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Other media: Drama:Kamaitathi no yoru
Game total pnts rank Rank 48in 6,205 titlesTotal 152 / Deviation 96.95
Game avg pnts Rank 89in 937 titlesAvg 2.17=Very good/70 reviews
Game rank of 1994 Rank 4in 225 titles
Statics of evaluation and Ranking
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Story2.33(Very good)9
Music2.12(Very good)8
Character/Setting2.00(Very good)9
Graphic2.00(Very good)9
Game element2.00(Very good)9
Made me think56%5/9
Enjoyed playing with others22%2/9
Learned something22%2/9
Shed tears11%1/9
Hot heart0%0/9
Information about this title

Kouichi Nakamura
Hikaru Midorikawa Yumi Toma Yukimasa Kishino Mizue Otsuka
Masao Imanishi Akiko Sekine Ryotaro Okiayu Toyoshima Machiko
Yuko Nagashima Shiho Niyama Rumi Kasahara
Nobutoshi Kanna Yoshiyuki Kono
Japan Released:1994/11/25(Fri) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1998/12/03(Thu) Playstation
Japan Released:2002/06/28(Fri) Game Boy Adobans
Japan Released:2004/02/30() Application software
Japan Released:2007/01/13(Sat) Wii
Japan Released:2011/08 PlayStation 3 PSP
Japan Released:2013/08/07(Wed) Wii U
Official sites
1. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/vc/vc_ky/index.html (Translation)
2. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wiiu/software/vc/jazj/ (Translation)
3. http://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/games/kamagba/ (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
PS かまいたちの夜 特別篇 OP MOVIE [Fan reg.]
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2016/11/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39069 Host:39156 Browser: 9419
I played the familiar night of famous as famous masterpiece of game company Chunsoft.
This work is a horror suspense, but it is a real scary fear and I recommend it because I can play even those who are not good at horroristic panic like shizzaman or biohazard zombies.

In terms of the point of view, it is a good combination of live action and Novell, since the background is a live-action picture, there is an additional fear.
From the murder case occurring in a pension that can not escape, the phenomenon that the characters gradually go crazy from the unreal phenomena is really full of realism.

Chaotic scenario other than mystery I personally liked it specifically except for the mystery of this story, I liked the spy version where the spies compete with each other on the pension.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A wonderful game that functions as a suspense, a horror and a mystery.

2015/09/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
I played in the GBA version.

If you explain the contents easily, you go skiing, go to the place where you stayed, become a heavy snow and you can not come out, a murder case happens, the culprit immediately knows by the branch of the option you choose and the criminal will eventually It is a novel game that does not understand and everyone goes dead rapidly with confusion in confusion.

When I first did the first week I was quite amazed by the result of the shock that almost all people were killed by a person who should have trusted me the most and the death ended!

Finally I realized the real culprit after doing it several times. I thought well what I thought would have overlooked such a w.

Well, it is not a Horror, but I am afraid this.
It seems there are a lot of EDs really, but it's fun but I am scared so I watched some ED and finished it w

If you feel like it will do again - the evaluation is "good"!

2015/03/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3188 Host:3248 Browser: 5943
A great work that made the genre called Sound Novel in line with the younger brotherstone into this world

Every one of the scenarios is simple, but its directing was superior, the silhouettes of the figures and BGM atmosphere was very good and I was really scared

A multi-story established as a single story.
I think that it is difficult for this expression to be done except for games, so I want the genre to be more active This work also branched into a completely different story for each route, and read the story of various genres

It is the big series that the series numbering was released and it became a drama, but in the end this is the most funny thing

2014/11/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26629 Host:26521 Browser: 9931
It is also known as "a leading role" that has made a great achievement in establishing a new genre called "sound novel" by making Munisterie Touch's Novel Novel 2 produced by Chun Soft following "Gyakutsukushi" Although it is a title that is playing the only series among the sound novel works of the company, the high support rate can be seen.

Both the SFC version and the PS version have been played, but the SFC version is also a bad end, because it was a ton of "I will kill the heroine" even though he chose the ED that I arrived at the first play, so I'm going to retry so much There is a memory that I left for a while without causing it. Still, although I managed to surround the energy and somehow played until I got a "bookmark of pink", I did not win until the "bookmark of gold" to driftwater, but I got frustrated but ... SFC version is a nice flower monster It was not implemented, and it was hard to spend a lot of effort on replay.

