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Playstation 2
Japan Released:2005/06/30(Thu)
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1. http://www.tecmo.co.jp/product/kagero2/ (Translation)
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2012/04/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24151 Host:24136 Browser: 10983
[Total playing time]
I do not know the time, but I created all the hidden traps, added the gallery mode, and also put costumes on it, so I went over four laps. Of course I saw all about ending.

[good point]
.CG and BGM.
Refreshing feeling to trap enemies.
Costume of clear award.
I do not know whether it is intentional, but bad camera work makes me feel a sense of fear.

[Bad point]
It is impossible to understand why the type of trap has decreased since last time.
The main story is rather short, as there are many side stories, which makes no sense.
Dark Illusion 's invocation conditions are complicated, difficult to understand, and suicide bombs are constant. As a result, it was bad user-friendliness, and I did not have to say honestly ...
Even though it is compared with past works, it is difficult to see the room dimly (although it may be atmosphere creation).
No more traps of clear award this time.
Personally how to constitute a scenario that is a bat end.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As the platform evolved, it improved for 3DCG, but the other elements became damaged accordingly. Especially the story is the lowest in series 4 work. However, it is not a work like calm when thinking calmly, but a work that the fans of the previous work just expected to expect too much. So the evaluation is "normal".

2010/05/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13429 Host:13488 Browser: 5941
[good point]
Only for reservation award disc, reminds of old days.

[Bad point]
A character (including another character) of the main character Alicia (including another character) is not standing, and it is impossible to empathize with crying just even if you get crying.
The protagonist of Shogun and Aoba-no-Miki which is past work, Milenia and Reina can empathize immediately.

The scenario itself is also not interesting at all, and Impersonation 2 is too clogged because it is BAD for any ED. Past works have ED with hope even though there is BAD, but why does shady 2 have no hope? Why is there no hope? In addition to being unknown, Alicia's acquaintance, Rachel of the blackmail will disappear It is not possible to be honest, and the condition that gives damage to Rasubosu, Marufas himself, of this main part must have to eat the new system "Dark Illusion" is making the tempo worse.

I think that I felt playing this game, but it seems painful that the dark illusion itself can only be used once. It was only a factor of lowering the degree of freedom, and it was useless as a condition to save Malfas.
At the same time, it was a setting to eliminate the pleasure of eating a combo that Malfas which can be damaged after satisfying the condition also disappears when one hit.

I think the dark illusion itself was interesting if it was set as "if it can eat as many times as possible" if it meets the invoking condition.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I have been looking forward to it because it has a masterpiece, the name of the shadow, but this is not. It is written as "worst".

2008/07/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6474 Host:6592 Browser: 6342
The last work of "Kokeshon" series which was highly evaluated.
Tecmo who has satisfied fans certainly also here ,,,,
As usual the trap combo system is fun and the fancy trap "Dark Illusion" used by every room that newly appeared in this work is fresh and quite good ,,,
First of all, deployment is more convenient than embodying the scenario so far.
Also, this work was not the most powerful tool to overdo it. ,,, The last side is just a simple action game. There is no sense to punch it while looking at the state of the enemy from the shadow, it is caught in a trap that only shows solitude while seeing and sneaking around ,,, It is out of purpose ,,, the road is long and the movie is meaningless Many are many ,,,
But I liked it because I like it.
Evaluation is "very good". Although it may be sweet ,,, I like this game system, after all ,,, but, if you planned a sequel, I would like you to consider the reflection point of this work.

