[Game]Family planning -Bonds of mind-

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Playstation 2
Interchannel, Ltd.
Hazime Yamada I've Kazuya Takase KOTOKO
Rumiko sasa Yuka Imai
Minami Hokuto Norio Wakamoto Takehito Koyasu
Ai Uchikawa Hiroko Takemasa
Nobuyuki Yoshida Kousuke Okano Naohiro Yamamoto
Japan Released:2005/02/24(Thu)
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2016/06/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 861 Host:586 Browser: 5171
Although this work is a high-valued work as masterpiece in garg莨〓 of the 00's,
By the way, when I say my impression about this personal work,
I think that there was a thing just to say Ryosaku indeed,
Is not it personal impression for this work that I did not go to such a degree that it was only masterpiece and ravely acclaimed?

First of all, the scenario for this work is attached to the character,
Personally I felt a lot of interest in the entertainment,
By the way, I think that it was privately good for Mai Ri route,
And it is a scenery route of addition,
Well it was a result that it was the most enjoyable scenery route that I enjoyed the most,
However, as for the landscape route it is like an extra edition so I think that the scenario was virtually as good as it is Mari Rui, two of the sub routes.

With regard to the heroine afterwards, it is the contents that the Shinjira route is just like the fifth heroine scenario,
Also, although Spring Flower is the main heroine, personally it does not surprise me surprisingly,
And for Aoba certainly it was pretty handy for scenario,
Personally, it was a weak heroine that the high-pressure character of Aoba is hard to get,
For Aoba I could not have had a good impression to the end.

In addition to this work, if you think of the background of the characters in this work, there are various heavy circumstances,
There is a part with unpleasantness in the content of the scenario by that much,
Even so, in the case of this work, for those with bad patterns and dangerous people,
Characters that seemed to have bad character brought forth appear afterwards,
Among them, I felt the most unpleasant is Mitsuiro Route's second half,
Personally I have only a few galleies played,
I have never seen such an unpleasant character in other gargoges.
Because it is obviously a bad person from the visuals already (sweat).

Besides that and the scenario, the music side is very good,
OP song "Under the same sky", ED song "philosophy"
Both were impressive and splendid songs.

About this work scenario.The point that the character's habit of character is strong is likely to separate pros and cons,
After that the length of the common route is strange, there are places where it seems to be sagging along the way,
To be honest, I can see a few shortcomings,
But I think that the contents of the story itself was mildly impressive,
Well I think that it was a game that can be said to be a good Ryou without having to go to masterpieces.

2013/06/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 5345
[Total playing time]

59 hours 41 minutes (100% complete)
It is PSP version.

[good point]

It is a masterpiece of the extent that he thinks he will not let objections be admitted stubbornly.
Without this I think that this work was not supposed to be supported so far. That's wonderful.

I felt fear conversely to the extent of the quality beyond this dimension,
I know that the composer is Mr. Kazuya Takase and I am convinced.

The same as the theme song, both OP and ED are performances of coloring, but personally I would like to infer ED "philosophy".
It was worth playing this work just because I met a song that shakes my soul so much.

〓〓〓Quasi route This is the only route I touched with this work. No, I felt as if I had cut the weir instead of feeling tears.
If this route only evaluation, this work is a god work without mercy in me.

〓〓〓Aoba root This is already exhausted only by the high degree of perfection.
I admired by losing the impression.

Various mysteries and hints change in an unexpected and shocking way,
Ultimately it will be consolidated into the last impression that put "The affection for parents" as the theme.

It is one that was well constructed for such a high scenario.
There is nothing to say but a wonderful thing.

[Bad point]

〓〓〓Too long.
To be honest, this volume is abnormal (in bad meaning).
Deduction points.

〓〓〓Spring flower route.
Even though there are more events just after the incident at the latter restaurant, that is completely snake. I destroyed the last impression.
It is a feeling that I was caught cold water while I was immersed in a lingering finish.

