[Game]Itoi Sigesato No Basu Turi Nanba 1

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Game rank of 1997 Rank 87in 237 titles
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HAL Laboratory, Inc. Nintendo Co.,Ltd. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1997/02/21(Fri)
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1. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n02/shvc/p_zbpj/ (Translation)
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2014/10/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
Calculate the wind and cast it.
This is the basis for playing this work.

Genre is a fishing game.
The aim of the player is to conquer all four bus fishing competitions called short tournament, local tournament, professional tournament and big tournament.

Choose a place to go around the lake and over the lake and throw a lure, if the bus eats the lure, you will slowly catch the bus tired,
I will replace the rod etc with FP added according to the size of the bus I fished and repeat the process of challenging the bus again at the lake,
If you actually play, you can not cast it as you want without mindsetting the strength and direction of the wind, and if the retrieve is too bad, the bus will not come up,
Depending on the season, the habitat of fish changes, and the fish inhabiting from the arrangement of obstacles such as rocks and algae is known to some extent, so that the commitment and enthusiasm of the producer are conveyed through the controller.

Even if you look at the operation system and functional aspects, if you keep winning the tournament you will be able to fish the bus at the phantom lake where there are only big things,
Retrieve with the cross key, roll the line with the A button, raise with the X button repeatedly, warning sounds when the line is about to run out,
The real thrill of bus fishing was expressed brilliantly.

Although the real intention is "highest", evaluation is "very good" because the fact that technical terms frequently interspersed during playing has become a penalty point material.

2006/07/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51901 Host:51877 Browser: 6287
This game was too difficult and quit on the way.
I think that it is too difficult game for beginners. Perhaps those who are familiar with bus fishing may have a chance but I was a beginner but I could only catch a bus of 40 centimeters in any way I guess I do not understand something well and that's right Even if I intended to do it I could not catch it and I could not do it at all when I was okay with beginners.
So I could not enjoy it much.
System was good but difficulty level was too high I wanted to lower the degree of difficulty a little more.

2005/11/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30923 Host:30892 Browser: 6334
Fishing game created by Mr. Shigetato Itoi on Mother 2 Interaction when a big game hangs is very interesting. The bridge 's 70 centimeter class Florida bus, where you can taste like fighting with real fish, was strict even with the best tackle ....
I finished brushing my arms with that big pond where Red Eye and Suwanee etc are caught, Finally I was able to fish.

The convention was also interesting for ordinary tournaments but personally I can enjoy it by pairing with a strong person whose tag warfare burned, but as I got messed up with a weak person ....
In addition to fishing, it was hard to move the ship to the wrong place and rewind it (laugh)

If we say weaknesses, it seems difficult to handle bait reels. As soon as the back crash happens, the big bodies are often at deep depths of more than 4 meters deep, so lures easy to catch big birds are limited to Ravers.
Although it is an evaluation, it was painful that there was no need to use the lure properly, so I made it "very good".

2005/09/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1842 Host:1725 Browser: 2617
It also corresponded to Satellite view.
I did not buy a Satella view so I did not know what kind of benefits were there ... I should have experienced it from now on.

As expected it is a long time to catch a big thing since Atari arrived.
Anyway, pull the thread carefully and feel "I'm bad, I'm going to cut threads" Soon relax and let the bus escape, reduce his physical strength.
This process is full of tension, and the joy of catching after a long "battle" is one piece.

It is a game I did about seven years ago so I do not remember the details, but in winter, 60 cm class was able to catch fish at the pond in the map corner.

Where it is made considerably precisely about the characteristics of lures and the ecology of the bus.
Sure, it seems that from the person who has never fished the bus to the professional bus fishing targets were the target, there is certainly that much.

There are plenty of competitions where the game is exciting.
There is a challenge to win because it is quite hard.

Personally it was good that the face of the character was live-action picture (?), Was not it?
People like BAC's receptionist were cute.
Also, the face of a professional man who appeared at the time when the two parties cooperated was cool.

Worse place There is an advertisement that thought about bus fishing beginners thoughtfully, but in fact it seems that beginners may not catch at all until they get used to it.
If you listen to the explanation in the game or read the instructions, you can catch the 30 cm level comfortably, but if it becomes 40 cm or more, I feel that I can not catch easily unless I learn skills and intuition by overlapping places.

Where the speed of walking and canoe traveling is slow.
Well it may be late to put out reality.

2005/04/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11013 Host:10694 Browser: 4483
Personally, this game is difficult.
Honest fishing is easier and still fun.

For the time being, I feel like winning a fishing competition and advancing the story for the time being.
It's hard to win.

Then, the big fish is not quite fishing.
Even if a big bat hits sometimes, the line (fishing line) gets taken soon.
I think that it is very high as difficulty level.

Also with this game the face of the character is horribly realistic. (Oh ... it's too real and terrible ....)

Well, such a thing is good, there was a change in rainy weather and it was good.
Depending on the location, heavy objects may catch in the rain ....
I liked it quite a lot and I liked it.

Well the evaluation of this game is "good".
Personally I like fishing if it is a fishing game.