The PS edition transplanted as "Special edition" has almost improved the defects of the SFC version, and I was able to play it comfortably almost here. If it is "Mystery Edition" which is necessary, it is made to grind to the way of putting together the scenario as if the shortest route is 30 minutes Choi, the longest play time is over 2 hours, as if it matches the TV program format . Although it also serves as a character introduction, it is a place that feels redundant till the first crime is discovered, it seems that it was enough to make you bitter smile unexpectedly with a sleepless drama of 2 hours frame
Nonetheless, in the case of the mystery edition, in addition to not having the incomprehensible motives of the criminal if it does not pass through all three "solution ED" which has three, the "necessity" to unnecessary slaughter remains unaffected, Although now things that can not be interpreted remain .... Even if you chose the choice you challenged many times, you will not go back to gag route without removing it, the mystery edition will be continued, so it was going to be aiming for the first half gag, and it was having a terrible ending in what time ... There was quite a thing. At first glance, it seems that the degree of freedom is high, surprisingly inflexible place may be the reason why I could not fit in this work, contrary to the high evaluation of the surroundings.

It was "Snow Maze Hen" that I enjoyed surprisingly. The scenario and the director itself are simple, but imagining the phenomenon that occurred at the pension until the hero arrives will make me quite zoku. On the other hand, it was "Truth Detective Story Edition" that did not fit on the skin at all. Is it true that you are made to be shocked by the collapse of so many characters, "Is truth so bloody woman?" There is no choice but to smile bitterly that "Compassionate Kamakitachi no Yoruta" proof of comp ... ... "wow!"

Among the main gags, I wrote a "good" rating on the "normal" side while writing the fact that I was a lyrics that was too superb of "I was a Kayama and a man's great bap." I blew up grandly.

2013/09/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4769 Host:4957 Browser: 6407
[Total playing time]

do not know.

[good point]

Exquisite choice inviting Mislead.
Production to fuel the feeling of fear.
Changes in the variety of scenarios and characters that are rich in variety.
Once you listen to music that can not be forgotten.

[Bad point]

When finding the real culprit immediately after the discovery of the first victim, the story ends without the truth of the case being revealed.
Extra cryptography of the scenario The punch line is forcibly bad-ended.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

In the second Novel Sound Novel Followed by "Gyakutsugi", I think that a so-called Novell style game could be established as a genre of games by this work.

Yajima Toru, a couple of college students known as Mari Kobayashi, the uncle of the truth is the main story saying that when we stayed at the pension "spur" managed by Kobayashi Jiro and discovered the corpse corpses, it was involved in a continuous murder case It is.

If it is not possible to find the real culprit immediately after issuing the second victim, the guests of the pension including the hero and the heroine will be killed in succession, but the person who played for the first time without any prior knowledge It would be difficult to reach the truth.
The options leading to the case resolution are exquisite style that invites Mislead.

Below, there are spoilers.

"(The culprit) came in from the front, but nobody could see it."
"It is impossible to kill Mr. Tanaka (the name of the victim), but Suzuki-san could kill him."
Or another route, "who killed Mr. Tanaka? I do not know such guy"

At first glance there are meanings to things which seem to be incorrect and incorrect meaning properly and each "meaning that the criminal has entered the pension in an unknown way to the surrounding people" "Tanaka and the person who stayed at the pension and stayed at his pension It is suggesting that the dead body found in the room is a different person. "

The real culprit is a man named Miki book that came the most at the end, visited the pension with a ski bag filled with dead bodies that took off as a ski passer called Tanaka and wrecked, and his own alibi was confirmed in the room After having imitated camouflage so that a corpse was found in the time zone, she went out of the room looking at the gap, and saw the tournament and visited the side pension as another guest.
The disguise at that time is not unrealistic of the monsters twenty-sidedness, but when I called him Tanaka, I hid the upper half of my face with soft cap and sunglasses, and when I called Miki book (maybe his real name) It was a good impression that it was reasonable to say that it hides the lower half of the face with the other. Well, it's strange to say good impression on the trick of the murderer.
When I finally reached the truth finally when I was able to show bad end many times I was really unhappy.