〓〓〓Suirei route.
There is a usual heavy depiction,
If you do not do it you can make depressed playful players. (No, seriously)

The football club who was in "CLANNAD" was also quite a BAD character, but there is no way more than that.

〓〓〓Scenario composition Finally it has been completed at the root of each character,
I wanted something like "grand finale" like "crosschannel" if possible. This is regrettable. (Although there seems to be a fan disk, too)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

To be honest, there are things that are quite troublesome for this work.

Both the masterpiece and the problem work can be taken either way (in fact it is a writer-like work of "crosschannel").
If you evaluate only the sub route, you can make an immediate answer, but it will be impossible to make it whole round.

Frequently speaking, although it is a feature of Mr. Kazuo Yamada, the depiction of seriousness is exquisitely skillful. The reader will have no choice but to be driven by passion.

There were also quite vivid depictions, and personally the depiction of Maiko's menarche was impressive. Or, dare to describe these points carefully, I learned the significance of this work.
I admire Yamada 's ability to sublime such a vivid thing to a natural touching scene.

To put it badly, there are also a lot of heavy depictions, coupled with a very habitual style, the pros and cons are also destiny pieces.

Therefore, I can not say that I am obediently saying "a masterpiece!" Or "an impressive work!" Although I do not deny it, though.

In any case it was a fact that it became an impressive work until it was mighty in me,
That is, the interest in Mr. Kazuyoshi Yamada who wrote such a work brilliantly became a trigger to enormous.

I think that I will worship other representative works of Mr. Yamada by all means. (Although it is hard to obtain today, including this work, though this is around this time)

〓〓〓Although it is a digression, the drama CD version is also recommended. There is a voice in the hero, and the scenario was also pretty good.

2009/08/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15740 Host:15701 Browser: 6210
I am not confident because it is a long time ago.
As a genre it will be classified as crying gay.
Of course, I also cried. Quasi-scenario something "Wow!
However, I also thought of this.
"Balance ... ...."
Scenario No complaints. Characters no complaints. The music comes out there and it is wonderful.
It was really good, but ... I felt the balance between Moe and cry was bad.
I love the character of family planning. I even thought that Takayashiki wanted to participate by all means, I also like Lau's.
The comedy part of the slapstick big family ...... It is completely eaten by the serious after. Too bad it makes the whole story laughable.
I also like serious parts. I was shedding tears in the change of my mind, I am.
But ... it was too attractive to do it, Takayashiki.
Of course, if that charm is turned over, it will be hot and lively things will come out ... ... It certainly supports the comedy part ... ....
It is difficult.

It is.
My favorite is spring flowers. Both characters and scenarios.
If you remember it you can see lots of things. Talk with that family.
One last hug is a wonderful picture.
Oh, why does not my shirt look good on me ...... I have a toothache.

I will keep the evaluation good, but I will add at the end that it is very good if the balanced thing is useless.
I want to go to that house again ... but I erased the save data, so it is a little sad that everyone will not meet you on the title screen.

2009/07/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8794 Host:8646 Browser: 12500
[Total playing time]
Comp D Clear in 5 days

[good point]

song. It is famous song that you can relax with listening to OP and each other in a refreshing manner.

Although there are both praise and opinion, I personally like this picture of a soft touch.

It is a voice of a stranger as well as a young man, including Aniki.

A scenario where there is a reasonably realistic portrayal of the subject matter only as a family member.

Personally, I was disgusted with the crying scenario that aimed at the heroine 's live death, I did not know exactly where I could cry, quasi - ED was a good story with a little slurping.
I want to eat omelet rice.

The main character is unusual and it is a good impression that life - size is good impression.
Especially it does not excel on anything, it seems to be somewhat oblique, there is no discomfort, I feel like a natural body that is not a bad feeling of basic good guy, like most among the main characters.

[Bad point]
The common scenario is long anyway.
If it was an ordinary game, it was a shock when I got through the OP for the first time playing as long as I could finish it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I long for marriage because of my mother's family, and Shingsu clinging to a little happy memories.

