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Game total pnts rank Rank 332in 6,207 titlesTotal 32 / Deviation 57.94
Game avg pnts Rank 243in 936 titlesAvg 1.78=Very good/18 reviews
Game rank of 2005 Rank 16in 262 titles
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Graphic2.00(Very good)2
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Takahiro sakurai
Ryotaro Okiayu
Hiroshi Shimozaki
Yumiko Kobayashi
Tomohisa Aso
Tetsuharu Ota
Kenta Miyake
Takashi Nagasako
Hisasi Izumi
Ryuuzou Ishino
Japan Released:2005/12/15(Thu)
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2017/05/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7399 Host:7512 Browser: 10216
[good point]
I'm making remake of Rockman X well.
Have fist can now save with a password.
A new operator appeared.
In. ED, that scientist who appeared from X 2 ...!
Omake after clearing
VAVA mode, as well as free mode that you can fight with boss characters many times ...!
The final form of Sigma has become easy to overthrow.
[Bad point]
High degree of difficulty in VAVA mode.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Rockman X" is remarkably remake of.
Evaluation is of course "at the highest"!

2011/12/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5325 Host:5075 Browser: 5345
[Total playing time]
If you enter the current 50-lap play, it will be around 30 hours,
Is it about 5 hours strong until the first clearance? (〓〓〓I do not remember much)
It is about 13 hours until clearing VAVA (〓〓〓VAVA was quite difficult at the beginning so I remember it took time to clear but I do not remember much of this as well)

[good point]
Dramatic graphics from the SFC era, Improvement of BGM
Added VAVA mode
Character Full voice, the thing that the person of the voice matching the image of the character was hitting
Selectable method of .NORMAL, HARD
Adjustment of boss arrangement of Sigma Palace

[Bad point]
Vulnerability to unreasonableness of VAVA (It was tormented at the time of playing first time, how about 1/3 of HP being scrapped at the early stage turtle missile)
I felt somewhat null in Normal mode
Spiral crash Buster is weak
Shouting and shooting the name of the deadly technique ("Storm Tornado!" Or "Shotgun Ice!")
There is a turn of zero ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although I felt that there were many bad points, "It is very good".
It is interesting that games such as Rockman X series progress better as they do.
At first it was a game that took about 5 hours but now it has become possible to make one lap around 50 minutes.
There are elements that add to it so much, and the story nature has improved considerably (there are also slightly different parts from the original story, but because the former is SFC, we close our eyes)
I would like this to be done until about X5 if I want to wish a sequel. CAPCON Good luck.

2011/10/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9844 Host:9977 Browser: 7443
[Total playing time]
Around 10 hours

[good point]
Add animation movie with graphic 3D
Addition of VAVA mode

[Bad point]
The difficulty level of VAVA mode is a little high

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because it is high in perfection, I hope it will be remade from X 3 as soon as I thought it was a regrettable work to finish with this one work

2011/01/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15443 Host:15442 Browser: 8103
[good point]
Ops stage boss began to beat up
Graphics 3D
Voice was added not only to the main character but also to the boss character
Somewhat strengthened Penggo (not as strong as it is)
.VAVA mode (preeminent tension such as selecting various weapons by myself)
After all clear, you can rechallenge including boss confrontation at all stages
Significantly improved BGM (especially Kwinger, Sigma Stage 1 etc.)
Have fist of the back technique is not effective for some bosses (as it can be whitened if it works for everyone on a rock)
The nature of zero got better a little bit better than X8 (this is a remake version)
Kwanga was surprisingly good - looking

[Bad point]
Most stage bosses were weakened
Although the remake version is contradicting some story with the original
When using special weapons, it was not good to shout out the name of special weapon each time

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The degree of completion was very high compared with Rockman X8 and (?) Rockman Rockman which was released at the same time.

2010/04/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21365 Host:21164 Browser: 9207
[Total playing time]
I did it for about 2 weeks.