2006/03/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14261 Host:14144 Browser: 4184
I expected to hear that a sequel to the shadow comes out, but I feel I was expecting too much.
PS2 and it was good that the level of the image has been raised considerably, it is fun to put the enemies in traps, but there is not a sense of exhilaration, the same as when it is Aozora, the main character is not a bad guy and I think that there are also companions (There is salvation in the hero), it is already good for the hero to beat enemies unwillingly.
Although Millennia is not said to be evil, it was a concept to play evil, I wanted the hero to be a villain.
Personally, the side story was interesting, a lot of stupid characters, such as Yu Oh man 's villainant, a brave man who did not understand or Millennia appeared as a bonus.
It seems that the development side also made a sequel to the shadow in the sense that it does not rehabilitate because it is the trap game for the first time in a few years, in the sense that it goes back to the beginning, but I was able to enjoy it, although it is a story skusca.
I had a lot of complaints, but I will also buy if a sequel appears.

2005/07/28 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53096 Host:53134 Browser: 6339
Since I saw endings and traps all together, I summarize.

I think that it is interesting when this series, combo of trap decides after all as thought, but its refreshing feeling is thin.
It is not fun to play, especially when playing Rasubos (at the time of the longest scenario), only being able to flee desperately and run a trap on the ground.
Because the enemy is strong, I wanted you to prepare more techniques to devise this.

The scenario is also gathering and rough.
I tried writing stories a lot, but I feel like I got stuck.
I do not know the meaning divided between the main and side.
Although it seems to have meaning to see the story from another angle, I think that there were many stories that seems to be acceptable at the main.
Did you turn the story I made for the main to the side because I did not get back to school?

After all, I feel that it has become incomplete both systematically and scenarioically.
I am sorry to think that it might have been a good game if I made it a bit more carefully.

2005/07/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3463 Host:3553 Browser: 3874
Postscript: General of Grains and Kendall, a mysterious boy, were not they supposed to be characters that would otherwise be supposed to be main characters? One of the extra, General Grains armed with in the setting picture gallery and a picture of the boy of Kendall.
... There is such a thing, and it is the main character that originally putting it in the gallery as a bother is not because it is the reason. The fact that there are design paintings of armed general, in particular, is unavoidable because it seems to be "because it was based on battle with Alicia". (General Grains appeared in the first episode, it will have been executed without showing any figure after that, Kendall will only appear in the side story, after all it will not know its identity. )
In one of the side stories, Queen Katarina has a scene telling Alicia that "The real mastermind of this conspiracy is General of Grains". Also in the talk of Herzog's line in the tenth episode: "Catalina and Grains will also follow Olaf, it is a way from me."
... To guess from these two, the villain depends on the choice. Would not the mastermind of the case prepare a different development by 180 degrees?
Especially at line 10 talks, Herzog should know that General Grains has died at this point. Whether it is not unnatural to add "grains as well" in this line, it seems that this dialogue makes a story with a patch but it is a scarred late ..... (... However, this line may be merely missing the phrase "face upward." Even so, although there is no unusual thing as a sentence, I can not wipe the feeling of "bashing work" after all.
I'm sorry broke.

2005/07/11 12: 48: 58
(Please be careful as there is spoiler)
Meita, Ada, Rachel in the fourth episode (?), Respectively, Mite: We propose that you go to the old castle where General Grains gathers soldiers, accompanying you so as not to let Alicia do the murder as a offer anymore.
Ada: If you want to know the truth it is suggested to come with yourself about the royal palace.
Rachel: Since it is dangerous to leave the pavilion at the present moment, I suggest you stay with me and the hall.
Scenes that will ask questions of Alicia in the development, such as whether it was planned to make it originally selective. While in the game I am choosing to stay with Rachel and the hall but at this there is no point that three people proposed different opinions.
And also I understand that the motive left in the hall is "I am a maid and I want to be with my best friend Rachel", but it says "There might be a way to escape from the branding of the devil here," and it is too I am thinking that it is too persuasive. If you are searching for such a way on your own, one of the "guardians" who have monitored the evil spirit and the hall in hundreds of years, is not it wiser to ask Mayte?