After clearing the main mystery story, you can enjoy spy story, evil spirits, cryptography and variety scenario rich.
Even though the characters and the stage are basically the same, the role of the characters was greatly different, rather it was fresh.
In particular, Midori Shinozaki who was the second victim in the mystery story became the last enemy in the spy story, Miki book who was the real culprit in the mystery story became a hot-blooded man trying to find out the truth of the death of the elder sister I was surprised to see it.

As "Gyakutsukusa" as well as a pink bookmark is prepared, scenarios where O comedy full of gags is too pleasant are coming out.
Pension owner Kobayashi's wife Kojiko who is told that Miki book which appeared at the last in the mystery story and was supposed to be in time for dinner in time to make it for dinner (causing an accident and it is a blood) but preparing a candle at power outage I was dressed in bondage fashion, Ichiro Tanaka became transsexual, or was messed up in a good way.

After clearing these further, the scenario came out and went over with a wonderful pension which should also be called a self parody of Chunsoft.

It is one of the few masterpieces that I enjoyed more than the price in the game I bought. If you like games, we recommend that you play once except those who dislike the mystery to death.

2013/02/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17361 Host:17537 Browser: 5387
[good point]
Being a reasoner. It is superb compatible with Sound Novel.
People 's silhouette on the background of live - action capture. Just watching it is fun.
It may not be a big deal now,
A trick to put out a bookmark of gold is clever.
Snow is beautiful.
A comedy of 0 and a gag scenario of wonder pension. It is stupid and makes me laugh.
Production of fear is so clever that it will not be able to stand up.
I am impressed even by myself who is not good at scary such as squeaking stairs and intercoms.

[Bad point]
The criminal immediately falls. An acquaintance hit just set listening.
Horror editing was boredom less.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Work that would have settled Sound Novel as one genre.
Personally think that it would have been good if there was something that the criminal was different by expansion as it could choose a choice.

However, it is a masterpiece without a doubt.

2011/05/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20315 Host:20349 Browser: 11754
In the second part of the sound novel game, following the younger brothers, the characters increased very much, and the amount of the story was also tremendously increasing.
The winter cottage is the stage, and the strategy route to clear was very difficult. Even though I put out bad end, I could do it in the middle chapter and it was very easy to play.

2010/10/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9954 Host:9795 Browser: 9000
[good point]
A sentence, directing etc to give in the atmosphere is coming out
It is interesting to be able to stop the damage with just the first homicide that this work can realize IF as to what happens if you can solve it in the middle while reading a mystery novel.
The guy who flows up to the criminal nomination by choice is also well input that the nomination of the criminal who thinks it is being well - knitted is properly input
Fear of fright when it is this in the first time really frightening when shifting to a horrifying horror story when leaving slurping is frightening
Even if the culprit is known, its motivation can be seen by looking at the mass murder world afterwards, it is selfish, and the spine freezes in another sense
[Bad point]
The criminal itself is easy to find. It was easy to understand that the second murder was non-executable except for one person, and I wanted a little more Mislead that it was too easy
Actually, once the one who got on Mislead is killed by the criminal, the criminal goes easily to the place called Barre immediately. Should I avoid these alternatives?
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A game that I enjoyed quite well. However, only the difficulty that the criminal easily understands is a drawback. Even if you do not need to grasp the tricks that you think were good even if you twisted a little more,
I was sweet. I think the mystery thing was sweet,
Other than that it was very well made, so the evaluation is "good".

2010/10/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27748 Browser: 3023(Mobile)
The stage is also small in the box garden, but it was quite enjoyable.

What remained in the impression is the sound of snowstorms, black cat Jenny, O comedy compilation.

The main part is a suspense of royal roads, it is a mystery, but scenarios where all but the truth is destroyed was scary ~!

One of the pink bookmarks is only voice, and dissatisfaction is left in Kanai's evening edition (Hitachi Loop).