[good point]
Remarkable remake of SFC's Rockman X with PSP

That the graphics were redesigned to 3D

. Chara voice was added

Many animated movies recorded

Available for VAVA & various weapons can be used

Trial version of Rockman Rockman is recorded

[Bad point]
The difficulty level of the OP stage is a bit high

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Originally it was a highly completed work as a 2D action so even if it was remade by PSP, that deki was with origami. I wish I could make a remake to X5 as it is ...

2010/03/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22524 Host:22456 Browser: 10065
Unlike the original family who got up to FC graphics "10", the X series is now "8"
It seems to stop at ..........

Although it was a remake version of the original "Rockman X", it was not limited to the weak point of boss character and the arrangement change of items, etc., the existence of "VAVA mode" which can use Vava which was middle boss, and the interpretation of the reason that Sigma causes rebellion Change,
And watching the animation based on it saying that there was a lot of power,
It is not just a remake version, the motivation of the creator has been transmitted to a great extent.

Originally this was a high quality, BGM was arranged as well, of course,
I think that it was amazing that there was no losing. Especially sparks. Mandriller,
The launcher, octopart, storm. Y - grid, sigma palace boss was excellent. Spark. The man driller was a cool arrangement song more than the original song, and the final battle with the Sigma second form BGM is also a magnificent arrangement,
You had a great final battle fight.

The voice actors also saw some people who were also appearing in 'Rockman Rockman'
I think that there was no misc cast. Mr. Takahiro Sakurai, who became the 4th generation XCV,
When I heard it for the first time, I thought that it was matured with X, or somewhat uncomfortable,
I think that acting itself was well expressed such as the seriousness of X which emphasized the position as an irregular hunter. Mr. Mugeto as Sigma also said that in an interview in the official website, "I played with conscious of" young Sigma "
I think that the purpose was fully achieved. Mr. Shimosaki Mining History, acting as vava,
It was expressing skillfully the cool virtuosity.

Despite being able to be made purely high in completeness, it does not shake on the commercial side, after that the story of the sequel of remake is not heard, but the "X" series also strayed after "5" ("8" seems to be evaluated as a ryosaku in which trial and error at the "5" to "7" in general is blossomed, but true lasbos luminescence is also merely self-righteous character, series It was a boring character that could not beat the feet of the early Sigma)
For at least this Irregular Hunter X should be series up to "5". Well, it is unlikely that as long as Mr. Keiji Inakea raises blood circulation to live-action film production, making a number of challenging problems, its possibility is low ........
Evaluation is "Very good" because it is "remake version worthy of high evaluation ordinarily".

2010/02/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7318 Host:7141 Browser: 14197
It is a remake work of the SFC version's original Rockman X.
Nostalgia and freshness, there were also embarrassment in the early days (bitter smile)
Since the basic making is the same as the SFC version, it was nostalgic that there are parts that can be used with old knowledge.
Even in such circumstances it has become three-dimensional, and each character has fresh voice with a voice.
Every character was not such a voice as to be far apart from the image.
It was somewhat perplexed as old knowledge and placement of items changed.
The degree of difficulty was difficult in me, it was not enough to throw.
If we can grasp enemy 's behavior patterns etc, it has become easier to beat.
So, it is an additional element in this work VAVA mode, but this is delicate, and ....
Regarding operation, I also thought that there were many kinds of weapons and it was interesting, but there is no dash is painful.
Besides, the durability of the ride armor is unusually low and can not be used ....
It is nice to capture normally, but when you try to collect items you will be asked for a reasonable skill.
The story is also pretty messy, is not it somewhat brute force ...?
I think that it is questionable whether it was good with zero.
After that there was a long movie separate from the ones in the game and contents with volume.
I got it at a low price and I think it's a pretty good work.

2009/05/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3748 Host:3696 Browser: 7761
Irregular Hunter X is a game that takes eight action bosses + three additional stages at eight stage end points by action shooting. There is a strong element to follow the story, and a conversation is made in front of the boss. In addition, there is an animation of about 30 minutes (appearing after clearing) that complements why the incident occurred and why X happened, as well as the OP movie ending movie, which is quite impressive. I do not know whether it will change between normal and hard, before clearing and after clearing, but the conversation before the boss war is changed and made a little.

