[Game]Haunted Castle

Other media: Anime:Castlevania
Game total pnts rank Rank 5,352in 6,288 titlesTotal -1 / Deviation 47.18
Game rank of 1988 Rank 164in 197 titles
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Playstation 2 Ps4 Hamstar
Japan Released:1988/02 Arcade
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2017/02/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Needless to say that the original neta is an action game of Nintendo, but mostly it was one of the few cases that got transplanted from the arcade version to Nintendo, conversely from NES to Arcade.

However, although NES gaming features are intact, they have been altered in various ways.

[Total playing time]

I do not do much. It seems that it was difficult to say that the arcade version was as popular as the NES version but it disappeared when I realized it, and many people would have known it for PS 2 version for home use?

[good point]

The character is bigger than the NES version, the power is strong, the movement is also real, the graphics are real, the BGM is a famous song, and the main BGM of the "seal of the curse" was used was also the point of interest. Although this is also a disadvantage of the game to be described later.

I think that there were many people familiar with the game system similar to the NES version, but ........

[Bad point]

Simon 's movements are heavy so there is no smoothness like the NES version, and at first it seems to be the Dracula series, and she is wielding the whip but When powering up, it was a weapon becoming a sword and it was said that "It is not this a dracula?"

Weight of motion = slowness is also linked to poor game balance, I can not play exhilarating feeling, I can not recover my physical strength by eating meat like the NES version, and if it gets done it will say yes so far It is mean too bad, and it seems that it is said that there is no user consciousness of this part in the Dracula series game, and it has fallen to a minor position among them.

BGM is overwhelming although it was a famous piece of music.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Because it is a transplant of the Nintendo version, it may have been made with nori such as difficult to put power as much as difficult arcade version production. For that reason the game balance has become impossible to say as well as a flattery, and seems to have become a work that is buried in the Dracula series.

If you move a little bit more quickly, it seems that the game evaluation was different. The Konami arcade game of those days was focusing on "the ambition of Gradius II GOFER", it may be that this work was ... in fact.