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Game rank of 1992 Rank 135in 206 titles
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Turbo Grefx CD
Japan Released:1992/02/21(Fri)
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2016/07/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1383 Host:1306 Browser: 5171
If you get involved, you will encounter problems that you have seen, and you will remember the answer, so fun is gradually being spoiled.
This is one of the drawbacks of quizz objects.

The work itself, the genre to be handled, language, geography, nature. Science, biology. Medicine, sports, entertainment. Music, literature. History, political economy, cartoon, cartoon,
Ten kinds of general common sense, the number of problems exceeds 15000, and if multi tap is used 5 battle is also possible, the completion degree goes into the highest category among works of the same genre at that time.

Move the envelopes (with losers) scattered on the ground with 〓〓〓buttons repeatedly and pick them up and bring them to the quiz table "Quiz. pick up with a bong" etc.
"Japan longitudinal super quiz" where 2 to 5 players fight 10 rounds with 4 quizzes and decide the winner, correctly speaking, the gondola goes up one step,
"Quiz back and forth" that goes down two stages if incorrect, "quiz nerve weakness" which turns the panel right by answering quizzes,
Many of the 10-100 panels prepared by genre make up a famous quiz show, such as "quizz, if dusts are piled up" which the correct answer of quizzes turns.

Especially the most noticeable thing is that the leading character losing out with a scissor toss a quiz and kidnap a girl who can not answer a girl who is kidnapped from "Daibou Daimao" Then I recovered physical strength and save it at the inn,
IQ QUEST "which is a rich RPG color that tries to talk to people in the town and performs 4 optional quizzes.

While devising measures to prevent the same problem from being displayed due to neta loss by finishing it in a short time is seen, on the other hand, because extreme construction that the movement speed is extremely slow saying good and bad place clearly sounded, " IQ QUEST "is" bad ".
Evaluation here including "other evaluation" is "good".