The degree of difficulty is lower if normal, and it is excellent as an introduction to Rockman by the extent that there is a reasonable crunch if it is hard. Each stage is an old-fashioned selection system and if you go smoothly, you can clear it in about 5 minutes in one stage. It's about 1 hour if you improve from start to finish with good tempo making.
In addition, as a play character VAVA can be used after clearing, you can enjoy different game characteristics. Even those who have done Rockman X would be satisfied.

The graphic is a polygon conforming to Rockman X 8, but there is no problem with playing sensation.

About the content of the game Jump, shot, wall sticking, wall jumping will take advantage of this in basic action. The shot can be charged by pressing the button for a long time, it is possible to issue high-power bullets with penetrating ability and play an important role in stage capture and boss capture.
Life up as a feature of the X series, Life tank that can recover life at an arbitrary timing, Foot parts to power up your own machine, Head parts, Body parts, Arm parts are hidden in every part of the stage, packed with stage capture Even if it gets rid of it, you can lower difficulty by collecting it, and you can capture it. Also, as a special attack Wave Fist is alive and surprisingly high level, so you should try it when you can not clear it anyway.

However, it is difficult to collect these without knowledge at all, it is minus that it is necessary to confirm the capture information. Items are retained even if they are missed or escaped by escaping.

Boss Basically, it is easier to get off with two or three types of attack patterns, and it is easier to learn patterns and easy because it is easier. However, in the initial state, physical strength of self-discipline is low and overall damage is high. Also, since the attack pattern changes on the hard, and there are bosses that the action itself becomes faster, the difficulty becomes higher within the range that can be captured. Sting or Merio is remarkable. Dashing is possible when getting foot parts, so difficulty level drops sharply. Boss battle has several bosses whose balance is adjusted on the premise that foot parts are present, and the difficulty level is high in the initial state. Among them, it is unreasonable to make a mistake by storm e - grid and fall off from the platform without being blown away in succession.
In addition, in the battle with Sigma if there is no life tank, it is necessary to grasp the pattern and be sure to be able to avoid it, the difficulty level is high.

Discontent with weak point weapons being too effective too. Once you hit it you can kill himself as it is, so neither the game nor the hammer hangs. Weak point weapons are a good way to ease difficulties, but this is overkill.

There are no VAVA mode dashes, there are three types of weapons that can be operated: Vulcan, Canon, Bomb and use it with automatic weapon gauge. Every time you destroy a boss, these kinds increase, and we choose in the weapon cost determined before the stage starts (the upper limit increases for each boss destroy). The performance of the weapon is completely different from X, and the enemy arrangement of the stage is slightly different, so a different playing sensation can be obtained.
Canon, Bomb stops in the air when hitting while jumping. This is essential because it is an essential technique for capture. Canon shoots down and shoots, it is possible for a horizontal company play. Bom shoots on the ground and likes big, but jumps to long distance, and when you jump, there is little gap and rolling near. Bom is powerful anyhow and splash hits obtained from Launcher Octopard are particularly strong.

Life-up and life tank exist as well as X. Weapon gauge also increases when lifting up.

It is well done as a popular action shooting game, and the balance is excellent. Since it is rare to let us do wasteful work, the tempo often goes forward and the game feels like playing repeatedly (Recock man in recent years feels it bothersome) Recommended for beginners, especially for action games, since it is possible to choose difficulty without unreasonable death traps .

2009/01/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 721 Host:771 Browser: 3674
[Total playing time]
I do not remember.

[good point]
The voice of VAVA is smart. After winning the boss "Hahahahahaha" is said.
The wave fist. To have an arm from zero.
[Bad point]
It is difficult to use VAVA.
There is not much time for zero.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is good as it is usually ordinary

2008/08/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 7931
It is interesting in Dantotsu among PSP games.

