[Game]Kirby Mass Attack

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Game rank of 2011 Rank 17in 97 titles
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HAL Laboratory, Inc.
Nintendo Co.,Ltd.
Japan Released:2011/08/04(Thu) Nintendo DS
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1. http://ds-can.com/10kirby/
2. http://wikiwiki.jp/kirby-ds2/
Official sites
1. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/tadj/index.html (Translation)
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2014/05/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1873 Host:1773 Browser: 7463
It is one work of familiar Kirby series, but this work is a form that Kirby which has been divided into ten people adventure.

〓〓〓System B
Although it looks like Kirby of the action beside looking action,
The system is very different from Kirby of the past.
Tentatively the big difference
There are ten Kirby to move
It is not a game that moves Kirby directly
Copy Ability None The main parts to be noticed will be these three.
Although there are fine plus or minus,
As an frank opinion, this is this, is not it?
It is an opinion.

〓〓〓Graphic B
Both the enemy, ally and background are designed lovely overall. It is an impression that is carefully made.
It is a nice place for fans to see old-fashioned characters.

〓〓〓Operability C
Although it is not bad, there are places where Kirby is too many to operate.
And since the operating method does not directly move Kirby in the first place, it leads to the direction Kirby goes,
If you look only at the screen and think that you think that it is a type of game where 10 people arrive by moving a single Kirby, it is surprised.

〓〓〓Difficulty C
It is generally quite expensive. There are ten people, so even if even one person goes to the goal it is OK OK easy ... is not such a thing at all.
Even just clearing it normally has difficulties,
It is also seriously troublesome to grasp because gimmicks change rapidly for each course.

Also, even though it is difficult even by myself,
The gold star which is a wearing element (It clears without being damaged even once during the course, and one of Kirby's
The moment that you missed the damage even at least once) is an extremely difficult business.

〓〓〓Volume A
47 Stage + engagement in mini games with high degree of completion ... and elements ...,
I think that the volume is packed enough.
There was no padded feeling or a sense of omission on each course, and I was satisfied with great satisfaction here.

〓〓〓BGM A
Original, including remakes are good quality.
I thought there was a remix per portable device or SFC, but I did not think that Sandra of air ride came down. I was happy to be honest.

〓〓〓This is GOOD
Including Kirby, course, appearance character, including a very lively game is fun to do if you do not mind the details.
Although there are pros and cons for a system, I think that I am very good as a new attempt on my own.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy Kaabii different from usual.

〓〓〓This is BAD
Ease of operation and system difficulty is high. There is reasonable response.
There are many obnoxious gimmicks that induce mistakes,.
Yet, sometimes like a mission (?) Is a taste like an educational game for small children, so it will be a blast.

〓〓〓Comprehensive evaluation "Good" I will assume.

2013/08/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29503 Browser: 7624(Mobile)
[good point]

Types of gimmicks

Price is cheap for content

Difficulty is higher and challenging

Mini - games are abundant and deep

[Bad point]

The point that it will be game over by not being able to bring Coty to the place of parents

Las boss is weak

I can not go to Necro Nebula if I do not take the rainbow medals

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There was a bad point, but it was quite enjoyable. Evaluation is "very good"

2012/01/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22359 Host:22482 Browser: 4640
[good point]
First of all, there are a lot of intuitions.
Challenge medals, and then rank by stage.
Especially the gold rank was only difficult.
Touch! Kirby also seems to be difficult but the difficulty level will rise at a stroke as it becomes a touch object.
Stage BGM also ranges from nostalgic things to new works.
The rest is a mini game, it can not be removed either.
Not only a large number but also high quality one by one.
Some characters will come out like "〓〓〓〓〓〓?"

[Bad point]
First of all, I do not have the copy ability.
There is nothing that can be said to be synonymous with Kirby. (Oh well there is no original, but I said that)
If it is there will be more features per stage.
It's fun to watch more than anything (laugh)
I hope to be alone with every stage move ...
There will also be forgetting to take medals, and it is troublesome.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that the staff wants to do better and not as good as anything.
Especially I do not know how many times I was surprised about characters.
It is the feeling that the whole Kirby series gathered one. (But animation elements are still strong after all)
Clearly it was a very chaotic look.
So the game balance is rather high, the level of difficulty may be higher for those who are used to Touch Kirby, but it may not be so, but I had quite a hard time, especially when I get 10 people, the no damage is pretty .
Moreover, it is supposed not to be able to enter unless it is 10 people so that it can not be properly thrilled.
I really shouted when I got the boss rush gold (lol)
But medals still should not be acquired at all ....
I am enjoying it so much and I think that I was glad I bought it

2011/10/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 320 Host:111 Browser: 10190
[Total playing time]
It is about 3 weeks.

[good point]
It is an action by having Kirby 10 people.

[Bad point]
There are plenty.
First of all, it is too hard to be 10 people! It is really difficult. Everything
I can not imagine Kirby ...
For example, enemies and gimmicks are similar to biohazards in the middle 4 of stage 4!
Moreover, the more powerful it becomes, the more powerful it is, but there are some stages that are not problematic in ease of progress even though it increases by that, but there are also some stages that are difficult to do as much as possible.
I can not imagine Kirby's game unless I can unify it.
It is a pretty impossible game.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is the worst. Kirby game is hard to imagine.
I was disgusted before going to Rasubosu.
Rather than having a response, this game is just impossible.
For example, it is impossible for 100 times that of the double speed game of Mario.

2011/10/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45262 Host:45272 Browser: 4668
[Total playing time]
It is about a month still.

[good point]
There is much involvement. (Medal collection, title, collection, challenge etc)
Kirby 's voice is cute. Reaction is also good (asleep, surprised if neglected)
The enemy character is also cute It has no copy capability, but this increases the kirby by gathering funny fruits with this. (Up to 10 people)
Pocoska battle. It is interesting to see.
Invincible with big candy. The enormous ten people are impressive. Sometimes I will blow away treasure chests

[Bad point]
It is hard to operate as the number of people increases.
When moving to other islands, Kirby gathered up gets stuck alone

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if you can not use copy it is fun enough.
I have purchased it for about a month, but I think that there is no loss by buying.
It's great as I am hooked