The fifth episode that Joyce will come to the pavilion to make it more reminiscent that this fourth episode was originally a selection formula. Suddenly turning back the choice before the episode, Alicia decides to leave the hall and head for the castle.
The reason why he chose to remain in the hall more and more in the fourth episode is ambiguous and lackluster, becoming ignorant frivolous. Even though the options towards the castle were also suggested by Ada. (Although Ada is also a notorious thief), or what is the expansion that Rachel is just a "maid" to his lord Alicia? Is it not only that the servants just follow up with their own judgment? Especially in this world view of the hand. (Well Rachel has a back)

I certainly feel that it seems that this 5.6 talk was also a selective style. It seems to be asked again whether to go to the castle or to stay in the hall.

... Personally, is not it planning to make three choices at the beginning of the fourth episode and two chooses at the sixth story at first? If you do not have time to talk about it, you can imagine the backstage behind the thrilling workplace, "Three choice plan with four talks 〓〓〓ceasing for some reason 〓〓〓two talks with six talks then discontinue with some circumstances"

Even if it is not a selection formula, I can not convince that Mait莨〓easily withdrawn in the fourth episode. When Alicia kills a person, the world is ruined. And in this downfall situation, there is no way for Alicia to protect himself without murder (even as a game system). It seems that sea otre has a launching button for nuclear weapons.
Roll in Kachiga hands and keep it under surveillance and have to protect. It is not a situation that can respect Alicia's own will. ... despite saying it is too low. If it says that Mayte says "You can accompany the maid of yourself" is not it that the story has been completed soon? As mentioned above, Rachel is just a "maid."

It is unnatural that Joyce attacks when you choose "leave the country" in episode 10. Even though I killed Aricia, there are no young or old children. To "persuade" what to do is to stay in the country. If it escapes it will not let it live, the idea like that can only be as nonsense. Even though Princess Alicia is worthy of existence itself. If persuaded persistently, if it still fails ... If it says ..., I do not even know to try to kill. Still, the problem remains anyway in that "there is no reason to kill each time."
... Well, maybe you can interpret it as "blood has risen to the head so that normal judgment can not be made".

In addition, in the side story, "episode when refusing invitation of Queen Queen", "queen's former subordinate, episode hiding full cheat", "former general, an episode questioned as a royal family in conversation with Silvorf" After seeing the story, if you chose a battle with Rachel in 14 episodes, the deployment of "to kill Rachel and become enthralled and entrust himself to the devil" is extremely unnatural.
Rachel is saying something like "There is no whereabouts where you are" at the time of death, but that's not the case. "Knight swearing loyalty and rebuilding the devastated kingdom", these two need Alicia more than anything.

After seeing these episodes, Alicia feels not feeling a piece of regret even if she killed Rachel. I feel forced to make it a dark end. (... Well, "It is possible to interpret paradoxly," I thought that Rachel was just that much ")
(In the first place, I was surprised by the setting sentence itself that Rachel was born between the Orah and the mother who is the descendant of the tattoo.) This scenario, "Scenario 1" is another writer and writer It is explained by the conversation with Yokaru of the king Eclipse that the inscribed person is a race who can not leave its descendants at the price of immortality and immortality .... There is no information left, is not it?

I mean ... the side story has no meaning at all.

Especially the mysterious boy who appears only in the side story.I do not know well the significance of existence of Kendall. It is just a thoughtless line of dialog that expects large-scale deployment to be expected, let's take action, after all, the death of the identity and the purpose is unknown. What on earth were you?

No, before that I do not know why I decided the title of this work as "shadow 〓〓〓quot;. In general, "devil" is the main story of "Kokeshon", there is not a direct connection with "shadow". In genocide ending of "shadow 1" certainly a devil appears, but "shadow 1" is the main story to the end. However, in this work, "Ikkira" appears only slightly in the dialogue. Moreover, as for the story, the story goes forward to the main spirit of "devil". I wonder if it was more appropriate to make it the title "Kokeshon 〓〓〓quot;.
It seems, "Maybe you tried to increase sales with" name shadow "name value?" Is it only you who imagines the situation of adults?

