad song as if Olesdad's mind is appearing as it is. Arrange version "FORGOTTEN WINGS ~ Forgotten wings ~" is more painful ...

. 5th: Avians in the sky Flight of the fish Kids Yuri Swimming: Main theme of Kugao ed. It is a masterpiece of the magnificence of nature and the strength and sorrow of the trader. "Legendary mountain fist ...!"

. 6th: Ridiculous battle: Battle songs in medieval versions. I feel that it is perfect for the battle song of RPG the most compared to other edits.
I especially like the area just before the loop.

7th place: PSYCHO and night absence four bitter !!: Battle songs in the near future edition. It is said that the tone of harmonica gives a melancholy in rock style. It seems that the Taiyaki shop is coming soon.

8th: LIVE.FOR.LIVE: In true ending. Medley of the main theme flows in order of Kuga 〓〓〓primitive 〓〓〓Western 〓〓〓SF 〓〓〓Hyundai 〓〓〓Bakumatsu 〓〓〓near future 〓〓〓medieval. I can catch a glimpse of the message that "Hatred and weakness of a person does not go away, but still should not despair". The dawn of the night can make you feel the future with hope.

. 9th: GO! GO! Tin Tin Ou !: Tin Tin theme. It is atmosphere tap of anime of robot thing of the past year. Actually, it seems that there are lyrics up to number three.

10th: UNSEEN SYNDROME: SF edition. Suspicious death of the crew.This is an eerie and scary song that is perfect for this scenario where the existence of mystery behind the scenes such as desertion of Behemoth and behind the scenes involves dazzlingly obscurity. This is afraid for the sounded version.

Next point: Satan Odoro: The theme of the demon king of the street. Songs of each edition Rasubosu before World War II and medieval edition ending. It is impressive tune like expressing the strength of demon 's hatred. It may be said as the theme behind this game.

The rest is at a later date.

2007/04/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Square was also good this time.

Olsted was unable to live for himself.

Even so, there are too many mysteries in the final edition. There is no explanation why Olsted became a monster (well predicted generally).

SF edition was a really excellent finish. It seems like you killed humans with human orders if you think about it.

2007/01/26 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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I will also write in this game.

〓〓〓Comprehensive enemy character ranking

First place: Pure Odio: The evolutionary form of Odio Mall. It is a figure that can be said to be the end of the hidden oarsdad which is hated by hatred. Disperspace that causes the ability to decline.Cancerale of whole damage.The terrible opponent corresponding to the name of Rasubosu using St. Alicia of large damage & petrochemical effect. Especially Saint Alicia is a very impressive effect with an effect that is extremely impressive, as well as its power and effect. Measure the strongest technique while avoiding solidification in one place. It will be exhausted to this.

Second place: Death Prophet: A black leopard that attacks those who fled 100 times in the final section. I frequently use dark spheres and I will try to make it stone. Although it seems to be a completely unbeatable enemy with a high evasion rate and attack power, when attacking there with a tail being a weak point, Shippo will self-destruct using Eyarn. (Although the attacking character receives the damage of the death throat) Let's definitely win because it has Ealle Mail. It seems that Watanabe parents have escaped a hundred times ...

3rd place: King Mommy: The king of beasts appearing in the wilderness at the end of the primitive edition. If you challenge with a force that is half-baked, it is better to get caught back by the angry volcanic eruption attack. How to reduce the flame field is important in this battle. Let's attack with a gooey while sleeping at goo goo. I have the king's Kiva and the cola's bottle so I want to fight as much as possible, but it is impossible to encounter without having to use the command to smell odor, as the speed of movement at the field is abnormally fast.

4th place: Ral & La La: Star alien appearing in the SF mini game "Captain Square". The power of "Suta Baita" which they use frequently is tremendous, and once you eat it three times, it will become algae scrap of the universe first. If you defeat La Ra, Ral is a breakdown, so it is best to concentrate La La la plus a plasma ball. As much as possible in short-term decisive battle!

. Position 5: Pistachio: A gray creature like a frog appearing in the final edition. I usually do nothing, but if you attack it carelessly, you will have a miserable eye on Hell Fragrance that you use for counterattacks. If you do not break it down, you will drop the reinforced parts.