<There is spoiler>

Although it is a remake, it skillfully follows the merit of the original version (Zero Arparts teaching director, and even to that hiding technique, it was surprising and delighted at the same time)
Full voice, VAVA mode, eventually introduction of animation as OVA,
It 's too full of gorgeous privileges too much to remake!

Of course, it is also a great quality as an action game.
Although it is a bit murmuring, difficulty level of response.
A powerful special weapon (Mr. Takahiro Sakurai's hot blood voice further boils up),
Graphics also become brilliant, even original players, newly enjoyable stages (the place of parts has changed),
I think that perfection degree is a point.
If you are hungry for an action game, I definitely recommend it.

Cast people were also good.
Yumiko Kobayashi, who is not a boy role, was very fresh, I think Mr. Kenta Miyake and Mr. Izumi Takashi were very addicted.
And Hiroshi Shimozaki of VAVA ed.
Even just being able to treat that VAVA as a play character is extremely pleasing, I think that Mr. Shimogasaki 's act of frenzy was also very addicted.
I am very satisfied.

The other day finally there was a movement of a new work by Mugen Mega Man, so by all means X series too ....

2008/08/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10009 Host:9997 Browser: 7856
[good point]
Vuvu Mode Graphic I bought with this opportunity SFC version Towa thinking movie
[Bad point]
Weakening of the boss Egrido and Randa Banda are getting weaker.
Especially in this chameleon boss This boss is too weak, as it is too thin and presence is about to say. Eight bosses are all weak.
Weakening arm parts This hurts.
Initial value of VaVu You got two deliveries with penguigo and there is no shit.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is good for remake.
Please, please make the boss stronger.
But, it's good as it is interesting.

2008/07/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1187 Host:883 Browser: 4926
Interesting is interesting. X mode.

SFC version When I thought that it was so, it changed slightly from the location of the parts and the stage, and in a sense, I could play with a fresh feeling. I think there was no need for two kinds of arm parts. I felt like receiving Zettabor at X3.

The wave fist is too strong (^ - ^ ;; Bergader and Sigma, if you shoot at the same time as you start it is over and it will be easy, though.

Although the enemy and others are SFC itself, it is real, the screen is also beautiful, I think that there is pretty good there.

And the problem is VAVA mode. Hard not even motivated. Speaking only about VAVA mode, I'd like to attach a "bad".

First of all, it is weak. It seems to be zero or the like after X4, but it is too weak to beat. Early, even Ichthy Peggygo's body is brought to life with half a lifetime.

Weapons are weak, even if you can obtain weak point weapons, it can not be equipped immediately because of the cost, it is frustrating. Especially in the early days weak point If you do not have weapons, you can only scrape thyme and it will take time. Rather, there are too many weapons. With X, it was good from one boss to one each one? Because I wasted too much, I can not memorize names, and it is hard to find out which is a weak point. I can not even dash it.

Also, Ride Armor. It is too usable. Movement is bad maneuverability, it can only ride for 30 seconds, life will decrease if damage is received + time decreases, taking weapon EN will recover life and time, but can not take it one time, explode if it gets off once. What do you want me to do?

The lifetime of the Naumanda stage is also absolutely impossible with that armor. No matter how much time you leave, there will be a dodge blaster on the top wall that jumps and you will be hit by a collision and the armor will explode at the time you get off, so you will not be able to rechallenge once you do not escape. When failing to detach armor, when falling down Diggrevar and Sky Clo resurrected and concentrated attack. There is nothing I can do except that it is taken in "another way".

Even if it is a subtank of the e grid stage, even if it is lifted up of the Nauman da stage, when going with a ride armor, the enemy is Uja uja, even if it reaches the former it is time to spare time even if it is a no mistake, the latter can be taken even without the armor But, the former can never take without it.

Clearly speaking, I think that it is trying not to let it take. Even if it is a rush loader or a dodge blaster, clearly say it, it is not a definite armor, it is placed in a place where it is difficult to beat down before hitting it.