2010/10/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13611 Host:13538 Browser: 11260
[good point]
Masterpiece that established the genre of sound novel

[Bad point]
A main trick is a certain masterpiece of a certain mystery queen 's masterpiece pakuri (lol

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In terms of scenario it should be evaluated as a suspense rather than as a full-blown mystery.
Since {Gyakutsukushi} was incomplete as a game or as a novel, I believe that this work is suitable as a grandfather for a genre that is a real sound novel.

... If you think about it now, it seems that the genres of sound novels are like flowers in the era.
After this work, shitty kusoga makers like shit are merely cruelly faked, and since the inventor Chunsoft himself, who is the inventor of the present, is going to defuse the sound novel and going to something, what will he do?

Hopefully, in the near future, even if the wrong nights 4 are wrong, they will not be developed and sold.

2009/08/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41059 Host:41085 Browser: 8192
It is a sound novel game of Chun soft which was released following the younger brotherstar. In this work I became a decision hit to fit in the sound novel of Chunsoft.
At this time, I learned Mr. Abiko for the first time in this game. After that it was also responsible for some scenarios of Kannichita Night 2.3, 428.

The contents were very good, I played while tasting the tension of the throb. Especially when I make a mistake in alternative choice unlike the previous crooked gut, the point that I end up heading for bad end is that I feel like I will play again a few times thought that I will play again with a broken gut It came. Especially when I did it late at night I felt scared as I was playing a horror game and I was scared.
When I looked at almost the bad end, when I saw a bad end I was wondering who the culprit was, and the joy when I resolved the incident in the state that no one was dead was the best. However, it was a bit convincing that the end that resolved the incident with a person dying was a bad end in software other than SFC. I do not think it would be unavoidable in terms of not being able to kill anyone in a sense.
I realized again that it was a game that I could play different scenarios after that and that it really gave me a response. I especially liked spy editing and treasure hunting.

Now I am releasing it with various software such as SFC.PS.GBA.PS 2, PS version has the most elements, and I can recommend it to those who do a quiet time for the first time because there is a response.

Besides the scenario at the early days of Karmarma, the content of the game was also the best.
However, I wanted you to stop making the sequel "2" not to have "1" in that way.

2009/07/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6105 Host:5844 Browser: 9573
[Total playing time] 100 hours or more

Sound novel highest peak. I laughed at the wonder pension w

2009/05/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22048 Host:22062 Browser: 7956
I cleared all in advance with the advanced version.
I personally like this kind of fear than a ghost story.

[good point]
I guess the criminal and try to solve the mystery by doing reasoning.
It's not just a horror thing, it can also be enjoyed as a detective one.
Substory is substantial.

[Bad point]

Nothing in particular.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

This volume is the best in the series. I was scared.
Treasure hunting and mysterious pensions were also fun.

2009/02/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8858 Host:8682 Browser: 6312
It is the first time in my younger brother to make a genre called "sound novel", I think that he established his name recognition in his work.

It is a story that does not change against the story "Kindaichi juvenile case book" in any mind.
I think that it is terrible to make such a story of horror just like BGM just like BGM does not change for the same Kindaichi.

2008/12/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20077 Host:20006 Browser: 4483
It is a males of sound Novel.

The characters are all expressed in silhouettes and the game progresses only with the production of sentences and sounds afterwards.

Depending on the player 's choice, the story diverges in various ways, but it is full of varieties, such as orthodox things like speech, spies, and spirits.

As for choices, new things are added every time you play the game, making it more fun to enjoy.
There are not many developments that the game will end in an unreasonable form when selected, but "Okay, will you choose a different option this time?"
I think that it is also a beauty that it does not bother replay as it makes me feel like it.

Even as a reading material, the quality is high, the realistic sound effect is added, the presence is preeminent.
Do not despise himself as "reading". If you do not dislike to read typewriter, it is a work that you want to play by all means.

As for me, I like the episode "Kanai's Night".

2008/05/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1955 Host:2071 Browser: 3646
[Total playing time]
I did it for 100 hours ~

[good point]
I can feel a great tension.

[Bad point]
I'm terrified when I do it at night. I think there is nothing wrong with the content.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are quite a lot of scenarios, so it can be quite enjoyable. At first, I had lost my motivation with a survival game, but I am in a Hamari state since I have cleared once and the selection technique has increased. I think that it can only be said as a scene of sound novel anymore.