Spring flower digested by myself so as not to destroy the reality mother's home just by seeing it, despite having crossed the sea just to see at first sight without knowing the parent.

While saying that he is an irritable, Mr. Yatsu Mari who wanted more affection for her family than anyone.

Aoba leaves told at the last minute that iron barrage rejection is deep love.

Quasi-parental abuse Blocks Nutritious foods and water that only came to be able to speak.

Everyone is a really good person. (There are some tsundere, though.)
I am not interested in Lory, but unusually it seemed obediently Mari is a cute good girl.
Oh, if this is a younger sister, I understand a little about the feelings of those who dog.

While all of us have a heavy shadow to overcome it, I noticed what I was seeking through family planning and the scenario where I can become a happy ending at the end is a strange satisfaction feeling when the theme is only realistic There is.

Although it is a totally flaky image, there are quotations that stick into places in some places, so the words stand out strikingly in reverse.

"If you live alone, you should not gamble."
How awesome hero is wonderful.

It is a ryosaku wanting to play slowly slowly without trying to see only ED with the skip function.

Even if you subtract the impression of the common scenario, I will evaluate it as the highest.

2009/07/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50794 Host:50796 Browser: 6886
[good point]
The ending song was good.
It was a work that touched families far better than AIR.

[Bad point]
It can only be said that he is licking a wound rather than a family.
It is impossible that people who picked up the Chinese in the first place or ran away from their families (serving as fathers) are going up to other houses.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I guess it is a game that is intensely approved or disappointing, but I do not dislike it.
A senior sister who sells anything, a sister who sells anything, a younger sister whose facility is collapsed, a sister who has nothing to do, a lady who can be persecuted, from a homeless girl family A man who ran away, a girl who is thrown away by his family in car life All these discrimination, infringement, it seems to be persecution or the like.
Recent games are death but works that contain content that is discrimination too much.
Even though I went into the ending, it was boring.
It will be a comment that people who are not sure do not understand.
Anyway, it was content that I dislike it is not enough in the evaluation of the worst of here.

2007/07/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8573 Host:8336 Browser: 8090
[Total playing time]

First, a PC version without voice, a PC version with voice, PS 2 version,
I played everything.

[good point]

I hope ED's songs handled by Mr. Kazuya Takase are good. The ED of SNOW was also good.

[Bad point]

First of all, I can not like pictures. A picture of a woman from a former Elf employee. I do not like it. Regarding this game, it is painful to keep looking. I thought that Mink 's "LOVEMETE" (such a title was not bad) was not bad.
The story progresses spiritually on the whole. Music is also spicy. I remembered "Kanda River" or "Full-baked Kokoba". On the contrary, the sentences are beginning to pop (although I've recently been getting sloppy like this) I'm getting into garage. However, I am aware of such badly sentences as this kind of gargenic beggar. After all, roots are coming from "Mr. Hiruda" of "classmate" or around "EVE" Kenji. It is already felt as a sublime. Even though "popularity" is not bad for popularity, I was disgusted.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I think that it was different if the picture was more perplexing and youthful.
Even if it "scatters it" or this, if you let me say, it is already a sublimation. It is not enough game to compliment you.

2007/01/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48832 Host:48716 Browser: 4184
I heard that it was a reputable work from a long time ago, so I was at a loss as to whether I would play until recently, but singing OP was KOTOKO and Wakamoto Oita also appeared as a boost and this game Although I tried to challenge, I think that it was content as I expected as the impression I played.

As the main contents of the story, people who have been injured in their hearts from being persecuted by their own parents such as real parents and relatives, and alienated as overhangers from the world live on that day living In order to make each other have wounds in their hearts to start living together to live tomorrow while various thoughts and interests are involved, each starts from a place to launch a "family plan"
Personally I think that this work is wonderful is to work on the theme of "family" from various angles earnestly Deeply drilling down the scenario drawn down is a word of acclaim and with his own lacking expression power of this work It is difficult to communicate charm.