I'm sorry broke.

2005/07/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53096 Host:53268 Browser: 6339
The story, the directing is negative.

The motive for the hero to do the slaughter is ambiguous, and the motivation for others to kill the hero is too weak except for the main character.
From the flow of the story, it seems that the hero must make a slaughter feeling to do it, but the friend is not convenient too much, and the enemy has come over conveniently.
The side story is more conspicuously motivated to kill the hero.
As long as you make a self-assertion to give a line to the hero, you should first explain to the player the situation of the current hero on the game.
Even that alone makes it easier to empathize, making it easier for the story to complement the brain.

The atmosphere is unbroken when the atmosphere of the movie and the words of the enemy at the beginning of the game are not unified.
Why is it that the enemies who seemed not to be motivated in the movie say the motivated dialogue as soon as the game began? (In reverse there.
It is the first time for me to think that the load will come in so easily and that even the first-seen movies are not needed.

Dark Illusion which is the eyeball of this time is high value of use because it can earn a combo, but I wanted you to be able to skip a movie.
If you look two or three times, it is a stomach.

There is nothing special in the game side, which seems to be getting better. Although it may not only be noticed.
The negative point is that it was hard to become a specification that goes for picking points yourself.
Crystal (I say it?) Will disappear and I am afraid that I am near a trap that I get caught and it is difficult to go get it.
After that, every time, I wanted you to stop cutting when the first enemy enters the room.
At that time, the timing of trap activation is sometimes staggered.
In addition, because the stiffening time when receiving an enemy's attack is long, it is a few times that the skill is skillful to the enemy.
I understand that I am too bad, but I do not agree with something.

2005/07/10 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3463 Host:3553 Browser: 3874
<Points of concern>
(System of games, about setting aspects)
〓〓〓The hero's escape foot will be the slowest among the three works so far. Especially the feeling that the speed difference between the main character and the enemy became shorter.
〓〓〓Camera operation is difficult. It may be due to being accustomed to the old work, but easier to operate with the L / R button.
〓〓〓I can not activate a trap while moving.
〓〓〓It is killed and trampled killing (especially an ice craftsman).
〓〓〓The hit accuracy of magical attack of the magician system (to change the direction to change to the very moment of the flight and to set aim) is rather high, and the accuracy of homing magic bullet is the highest class in the past work.
〓〓〓Rolling can not be avoided.
〓〓〓Whether the enemy 's offensive power is high, or if the hero' s HP is low, it tends to be killed easily if HP tends to be less than half. (Millenia, Reina seems to be a bit more sturdy, although in the last two works the escape feet of the main character was overwhelmingly overwhelming so it was hard to accept the damage itself)
〓〓〓The HP display has become a bar shaped bar. Is it because it was hard to understand the HP remaining amount as it is a disk type of S〓〓〓〓Light (type in which the disk is lost according to damage)?
〓〓〓Spring floor 〓〓〓Cabin combo can not be connected well. Most of all, the direction of travel after being blown away is not constant (depending on the incident direction of the enemy).
〓〓〓The enemy's intelligence is the highest class in the past work. Once I get into the trap I will not pass and I will aim for pinching.
〓〓〓I can not practice how to use a trap because free training is gone. Successful production.
〓〓〓There is a limit on the number of times the dark illusion is used. (Once in one round of a talk)
〓〓〓In relation to 〓〓〓and 〓〓〓 there is little margin to combo the enemies. Especially since it was a battle in the one room, 14 stories, there is only memory that I ran all the way. It would be the real pleasure of this game to ambush himself and decide an enemy instant death combo at the same time as entering the room.
〓〓〓Others. The enemies with self-healing measures have drastically decreased. (However, it was surprising that the recovery magic of the priest was ignoring the distance)
〓〓〓In order to increase the difficulty level as a game, HP has too many enemies. It is quite unnatural if I think realistically. How about not being dying as a spear and turning saw and errachizers of hell hit me. Regardless of the monster 's legion, human fininger. Joyce. Catalina. Herzog. Rachel' s HP is too high to be unusual. Honest people or these people. If it is a shadow 1, even the honorable HP who is a foreigner, other than the king Eclipse, is about a little higher than an ordinary man.