2008/04/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 274 Host:150 Browser: 7395
It was fun.
I was extremely scared.
How many times have you killed her?
I have played many times since I wanted to see all the endings, but I wonder there are things that I have not seen yet.
Although it becomes spoiler,
I guess it's time you are pretending that dead body. I thought that Mr. Toshio was the culprit until I knew the criminal.
It is a game you want to do again. I also bought a PS version.
I also enjoyed 2, but after all the original one is NO1.
It is interesting that spur exists.

2007/11/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9818 Host:10088 Browser: 6520
There is a memory that this was pretty much fun.
Even with a pink bookmark, I had a hidden scenario so I enjoyed quite well.
Later I felt the highest catharsis in the hidden element of "lettuce here." (I went to a mysterious dungeon.
I could not do anything in the gold bookmark .... Because I was the SFC version .... (It might be done if there was a flow chart)
Even if the criminal knew it might have been better to have a bad ending that killed the criminal depending on the choice. That is disappointing.
Evaluation is "Tomorrow is good."

2007/10/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4414 Host:4518 Browser: 6342
[Total playing time]
Although not counted in detail, it is certain that it has exceeded 20 hours.
[good point]
After all, real sound bodies ... (fear)
[Bad point]
I do not know the strategy .... I do not understand! Well, after all, there are places where there are places like H, but there is no age restriction, is not it ...?
[Overall evaluation] It is very interesting. I have plenty of stories so I can not afford it!

2007/10/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19923 Host:20018 Browser: 3162
〓〓〓Repost by various circumstances. I want to have fun playing by inexperienced people, so I will skip the content. Other politicians are told, but scary and pleasant scenes such as screams, stairs creeping sounds, glass breaking sounds, branching scenarios, scary scenes, and scary descriptions.

It is a game that can be said as a challenge that games beaten by players who like games.
Not only is it scary, it also has a reward, so I can enjoy it.

Well politicians are often politicians from women's point of view in catch phrases of female politicians, but it is exactly like a mystery game from the viewpoint of game-loving writers.

2007/05/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8640 Host:8506 Browser: 3846
Women's screams .. Suddenly resonating sounds of pinpoint .. These create more fear.
It is good that some endings are prepared.
At the time of the first play, people died one after another without understanding the translation, and at the end she was killed by the stock ..
It was ??? when I ended as it was. I finally understood how to enjoy this game for the second time.
I was pleased when I could solve the incident without issuing any victims.

2007/03/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12953 Host:13058 Browser: 6342
I abandoned it in the SF version, but it was a game that even gained money thanks to the PS version I came up with a weapon called Flowchart.

The scene of the chime was trembling, not the guilty injury anyhow!
I will only appreciate it if it's a story that has been kneaded so far. The story deviating from this story was also fun.

A favorite scene is a scene of a gunshot Dawn, refusing an invitation (?) Of spy story truth and remaining in a pension ... It is painful.
Overall the bad end of spy stuff (not limited to) is painful and sad.

Wonder dungeons ... subtle, what is interesting to me. It is a parody of a certain game ....

"Somewhat erotic ~~~" is a new fraud (laugh). Miki books, it's too fitting and can not be laughed ....

2006/12/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41469 Host:41388 Browser: 4184
Sound novel of Chunsoft is interested a while ago, I bought it because the PS version was sold for 1000 yen in the second hand, but this time I am happy to give out more money It was.

It is a point that you can first evaluate that various variety scenarios derive without contradiction.
Also, thanks to the staff who gave us a useful flow chart.
Especially we will evaluate the scenarios you like.

〓〓here is no spillage afterward〓〓

"Mystery Edition"
There was only the main scenario, it was interesting and it was scary.
In the first play I ended up in the worst ending that I did not understand the criminal until the end, and eventually was killed by the truth.
However, the expression of the extreme condition that myself and his colleagues might be killed up to such a bad end was very wonderful.
Absinthe Takeshimaru's sense of tension in the sentence of psychological depiction.There is nothing to describe the scene, as well as mentioning the sound novel, production by BGM and sound effect is too superb too.
Scream of the truth, someone's coming up the stairs ... Gishish ... the sound that suddenly sounds intercom.
These were really frightening when you heard.
Coupled with having darkened the room and played, it was already heart-bored.