Still if you mention what you thought about it, the places that are particularly conscious of this work are usually solitaried by being persecuted by families who are supposed to be joined together by mutual aid and strong bonds , Or in the situation where their lives are swayed in various forms, the part of the darkness of the human who always comes with the problem of "money" is scary and real,
There is a place that makes us think variously about the process of spending our usual daily life where the point where we hit the part of this darkness directly against the player.

In addition, as for this idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he thing called a family, the most important part of the family such as typified by "family plan" which Hiroshi launched is not a superficial blood connection or the like In other words, I think that it is important that the connection between feelings that confront each other directly and confidently with each other is important.

But, the part of the connection of such "heart" is not such a place as being conscious of extremely common thing for those who live in peaceful everyday,
However, when you see that opportunities to see in the actual society in recent years even parents and brothers who were fiercely fighting were also seen, the opportunities to see also increased, once again seeing into "the bond of the heart" which is part of the title of this work I can make you think about things with it.
There are few others among others to make an ideal family, but it is scarce in reality, but because of fiction, there are story making for seeking one ideal image, and also in the heart of everyone like Takayashiki I think that there is a part of admiration for families somewhere.

After that, even if it touches only a word of game-related parts, the progress of the basic game is simply a simple thing to choose the character's choice that he wishes to raise the liking degree and the content of the option is also particularly difficult Although there are no, but if you draw disadvantages strongly, the length of the common route is not odd. Depending on the players, there may be people who feel uncomfortable with a common route.

At the end, the scenario depicting the part of pursuing the ideals of the family and the severe places of reality in the part pursuing the ideal is high, and there are many scenarios where playing and shaking their own emotions are shaken It was.

Evaluation is "highest".

2006/08/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 3740 Host:3382 Browser: 6342
Recommended by someone, I played family plan.
I played PC version, but I think that I want to match it to the consumer version as much as possible.
〓〓〓Please be careful of spoilers.

〓〓〓About OP / ED etc.
The music including BGM seems to be doing I 've, Kotoko.
As a song, I usually like ED songs. The other is normal ... is not it?

〓〓〓About the picture is not bad. However, I feel as old as the season.

About the capture of each route.
Masumi> Aoba> Spring flower> Sue Ri> semi

About Makizumi Route (Capture required time 20 hours)
This work tries challenging from bad reputation because the scenario quality of each heroine varies widely.
I feel it is very painful to persistently persist in the options that are slightly above this 80.
Other people may be earlier, but I cleared up for 20 days for 3 days for some reason.

Although I eventually became happy, there were also many words of irritated characters indiscriminately, but in the end it is a happy ending.
However, what it says, there are few things obtained by dividing the time required, and it is a route which I thought whether to abandon continuation.

About the Aoba route (capture required time 4 hours)
〓〓〓Used skipped read skip function.
It was this green leafy character that I do not like impressionally.
There are some parts that do not want to get used to it, but I felt a kind of distortion as to what the description is saying.

There are deaths of birds, arson to homes, emigration to the countryside.
I think I wanted to draw the expression of green leaves a little better. I want you to give a little more expression, even if you do not make me laugh at a laughing scene.

About the spring flower route (3 hours of capture required time)
〓〓〓Used skipped read skip function.
Although it is not said to be bad, it was a story that I do not like very much privately.
... Because there are so many stories that the mafia comes out, it seems that the story is being stirred too much.
I think that the story of the spring flower's mother is gathered up with a good feeling.
At the end of the final epilogue, I will go to greet the deported spring flower in China, but I feel that it was even better if it took another step.
... Masazumi: It would be nice if you could have a family connection with other characters like the Aoba route.

About Suirei Route (Capture required time 3.5 hours)
〓〓〓Used skipped read skip function.
This route also touches the hero's past and others.
Six months after the hero started to live with Sueori, Suyori receives violence in a boy who does not discipline.
At that time, the hero is hurt by the knife, did the boys undergo the appropriate punishment?
Also, in Epilogue, it was Better if 1 or 2 more CG were prepared.
It is about that dissatisfaction. Sueori is also a good girl. I do not like it.