. 6th: Ishtar: a serpent woman mosaiced on the face appearing in the final edition. Having over 1000 HP, it is a strong enemy that uses a powerful global attack such as Escher space and Mobius Rondo but you can gain huge experience value if you defeat it. The weakness is the part of the snake behind.

. No. 7: Liquid human being W-1: Father of Watanabe of near future edited as a liquid human being android. Although it is a strong enemy with terrible attack power, if it attacks from behind it will be killed by using a vaporization explosion. It is suicidal act to challenge properly. (Same tactic is valid for World Dark)

. 8th: Mother COM (OD-10): To judge that the entanglement of human relations within the ship is an obstacle to navigation, in order to prevent it, we have reached the contradictory conclusion that "There must be only persons in the ship to be excluded" The main computer (safekeeping program) of the ship "Cogido.Elgosm" that went uncontrollable because of it. It corresponds to Odio in the SF edition. When fighting, it will appear following the stabilizer which is 8 support programs in addition to the mother COM body. (Only Mother COM in the final edition) If you do not destroy the stabilizer, it will be recovered even if you attack the main body, so it is the first thing to annihilate the stabilizer first! If it becomes only the main body approached, it will be with Antifield and Maser canon Let's attack. "KILL YOU ..." before the battle is cool!

. No. 9: Feminophobia: A magical creature that seems to have been created by a stray bow with the name "female phobia" that appears at the end of the Middle Ages. Because it comes to heavy use of strong HP absorption skill and psychotic disorder skills, we can not afford to live half attacks. However, it is somewhat weak to the skill with hammer power. "Do not die ... not yet ..."

# 10: Hidden Daibutsu Big Buddha: An incorrect large Buddha that absorbed and mobilized a liquid human being pooled in the pond of Okuiji temple. It corresponds to an audio in the near future edition. I will attack with indirect sealing techniques such as liquid human spells and so on. Let's attack with the Jom Jeom bullet when the hands and feet technique is sealed. By the way HP is 2032 (same as tin tin).

Next point: Okame: The enemy of a woman who appears in the Edo era. Once you talk to me, I'll chase you until the end, 16 times unless you fight. (You can kill for the first time by fighting 16 times.) Sweetness even when fighting It is strong sex appeal. Is it a digression, is it called Yunderet to say such things ...?

The rest is at a later date.

2006/11/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This work is aimed at fighting Rasubosu by joining the heroes, clearing a short story with various types of figures as main characters, such as martial artists, Kokeno, ESP, Ninja.

For each hero, there is a habit of content and play style, In the case of a fighter, you have to win while acquiring a one-on-one fight with receiving the opponent's deathblow technique, and in the case of a ninja, one hundred people in the castle Depending on whether you kill all or clear one without killing, the response of the rescued master may change, and in some cases items may be available.

The degree of difficulty is low, requiring a different play style in each story, and rich boss ideas such as making the last main character rasubosu.

2006/08/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Since evaluation here is good, I tried doing recently.
First of all, there are seven stories in the beginning, when it is over, the Middle Ages and the final edition will appear.
Stories, characters and music that are short in each era background are excellent.
I think that one of themes of this work is "demon king". It also has a strong meaning as a conventional RPG antithesis.
As "Rasubosu of RPG" for a long time, this "demon king" reveals the princess at one time and destroys the kingdom at one time. Its purpose is to conquer the world or to kill the human race. However, I think that there was not much to be talked about the cause and cause of the process. It is because the meaning of the demon king is a thing of the outside and it is because it is the strongest ecosystem so that it stands at the top of the world or eliminating mankind for the prosperity of the seed is because of these reasons. And, in the story, the hero often does not talk, its feelings are often told.
There are many things that can be said to be bad simply by villains in the seventh live alive, and the main character does not talk much as well.
In the Middle Ages, especially RPG-like development continues to the middle stage. In the meantime the hero speaks of course.
However, hero Olsted loses believers and loved ones, and finally shouts.

I question the hero who finally beat himself, "Where are you different from you?"
I think that it is different for each hero, but Ray says that she is trying hard not to give up.
But until the end the devil did not regret what he did.
"Remember that ... everyone can become a demon ... as long as there is hatred in this world"
That is that even any brave person can become a demon king.
"As long as there is hatred in this world I will definitely rise."
It is similar to this frequently used line.
Probably, this game became prototype, it might have influenced the Holy Sword series, the Romusaga series, and so on.