(About the story surface)
"Kokesan" is "a murderer as a revenge" (the motive of slaughter is an emotion)
"Shadow 1" is a "murder as a mission" (motive for killing is a mission sense.
"Somo light" is "a murder as a means" (there is no necessity of killing separately, but it will challenge battle until the opponent dies)
So I thought that this dramatic work is entered into "Soda" as a classification of slaughter. Or, "Murder as a means" is unusual as it is unusual as it is common in most games (especially strategy. Action system). The only difference is that all the enemies "get cry of the apocalypse at the time of death and bleed and throw themselves while being writhing".
As a matter of course this type of unique madness, such as "Kokeshon" or "Shadow 1" will be the true value of the series of slaughter. It seems that S〓〓〓〓lights are conscious of dramatic things, but personally it seems that the "shikkusan" and "shikigo 1" which the hero does not speak are more dramatic. As I wrote earlier, it is difficult to transfer emotions, and if the hero speaks spontaneously, it makes me feel "tense" by the air called "other people's affair" I lack realism. Or, in the case of this work, Tsukkomichi is pushed to the story itself. (We plan to write this together later)

I'm sorry broke.

2005/04/23 12: 29: 44
(I do not wonder how to write it before it is released)
As a point to personally worry about ....
The main character. Whether Alicia is a character voluntarily speaking in the game.
Shall we say which type of character is FF-based hero or past DQ-like hero?
(I did not play all, but the main character of FF actively talks with sentences and the hero of DQ (the past) will advance the conversation with only "yes / no"? That kind of conversation type)

In the previous work "Kagezyu", the main character "Mileaia" was a character of a typical DQ type hero conversation.
... Although it may seem that it is kind of old-fashioned, although the real system element is strong in PS, this selective conversation system makes it easy to create a sense of unity between the player and the character. The choice of reply in the game is not a reply of the game character but "pseudo" in the player's own own, in the situation, it can be said that it is reply. (Well, the choice of that reply is also considerably irksome (thinking "in common sense"))

Example: Reply options when hearing the way of the villager Dar in the warrior slash in the second episode (Dhar murdered Mirena)
1 that he killed
2 I do not answer anything

(Although I do not know it) After choosing 1, you can ask the reason from the slash,
Because it is the mission to kill one human being
There was no choice.

It is .... Sure.
(If you choose 2's "Do not answer anything," slash will attack you saying "Why will not you answer anything ... you killed him ... you?" Slash at this time Exquisite way of taking character display speed and camera work, exquisite.) (After 2 choosing "there was no choice", the slash is "... everyone who killed people makes such excuses I will say "I will fight after all")

Also of course in the popular game, "a role to be killed", or once it appeared (... Of course, it will be "once killed" from "being killed" by Mirena but (fear)) Characters, and most RPGs, there is one or two, there is one, two, regardless of the main line of the game, even if you can change the order, there is no problem Sub-characters ... ... However, Impersonation "has become a character that is smelly and thick by humans. Supporting role.The role of being killed is deep until abnormal.

Example: (their line of death)
"Why will you kill me? Should we just kill other people ..." (cowardly personality curse caster)
"I do not want to die, I do not want to die ..." (even if it looks like this one of the lines of the knight of the death)
"Walken's liars ..." (a female bow with couple who came to win money with lovers)
"Wow, is the adventure going to be here ..." (A foreign alchemist in a distant foreign country seeking a secret of immortality and immortality, getting in with a friend)

(In "Somo light" this flesh character's flesh was failing, just like the robots that were ordered by superiors.

I will be very concerned about these two points as I assert "〓〓〓quot; of "shadow".