〓〓〓Quasi-route (capture required time 2.5 hours)
〓〓〓Used skipped read skip function.
It is a way of finishing that is not a form of a future with a clear heroine such as marrying someone.
However, I think that it is good to draw a "new family plan" centered on quasi.
Although it seems to be a certain moratorium feeling, I also feel that it is the ending that summarizes this final work "family plan".

It is not a route with emotions such as being impressed privately.
However, I feel that it was a good route as this work style.

〓〓〓About this work The first thing I think is "long".
It took 20 hours (over 3 days) to clear the first route.
The number of choices is not ordinary. It is the number of choices to overcome lightly. I fainted after I saw the capture site.
Clearly, I think that it is a symbol of saying that the work can not be impressed even if the story is long.
In other words, even if the contents can fully compose the whole heroine overnight, there are works that can be moved more than this work.
However, I think that this work is too few to obtain for a long time.
The absolute value is "normal +" level, but the relative value is low.

In this work, "I spent a lot of time and money, but there was nothing that I could get from this work too much still enough."
I think that it is a good part from the last truly climax part to the epilogue.
However, if it is good for the end all is okay ... well, there may be words, but it is common to simply end with a happy ending.

And all the patterns towards that happy end are the same feeling.
Who will you like? I think that life will change with that. Even if it is with family.
I think that it is barren to pass through the process that everyone physically scratches, such as Mafia's arson, every time.

〓〓〓Although evaluation of this work is not bad work, I'm sorry to say that this piece was absolutely impressive for the length of the film.
The evaluation is "good".

Postscript; I will not ruin the happiness of the characters of this work.

# 2006.10.21 postscript As a relative evaluation with other works, we judge that it is not worth enough to attach a "good" rating and change to "ordinary".
Regarding the reason, as written, it means "It was not that good work to take time to capture".

# 09/22/2007 Evaluation revision We will change the evaluation of this work for reference correction based on absolute value evaluation standards with other works.
Therefore, the evaluation is changed from "normal" to "bad".

2005/08/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26878 Host:26846 Browser: 3875
> "I am forced to" wipe away the smell of Harlem "Family" is taking the form "
Well, it's galga. .

Since I have no energy to compile Galg莨〓in the last few years, I only have 1 character,
Family is the theme "is being said", rather than AIR,
Personally, I think I'm seriously considering my family.

Well, I did not do it in detail so the evaluation is on hold.

2005/05/12 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40026 Host:39878 Browser: 3875
This work seems to be quite pros and cons, is not it?
I will tell you, but I do not have it, I'm still unplayed.
The opinion of the negative people is quite severe, is not it?
To tell the truth, there are many things pointed out that the negative part of the work that is being more or less acclaimed is quite popular.
Also, since this scenario writer has a trauma in a certain game ... before saying "inevitably" boring ".
Because there was a part where "something" does not fundamentally match.

Something like "I forcibly take the form of" family "to wipe away the smell of Harlem."
"Forcibly putting a sorrowful past on a character trying to cry".
Well ... I also care about Kajima's opinion and I think I will buy one day.
Since there is a stacking gate on money now ... (bitter smile)

2005/04/18 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3412 Host:3087 Browser: 5234
"Because it's two people, not alone" Oh, so I was happy.

> The story holds something everyone can not stand on, but it will become stronger with the hero.

I told myself, but my view was unilateral and imperfect.
It was quite convincing. It is scary because it seems that it is as if to speak out to the opinion of the person .... > Mark too.

2005/03/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3412 Host:3067 Browser: 5234
Wow ~ General use came out. I have a PC normal and a binding box version so write it here.

I bought a PC version on the occasion when I listened to the OP song of Tech Gi - An 's appendix.
The OP song was a simple melody, but more than anything new, I made it possible to play it with my head.

The story has something everyone can not stand on, but it will become stronger with the hero.
Personally, I felt that Suenori was excellent as pain.
For a man who is hurt by protecting a woman, despair can not be hidden. ... There it is.