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D3 Publisher
Japan Released:2011/07/07(Thu) PlayStation 3 XBOX360
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1. http://www22.atwiki.jp/edfia/
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1. http://edfia.com/ (Translation)
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2013/01/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16596 Browser: 3457(Mobile)
Do not mix with the Earth Defense Force series.
[good point]
Character is cool
[Bad point]
Endless fight with gorilla mother ship
It's the worst. I got tired of having a day.

2011/07/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12062 Host:12014 Browser: 12205
Another earth defense army produced by the overseas studio.

[Total playing time]
About 30 hours.

[good point]
Regardless of ally or enemy character, design that is too cool, weapon design.
The smell of Showa in the past, the class B smell was also good, but this is good with this.

Four usages of different types of personality rich.
A well-balanced trooper,
Mobility emphasis, flight is also possible (you should think that it is a Pail Wing Corps) Jet,
A wealth of installed weapons was prepared abundantly, Tactical focusing on supportive fire,
It is dull but shielded, battle boasting iron wall protection and high fire power ...

And it is possible to choose from any of the four types of weapons you like and choose your favorite style.

Good operability.
Among the TPS works I played, it is a top class achievement.
Dash has also been added and you can operate comfortably without stress.

[Bad point]
Introduction of the level system.
Unlike traditional EDF, even if we get a new weapon, we can not use it right away.
A necessary level is set for each weapon, and it reaches that level,
Furthermore, it consumes the money obtained after battle and unlocks it, it is specification that it can finally be used.
It takes a lot of time to level up and it was just an exaggeration specification that only stress accumulated.
I am dissatisfied that only the boss (and also a part) drops weapons.

Physical fitness has been changed to level - dependent, unlike previous works.
Although you can extend the upper limit by taking recovery items in a state where physical strength has not decreased,
How, the effect is not permanent, that stage limited.
As I have done so far, the more items I take, the better the specifications that increase inexhaustively.

Although I mentioned in a good point, is it because it is too good - looking enemy characters who do not remember anything.
Biped walking tank, Solas series (Mecha and Mini), Hyakka dragonfly, God Beast like,
There are no enemy characters with a strong impact that remains in memory.
It is a difficult enemy that boasts the largest size now.The huge hector is only annoying,
Its presence is like a fart when compared to Lyca and a priest ....

Is there no way to eliminate malicious players?
I'm sorry if I have it ....
Immediately after starting the stage, you can hit the genocide gun (the ability to kill players instantly) toward the ground, intentionally annihilate it,
On purpose and friendly FF (Friendly Fire, Ally Shooting)
He said that he would continue to shoot a gun towards the fallen player,
There seems to be no way to eliminate funny people.

I wish had a "voting" system like L4D ....
(A system that allows you to propose whether you want to kick out a specific player from the room, if you agree with a majority, you can exile that player, which is very useful for eliminating malicious players)
Well, this is sometimes used to kick inexperienced beginners,
I do not mean there is no problem ....

Weapons have poor balance.
Everyone uses assault rifles and missile launchers.
The rocket launcher that was active in the past work is not so high in power as that missile,
Because it can not be locked on, there is a feeling of becoming a degraded missile launcher.
It is hard to fight without lock on, because it became difficult to target the enemies who fly in the sky and the weak points of the boss enemies.

Shotguns are not very powerful even at zero distance,
Grenades and sniper rifles, the level that you can also feel at ease using it as a hobby.
Certainly, I think the old Lysander is too strong ....

Removal of neta weapons such as bound gun, Tantrum ball 1 number.
Even the weapon effects are similar in all of the lines, there is no personality in weapons.

Talk of an ally member too much.
Unlike so far, it is not prepared for each stage,
It seems that it is just talking randomly chosen lines from among prepared patterns.
Even though there is no transport ship, "Try aiming for a place where the hatch opened"
Even though there are no enemies, "If you do not want to die, shoot it!"
Even though there are no nests, "I will come out of the hole!", I will drip out the misunderstood lines.

Although it is a full price product, it is a volume of less than past works which was a simple series.
Weapons have decreased significantly both in the system and type,
The stage consists of only 5 chapters composed of 5 stages.
(And all in the city area, there are no ordinary seaside, underground, valley).
If it is normal, it will be cleared in less than five hours even at first look.
Even if you distribute a new stage with DLC, there is not enough volume to cover it.

Unlike past works that clear if you achieve one purpose,
It was changed to a form that promotes multiple missions and aims at clearing,
Go to the destination 〓〓〓annihilate the dispensed enemies 〓〓〓repeat to the new destination,
There is no feature of each stage, it is monotonous and quite funny.
As mentioned above, the enemies are not "Walla Walla from the beginning" but "Dispersion"
The refreshing feeling is also becoming thinner.

I can not fight mother ship !!!!!!!
It will appear and will also attack, but it's like something like a background and can not be handed out from here.
Speaking of EDF's last enemy, it will be a mother ship !!!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Besides adding weaponry, adding coop, there was nothing to see especially.
In this case, I think that those who responded to coop for 2 or 3 and enjoyed it so much.
Although there are no complaints separately that the world view and design etc. are made overseas,
A little system and balance will be damaged like this ....

I'd like to expect the "4" that the head family is producing.

2011/07/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 674 Host:548 Browser: 9431
I cleared up to INFERNO offline.

I had the impression that I do not understand the charm of the Earth Defense Force so much for overseas production.
I think that I am reconstructing the characteristics of the main house with its own interpretation, comparatively wide fields, enemies flocking like murmura etc ... etc.

First of all, I felt better than the original family, is a lot of weapons. Now I use only ordinary infantry troopers and a jet equivalent to Peri 2, but I think that the feature that makes me want to use battle and tactics is done.
It is glad that the addition of the dash is simple. Because I had no choice but to roll or ride a vehicle if I was at home.
In the direction of communication, I laughed at the Intel's trap full of inferior to the headquarters' headquarters. That is awful w
Mantis, Ashidaka, Bomber, Spider, I felt freshness as the type of enemy was slightly less impressive in 3. And the huge hector is really big.

On the other hand, first of all, are the number of stages short of the defects found? Overseas it seems to be inexpensive from the beginning, but in Japan it is a full price so we could not afford a small number of stages of 5 〓〓3.
Although one stage is relatively long, although it is relatively long, if you die, I will start over from the beginning ... ... If I resume from the point where I received the last directive I think that I could play without stress.

The next thing that stands out is the hardness of the enemy. Especially a bee. Another bee. And a bee.
Whether the pace of increase of attack power of weapons obtained by rank rise and increase of hardness of enemy is somewhat agreeable.
If you raise it to rank 8, you will not be bothered because you can get Genocun, but raising the rank up to that is also a bit hard (especially between 5 and 7)

Comprehensively "It worked like an Earth Defense Army, but it was a regrettable work with various things" It was evaluated as.
It was just a little more than there were more points than the original one. "Normal".