It's not difficult but "unreasonable difficulty".

Tentatively, personally, VAVA mode was quite disappointing. However, with the fun of X mode, somehow it is a point recovery, the evaluation is "good".

2008/03/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2436 Host:2493 Browser: 2985(Mobile)
It is a masterpiece of an action game, remake work by Rockman X.
So let me evaluate you.

After all it was better that the voice was attached. Eight bosses were also funny being personality-tailored. Almage, Kwanga, Eagleed were cool.
Even with regard to operability, it was almost as inferior to the SFC era. As the graphics became 3D, the movement of the character became more dynamic. I was surprised that the structure of the Sigma stage has changed or that the foot parts were not on the Penguigo stage.

The feature film after clearing was also fun. It showed in detail how Sigma caused the rebellion in what way and what I thought. This may be a new interpretation, which may be different from the original story (such as Dr. Kane's drawing), but this is also good to start a new "Rockman X" from scratch with this as well .

VAVA mode is quite difficult to say clearly. If you do it with the same operation as X you will definitly die immediately. It was fun to use diverse weapons properly.
However, that VAVA was Mr. Shimazaki who was playing Tyranno Kenzan in Yu-Gi-Oh GX ... It was unexpected that he was playing a cold villain totally different from Kenzan, but it was cool without complaints.

Although I wrote various things, I think that it was amazing that the masterpiece action of SFC was evolved so far.
I would definitely like to make irregular hunter X 2.3.

Evaluation is "very good".

2008/03/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10676 Host:10962 Browser: 5234
A story (especially a movie) as Rockman X's story (especially movies) is pretty good, including the fact that the treatment in the middle of writing recently highlights the presence and attractiveness of Sigma.

VAVA mode which can handle various kinds of weapons ...... Although the illusion receiving treatment like children who arranged toys is surely left behind ... ... (although it is finally available in the end) It can be used in order of capture Since armed things change, it seems that it may be said that it seems to be surprisingly "Rockman" like game content from the appearance.

But others are subtle.
Although minor changes of the stage composition etc, which can not be a simple transplant work can be seen, apart from such a thing, it is painful to do it strangely.

Compared to the SFC version, because the X is reflected in the up, it is still the biggest reason why the entire screen that can be seen narrowed down.
Some enemies who respond even from a distance begin to move normally since far beyond the range that they perceive, so some stages are pretty annoying. The distance by which the enemy reacts itself may not be the same as the SFC version, but due to the narrow screen, a troublesome situation occurs that the enemy, which was visible a little, can not be seen if the enemy can not move further a little.
The influence of scrolling is also hypersensitive to the SFC version, it may be due to the fact that the enemies that were supposed to have been defeated simply by jumping are resurrected and the items disappear.
I feel like my speed has fallen. The spiral shot looks even more "wormwind of earthworms" than the SFC version seems to be due only to the disappearance of the shock wave.

Furthermore, treatment of VAVA.
Honorable (?) Desire not to know where it came from, such as emotions like jealousy and the subordinate of opposition to X and Sigma, such as "This is the world to change" etc. And Sigma When I heard the plan of "I am a common sense," hetale smell emanating from a chaotic condition ............ that VAVA that was venomous and crazy is a small thing to do.
After all, VAVA is sure to become a crazy villain. It is just a small article, such as VAVA which gains understanding and sympathy.
Should I see that the price promoted to a play character is high.

The story and the movie can be appreciated highly, but the game itself ... ..................

2007/12/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17824 Browser: 4749(Mobile)
I was interested in seeing the evaluation here, so I purchased it at auction. An action game released at SFC, a remake version of Rockman X. Freshness was added to nostalgia as the graphics became three-dimensional and some maps were changed. There were strengthening parts different from the SFC version, and it became possible to dash after killing 6 bosses. Without a dash, we fought quite a bit without using the weak point weapon of the boss. And VAVA mode. VAVA which is different from X is required is also interesting. It is just high fire power that weapons can be used from the shoulder, arms and legs. ... I will lose to wave fist. However, it is strong that there is anti-aircraft weapons. In a small part, I felt the era that it was a save function, not a password. And Dr. Thomas Wright was a stupid thing.
Omake's Rockman Rockman is not funny. However, because the main part was able to be enjoyed considerably, the evaluation is "very good".