Also, the choices to hit the criminal are interesting.
Probably most people think that if they play for a couple of times, the criminal's star will be attached even if you do not know the criminal in the first play.
However, if the criminal does not know exactly what kind of trick (this trick was also delicious) made the murder,
You will be deceived by an incorrectly incorrect choice of things and go straight to the bad end.
Well, it is ironic that it is better to choose the wrong choice and go to the bad end than to solve the incident by choosing the right option.
However, it is impossible for the culprit to understand if there is a bad end.

"Spy edition"
This changed strangely, and the man gathered at the pension,
Everyone except for the main character is a terrible setting called spy.
I felt a sense of urgency like an action movie different from the mystery version.
The truth of a great army spy is messed up.

"Comedy of O"
Character of the characters, the behavior is quite funny.
It was pleasant to have a comedy-like atmosphere throughout and doing a gap with other scenarios as well.
Especially when a child today came out in that shape, I instinctively laughed.
And lastly, you can listen to some of the sound effects that seems to be the most terrible in this game.

"Wonder pension edition"
It was full of playfulness by the producer.
There are enormous amounts of options and endings, so it is the scenario that takes care of the flowchart most.
The music that flows when I have a good end is very pleasing as it makes me feel like I finished this game to the end.

After having seen the scenario all the time, I can not feel like playing many times,
I think that I could still find a good game.

2006/12/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14216 Host:14375 Browser: 3874
Not limited to this work, I think that the sound novel series of Chunsoft is essential in how to derail a story.

This work is based on the suspense route, but the playfulness of the producer who changes to a story of a completely different coat depending on the choice and talk progress is eye-warming.

2006/09/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
Just as "Sound Novel" is stating, this work is remembered with remarkable excellence in music. I forgot the title, but it is amazing that the music of this work is used in a news program. That would say that it is impressive music that will remain in the ear of people.

The music when it gets over the game is tremendous.

2006/09/10 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 6342
"Ugly empty" event and comments on the victim.

<There is spoiler>

There were many very impressive events at "Kamachitachi no naka", but among them the "ugly ocean" event is a white eyebrow.
Specifically, after 〓〓〓〓〓〓as killed in the cleaning tool holder,
In the discourse room, the scene where Toshio took a penetrating penetration of the penetration that spoke a word to calm everyone.

Hei is comprehensive and Toshio Toshio who is big and friendly, but he was disturbed enough to think that he was a different person at that time.
After the dead body is found with the cleaning tool holder, Toshio says "Damn it! What a fuck ... what a story!"
"Come out! This murderer! Please come out!"
- and screaming and rampage, including scenes that raise tantrums,
As before, Toshio was disturbed as people changed.
In addition, when the criminal is asserted also at the time of the aftershow (incorrect answering) show, Toshio forgot about Tora and jumped over to the culprit.
After all, Mr. Kobayashi managed to regain calmness by a threat of slapping,
In spite of myself, I even felt Toshio - san at that time.

I will return to the scene of the scene in the room.
At this time, Mr. Toshio who was unstable in mental condition,
"You talk about just about yourself,"
- And I will be skeptical about the transparency.
As Toru himself, since Miki books were injured outside of the pension, I managed to restrain my feelings that I could not understand for Mr. Toshio somehow, but at this time Toshio's domineering I could not stand remarks,
"If so, I will say it, but Toshio-san"
"(I got angry with a bullshit.)
"Is not you the one who hit Miki books, is not you? Miki book is not looking at the criminal. In other words, you are the most doubtful behind Miki book? "
- and I will hit the suspicious doubts against Toshio.

But in the end, I doubt each other,
What I remained afterwards was unfamiliar regret or even deeper doubt.

Sometimes, it is displayed as "sentence of the earth" of Toru, "" If "- if - is - the culprit" ",
The depiction that is very remarkable remains.
Even with just this depiction, I feel "fear" that gradually blurs from the depths.
I admire the skill of this stunning director.

