[Game]Idol Janshi Suchiepai Limited

Game total pnts rank Rank 2,964in 6,256 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 48.15
Game rank of 1993 Rank 100in 228 titles
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Arcade Super Nintendo Entertainment System Playstation Sega Saturn Application software
Mika Kanai
Miki Takahashi
Konami Yoshida
Mina Tominaga
Akiko Yazima
Kumiko Nishihara
Akiko Hiramatsu
Rika Fukami
Rika Matsumoto
Satomi Korogi
Yuko Mizutani
Ai Orikasa
Yumi Takada
Urara Takano
Japan Released:1993/07/30(Fri)
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2008/07/13 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51507 Host:51755 Browser: 8569
Mobile application version Suico pie evaluation

[Total playing time]

9 hours
[good point]
Considering the low capacity of a mobile, it is making quite hard. Chi, Pon, Ron and the name of the trick are once with voice. In the case of technique, short animation will also be displayed.
Compared to the consumer version, the PSP version that you played recently, the operation of the armpit against the player side is an impression of restraining eyes. Regarding enemy characters, it seems that you are manipulating thousands from the necessity of difficulty adjustment.
Other consumer version same as all age specifications so undressing mode until swim suit. However, since Kenichi Sonoda is a character, the quality is high.
Because the technical points are easier to collect than the consumer version, the place where you can use the technique such as Suui stick etc. is good.

[Bad point]
It is unavoidable because it is low capacity soft, but there are only three stages, only three characters can fight as an enemy. Familiar Mizuno Yuki and Katagiri Shiho participate as ally support characters.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Approximately mobile specifications and price limit of the application.When considering the capacity limitation, I think that it work quite hard. Although it is short, there is also a conversation scenario of characters before the match, there is a conversation scene to some voices, and non-communication.It is a place I want to evaluate obediently obediently.
It is a type of work that only original fans buy, but I think that it is an application I would like to suppress if it is a fan. It is good to play at a little time anywhere at 525 yen.

2006/05/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6735 Host:6463 Browser: 2876
The other day I found the DVD of the OVA version "Idol Fight. Suico Pai" at the secondhand bookstore "Wonderfully this was also converted to DVD ... but why is 18 display prohibited !?" surprised.
Although this animation bought LD at that time (laugh), it should have been surely not an adult designation.
Well I thought that something terrible scenes are being added ... I thought that, purchasing, looking ... Old old man!
Although there are places to choose some options somehow, there is no gaming nature, the picture is only a diversion of the original image (maybe even diversion), expectation was betrayed vividly.

This PS version which came out as to whether it was in front of or behind that OVA is one of the few mah-jongg which I possess.
(Naturally) It was good that the Sonokeken character was moving as it was. Well I was worried because it was a transplant.
You do not need to know the rules of Mahjong, but the final stage may be a bit tough.
I wonder if I can be satisfied if I do it with a feeling of "just having pictures".
However, it is still questionable that Mika Kanai is a part of Suu Pai (I can not help but say this). I am not a good yaku, but the voice of an adult woman with that voice, I do not understand the intention whatsoever ... other characters are more like they are fitting.
When it becomes SD in mahjong screen, voice and character match.
The character is stupid but unique, and depending on the way he does, I do not care about mah-jong geek and I think that I could expand it variously, but it feels a bit misleading.

2004/05/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18428 Host:18452 Browser: 4483
In my case I played the Saturn version "Special", but it was sometimes called "Ikasama Mahjong" and it was a mah-jong game that I could not think of as a real mah-jong.
It was a troublesome thing that there was only winning at the "Ikasama mahjong" of the item use, such as the opponent character of the latter half repeating the four indiscretions and the three indiscretion, and it was unpleasant thing though the mah-jong game was not interesting, but the character is comic The scene which talks like talking like that was pretty interesting, and the production which the graphics were also pretty much caught was done, so I did not get tired of playing all the characters without getting tired during play.
The disadvantage of the Saturn version 'Special' ... Because it is only undressing scenes without Subaru Tsubasa, I think it was only strange to say clearly, but later on Saturn version 'Remix' released in the Saturn version 'Chibi' .
By the way, I also played the 3DO version "Special", why was it being expressed in 3DO version ...
It seems that the PS version included not only undressing scenes but swimsuit scenes, free matchups, but because I have not played,
PS version 'Limited' evaluation can not be put on.
Well, thanks to the fact that the evaluation of the Saturn version 'Special' is 'good', I like the atmosphere of this work quite a bit.
I do not feel like playing the PS version if I play the Saturn version ...
After all I think that it is because I do not feel like playing without a reward "undressing scene" unique to undressing Mahjong.

2004/05/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40569 Host:40530 Browser: 4960
This work is the work which becomes the division of the evaluation in that the point which was set as "previous aged subject".
From the characteristics of the character, the content of the story, undressing can be taken unnecessary, but undressing itself is in this work

"Gag" "Story"

For those who feel that it is "necessary as a material", it is judged as "it is not necessary to target all ages", and the evaluation of "work that was renewed in a bad direction" is recieving.
Also, as for "undressing" itself, it originally belongs to a very soft class, and it seems to see illustrations of characters drawn by Mr. Sonoda in drawing. Then it will be told that "You do not have to do it"

Even if there is it, it will be OK.

The opinion is also completely equal.
If arranging in a soft direction, although it should have been totally changed the approach to the story and the character and released as "a different scenario", now the work is completely "just removed only undressing"

Sharp reworked works

I have no choice but to evaluate.
For anyone who knew "Sui Qi Pai" from this work it is OK to do, but for those who know the work before transplanting, the existence value itself can be ignored.

Basically, for people who know the work before transplanting, only the "complete version" of the Saturn version can be accepted.
The person who entered from the current work of PS version seems to be the best way to play a Saturn version after playing this work and to make a general review.

Of course, I am doing a general review from the standpoint of "a person who has played a work before transplant".

2004/05/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6119 Host:6199 Browser: 3875
Originally, when we transplanted things that were undressing Mahjong of the game center to the consumer aircraft, when we transplanted them to the PlayStation, we eliminated the elements of them and made it a refreshing and good feeling

Although I was not interested in undressing Mahjong of this hand, saying it was correct if I read a review of a magazine

Basically one fight with a computer, "Ikasama mahjong" is.
However, the interestingness of this game will be "character girls comic" of the character that appears.
The voice actor was also luxurious to what mind, I was able to laugh.

Drama CDs and setting document collections and gigs were also popular series.