2007/11/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21464 Host:21175 Browser: 5234
PSP remake version of Rockman X.
Basically because it conforms to the current X series, VAVA has a voice, with a conversation with the boss, it was born into a completely new first generation.

There is also a minor change called "What was it like?" With nostalgia and it is interesting. And everyone will eat shoulder watermarks at the Pengugo stage. "There is no foot?"
Music, that famous songs again with PSP high quality sound. I will forget the capture on the e grid stage.
Boss fight, directing such as penguigo suffering burned with fire is also good. There are also hard modes and there are fiddling.

Appreciation is possible with animation. It seems there are some changes with SFC. Kane is dying ...

[VAVA mode]
This book that I bought for honesty only. Bought correctly! Boasts a level of difficulty with X mode. VAVA with unusual hitting weakness, life-up, take a risk of taking out subtanks as much as possible. In hard mode, Zaco at the opening is killed.
Equipment which influences the difficulty of capture is also good. There are plain weapons that do not look like destroyers (lol)
Just a stage music is different from X mode, but there is only one song. The atmosphere is bad, but it's the same every time ...

[Hidden element]
After all I was waiting in the back of the Almage stage. Doctor of the light in wears. One blow killer "Wave kist" is obtained again. Because it is with voice, X also screams. Also, you can get a zero buster reminiscent of X3's saver.

[Overall rating]
I applauded Capcom who made such masterpiece so far power up. However, I wanted to try "Zero Mode" as well. There was no turn to the Sigma stage after the conversation at the opening, zero which quickly scatters ... It was the best if you could see a deep associate with Sigma and a wilyy leaping at the time of X1. However, it is luxurious because it can be enjoyed so far with X, VAVA.

The original family was also remade by PSP, but both the head family and X have earned the highest class rating of the series 8 in all. By all means make and release "Irregular Hunter X 2" and "Rockman Rockman 2"!

2007/10/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29397 Browser: 6791(Mobile)
(There are some spoilers.)

It is a PSP remake version of SFC version "Rockman X".

Of course, it is not just a remake, but all the graphics are 3D, and on the event scene all are full voice etc. It has dramatically increased the power in terms of directing. It is a pleasure even if there is a large scene in which X spoken without dialogs since the OP stage in the SFC version talks.

The stage composition also varies from partly changed to widely changed place. People who are playing the SFC version can not keep up with it, such as the cache hiding place is different from the SFC version, and the composition of the sigma stage is completely different thing. "From the penguygo at the beginning," if you do it in the same order as the SFC version, you were forced to fight quite a bit.

Also, after the game clearer at X, what you can play with that Va Va mood can also be made inside. It was quite different from enemy arrangement, item placement and traversal over playing in X, so it seems like I play another game and I was able to play with a very fresh feeling.

As a dissatisfactory point, the spiral crash busta weakened compared with the SFC version (the back shock wave was lost), in the case of Va Vermod, the 8 stage PGM was fixed and one last deployment There were somewhat dissatisfied points such as.
For Armparts, it is better to obtain that work as it is powerful because Hyper - Zero Blaster, which you can get if you do not have an arm part with zero self - destructive event. It is regrettable that the event seems to happen at Sigma STAGE 3, so that acquisition will be delayed considerably.

Although there is dissatisfaction in part, although it is remake work as remake work it is possible to cry zero destructive event without complaint by the event scene becoming full voice in particular.

"X !! You can do it for you !!"
"Zero !! Zero ----- !!!"

... No I can cry.
Also, in the last PGM of the OP movie at the game start "Command mission" Does the player run lightning?

Perhaps it is more self-covered than say remake. Even made it wonderful! Evaluation is "very good".