Human beings have an unpleasant aspect, and when we associate "bad" things, we have the property of thinking even more negative thinking from one to the next.
Even a little doubt, credibility will be lost easily easily.
I can not believe him ... I can not believe him ... ... Who should I trust?
I can not believe anyone ... I can not believe myself ... ...
"Suspicion, causing a dark spirit"
"Doubt", "Doubtful heart".
I will rob the positive thoughts such as "cooperation" and "trust" up. I think it is terrible.

As a good example of that,
After the murder 〓〓〓〓〓〓as killed, I saw Toshio who is sorrowful, it is "Translation of the earth" of Toru.
"(..., yes, all of these may be acting.
It may be pretending that I loved you because I murdered 〓〓〓〓〓〓nd not suspected it.
I was disgusted by myself who thought of such a thing.
Why do you have to doubt everyone like this?
To those who are saddened by losing someone I love, I can not do something straightforward to sympathize. ) "
- Trusting and doubting people should be back to back. Yet, it is very easy to believe a person, while it is difficult to believe people from the bottom of my heart.
I embraced emotion greatly in the feelings of Toru at this time.

A series of events of "ugly emptiness" thought that descriptions of Tsuyoshi and Toshio's feelings were exquisitely skillful.

Even so, Toshio - san was shocked by the death of that person. I guess it is important person.
Moreover, the reason why that person was killed was also selfish. In other words, until you eliminate "obstacles", that means.
It is totally inconvenient, is not it?

After this "second victim" comes out, whatever you go to is the bad end.
After all, even if you chasing down the real culprits, Toshio's own end result ...
I can not save you ... really ...

I will do anything for selfishness. I also truncate myself.
Egisim until the remarkable of the criminal, the meanness was also apparently apparent in the content. This work.

I recently went to watch a recitation of this work, but I also wanted you to incorporate more elements like those mentioned above.

2006/06/01 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
From the early days of peaceful everyday life, the skillfulness of deployment that has drawn the horror gradually chased after the dead body is discovered, how to use tricks and skills of double tracks (snow falling down from the roof also makes sense) )! It was a word of "Awesome!" Such as the sounds that climb the stairs and the sound of the chime, the place where the effect sound is effectively used for the directive that protects the fear.

2006/05/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45557 Host:45658 Browser: 5234
I only have the SFC version, but it was interesting and the elements of solving puzzles were good.

At the time I played I gave up because I did not know the criminal. But it was surprising that it was Miki book. That that was a play ...

2 also want to play if there is opportunity.

2006/05/12 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19263 Host:19226 Browser: 3646
This game, as you guys said, every single scenario from the sub scenario to the short, not to mention the main mystery story, is solid and as a novel, I think that it is an excellent work, but how to use other music , I think that it is a sound novel top class even at good skill of effect production. I was also the first Mr. Tanaka's scattered sculpture from a basketball's mouth, but I did not have much blood and it was a "dead body like a mannequin", so I do not feel a lot of displeasure or disgusting That's right. (The place where it is also a double line of tricks is also superb.) The horrible scene suppressed the depiction as much as possible and gave the utmost "fear", "impression", "laughter" with sentences, sounds and directing. Besides, it was packed with hidden elements such as a mechanism used up to the hard specification of the cipher text and a wonderful pension, which makes the player feel easy.
The surprises and pleasure when you found them are undeniable. It is not just a novel, it is an unmistakable puzzle game.

That's why I was expecting something when I released "2", but to see the height of the perfection of this 1 if I think about it,
It may be impossible for the sequel to not exceed this. (And I am expecting to say "〓〓3", though.

"Slightly slutty ~" has not heard since I did not complete the special edition, but it was supposed to be quite a challenge for the sensual part of 2, and at the end it was "a terrible ending" I would like to listen to it once, but PS 2 at home is bad and my PS software is not starting to regret ...

2006/05/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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"A little horny night" ... Oh, a person who saw a bookmark of gold in the SFC version sends a screen picture to Chunsoft, an extra CD drama gifts for 3000 people in lotteries Originally .
Cast was the same as the drama CD released separately, but the character is too broken (bitter smile). Especially Miki book ... (sweat). Mr. Ginnobu who played was also good. With quite a scenario.